Markets are free and regulated when regulation frame works assure full disclosure to investors and price manipulation is impossible due to regulatory frame works. When the character of the market super changes, from a paper trading market of debt commodities and equities to digital AI trading the change occurred to rapidly for regulatory frame works to adapt. A more common condition for industry and nation globally presented in my leader reader – five star best selling book in 2020 – SUPER CHANGE….explains this and other realities SUPER CHANGE has placed before us all today. THE SUPER STRESS OF SUPER CHANGE is now massively effecting the human systemic condition world wide all at once.

Having at my final stage of life to have earned the title of MENTOR TO THE MENTORS you learn as much as you teach to the C suite at the tippy top of the world. I have found in advising nations and industry there are two leader brains alive today. Super Change leaders who embrace and effectively manage the challenge of the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE.

Old brains lack competency to adapt into SUPER CHANGE and create “issues” as we see with the car rental firm HERTZ today. Failure of C suite brains to upgrade into SUPER CHANGE SKILLS required to lead in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. Toys R US and Circuit City

The Stress today of Super Change is highest in economics as the entire economic theory and systems of the entire world are retiring in obsolescence and new Super Change AI economics is deep rooted today. Which brings us to the most out dated institution fully obsolete creating far more harm than good – the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. What a mouth full. Factoids:


  • The Federal Reserve Board is not a federal anything
  • The FED is a private stock firm owned and run by criminal bankers who lucked out and got a contact to print all our money for profit. Bad plan then worse plan today.
  • The Fed is not Federal and the Fed has no reserves.
  • The Fed today manipulates free markets by government buying with trillions buying up assets to keep markets dying of liquidity traps open for business masking the CORONAVIRUS death rattle the world markets are displaying in ICU care from the FED.
  • Central banks buying stocks and bonds present a conundrum to markets – what is real and what is phony when you set price and liquidity daily with tens of billions from your FED public wallets?
  • If the central banks stopped buying the markets would super crash to their real honest value of under 10,000 DOW.




We have 50 million laid off by the end of summer, over 100% more economic depression than 2007. How long did the real recovery take? Did we ever get back? Really?

The 1 billion laid off world wide is a global catastrophe.

Our nation and agencies told us this was not a pandemic and would never effect our USA economic boom? Well this is a pandemic and the economics are worse by double than 2007 – which the markets are tryin to tel us –  is saying a lot.






The economy of the world was ordered, by nations inside a life or death decision to social distance to preclude the WORST PANDEMIC effecting human trade and commerce since the BLACK DEATH killed 50% of the population of Europe. The Black Death arrived in China and the Chinese burned the ships from over seas ad stopped trading until the plague had passed.

The economics include the following depression of economic CORE activity:

  • Supply lines broke and are resetting ( takes years )
  • Nations competed like dogs without cooperation or coordination.
  • World Leaders entered into a cold war – every nation for itself – and who can come out on top of the other nation
  • The Competition between humans made the outcomes economically so much worse as insanity of competition always does
  • Entire industries broke apart in hours in never before seen economic depression – cruise – airlines -shipping – oil – commodities  – rental cars – luxury brands – fashions – education – energy – health care – economic systems
  • Nations saw cost soar over night no end in the rising cost tsunami as receipts andi income to nations crashed down
  • Stimulations have created in a DEBT SUPER BUBBLE tens of trillions of new debts in 90 days and rising out of all experience
  • Trade and buying patterns shifted entire industries in retail broke and moved into bankruptcy a rush to BK is game on today
  • Bank liquidity became so evaporated nations had ot inject trillions to keep banks open at all a shell game still going on now
  • Central Banks rigged markets from Super Crashing by directly buying stocks and bonds to preclude markets freezing up

Meanwhile the stock market looks great and the debt market looks great when you peak in the ICU room of intensive care for the economics – where the GLOBAL ECONOMIC MODEL is now on serious life support without any expertise or knowledge as we now bo where no economy has gone before – into a SUPER HIGH RISK STAKE GAME – of depression ending the POST WORLD WAR SYSTEM or a model of convergence from that obsolete older system model into something new without breaking the entire system.

