Fed Idiot Chairman Powell, driving economics from a tied down model T Ford from the 1920’s, in a holo deck of the star ship enterprise, thinking he is driving while steering in the REAR VISION MIRROR. You will come to understand the Fed is not saving the economy the Fed is in fact assuring the economic mortal wounds the Fed inflicted remain fully terminal making it all so much worse than it would have been if there was no Fed what so ever. Your delusion is the Fed a criminal banker gang of thieves, is good and benevolent versus the ultimate CRIMINAL MONEY GANG – evil – protecting wealthy elite class exclusively

The Fed is like the Catholic Church. Robes from Pagan Baal worship and SUN ( DAY ) worship – ( see alters in Pompeii for reference ) where the Fed and the Church engage powers policies and traditions – that have worked for both for as long as they have been in existence. However the market is now AI and the market has super changed and the world markets are still Super Changing. The two older traditions one managing souls the other managing US DOLLARS, reside in traditions that worked for them in the pas. The Fed facing Super Change is doing some new things like buying stocks and bonds by the trillions of dollars to keep markets from collapsing. No one knows how the FED experiment in economics may work out. We submit it will fail badly..

There are two equations going through economics.

Equation one – the Fed fuzzy math – suggests unsustainable super debt short term debt bubbles, 20 years to 90 day debt, can all be made better when you have WAY TOO MUCH SHORT TERM DEBT FIX IT WITH ENDLESS NEW SHORT TERM DEBT. It is our conclusion the Powell fuzzy logic will fail in economics.

Equation number two: Our Super Bond ( search this site for Super Bonds ) takes 100% of nation short term debt into 100 year debt where TIME heals all the wounds – debt abuse in the system has created – as nations repay their debts with the industry population and economics of 100 years from now – wiping out near term debt loads where TIME created the freedom economics for say Iran to build and move forward or North Korea or Russia to name three.

So the Fed said yesterday We don’t want to traipse around like an elephant in the bond market? Why did Idiot Powell Fed Chairman say that to the Congress? Well because they are an elephant in the bond market. Let me share an inconvient truth.

The Debt markets are over risk. The AI see’s too low a return in current debt markets. AI has withdrawn trillions from debt markets to seek more profitable outcomes in premium debt to risk, where frankly AI can make higher profits in annuities than in debt markets and with zero risk. AI is permanent moving out of Debt Markets.

The word Debt Markets would implode and seize up as in 1930’s. The Fed and Powell as the Lone Ranger ( Greenspan is tonto ) as they ride in and buy where no Fed has ever bought before. The Best Debt AI owns. The Crap worst paying and worst risk debt – SHIT DEBT – the Fed is buying moving its balance sheet of crap asses from 2007 GREAT RECESSION of 3 trillion back up to 7 trillion going to 15 trillion setting records where the nations criminal central bankers are buying all the JUNK DEBT that its member banks will no longer buy and hold, so the FED holds it with unlimited cash, which when that cash buys pure over priced crap, at 15 trillion in asset loses, the experiment Powell is undertaking  – in the end – make it all so much worse. As is the Fed WAY of things.






Ring around the Rosie pocket full of posey’s ( thrown over the stench of the black death when 50% of the EU died and children three rose petals to block the death stench of the endless carriages removing the bodies all day long ) – ashes ashes all fall down DEAD. A child’s nursery rhyme that might well sing for the economics today in pandemic.

The news distorts economics. The news reports record this or that. They are reporting record this or that off the worst super crash lows of modern record keeping. The up of this or that is not returning us to economic activity we knew in 2019. Far from it. The story of loss and economic systemic shattering is endless today.







An all time record in June of 30% plus of all mortgage payments and rents for shelter security were late. 50% are 90 days late. The worst delinquency since records began. With 40 million out of work rising to 50 million by Fall – with water sheds of more jobs being DUMBED FOREVER – the eviction relief is also now coming to an end this summer. Millions will lose shelter and be homeless. That is into the election.

