This weekend MBS continued his F grade in policy for OPEC and chose to sociopathically lie as deception about his murder of journalist Khashoggi ( MBS feels he has won on that too ) as others pay the cost of his failures. Lets review the scope of the worst Gulf Failed Leadership in modern History. MBS THE PUPPY KING IS BAD FOR BUSINESS.





1, Hey guys my prior five years of oil policy have destroyed OPEC and our oil ability to price control markets. Lets raise prices from my prior 2018 failed policy and now cut back supplies by 1.2 million barrels a day. Only since Dec its all Saudi paying a loss of customers as they try and raise price on all their accounts. Who loves or remains loyal to a supplier always trying to double the price for the cost of everything – energy? So 800 million barrels a day is SAUDI alone as Russia Iran and others fail to play – why lose customers to America the largest oil producer. The NEW AI ECONOMY now includes oil and all the Puppy Kings men and all the Puppy Kings Horses can not put OPEC the criminal price cartel taxing the entire world of 4 billion energy needing humans for the elites to have wealth against the many who need low cost energy to full partner and develop. No greater crime ( outside the murders in Saudi and outside Saudi ending with Khashoggi so the world could see a real sociopathic Hitler brain ruling in 2019 ) is the crime of MBS on energy. So his plan – last Kingly UTTER TOTAL FAILURE IN ECONOMICS “IS” – we will short the market which is now impossible from OPEC. So prices went DOWN MBS not UP again as you get F grade on 100% of your economics hurting your own people as no nation on earth – lucky your debt offering essential to King now in red ink, went through at market with your 260 BILLION BARRELS OF OIL – with BP just finding Billions in new oil – ALONG WITH BILLIONS OF NEW OIL last year – THE WORLD IS DROWNING IN OIL which is nature renewable energy – is not scarce – and the earth has endless supply of energy for all time – Saudi uses FRAUD to manipulate price – now impossible with American rising production as the largest producer joined by oceans of oil from non Opec Producers – with huge production from Venezuela and Libya and Russia rising versus falling as everyone seeks MARKET SHARE in the new oil economics of AI and OPEC is a failed institution that members remain in to lie – fraud – and try and manipulate price. Today Saudi asked others ( meaning America to join them in reducing oil supply to artificially return criminal cartel pricing ( elites versus the many ) versus market rate supply and demand pricing – that is the only market moving forward. Why? MBS in five years destroyed 50 years of OPEC authority. How?

2. Opec UAE leaders today lied and committed fraud saying OPEC was not an enemy of the USA. Opec led by MBS failed policy waged all out war on the USA in 2014. OPEC attempted to absolutely DESTROY THE OIL SHALE MARKETS IN THE USA as a threat to OPEC. America was a non exporting energy nation importing energy at one time 60% from OPEC. After the OIL WARS of MBS America rose to the # 1 oil producer globally at 12 million barrels a day and moving to 20 million a day double the Saudi capacity – and now the price controller to the world market. The OIL WAR POLICY OF MBS caused imports of Gulf Oil to America as a customer to fall from 67% to 27% and falling more. OPEC economics were destroyed by PUPPY KING 28 to age 30 MBS THE BIGGEST ECONOMIC LOSER OF MODERN TIMES SINCE WORLD WAR II. Now panic and desperate failing to understand the world is a new economy and AI economy and oil is long long past OPEC influence or control – going down on their cut back and loss of more customers forever – insane policy on oil – the old market tools and tactics all failing in the new economy – MBS is a loser. The cost to the GULF is more than the cost to SAUDI alone and a collective in the Saudi CIVIL war supports a change of leadership in Saudi as the entire world does – a murder sociopathic mentally ill leader – has lost the confidence and respect of capital markets and the world leadership in its entirety – all at once – the fairy tail the KING HAS NO CLOTHES comes to mind as the truth of MBS waving and smiling. Only a mad man self deluded can appreciate in his own mental illness he appears naked in truth to the world – a Hitler bad brain temporarily mis leading a nation in fact.

