If you own your own business or are a professional in practice third party prestigious global press ranks CEOSPACE the # 1 business conference in the world today. This same 2018 third party press ( Forbes and others ) report – if you do own your own business or practice CEOSPACE is the one event you can not afford to miss in 2018. Why?

Accelerated growth. CEOSPACE faces 1100 seminars workshops trainings webinars and related all promising to give you your money’s worth, all one time pay for one time value exchange.

CEOSPACE is the only institution that is not a workshop or training but a week of intensive CEO to CEO master minding to resolve challenges and propel growth. 1100 firms are engineered to get their customers their money’s worth all the while typically upsetting them tens of thousands of other programs.

CEOSPACE is the ONE Program and the ONLY PROGRAM engineered to get our clients investment back with a profit over a three to five use experience, often in the first program, which is all tax repurposed dollars to acquire a lifetime membership. Thats right. You own a lifetime membership and can return five times in 12 months for help acceleration and faster growth FREE for LIFE for a one time asset acquisition CEOSPACE Membership. Also we remain the one and the only institution serving entrepreneurs consistently over 30 years in over 140 nations where our price has not raised from 1988 when it was first set. Value is enormous when you do the math.


CEOSPACE hosts ladies and gentlemen who own ventures of all sizes and practices. These top CEO’s master mind for a week over meals. Listen you are engaged in relationships mixers at breakfast lunch and dinner Tuesday July 17th to Saturday – its only four days folks. CEO’s help each other without condition. Mentors who train Fortune Management teams facilitate each meal of mentorship. Miracles happen in what we call DEAL MEALS.

Deal Meals have SEE ME CARDS for appointment and follow up in the center of each table. These customized process cards have your name your your photo your contract information and others with their names and contacts are giving you SEE ME appointment cards for the PM work to SEAL THE DEALS.

These deals may be solutions you were seeking, human capital, capital investment, new customers, new affiliates and alliances or other resources you must acquire next. There is no delay. Each evening you are working with groups now meeting in your suite, with enormous flat screens, seeing your presentations powerpoint and action requests. The only CEO’s showing up are those who spend considerable time eating with you getting to know your requests and they are present to help you resolve your own challenge list. CEO to CEO.

You have to complete and kick them out however because you have another group say at 10.30. As you complete you enjoy your majestic suite with full kitchens and go to rest with no early start time. The ladies and Gentlemen club is relaxed CEO pacing with dignity and respect for your time and obligations.

You are in breaks every hour to run your own business virtually while you harvest 9 hours of growing your venture daily, via DEAL MEALS and evening PM SEAL THE DEALS. In between this work there is unlimited private one on one time with mentors in every subject the CEO could rise up. The one on one mentorship members tell us is worth to them $ 200,000 of market rate coaching – given the solutions to CEO challenges that fully resolve.

CEOSPACE does not upset anything to you. CEOSPACE serves you with in processes CEO’s have designed themselves. CEO to CEO networking as you have never experienced such consequence, results, performance and outcomes because it is all CEO to CEO at the top. There is only ONE ranked # 1 Business Conference in the world and for five years now that # 1 is and remains CEOSPACE. It never costs anything to engage and use CEOSPACE because used over time you profit so well from the space itself. It costs a fortune to miss CEOSPACE in lost momentum opportunity and growth costs. We invite you to check out our home web site with videos under the QUICK LINK tab:

For even more depth of data and background search on YOUTUBE for CEOSPACE and see celebrity endorsements of CEOSPACE from mentors you read, study and follow for years. See what the SUPER STARS say about CEOSPACE live and current.


Finally in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE the boss requires a affordable PROCESS that is ON GOING in nature to keep them current within SUPER CHANGE. None of us can do that step any longer alone. CEOSPACE leads in “C” suite CURRENCY bringing the owner current and keeping them bleeding edge in leadership competency inside a rapidly accelerating SUPER CHANGE across all markets.


Imagine every CEO enters CEOSPACE July 16th with at least 200 lifetime critical AAA level contacts and connections in their circles. Now add 500 of those CEO’s and professionals into one market place. You now have over 100,000 critical contacts hovering over the week. Then initiate a FORMAT where 100% of those hundreds upon hundreds of top tier CEO’s and Professionals in practice – UNCONDITIONALLY AGREE to cross mentor – share connections and resources mixing and hook one another up as in no NETWORKING you have ever known before.

I was raised with Napoleon Hill the FATHER  of the MASTER Mind Principles you all read about in THINK & GROW RICH. Most o you have never experienced NAPOLEON HILL level Master Minds we execute over a week inside CEOSPACE. You experienced “brain storms’ which are NOT Master Minds. Masterminds complete goals and execute. Collectively.