The markets supporting a FOOLS rally is largely rigged casino tricks to sucker in cash to profit the smarty pants with short positions all the way back down the rope – they only artificially allowed up for a short time frame they could maximize profits over.

Over 50% of workers will now work from home. What happens to the billions of square feet of no one now is inside those high rise buildings? Who pays the mortgage on space no one is using at all?

How over priced is commercial real estate and what super crash is coming in real estate world wide?

JC Penny’s is liquidating out of 137 retail stores. As they empty out forever how many jobs are lost for moms and dads? How doe malls survive when anchor tenants close and those still open do not pay rent today at all? What happens when the massive rent holiday lease holiday mortgage holiday reaches a point the elastics no longer work? The ripple of defaulting first on rents leases and mortgages – than real estate from homes to commercial space are repossessed by the trillions by creditors world wide and the price of those assets like oil PLUMMETS. No demand returns at all for the now over built space.

Owners move to rents and inventory of property no one can afford in DEFLATIONARY ECONOMICS as prices plunge for years and years, as markets devolve.

The FED is stretched to its bone marrow today at one trillion dollars a month in LIFE SUPPORT THE WORLD ECONOMIC. The patient is sinking into a comma. The Fed lacks resources to influence a 440 trillion dollar circulation market when it goes into panic. The Fed becomes an observer as CHAIRMAN POWELL”s little plastique BOND BUYING BOAT is sucked right down the bathtub drain leaving Chairman Powell with his King Crown and robes all made of bubbles in the bath tub with that confused CHAIRMAN OF THE FED vested suit Powell wears even when playing with his boats and floats toys – why he has on his soaking wet vested suit ( in case there is a sound bite opportunity must always be prepared ) blow up arm floaties so that the Chairman will not risk drowning in the high seas of Chairman Powells bubble bath where he escapes the Monsters in the night – MEDIA, while Trump walks in slow motion down the Ramp of our Navy Academy and uses his right hand to push his left hand with his way too heavy diet coke up to his mouth. No Biden and Trump are not geriactive leaders running into their 80’s in public office, they are however slowing down and forgetting things. Like what Sanction they just issued or state they just spoke into. In crises we could not have the weight of more lies unfold. Dying in lying the economics are unkind to reply to ERROR. BIden and Trump are the best America has to offer to its future and people in abject crises?










The economics of the world suffering the worst DEPRESSION to economic activity, world wide, all at once, a pure record of melt down, as the market at near record highs going up and up. Why? Valuations are insane. Why go up and risk it all? What is the story?

One story: Pandemic was a lie and the economy was never hurt that pad and the economics sling shot back by year end to new highs. A lie.

Another Story: The economic depressed and is depressing further in deflation economics. All asset valuations will require serious price resetting from decades of valuation abuse. The markets would cease to function on liquidity alone without central bank life support, buying stocks and bonds, directly for the first time, manipulating markets with central bank cash, to try and stave off a SUPER CRASH in panic selling to a market destruction as in the 1930’s.

Will the Fed plan ( many ships floating in the bubble bath with Powell all alone manipulating his Fed Said as if it was real ) thinking what I said last will move markets back up ( right? ) …making war sounds in battle field conflicts in the soap suds for Powell believes all that is taking place in the suds is in fact reality. When it is far from reality.

One thing that puzzles me the most.

You hear Fauci lie and then you expect he is truthful later? How does that work for you?

You see Powell lie and lie and then you think the zebra has no stripes and speaks the truth to you as a liar?

Personally I do not understand your capacity to be lied to and to buy in to the lies versus discern the truth even when the truth is very bad news on the economics.

