ETF’s have tilted to control market prices. The ETF market is a brand for so many forms of computer software managed assets that ETD’s and other designations run from equities to debt and bonds to currency to every commodity to every asset class on earth. Manipulated and controlled by AI ( which is not human intelligence so READ LEARN and STAY CURRENT ) on what IS going ON out THERE.

The markets are manipulated to moderated global risk by software. The web of software competition – one chaps software against another – with enormous sums invested in ever spiraling SOFTWARE WARS and AI WARS. The goal is to read all the news and place your BETS. The Bets include:


  1. Buying and selling equities
  2. Buying and selling debt and bonds
  3. Buying and selling side bets on if an asset will rise.
  4. Buying and selling side bets on if an asset price will fall.
  5. Buying structured asset and fraud insurance on all bets.

The result the people making all the big bonus bucks in the HAMTON’s believe – is there is now RISKLESS RISK. No matter where markets go they have protection on the Jump Rope all the way up and all the way down. They believe their ever smarter software will protect them from loss on averages. Like every gambler that is fully addicted they believe the Casino can’t loose.

What if there is a fire?

What if the casino has SWINE FLU?

So today in the slowest trading week since the Christmas Holidays – the last summer play week before the SUPER MONEY Tribe return to step on what is going on – override software and make shall we say – twerking investments – after Labor Day – today the market rises a bit. Why?


China had manufacturing orders go UP in August when experts thought they would go down again. NOT ME. I thought they would go UP this month and next month. Why?

72 % of all buying takes place in the last quarter. Why?

WE rise to the CHRISTMAS SHOPPING YEAR END SPENDING SEASON. Who makes all that crap. China. What is coming out pre holiday on September 12th. The 10th anniversary of the IPHONE with the Apple biggest event since Steve Jobs graduated with honors from among us all. Who makes all the new Apple Products and new iPhone that will set records in sales?


If the manufacturing in China had fallen in August as their ramp into the biggest driver for their manufacturing of any year – it would be disastrous for ASIA. Even so as we have reported there is a run out of China. What does this mean? China has had to evoke currency controls to stop capital flight out of China. Still in the corrupt – steal IP – no rule of law nation – with its communist government where 87% of the people are no longer members of the communist party ( You did not know THAT did you ) and their currency is a sham currency in reality – driven to economics by spending 300% more than they earn – year after year after year ( Greece can’t compare ) the economic end came is not a picnic table for the Communist – Communism as a an economic system consolidates wealth and is never as efficient as capitalism and always fails – always. The poverty in China is so massive it’s weight is not possible to convey to you – as the surging billion in poverty are forgotten by the 300 million 25 year temporary middle class until the super crash hits the world. China hardest.

Today we have the run:

  1. Run on investment down by % that Communist can not survive.
  2. Run on capital folks running out of China currency into dollars
  3. Run out of markets.
  4. Run out of nation – brain drains as wealthy do anything to get their children OUT
  5. Run out of manufacturing and trade to other Asian natons

The Sun also sets – and it is setting on the China ‘miracle”.

The peak was the 1980’s and mid 1990’s. Since 911 the sun has been setting on China. Economically.

So this Holiday the down turn in output reversed with an upturn that surprised the “experts” the press reports but it did not surprise this expert. We predicted it. However the uptick is small and so far below the manufacturing of some years ago. If you compare it is tragic for China even though China numbers drove markets ( with almost no trading all the Super Money is on a boat this weekend ) – up. Don’t be fooled.

We see an APPLE EFFECT – an anticipatory set.

All eyes are on inflation. Which may look up actually. As gas prices soar due to price gauging and manipulations. Houston Gulf is during up now. The Storm has moved out. The waters go down today from peak and drain to dry this weekend. After the Holiday the refineries will crank back up 1/3 of USA Fuel, and the pipe line will turn back on and the 72 hours deal will profit oil companies for MONTHS.

Then the price will slowly as they legally steal from all of us return to normal going down down DOWN DOWN like Alice in the Rabbit hole for reasons we have well reported here.

As the cost of everything – energy goes down – inflation will be wiped out. The Fed is dead. Their plan to stimulate inflation – is the end game of a 1917 to now string of absolute reactionary – FAILED and causing policies for:

  1. Two global depressions
  2. Two global world wars
  3. Countless boom bust cycles and bubble up and burst cycles
  4. The dot.bomb speculation bubble
  5. The Real Estate Super Bubble
  6. The SUPER CRASH Of 2007
  7. The Great Recession we are still in today

After spending 20 trillion dollars placing unborn American’s into impossible debt with no success to their policies at all – Janet Yellin being the worst historic fed chairperson EVER – making everything so much worse economically for the future – the question begs; when does the failed FED IDEA merge back into US TREASURY by a single emergency act of the US Congress to assure – no kidding – that AMERICA pays its bills – is in the black and stops the insanity of paying a private stock firm owned by banks it is supposed to regulate – profits for printing our money in the largest legal THEFT scheme of all time ever. No one at the FED GOES to jail for bankrupting America crashing our markets and wiping out our futures. No they collect profits and discuss future monopoly on money printing in their mansions.

If the PUBLIC had the economic literacy to appreciate the 80 page Act of Congress that created the private monopoly with rights to call the criminal gang and business – the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD – a congressional act of permission for legal theft – with zero oversight or accountability – moving money printing from the US Treasury where founding fathers had it for hundreds of years – to private bankers who charge the people to do that service – print and control your currency.

The cause of our problems is the central bank illusion and laws world wide.

The solution is to by act of government merge central banks back into treasury.

This is a great idea for communist nations as well as capitalistic nations and for Kings.

But there I go again- anyway the markets went up today on China and disregarded Houston and North Korea as War Games begin in Russia that neighbors are certain is a real invasion to reclaim them into Russia …as we reported here. When the BIG MONEY RETURNS they may be paying attention to the REAL NEWS you get …well….you know …..kind of here and on line. Right?

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping it Real for my Readers today