The MULTIPLIER of CEOSPACE Proprietary networking – mentoring and CEO to CEO MASTER MINDING is unique in the world. It would take ten years to gain the resources you acquire in ONE FOUR DAY CEO Master mind experienced within the CEOSPACE Warp Drive MULITIPLIER that exists no where else because it is not natural nor can it be sustained.

It is un-natural. Most networks are all NODE networks to express the contacts the person your with may have or share with you – and often OR NOT. CEOSPACE Creates a Tuesday at OPENING – all HUB NETWORK which is an un-natural by exponentially more effective multiplier to benefit CEO”s cross mentoring by AGREEMENT with box top rules for cooperation without any competitive impulse expressed. The all HUB NETWORKING expresses through “game theory” CEO”s learn faster within and appreciate most. Using proprietary networking MULTIPLIERS we call Super Networking – Faculty SMART – Faculty Implosion – and the final all HUB Networking experiencing IMPLOSION – CEO’s experience a COMPLETION MULTIPLIER that does not exist outside CEOSPACE which is another reason we are ranked # 1 in the world in 2018.

FORCE MULTIPLICATION is achieved July 16th for a week and it works to elevate your income and result in the second half growth impossible to duplicate outside the asset of the MULTIPLIER. As with innovations everywhere – one must experienced the CEOSPACE Force MULTIPLIER but it is transmitting effectively 100,000 critical connections to the CEO’s who are sharing that MULTIPLIER to resolve ….what it is ….that they need …next.


Family. CEOSPACE July is when our CEO’s from across the world acknowledge their families that support THEM every single day in every possible way. Family. CEO”s bring their families to the multi room full kitchen grand suites ( you reserve at Holiday Inn Express low room costs ) as a tax mini holiday Friday July 12th to Monday.

Family the # 1 Teen Entrepreneur Program is offered in July Teen FEAST which is award winning. CEO’s sponsor a teen from family and church groups to this one. Families attend the five # 1 ranked beaches near the resort ( free shuttles to and from ) amusements parks from Bush Gardens to the Dolphin Tail TV water park and many more. Families enjoy the five designer swimming pools with amenities – the spa which is fabulous – multi pro tennis courts – 72 PGA Golf Holes at the 900 acre compound guard protected to get in or depart for CEO family privacy.

CEO’s wait a year to bring their families and children and grand children of all ages. CEOSPACE transforms futures. We have four year olds launching their first venture. We have eight year old launching their fourth venture. We have teens returning and bringing their teens back across decades of unmatched quality in serving the CEO owner of a business or practice.

Our one deliverable is YOUR ACCELERATED GROWTH. In that faster ramp to profit and surplus lifestyles CEOSPACE remains unmatched from the Fortune Suite to development space ventures.



In America it is Fourth of July weekend. One of our celebration is FINANCIAL FREEDOM like no where else in the world. July 16th is the largest richest trading community of CEO to CEO networking since 2010. A high point in this last decade for quality and value for you – the new member. You get more. Lots more. And you don’t have to wait.

CEOSPACE serves decision makers versus those who just consider and never act. CEOSPACE July 16th is a CEO decision maker community of CEO’s helping CEO”s without any condition. The environment operates on COOPERATION rule based networking versus competitive networking which is absent from CEOSPACE.

Our enormous faculty with SUPER STARS like Bob Circosta of Home Shopping – Sharon Lechter of Rich Dad – Greg Reid of Three Feet From Gold to name only a few – sign contracts to tithe 15% of their wealth – their life TIME – back to entrepreneurs who could not afford their market rate mentor packages. You meet endlessly one on one with faculty mentors you wish in all subjects you wrote on your own customized challenge list. The Faculty evoke team mentorship and work as teams to resolve all your challenges without delay saving months or years and oceans of time and delays to secure new opportunity to grow faster.

So think of CEOSPACE as a pyramid. The Top is acquiring new customers and markets and growing bottom line or securing investment capital as may be required by the CEO. We offer the only CAPITAL MASTERY SKILLS training in the world taught with SEC former Staff attorneys’ and senior security law partners of law firms west to east coast. All part of the LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP there is never any add on fee’s for any service we offer you.

Its all included. It is all your option. How you use CEOSPACE which always changes over time as you grow.

The bottom left side of the pyramid is massive new customer acquisition via improved marketing in social in on line in off line in print in media in everything. We elevate marketing plans to higher standards of quality. You grow customers faster. You profit faster.