Fauci told us all to headlines – in April the KILLER VIRUS would disappear in May and be gone entirely like the flu in the Spring. That is a lie sir and we called you on that lie day one. Liar agent of big Pharm and White House Lies. Lies include:

  1. Who – this is not a pandemic a minor China only problem we have this.
  2. Who – masks will not protect you and are not needed.
  3. Fauci to the world – This virus is nothing like mers and sars or THE FLU and will burn out and be gone by May
  4. Trump says we stopped it cold not to worry in America
  5. Everyone wear masks they will protect you – ( masks do not protect you ) its a health lie

The public has no clue on PUBLIC LEADERSHIP PANIC.

No leader knows what to do next. Why?

  1. The economy is in depression inside a DEATH SPIRAL where liquidity evaporating will end the post world war II system.
  2. The Chinese Killer Snake Flu Coronavirus in 120 days has infected ten million and killed over on million in true versus lie counts – that is 1 million dead in 120 days – 10,000 dead each day world wide – the death count rising to 20,000 a day than 50,000 a day as 8 million infected rise to 100 million by January 2021 only. Pandemic is out of control or containment. Failed efforts of all led to record all time daily infections in FLORIDA AND TEXAS – Monday record – another record of new infections Tuesday- China capitol reinfected to shutting down again ( right again in our forecast reporting ) – the lies on counts and deaths are criminal world wide. WHO and CDC need top to bottom reorganization to restore integrity – leaders and agencies created 100,000 ‘s of needless PREVENTABLE deaths.
  3. There is no vaccine or cure of the virus which is mutating rapidly and market moves on lies versus truth is all we have. The markets are priced and moving based on lies delusions and market madness. This will not end well as we report here.

Forge your own economy of be a victim of the fictional economy others forge FOR YOU to be a victim of.

Protect yourself – no one else is going to.

Believe the worst is over and the best lies ahead. Barbecue. Have fun. Spend. Don’t save. Don’t work like this is a major decade long crises. Ignore and deny all that.

Wipe out ( your own ) is not far away today.





Massive lay offs are occurring in industry world wide. The first bad news primed the pump. Now comes the gushers into the economics. Demand is shifting. All old patterns are gone. The new patterns remain largely unknown. Few have a clue what to do next. We have presented to our readers WHAT TO DO. We host live events to mentor virtually protecting health upgrades to assure owners of business ( and practices ) hire when others fire. WIthout upgrading skill tools and tactics your stuck. They market does not care. if you make mistakes you wipe out. if you don’t you won’t. If you fail to act you get whacked.

More leaders will move into shock and awe at what is coming bemoaning “oh woe is me woe is more how could this all have happened and why did “they” not protect us all )? We told you for two years. We told you:

  1. What
  2. Why
  3. When
  4. How
  5. Implications





No where else do you know more and know more first in equal quality and measure. If you act we had your back. If you snooze you lose and you may lose for ever next. NONE OF YOU HAVE LIVED THROUGH ANYTHING CLOSE TO WHAT IS COMING NEXT. So we informed you but many are in denial and delusion. Human beings reject horrific change news in hard wiring to staying within known boarders. Why did 6 million jews not rise up against the few attacking them all? Keep that in mind so as JEWS it never can happen again because YOU WILL NOT PERMIT IT TO HAPPEN AGAIN.

But note human nature that IT DID HAPPEN where in 36 months systemic racism killed in human insanity and ignorance six million men woman and children for no reason what so ever. WE ALL ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN. We ALL have to assure THEY in uniform will not kill us without cause or WE WILL KILL THEM ALL WITHOUT CAUSE IN RETURN as WE THE PEOPLE’S COURT WILL HOLD “THEM” RESPONSIBLE TO US – NOT ONLY IN AMERICA BUT WORLD WIDE.

The day of leadership in Iran vacating the RIGHTS OF ITS PEOPLE to grant permission to rule, is the future The system of a few elites protecting their wealth in Lebanon in Syria in Venezuela in failed state after failed state – even in China where leadership is not held accountable to the PEOPLE – no longer in 5G is sustainable. Tiny little leaders so afraid of technology they seek to control their own people can not get free and open information will as system model PERISH FROM UPON THE EARTH as lacking authority to lead from the people. Insane Governance is dying. Sane governance is rising. Leaders of tomorrow might note:








The largest change in economics ( the FEW AGAINST THE MANY system models ) is unfolding as the new systems of THE MANY “FOR” THE MANY are rising up – integrity based self correcting systems -where the old elite system model is immoral and dying.