3. After losing the OIL WARS then MBS used the old tactic of distraction and engaged his now borrowing nation into a war Saudi is badly loosing with Yeman. The war crimes by MBS in Yemen will end with his label as a war criminal against humanity. The Yeman losing war includes direct missile attacks for the first time on Saudi Palaces targeting MBS and his ill daddy not in charge today.  Saudi blames iran but it is not Iran. MBS lost the oil wars. MBS lost the Yeman wars and the cost to now borrow borrow Saudi is fantastic today as oil under MBS went from 140.00 a barrel as criminal cartel price to open market price of 37.00 a barrel low and now the 50 range where this blog said it would be since the 2014 failed OIL WAR economics of the PUPPY KING – 18 times defining oil in the 50’s correctly – for those keeping score. Blog 100% – MBS absolute F and total failure in all policies of economics for Saudi – becoming such a loser nation.

4. Then MBS having oil still dropping and his customer base furious over never ending policy to raise their price by double for cost of energy – cost of everything else – arrested all his royal family opposition – no due process – nothing but a TONY SOPRANOs mob shake down – taking over 100 billion from these royal families or they would be killed – and making them in fear and terror swear allegiance to the Puppy King as he would monitor them to emails and arrest them and kill them with even one breach. This rule of law is HITLER LAW with his SS Secret Policy everywhere in Saudi where freedom is set back 70 years in a culture that had it all moving forward until this family sect divided the nation royals into full on civil war. Saudi royals are now in civil war – the truth against the lies – to which the ending can not go well for MBS at a cost of three trillion in mistakes and errors without one successful policy moving forward in time.

5. This blog reported the world is drowning in oil. Saudi has reserves of 260 billion barrels out this week from third party audit. There is no shortage of oil. In the ideal there is more than enough low cost oil to power development for 200 nations rising into full partnership if the elite criminal oil price is broken. The criminals failed when MBS went to economic war with America. Saudi nations executed 911 not Iran or terrorist. Saudi’s . Bin Laden ( Saudi wealthy elite and financed by Saudi elites ) built the Taliban which is slaughtering Americas at a ratio of 1 American dead to 1000 Taliban dead. Saudi’s lose again. Saudi’s financed ISIS not Iran. Iran fought with us and the Kurds to 1 of our team dead to 1000 to 1 – ISIS departed. Saudi loses again. Now Saudi finally is losing in labeling IRAN the source of middle East Gulf Terror when it is all Saudi radicals with cash now dwindling. If Trump makes a deal with Iran it creates Gulf Stablity and flips the finger to MBS for the Murder of Khashoggi.

6. America does not need its strategic oil reserves. Trump in our opinion should flip the finger to MBS by releasing 1 million barrels a day until Opec returns to normal production – with TRUMP now in absolute control of oil prices world wide – use the power or what good is it. Show MBS his war with AMERICA has a consequence right down to the Hitler like murder and dismembering of Washington Post journalist whose only crime was correctly reporting MBS was a mentally ill sociopath ruling a nation in error destroying Saudi freedom values and creating a dictator police state nation arresting and killing all opposition even an American reporter attempting to get his wedding license. The lies that flowed next define mental illness. No King has authority to rule as a sociopath as the world will cut them off and out.

7. MBS track record of losing policy from Qatar to ALL OUR WAR UPON AMERICA IN 2014 and real war now lost in Yeman with the US pulling out by congressional law – and unanimous vote of the US congress – 100% hands up – that MBS Saudi’s Naked PUPPY KING is a mentally ill brain – a known sociopath criminal brain with zero responsibility or consequence for his inward focused narcissism. The murder thinks he is good and a winner. The loser brain has cost Saudi 1 trillion in capital that is flying out of the country since the Khashoggi Murder the straw breaking the Mentally ill Puppy Kings camel back in front of 4 billion who judge him like the US Congress – billions in PR are just dollars invested in the toilet for Saudi – 1 trillion of investment in Saudi now on pause most of which never turn back on until new leadership appears – and 1 trillion in lost oil customer base and price to oil when MBS lost miserable his war with AMERICA which destroyed OPEC ECONOMICALLY and became the largest fastest growing oil producer on earth challenge with all out WAR from SAUDI and OPEC who ARE NOT FRIENDS TO AMERICA.