The other side of the pyramid is resources which range from capital Human Resources expertise – access to B to B without delays from Fortune suites to global institutions – packaging – branding – strategy – execution – delegation – crises management – IP protection – legal – contracts – anything and everything. A full SUPER STORE for the CEO to resolve their forward momentum and grow so much faster.

CEOSPACE works to reduce cost and time to reach owner growth goals. Everything else takes longer and costs more – a ton more.

CEOSPACE is faster proven and more fun.

Our money back warranty refunds your lifetime membership before you leave the hotel if we fail to accelerate your venture to your own satisfaction removing any risk from our customer decision making.

CEO’s reframe a tax dollar to an assets purchase of LIFETIME membership. CEO”s can acquire individual membership or for a little more a CORPORATE membership and rotate team members in for the life of the corporation – which is a way cool AND  only CEOSPACE even does it.

CEOSPACE is fully global and assist our community to conduct business with one another globally easing market access anywhere in the CEOSPACE world which is most of the planet.

July 16th is our largest richest program since 2010. Hotel space sold out and we secure another block of rooms but they are selling out so fast. We encourage those who own a business or practice and who truly wish to grow faster to explore – register and – decide – and allow Nancy Murphy Vice President 256 850 4719 or Jessica Vice President at our home offices 256 850 4710 to explore with you. No selling. They will address issues fill in blanks and help you. When you acquire enough data you know the tax dollar you put up will return one of the highest returns of profit on investing of your lifetime and you know you will get your membership fee back ( which is our model ) your in. Every CEO is in when they know before they go.

It costs nothing to explore ramping up in the second half of 2018 when half this year is gone. The busy second half with 78% of all spending unfolding then is too precious to not maximize. You must elevate plans teams and resources to maximum second half income in a Super Change market space.

May we serve you to accelerate your growth this year?

Just call and explore – no selling. Learn earn and return. CEO’s are fast study and with proof’s in hand they always make the wise economic decision – faster growth.

We can’t duplicate CEOSPACE July for a year. While all our programs are 100% the July Program is 140% a premium value for you – you pay less and you get more and you bring your entire family and bond within our processes. Plus did I mention CEO’s report that CEOSPACE is not only profitable it is so much FUN. As we achieve through our lives the FUN FACTOR is truly important to balance. CEOSPACE resorts BALANCE to out of balance CEO’s and professionals itself priceless.

This all occurs with new tools and tactics you lack today but will have in just weeks. Make the best choice to grow faster. After all its your future.



CEOSPACE does not advertise or market. The weight of our enormous 30 year over 100 nation community of CEO”s referring is the only way we have grown across the planet. We don’t promote advertise or sell really. CEO’s discover CEOSPACE an invitation only community. I invite my blog readers to register and join so you are invited by the one that started it all. Right here. Right now. To July 16th.

As you study YOUTUBE and our WEB SITE you begin to wonder why you haven’t heard of CEOSPACE and as you reach out in community it is hard to be anywhere where in circles some member of yours – your circle – does not know about CEOSPACE and always in the highest regard.



In 2018 we completed a massive data base survey of our own customer satisfaction over 30 years. We discovered the unhappy clients in our enormous client base of CEO’s was 99.97% satisfied. Of the tiny less than 1% who were not satisfied they attended once and never did the work. 99% where happy campers – no firm in our industry holds a higher documented customer satisfaction level. Our world is composed of CEO praise over thirty years of time.




My advice in July 2018 is accelerate and do not delay or wait to accelerate. Use your best opportunity and go for it.

Explore CEOSPACE by clicking our web site on this blog and then phone and visit a Vice President and get all your customized questions answered. Caution when you see films with a big room and lots of people – there is a big room and lots of CEO’s but your not in it – save for several times in a week. Your nine Hours in CEO to CEO meal mastering minding within defined processes and your mentoring one on one and your in the PM making some of the most important growth deals of your entire lifetime.

If you elect to join us and fail to bring your family you’ll regret that when your on site. Everyone does. We have no words to convey how important at home support is to your in work space support moving forward. We cement missing home supports in our July Family Forum serving CEO agenda’s.

CEOSPACE is customized and individual for your business. We produce pre program training to maximize time on site with us. We do coaching for new members before they arrive free. Value starts at registration on line.

Keep in mind as you read the blog this summer we are all hosting our largest richest CEOSPACE July 16th for a week serving an entire world of CEO’s who own ventures and practices to accelerate their second half of the year growth.

The # 1 Program is going to stay # 1 and July is WHY.


PS: To all our members in America the Dohrmann family and the entire CEOSPACE team wishes you the most precious FOURTH OF JULY this 2018 Holiday – enjoy – but register your party over the Holiday as hotel space is premium and you want to be at the resort for this one – can not wait to see you all and catch up…..