WE all exist for years in RIP TIDE the waters of economics between two systems – one post world war II system of 70 years is dying off and the new 5G AI economics is rising up to replace it all. NO ONE KNOWS HOW THIS WILL TURN OUT AT ALL. The factors influencing unknown economics include:

  1. The GREATEST DEPRESSION since the fall of Rome – no recovery this side of 2030
  2. Pandemic – the worst human health crises in world history with soaring death loading to death spiral economics
  3. Inequality – 1% own more wealth than 99% world wide – unsustainable to the GREAT REBALANCING unfolding now

They have no clue what to do.


They are winging it as each new SUPER CHANGE outcome is reported. They react.

They have no GAME PLAN ( read Kevin Freemans book on that point GAME PLAN ) so you better create your own GAME PLAN as Kevin’s book GPS maps ahead of you to DO JUST THAT.

They are in panic and the public soon will be as well.

Panic selling creates a liquidity evaporation day and the death of the old POST WORLD WAR II system of economics.

Economic activity is depressed a fraction of what it was in 2019.

Economic activity is not roaring back. That is a lie and deception.

World economics are in a death spiral today with no power able to stop the bleed out.

Awake owners can and must take action to protect your personal economy versus the general economy.

When time runs out for you to act, you will convulse into your age of sorrows when you look back.


We told you.

We told you.

We told you and we told you.

If you failed to act well then that is on you.

We all die alone.

What we do between being born alone and dying alone is what defines our lives.

Leaders lead.

Leaders act.

Followers procrastinate.



Followers pull their heads in slow motion into their turtle hard shell which results of course near term in:


  1. Election year two billion industry – manipulates markets prices and outcomes in the most immoral vicious insane process that offers no sanity respect dignity or anything but SHAME to our unborn for embracing such a greed frency of power and wealth grabbing by elite super wealth.
  2. Leaders lie about the true risk of Pandemic the infection counts and death counts, all manipulated lie numbers the real numbers are so much higher than you know. You accept lies as truth until the liars murder FLOYD on High Def.
  3. Leaders lie about the RISK OF CIVIL WAR – not race or inequality – but all of us the 99% against all of you 1% wealth liar thieves finally being held accountable for your crimes against the people.
  4. Lies about the economic depression and how bad the economic death spiral winding tight today truly is world wide.
  5. Failure to tell all of us the WORST FIRST and THE TRUTH FASTER – world wide the LIARS STEP INTO FIRES

Soups on – the LEADER LIARS are the TURTLES today.

They are so confused as nothing works. NOTHING OLD WORKS. NOTHING NEW WORKS. THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO?



Lies are not working as they once worked.

Billions in money is not manipulating voter outcomes as it once manipulated them.

Nothing is working as per plan. Biden picks up poll counts as a PROMISE of the largest incumbant upset, where folks are not in fact VOTING “FOR” BIDEN AT ALL – the vast majority of all of us are VOTING AGAINST TRUMP – we are not voting for BIDEN we are VOTING TO DUMP TRUMP.











Humans apply IMPLICATION to forward risk moderation.

AI does not. Driven only by short term profit and greed.

AI removes trillions from weaker performing market sectors in bonds and stocks as buy back manipulations a criminal price manipulation, remains influencing.

AI withdrawal impacted GLOBAL MARKET LIQUIDITY.


