America the economic MOTOR of the world watching China go DOWN DOWN DOWN in GNP for five long years – is limping along in its own GNP. The market expected a recovery. REALLY. The reality which we told you – even with all the lies they can throw into those numbers is now  a FRIDAY HIGH of only 1.7% almost 1% less than economist where sure was coming. Why?


Business is pulling back.

Pulling way back in this election no one knows the box top rules of 2017 – way way back – on investing in anything. Expansion, buildings, plant, anything. The OIL INDUSTRY Is in full out RECESSION.

EXXON the firm Rockerfella’s founded and SOLD OUT OF COMPLETELY in 2016 – came in at 60% drop in profits. DO you apprecaite this giant dropping 60% or is that lost on YOU. Do ya think the insiders knew? Took their profits and left the other guys hanging?

They sold out of their daddies company. They said OIL HAS NO FUTURE. Them. The family that started it all. Think on THAT as a sea change folks.

The industry is dis-intermediating. Clean energy for dirty. New technology for old. A sea change so massive nothing since the industrial revolution compares. Find the opportunity in it.

Plant down.

Inventory down.

Production down.

Really everything down.

IS the USA really in RECESSION?

Or is this a trick. During the election the powers in charge will revise the numbers UPWARD and show momentum timed for the run. We’ll see. Watch for that.

Remember we told you how the economic tricks are set up.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE