As we look ahead let us all look backward first.

When the Democrats won the House we predicted “economically” that: ( the day of ):

    1. That NANCY PELOSI would impeach President Trump
    2. That grid lock would ensue.
    3. That the US Budget would not pass and would be weaponized politically – next Gov Shut Down Nov.
    4. That critical legislation on immigration and infrastructure would not even be brought up.
    5. That the economy would be derailed to blame Trump and win the 2020 election as strategy.

All my democratic leaders in the Belt WAY SAID NOT ONLY no no – those things will NEVER EVER HAPPEN and why. Only if you as long time readers now see- and consider how did we do way back then?

Right again – 100% right again and on timing as well. Precision accuracy so think about the other news you read here. Think some of our news is off. Like Khashoggi’s head was delivered personally to King MBS? Nothing we report is off folks and if you read long enough and faithfully you will have a different perspective in looking at the world with new reading glasses we install here – for free. We have been at this a long long while and our teams are really really good. We predict soon news channels will pick us up for regular sound bytes for ratings. We accept.



The IMF came out today and cautioned all nations to immediately advance STIMULUS before things GOT WORSE. However things are going to get much worse before they get better. In her caution to the world today on how WORSE things ARE becoming ( economically due to the failed FED policy and the Failed Congress governance ) that “erratic capital flows” which means massive flows of trillions out of China and Saudi spilling over to the entire Gulf next – liquidity is a risk to system core stability. Which again you have read our prediction on this all year. Right agan. Only now the risk is system critical which is what the IMF is trying to convey without creating panic. Today the head of the IMF was out there banging on the EMERGENCY EMERGENCY WARNING WARNING BELL – I doubt this will calm spooked out markets – who can all read the tea leaves as well as we can here.

Capital is protecting itself.

Capital is moving out of all markets and into cash CASH CASH.

Has anyone noted the giant global sucking sound as so much capital comes out of banks US banks ran out of cash? The Fed is still pumping in almost 100 billion a day and no one knows when that will stop to make sure the banks don’t CLOSE. How on the knife edge is that while the public has no clue at all. Folks the real grown ups are very afraid right now. And economically – this is not the time for the US Engine of the World to grid lock itself – or to impeach a sitting President for nothing legally impeachable – with made up stuff. It is bad for business but there you go.

Looking forward we would have predicted the largest record Holiday Buying season ever. Today we predict if the Gov shut down also occurs ( and it well might if the script is to attack Trump from all directions all at once – which is a highly likely script if they don’t modify the scenes on the fly ) – that – the Holiday Buying will be muted from stunning new outcomes.

Also a SUPER CRASH is yet likely and in October. We told you October would be a wild ride. Trust me you have not seen anything yet. The volatility this month alone will be one for the history books.

Looking forward we told you this:

  1. In the best possible outcomes – being an entrepreneur part time or full time IS economic safe harbor.
  2. In the worst possible outcomes – being an entrepreneur is the only possible outcome.

All economies breath in and then out.

We have sucked it in for the longest expansion of economic breath in human record keeping. Employment is at an all time record high. The USA is about 4%. The EU is about 7.6% and doing fine. Our average has been around 7% and we have done just fine. However when we breath out as an economy – and it occurs at year end – balance sheet trimming – unemployment soars by millions losing their job. The safe zone is having a small business. Keep statistics in mind:

  1. There are now around 39 million small businesses in America and 7.9 billion world wide.
  2. 94.5% of this total is solo entrepreneurs creating massive employment from CPAs Attorneys Web site Folks outsource etc
  3. Of the 5.5% remaining 90% of that number employ less than 10
  4. Less than 1% employ ten or more
  5. Thousands employ over 500

Small business creates the majority of consumer buying and creates in the economy 87% of all employment. When economies down size it is the 13% larger employers that massively contribute to unemployment. Entrepreneurs supported with the right information prosper in general in any market. In the GREAT DEPRESSION what brought the depression to a close was small business ramping up in war. Small business brought us up and out. Monopoly created wealth as a board game in the depression. Entrepreneurs rock it in any market. SAFE HARBOR is owning your own business or partner into one while you have a JUST OVER BROKE or J.O.B.

This site and CEO SPACE are devoted to our best possible efforts to assist small business world wide to know the truth of what IS going on out there in a SUPER CHANGE market space. A month back we did not have IMPEACHMENT ECONOMICS to consider. Now as a Super Change item thrown into the system by the US Congress world wide we do. Last month we did not have have a trillion dollars of tariff tax on the EU ( who over tax the USA as the case against unfair AIRBUS SUBSIDIES to the US Favor stated ) now we do.