Today MBS led Opec to report globally that: 








  1. OPEC is not an enemy to AMERICA ( fraud and lies ) read the oil war Opec of 2014 and 2015 till they lost.
  2. OPEC is doing great no more is needed ( as oil plunges in price ) but hey if America would join us in manipulating prices up ward – it would save us and help American greed – with elites against the many. Only America creed is the many for the many and labors to offset such criminal price manipulation to free market prices now in control.

This weekend if you read it correctly is OPEC DESPERATE knowing it failed but not as to the why? Why is that? Because in 2013 a new global AI economy was born that replaced all economices and theories of 5000 years of human history. We are now going where no human society digitally linked has gone globally before. There are presently:

  1. No theories for the new AI economics.
  2. No regulatory frame work for the new AI economics.
  3. Applying old economy tools and tactics to the bride of a star ship AI economy from a Model T ford older economy is high risk to new economy system stability.

The new elites understand the economy is NEW – going where no economy ever has gone before – and they alone profit maximally as they evolve the new box top rules for success in the new economics. OPEC is frozen in time – as are world central bankers – in the old economy tools and tactics – which no longer work as desired or predicted. OPEC especially fails in the new economy because they do not understand the change or the pace of change SUPER CHANGE now accelerating – the title of my New Book – SUPER CHANGE coming out in October watch for it. The new must read PROSPERITY BOOK in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE ECONOMICS a first generation of its kind.

OPEC lies on everything. OPEC is pure FRAUD and trust in OPEC has cost capital markets trillions in loss. Oil is and economics requires everyone understands:

  1. Growth for Oil is shattered and demand for oil is falling at a pace the world models are 100% wrong in predicting.
  2. A 25 year trend off oil for transportation its biggest market – off toxic fertilizers and pesticides replaced with now creating Jurassic Park yields wherever used with better non toxic all organic crops – 50% of all oil barrels are used for 11,000 products that are toxic to land fills and crops, now falling like a meteor shower upon the earth. OIL DEMAND will crash to levels never imagined over time frames never seen. Oil even cheap oil on all charts produced by OPEC a criminal institution – are fraud. The new economy CHARTS show oil demand not rising but falling to 50% of oil use today is gone in 25 years forever. Gone for POWER now moving to natural gas and renewable non polluting fuels – cheaper than oil – transportation is moving at Super Change to driverless electric cars and oil demand at pumps is over – and the 11,000 toxic land fill pollute the oceans product lines are being EARTH FRIENDLY REPLACED with new less costly less toxic packaging across the world with laws increasingly smashing oil market demand. OIL is the most declining natural resource on earth – the most toxic to Climate change and to we humans and the criminals who taxed the world to economic war and death for oil with demand ABSOLUTELY CRASHING ( MBS never saw that because a criminal believes his own criminals failure to project truth over lies ). The FRAUD ENDS – the world is drowning in oil and price spikes in a crashing demand market are beyond even criminals to effect today. Keep in mind when the OPEC group says this weekend HEY WE ARE NOT ENEMIES OF AMERICA – yes they are – and they have proved it – and they are losers American keeps them all safe and America won. Russia by the way helped in defeating ISIS and we should never forget the cost to Saudi backed wars to defeat Syria – a war they lost backing ISIS and other factions – while the Kurds Iran and Russia fought with America to defeat ISIS with billions more than tiny Saudi could front – winning with blood guts and dollars – destroying ISIS 1000 to 1 – who seems with MBS unable to do basic math. While criminal brains will exist their real estate is shrinking as the world cooperates against all forms of COMPETITION as insane versus COLLABORATION which is sane. Competition exists in a crises of integrity – insanity – Collaboration exists in Sanity and Integrity leadership between nations and communities. Cooperation celebrates all our differences ( sanity ) competition punishes all our differences ( insanity ).  Why is this common value not taught world wide in public education imploding us all together. In integrity and right thinking?


So the mark of the end of the old economics is the Failure of MBS in 100% of his policies internally and externally the worst Saudi economic cost in 70 years over sixty months. Failure has long term consequence.

As Saudi is isolated in ways it can’t see fully yet against a crashing market for its debt rising nation today, respect for Saudi Puppy MBS is zero globally. The mad man thinks he’s good. The mark of insanity. Inability to correctly assess reality.

The journalist of the entire world will not let the Mad Kings Failures die – taking their cue from this blog to report the entire record of FAILURE and real cost from ONE MAD MAN to the Saudi People from this blog source site. Always first with data and the truth which if you scroll the data on MBS remains over whelming.

