WILL Mbs be assassinated? 


Will Mbs the new King in Saudi Arabia be assassinated? Lets do the math.

So Mbs arrests the leading Princes and Elites who have all the cash in Saudi land. Then he tells them they are going to trial and death or they are going to give HIM 70% of all their wealth. 70% folks.

So these immune protected billionaires are no hostage – not free – their bank accounts are frozen and they are the “guest of the new king” at the Ritz. 100’s of them. Thousands nation wide. More being arrested like this every single day.

Some have fled the Kingdom.

Everyone with the big bucks is marshaling their law team and their escape team and their counter attack team? Do you think they all feel roses and warm and fuzzy about giving the 32 year arresting King 100 Billion Dollars of their wealth and money?

How many of them will wish to kill the king?



How many?

How many are working on that right now?

How many in Iran wish to kill the King? How many are working on that item right now?

How safe is the new 32 year old King making all these in nation changes to:

  1. To 70 years of tradition
  2. To 70 years of culture
  3. To 70 years of religious traditions
  4. To 70 years of law in the past
  5. To preserving the past or revolutionizing the future


How many COUNTER REVOLUTIONARIES ARE THERE IN Saudi Arabia WHO WISH TO PRESERVE THE TRADITION CULTURE RELIGION LAW AND STATUS QUO LIFE? Some? Millions? Enough? How many in the military and secret police? How many loyal to SUPER MONEY Powers now arrested? Their powers are not just gone?

How many HATE Mbs versus love the man who arrested them and tarnished their royal standing status and immunity? Hate might be too weak a word in the Gulf.

Have you thought this through?

The Oil Patch is now engaged in:

  1. A Saudi Arabia CIVIL WAR and internal revolution.
  2. A regional Saudi Iran War that is in a spiral to a real shooting war.

As SAUDI Can not WIN this war with Iran, even with our help and support, not on the ground, the suicide watch for Saudi with Iran is on high alert.

The GULF is in political nightmare today in a pre war footing between the leading oil producers for money power and political domination. Noting new over 3000 years. Same oh.

Only the weapons have changed.

Today will Iran buy a few Nukes from North Korea or Pakistan? We think by George Yes they already have. Why not? It gives them security and victory over their mortal declared enemy King Mbs and Saudi Arabia. Saudi throws sand in our eyes, stating Iran is the leader of terror in the Gulf when in fact Saudi is the TERROR LEADER in the Gulf, having engineered financed and advanced the terror – where Bin Laden son of the largest Builder and Super Wealth Family Bin Laden – from Saudi created the Taliban and 9/11. Saudi boys. All.

Saudi exported terror to deal with Shite Iran and all Shite’s in the Gulf so their sunni belief would become the MASTER FAITH.

They have now lost the terror wars.

They are losing the branding to tarnish Iran who defeated Saudi financed ISIS. Killing Shites for Saudi. Good job ISIS though you lost the terror wars as well.

Saudi is heating it up from Egypt to Lebanon and the Gulf Leaders are taking sides and many against Saudi.

The war is lining up. Are you not following all this?

So oil.

Oil is supply excessive to demand which is falling in China and the USA and peaking everywhere. Oil is way too much supply and declining demand adjusting user charts in models the world has never seen an has no experience in. Electricity is moving away from oil based production into alternatives and heat from the core generation as lower kilowatt lower polluting energy never to return to oil. 70% of oil is burned up to power our silly asses around the loops city to city. This use is a run out of the energy bank into electricity – produced increasingly by clean burning natural gas – alternatives and the rising market share – heat energy from the core of the earth all with USA Patents driving that energy revolution.

Oil is as this occurs faster than projected – faster than experts ever suspected – sea changing – paradigm changing core economics of the petro economy – as China plunges factory orders and so does the US in October and no one is noting OIL is going down in core demand. The anticipation oil use demand is rising is fake news put out by liar Saudi to manipulate prices if only temporarily higher.

WAR is the only answer for higher oil prices. Saudi seeing they can afford Kingdom Survival has taken everyone’s eyes off what matters – plunging oil prices and a revision of petroleum economics for the entire world – this economic moderation is the only policy issue that is commanding events world wide. Energy is the cost of everything. Up or down.

Up 7 billion poor world wide lack full partnership to economic revival and full partnership.

Down energy costs provide stimulus and full partnership to development nation’s where billions of poor require low cost energy to join the world humanity.

Exploit the poor.

Annoint the poor.

Our generation will be known for our outcome in this critical area.

Today Super Money pools argue for the outcome.