Last month we did not have the civil war in the Saudi Sand Castle and now we do. Gulf instability is soaring. Riots in Iraq. Unrest in Saudi. War in Yemen. Possible new attacks in Saudi. Iran patient is only so long as the pendulum of truth swings back – King MBS framed Iran. North Korea is sub launching missiles saying we can drop hydrogen bombs anywhere we want ( yeah right and disappear in 30 minutes – the USA is fitting its advanced B 1 and its new B 129 Bombers with Stealth SUPER SONICS which means anywhere on earth is toast in 20 to 30 minutes no defense on earth to THAT – hit our allies or us – and no matter what – no matter who – your gone – so whats the point ? ). Anyway the Rocket Kid is saying – talk to meeeeeeeee.

Trump of course is in multi front trade war – and in full out political election war – where the other side is stressed by the war ( as Biden said today – you will not DESTROY ME which was impossibly weak in my opinion compared to say TRUMP WHO? ) but no one asked me for sound bites. So Trump thrives on this and appears to get younger in the office where everyone else ages. Is it the hair?

Is America impossibly weaker and weakened by election manipulation using 5G and forward media by our enemies to keep us maximally divided -a tool of our enemies where Americans hate one another more than the forces that created that division and hatred in us as a war plan? Any American wish to try that one on for size? You all around the world know that is true.

In Super Change respect one another’s views.

The real war is Competition a form of human insanity that punishes all human diversity – politics – race – religion – skim – creed – economic class – education – everything possible – dividing us until we kill each other in insane senseless slaughter of potential of ourselves.

We win with Cooperation where competition is the ONE and the ONLY virus of the mind ( insanity ) and virus removal is my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION and all my other books into Super Change this month. We are delayed I found typo’s the proof readers missed and although the average release has six typo’s mine will not. Patience children. Cooperation thinking – virus free ( no competitive thought ) – thinking – CELEBRATES ALL HUMAN DIVERSITY as sanity and never punishes it.

Looking forward does the world look more insane and competitive to you today? Does the world look more virus free cooperative and sane to you today?

If you want to drop into a community of more sane thinkers – and entrepreneurs – join CEO SPACE as a virus removal tool for life. Entire families attend so children can be raised in cooperation values without competition. When you see these children you see the leaders of tomorrow. Many have grown up and are just that today. CEO SPACE Is a community of switched on turned on conscious business owners and professionals, who circle together every sixty days, to renew growth for enterprise – inside the world MOST COOPERATIVE VIRUS FREE COMMUNITY ON EARTH TODAY.

The competitive virus infected individual in Fortune Space or Solo Space or anywhere in between – –  need not register at all. Continue as you are and we bless you from afar.

Looking forward the PERSONAL ECONOMY of CEO SPACE members is booming and will continue to be booming in any and in every market space. Looking forward the CEO SPACE ECO SYSTEM Is safe harbor for the economic storms now washing onto the sea walls we collectively build and maintain for one another. I’m watching it all unfold right here right now today. Our December program will be our own largest gathering of socially conscious business owners and professionals world wide – coming together – doing business together – and keeping one another safe and buoyant in any and in every possible market space.

Looking forward I inform my readers if you ARE an entrepreneur professional insure your safe harbor as economics is now exhaling from a very long inhale. your in the right space already moving forward You all know this if you failed to study the matrix of instability economics we have presented to you world wide here. As fact. Join CEO SPACE in December and you’ll do even better. If your not an entrepreneur and you wish to become one join CEO SPACE and we’ll help set you on your path as your JOB may be in real danger as the system exhales and you all already know that.

Assess these points of economics. Think for yourself. Do not be led by fake news and manipulation. CLICK and learn earn and return. Get better information. It IS out there. THINK FOR YOURSELF AND THINK OBJECTIVELY. Come down and THINK FAR MORE OBJECTIVELY. Put your life in a box in front of you. Put your income, career and family and values in the your box. Then sitting quietly in your chair think – WHERE DO I WANT “MY BOX” TO BE IN JAN 2020 and JAN 2021. Then map out a game plan to MOVE YOUR OWN BOX. Focus on that. If you need help to make better plans with better higher level teams all in cooperation and collaboration join CEO SPACE as LIFE INSURANCE FOR THE JOURNEY OF YOUR OWN BOX.

Awake thinkers buy the book HOW TO BECOME SUPER NATURAL and learn the skill of your own master manifestation. The ONE BOOK on HOW TO SEE YOUR OWN BOX FAR MORE OBJECTIVELY as a mind science book to REPROGRAM YOUR OWN MIND WITH BETTER MENTAL SOFTWARE …give that book to yourself this Holiday and change your outcomes. Guaranteed.

Looking forward and reading daily the Super Change waves pounding the shores with wave after wave of uncertainty the long period 2010 to today of calm waters have come to an end and now the looming economic storm clouds are sending early bands and waves to shores reaching us all. Can you feel the surf.



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