History will reward each nation that leaves OPEC first – as hero’s of integrity and free oil markets. Losing customer share to lower priced oil is as insane in economics as MBS is insane to politics. Nations who leave OPEC FIRST – Russia is out already – not holding to quota’s to lose their customers when Russia needs MORE MARKET SHARE and Russia is going to get that market share from OPEC taking it away forever in the vulnerable moment of insane economics from Puppy King the failure.

Before oil crashing demand hits Russia where they have no options Russia and Iran must build super market share back to rise and roar through the crashing demand for oil – as a world drowning in oil has seen the very last or criminal price manipulations of oil prices for elite wealth franchise against billions for no reason of oil markets or economics outside ELITE SUPER GREED a criminal cartel manipulation. Diamonds are as plentiful as rain. One Debeers cartel keeps price high artificially to secure price illusion noting Diamond is not essential to economics oil is the cost of everything else – energy transportation packaging – agriculture output. Inflation is impossible with the shift from variable criminal oil pricing to crashing oil demand – demand charts are all wrong – in the new economy and energy packaging and transportation cost is about to SUPER CRASH ( no world inflation is possible with such economic disintermediation a feature of SUPER CHANGE new economics the world has never not ever known before and the pace of this change is accelerating ) . The new world of DEFLATION ECONOMICS requires new theory and management tools as yet instructed at zero Universities because – the pace of change was too fast for educational adaptation. As yet.

The future nobel prizes will be rewarded for NEW THEORY IN ECONOMICS on the NEW AI economy a first in human history. Today those who lead the winning institutions are gaining insight into the new economics. The Kodaks and Montgomery Wards the SEARS and the K MARTS failing to adapt are losing market share – the only economcis today is market share – and those who get the new Economy like Amazon Google and Target and Wal Mart ( slowly adapting now ) are winning …the others are losing. It is all in the frame work of Super Change management to learn faster unlearn faster and relearn faster – READ REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION as the Bible in this mental tool box to lead and bleed into the future.

All living things including nations and economics GROW OR THEY ROT. ( Look at France and Germany no sanctions ). Look at Russia fully sanctioned and surplus and growing anyway. Putin a new economy master brain suggested the nation that leads AI into the future controls the economics of the earth – and he meant Russia should be that nation and it may well be. In the new economy the box top rules are:

  1. Adapt to Super Change faster or perish
  2. Cooperate and Prosper Compete and perish
  3. Redemption remains the BIBLE for SUPER CHANGE THINKERS to grow core mental adaptation in time…..

In coaching world leadership teams at Fortune firms and for National leadership I find only two communities:

  1. The obsolete old economy software flawed buggy and mal performing impossible to upgrade
  2. The new brains seeking endless upgrades to remain current in the new age of SUPER CHANGE

My seeds fall on fertile leadership in # 2 and with # 1 nations….not so much.

Today the civil war in Saudi ends – eventually – with MBS gone one way or the other – elevating SAUDI into a future without OPEC and in market share that will diversify their nation – and if not they may go bankrupt with MBS as that slow down bubble in his failures are truly making SAUDI a debtor nation secured in borrowing by 260 billion barrels of oil – any price raise is artificial and criminal against billions of humans.

If you remain in OPEC you are increasingly seen by billions of us we the people of the world you should well serve as criminal greedy elites. Leaving OPEC free’s your image and identity from the SOCIOPATHIC OPEC LEADER once and for all – the faster you leave OPEC the more integrity the world customer base deals with you in loyalty and trust.

Stay in criminal OPEC with DISTRUST AND NEGOTIATION BY FORCE ( insane really ) at your own risk and peril in the soul and spirit of your nation itself.




PS: Scroll to see true accurate Data on MBS economic failure since 2014 – a 100% total failure in every single choice up to the criminal cover up of the sociopathic ordered and fully managed by MBS himself murder execution of Khashoggi seeking his wedding license….it does not get worse as a crime – Hitler is ruling a nation – but not for long folks not for long as his insults  and economic abuse to Royal economics must from its MBS disrespect and historic shatter to all trust from MBS  abuse ….rebalance as that economic rule never changes…..