Will it work as there is no GAME PLAN. The leaders are in panic mode reacting and doing what it takes as the next “IT” comes up. Today we battle the GREAT UNKNOWNS traveling at speeds never traveled by humans before – inside SUPER CHANGING EVERYTHING making humanity so super distressed – as the coping mechanism to adapt to change itself is not being exceeded by the powerful ever unrelenting ACCELERATIONS Of SUPER CHAGE ITSELF. If you own SUPER CHANGE the 2020 Best selling five star run away TOP LEADER READER OF THE YEAR…..why then you already know all this is only part of the problems which are whirling like an economic DARK HOLE sucking the life out of the old economic model inside the DARK HOLE OF WORLD DEPRESSION.

Leaders want you to believe two things:

  1. Everything is alright
  2. Everything remains under their control.

The truth the leader liars do not want you to know as they never TELL YOU THE WORST FIRST is the truth that:

  1. The old economy is dying in last gasps today into the fall
  2. The new economy unfolding is not born yet
  3. We exit in the RIP TIDE OF KNOWNS between two systems today

Economically this is a BAD place to reside in? Why? All values are phony and rigged.

The market is a casino today. Betting on future prices manipulates prices today. The market of investing in side bets – gambling and rigging prices – is many many times greater than real investing in an asset you own and hold. This condition created the 1929 DEPRESSION. This condition is creating the GREATEST WORLD DEPRESSION OF ALL TIME as leaders work reactionary upon symptoms as each comes up without regard to CAUSE WHOSE SOLUTION is impossible and time is running low today, for a G 100 COOPERATION TO FIX THE CAUSE versus the symptoms.

The rigged Casino capitalism is dying.

You will see the final death rattle inside SUPER CRASH to a DOW Of less than 10,000. If some how we avoid that we may get to the new economy without a total wipe out. It remains our opinion given the criminal leadership of liars today, that world wide, given the lack of integrity and cooperation – solutions of insane competition by insane integrity deficit leadership lands humanity upon this reality in 2020.

The problems of extinction developed by years of insane human organization within a system to institutionalize from early education to final adult warfare to strip you of your money on last part health care – we all lose in life. Ask the right questions. IS competition the expression of human potential to be insane? Insane thought form? if Cooperation the absence of competitive thought form resides on interaction engagement and relationship forges on the DNA of integrity.

Today with central banks manipulating prices with 10,000 Super Money pools consolidated down from 1.5 million super money pools in 2008 with AI distributions of 440 trillion dollars in daily asset circulations without human intervention, we have what?

  1. We have a rules based economic system.
  2. The rules are blue skyed to nations
  3. For the first time the trades are outside blue sky of nations in new nation called THE CLOUD
  4. Regulatory frame works are now on by pass from the super change of economics at core
  5. Valuations are insane – at multiples that are NO LONGER ECONOMIC

This mess of economics, until a REGULATORY REFRAME unfolds is a new model where AI knows all the rules. AI trades as humans could never trade. AI is programed to make the most profit in the least time at all cost while guarding risk of loss. That model itself is broken.

The Correct programing would be to maximize consumer benefits always upgrading those benefits while making a profit that is sustainable and environmentally nurturing. Anything less is an economic system that is insane. How do you know your system is insane today?

Because 1% wealthy elites own more wealth and power than 99% own or influence.





Can we all do better than this?





Todays markets make zero sense because they are rigged and insane on greed stampedes.

The second quarter will report in the summer the horror of the depression in global economics today. As the truth comes out in larger display, the markets will deflate valuation and super crash. AI can not understand or manage panic. Nor can nations. Central banks with a trillion a day even, are spit into the wind of 440 trillion a day in panic say.

Ask the right question?

Will panic be avoided?

If values are INSANE and no profits exist to sustain those insane high values, the right question is WHEN does the casino capitalism market end, in panic? No one knows. No one can predict. We forecast Fall to Winter 2020 for a SUPER CRASH but we may be wrong as to the TIME.

After the SUPER CRASH new laws and regulatory frame works will commence to adjust into the SUPER CHANGE of core economics. In the future wealth RE-DISTRIBUTION will occur and a new WORLD ORDER we suspect and we advocate for, will develop. A no nation left behind new economic model. A model that regulations preclude unwanted wealth consolidations and preclude wild systemic speculations distorting values for greed motivations alone.

The principles of the NEW ECONOMY are presented in the work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION I released in 2010 a 5 star best selling in all ten years at Amazon. A leader reader if this topic interests you.