The King in Saudi has accelerated a revolution no one knows if the young 32 year old can finish what he started. He has started a lot of things he has not finished – no where near finished. He has executed the most failed economic policies of the Kingdom in generations:

  1. Internal reforms
  2. War with Yeman
  3. War with Qada.
  4. Aligning Regional nations for Saudi or Iran.
  5. War with Lebanon losing influence and united the ally against the King.
  6. Failed oil policy since 2014 price from 140 dollars a barrel to 37.00 dollars a barrel of 85% price collapse.
  7. Failed market share war – customers in critical % are leaving SAUDI with a run out SAUDI OIL forever – as they lose 100’s of billions in customer base and market share through failed oil policy the young King is now held personally responsibility for.

How does this spiral into serious civil and regional war in the Oil Patch play out?

Do you think arresting 1000’s of the most wealthy influential power brokers and family leaders in Saudi – stealing 70% of their cash and holdings – is making the REGION more secure?

Do you think those arrested lack influence? Lack contacts to Iran and other hostile to the King alliance partners they trade with by the BILLIONS of dollars.

It is entering week # 3.

It is only 3 weeks old.

The legal theft of over 100 BILLION US dollars a pure political revolution and power grab disguised and weakly as a corruption clean up spin or fake news.

The enemies of the new King are being stripped of wealth or life.

Nothing new here.

Not in historic kingdom track record and ageless in region history lessons. Nothing new at all.

Modern Media consumes the King’s PR as it is released in real time. PR that is released to vilify the arrested families, secure a rally in nation, where Religious leaders are not so much behind a reform of religious tradition the King is revolutionizing – Woman having equal rights to men for one. 2500 years or 25 days?

We’ll see.

Young versus a majority less young formerly in leadership now out?

So the victims of arrest fall into:

  1. I’m not dealing with the King and I wish to go to court.
  2. I’m dealing with the King and want out of this at any cost.
  3. I’m stalling and planning to flee Saudi.

In the 1-2-3 there are % of all catagories that wish to KILL the King. They each have the connections and the money to effect that desired outcome. They live in a. suicide nation that invented suicide bombs. Killing the King is one sacrifice to effect a nation and a class of people now labeled as criminals and not amuse with that abuse of their tradition of royal absolute immunity – now at the new King’s whim – vacated as if that immunity did not exist at all. How do you think arrogant wealthy rich royals may be THINKING in all this today as more of their tribe is arrested daily.

If you oppose the new King your out in the new purge.

Stalin did it.

Hitler did it.

Musolini did it?

The Emperor in Japan did it.

The Cszar’s did it and Kings did it for generations.

This is different?

How are YOU SEEING oil patch instability?

We see as a scale of 1 to 10 the oil patch was 4 on stability highly unstable for all the reasons you know today and when Mbs arrested several weeks back 100’s of ROYALS the civil war internally to Saudi started and has no early end today – and the Regional War – Saudi or Iran spiraled up toward a real shooting conflict now ratcheting toward war and instability we feel is now 80% versus 40% from three weeks ago.

Big shift.

We see the most destabilizing event in the world today the OIL PATCH instability being engineered and advanced by 32 year old King Mbs. We believe the Kings intentions are pure  We believe he wishes to consolidate power before his father transfers over the Kingdom in weeks or days or months from today.

We believe young in experienced 32 year old Mbs lacks perspective of economic outcomes to action politically taken or what all political decision makers miss – the UN-INTENDED CONSEQUENCE to the ripples you create by dropping the meteor into the sea.

The waves are rising to 1000 feet as they approach the Saudi shores. As MBS is looking inland to his own land – he many not see the danger to his team and himself.

That is the revolutionary risk factor.

A lot of money and a lot of energy is whirling around MBS right now. As MBS is insular to advice from his trusted inner circle he may miss crucial data and information for decision making – a common cause of failed policy within the best intentions.

Mbs must develop a more broad style of leadership that is inclusive of data outside his insular filters or risk failure to his common vision through death therapy. Traditional to the Gulf miscalculation on policies.

Historic really.

So the dice are in the air.

No one knows how the dice will land in the oil patch.

The entire world is leaning over the table and watching the play.  Events will unfold as they will. A risk to the world order financially is present if real war interrupts oil delivery dynamically as a consequence of real war in Region or nation – with oil moving to 250 dollars to 500 dollars a barrel and $ 10.00 pus at the pump – a global depression occurs and a world war can unfold all due to failed Saudi vision policy and planning.

That then is the risk we are seeing that Young MBS is not pondering upon as the end of that vision as an option is the end of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. That risk is enormous today and everyone watching the table and dice know THAT but the players on the table waiting for the dice to hit the back wall.

We’ll see what those final numbers look like….will we not?

Berny Dohrmann – Rooting for MBS and Regional Reforms ….today