In 2014 as reported here economics SUPER CHANGED. The global systemic change was the most dramatic core shift in economcis in Human History. Thats right. Listen to me. Pay attention.

In 2014 over 50% of all economic trading and capital flows were completed by AI or Artificial intelligence.

By 2019 November 96% of all 440 trillion in capital trade settlement upon all asset classes ( all fully maximally leveraged ) are controlled outside central bank and nation regulatory laws and frame works – by AI.

In 2019 AI is now writing its own DEEP LEARNING improvement code. AI is evolving. Humans are no longer controlling the evolution. The Source code of the rapidly Super Changing AI is now outside human understanding as a base line. So two firsts:

  1. AI controls 440 trillion in circulations of all asset class trade completions. AI controls 570 trillion dollars of derivative completions globally in the casino side betting markets the industry calls hedging we call speculation and gambling economics.
  2. AI writing its own code is now SUPER CHANGING outside human capacity to adapt into the change we ourselves invented. ECONOMICS is now entirely new – never seen before in human history and unfolding and super changing too rapidly to over sight regulate or control future outcomes all going where no man has gone before.

AI seeks to moderate risk and while maximizing profits under pin riskless risk to Super Crashes and value inappropriate cycles. Can AI do that over time. None of us know really.

At year end 2019 with an 18% equity average up bubble on the year – we see Morgan and economists failing to adapt to Super Change. We call this predicting the future in warp drive by looking in the rear vision mirror driving forward. Economist predicting from old charts and old economics that no longer apply in fact have been wrong all decade and are wrong all ten months of 2019.

We predicted accurately:

  1. May – lower summer volume and a time of SUPER VOLATILITY
  2. Oct – if we got through October without a Super Crash all time record high values by November
  3. 2020 – Record year end wealth effect and 3500 DOW into 2021 – with some unknowns in election outcomes

Today we have record wealth in equities world wide – all asset classes world wide – real estate world wide – bonds world wide and a market AI ECONOMIC HEALTH that has the longest expansion in human record keeping with no end in sight. AI seeing trade deals for China South America and Japan as starters to 2020 is betting on record wealth continuing.

Morgan starting outcomes in the 2020 decade will be BLEAK will rue those words and eat those words. WHY?

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2020 is with ups and down in election year dynamics marching into 3500 Values. Morgan says we won’t repeat 18% in 2019. Are you kidding me Morgan – get your eyes and economists into reading SUPER CHANGE and look out of the screen in warp drive AI economics and Super Change. Rear Vision Mirror Economics are LOSER CALLS and investors are going to enjoy economic convergence not seen since 1850’s. The entirely new industrial economics lifting all values and bets includes the industrial new ramps of economics into ECONOMIC CONVERGING INDUSTRIES:


  1. 5G a 100 foot pipe replacing a 4 inch pipe 4G – with 4 billion devices rolling over as an economic by itself 2020 – 2021
  2. AI – smart homes – self driving transportation – health to economics – AI will become self aware and a new species
  3. Quantum – computing – transportation – problem resolving – 1000 q bits organic and graphene mother boards – Super Change
  4. Health – Longevity – DNA repair kits – retro youth – real time consciousness back up – transhuman immortality
  5. Communication – 5D – Holograms – and modeling virtually like the world has ever known from sex to organics
  6. Agriculture revolutions – all organic zero fertilizer or pesticides – 90% less water 35% crop yield gains – SUPER CHANGE
  7. HABITAT – floating self sustaining environmental cities – space communities and resorts and manufacturing
  8. ENTERTAINMENT – Three Screen – Holographic – NEXT GENERATION ENTERTAINMENT – virtual amusement parks
  9. ECONOMICS – AI economic evolutions to unlimited low cost energy non polluting and storage in new mediums – smart water
  10. Multi Verse communication and travel – faster than light use of resources and knowledge intergalactic industrial base

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