I consult to micro cities to example the economics of tomorrow. The cities are receiving unlimited funding in the coming weeks. The first City will showcase in the USA and under confidentiality agreements I can not share with you ( YET ) the precise location. I will though. We are working with nations world wide to install the city – some with SUPER BOND FUNDING. – to reset forever the economic back bones of nations benefiting. This multi decade work project defines these principles:

  1. Changing THE world requires a 110% commitment and always exceeds the life time of the founders.
  2. To secure the completion the persistence to the scale of the project must be unwavering over time lines most won’t commit into.

I cam consulting to world change in soil and water clean up technology – break through’s on time and price. I am consulting to unicorns with lowest cost hydrogen fuel from any water source. All of which are used in the MICO CITIES which populate millions in community. CEO SPACE is part of those outcomes for over thirty years of very hard work to deliver the outcomes taking place in 2020.

In this mess huge things are happening. The world dynamic is not the depression of 1930’s. We have come a very long way. We have options and depth of circulations that promise more not less as we move from the RIP TIDES of where we all exist today, into a new far better economy now birthing itself.

Perception remains the rare earth. Perceiving competitive organization, education of humans, institutionalizes human inanity. If heaven is the absence of competitive thought why do we foster competition as sane and good? Until we perceive the flaw in our own brains – the hippocampus – the seat of COMPETITIVE THOUGHT FORM inside your own brain – is insane – we invite insanity in.

Can we all be safe with each other?

Can we all delight in each other?

Why would we chose anything less? Than THAT?



I reside as an investment banker economist assessing systemic risk from the depression in economics today. When I asee 350,000 school teacher educators laid off from their jobs – I ache inside. For all of us. I don’t see any sling shot to repair the industrial trade contractions. I don’t see a rebound across the damaged sectors. As the DEBT LOADING DEFAULTS soar into the lenders the impact upon the economic CORE is SUPER HIGH RISK of systemic failure.

Will the system fail at 100 trillion in bad non performing debt or will it be a number half that or double that? We don’t know the stress loadings that tip a LEHMAN or MORGAN NEXT into failure as the SUPER DEBT BUBBle that sank it all in 1929 – but far far worse in 2020, again destroys the core system dynamic due to the bad debt loads working through the system to its own fatality. Then we start over and it is PAINFUL.

The cause of the failure is systemic competitive failed modeling. We must re-tool economics to a better systemic model and we can. In fact the time to do so was 2010 after the massive crashes in 2007 and 2008. My book REDEMPTION PRESENTED the one and to date the only still BLUE PRINT for HOW the G 100 can do this work in 36 months without a depression spiral into system decay.

I reside in HOPE AND PROMISE for humanity as we face our own near term extinction as a species in 2020 or anytime from war, or from nature abuse by 2030 – 2050 ( methane trap releases look up methane trap release on GOOGLE ) as THAT ends us all in 90 days anytime the core floor ocean temperature rises 1.5 more degrees.

Ask the right questions. DO you see any GAME PLAN to stop that rise in ocean core temperature ( which we technically can easily do together and today )? If we invest to build nukes versus save ourselves from extinction in a competitive insanity we go extinct.







You can read this and do nothing.

You can do this and open home. cooperation parties and use a chapter of Redemption as your chapter meeting topic of the month.

Or you can advocate and spend some time for the RIGHT SUPER CHANGE. Get a FREE AUDIO BOOK from AMAZON while that offer lasts.

Up to you.





Note: Will India and China go to war? Will India and Pakistan? Will North Korea sell nukes to the Gulf and why not? Will Iran get a nuke and nuke Israel or Saudi? Will the EU break up as seems highly likely today? Will China take over Taiwan and Hong Kong all at once? Will Putin reclaim territory as he has said is his plan in 2020? Will Super Crash create world war? How unstable is the war and peace if the economics melt down as is SUPER HIGH RISK into the fall and election period? How do you navigate the unknowns? What happens when insane valuations for every asset class deflate to non rigged valuations? Will 100 trillion in wealth evaporate and how does the world operate after such a GREAT REBALANCING OF DEBT – THE ULTIMATE SUPER BUBBLE IS NON SUSTAINABLE DEBT now imploding. You can not see it today but the GREAT REBALANCING AND DEFLATION has already begun and is no longer stoppable by nation state or agency in the world today. Think Different.