Central Banks ( lacking any other option what so ever ) opened flood gates of buying stocks and bonds AI would no longer buy or hold. Now the market CRAP is sucked into the US treasury. The issues include:

  • If AI never buys the crap back how does the fed liquidate its crap holdings of trillions in assets bought on tax payer debt?
  • If the FED stops its massive buying – the stock and bond markets freeze up for lack of liquidity
  • Markets are devolving into instability where too many sell orders to buy orders evaporate market required liquidity
  • Debt Super Bubbles moving into massive trillions in bad loan defaulting tip the market into full blown depression
  • Panic Sell Off’s ( yet to come ) capitulate investment capital to stop circulation in the core economic systems of the world
  • Nations fail and world wars evolve from the economic catastrophe of a GLOBAL DEPRESSION unfolding as we watch the liars lie to stall out panic telling us – there there everything is alright children now go back to sleep in your binge watching.

China and India are firing on their borders and killing each others solidiers as border dispute between nuke armed nations is critical.

China is testing TAIWAN with many fly by fighter activity creating scrambles of Taiwan military on seas and in air to turn China back as the MINI WAR testing Taiwan to the REAL WAR looming – China takes over TAIWAN AND HONG KONG in ten days or less – 72 hours – and what does the world do? WE say nothing at all is what the world will do.

Russia may take over Ukraine – Chets – and more all at once – and what we we do. We suspect nothing if it all is coordinated to take place at the same time. Trump limping down the ramp at Annapolis will at age 74 – be a little in overwhelm – losing to Biden – war may be welcome to Trump in fact.


India and Pakistan are heating up not cooling down over trade and Kashmir and MODI unilateral action the world did nothing over and Khan is not endless in patience. Modi losing popularity as economically sinking into an ocean of red ink debt, India lacking a Super Bond becomes a debtor failed state. Modi ends badly compared to where Modi began and war is a way out for Modi.

Saudi is at the end of its rope. Saudi has invested in debt investing trillions that its failing OIL collapsing economy can no longer afford at all plus three failed wars that have cost Saudi its future. King MBS has no cost Saudi more than 15 trillion dollars and world respect from Khashoggi ( the King possesses Khashoggi’s head so he can talk to the journalist up close and psychotic personal ) – which is a lot for a King Mark Zuckerberg’s age. Saudi is at the end of its failed state rope. Awash in red ink, a pure area war loser, stealing its own 100% growth in market share, while OPEC members all lost trillions in market share to Saudi – the KING OF OPEC – and the OPEC nations see – they lose with Saudi and they never win with Saudi – OPEC is DOA – a shadow agency without authority to lead into the future. OPEC is in falling apart – dividing gulf nations as never before into factions – mostly against SAUDI as the GULF WORLD ORDER CHANGES MASSIVELY and Putin is all over it as is IRAN rising.

Hot Spots from the GULF to EU are heating up into the election season world wide.

Isis is entrenched in Syria, in Afghanistan, in Iran, in Gulf states, and in Iraq stil. The radical crazy brain gang, the gang calls themselves a nation. Leaders in the gang have a shelf life of 18 months top. As the deck of WHO TO KILL NEXT rotates the entire world tests it’s latest best weapons on the losers of the Gang known as DAESH a gang of insane brains without human rights or values at all. There is no religion to the hijacking of the Muslim Faith by a crazy brain gang. The gang steals and gives to themselves – slaves for sex recruits a lot of 18 month leaders – until death to them all part. CRAZY INSANE gang really of broken minds. The young follow the mob to their own slaughter having lost around 5 million now and rising fast. No loser has lost more than IRAQ Red Army forming ISIS as a greed power play – their last card – where now that talent moves to the death card in the TERROT DECK.




Nine rings for the elf lords

Ten rings for the Kings of Men

One ring to find them ALL

One ring to in the darkness


The rings represent DEBT SLAVES to their lenders. In 2020 the debt defaulting is threat to the system liquidity. Every effort is being made in the one ring to bind you all and in the darkness of depression end you all – to distract and never mention the truth that the threat is DEBT INTO LIQUIDITY TRAPS on the core economics. Why focus on solutions when we can focus on birthday candles and make a wish by distracting voters from the truth and keeping voters focused on pure lies created to manipulate your mind.