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Cooperation is moving into the world consciousness as the superior way to organize human beings, in family, institutions and governments. Competition is a destructive ineffective system to organize humans within.

Competition as the source of global problems, has continued to rally where it can. ISIS is solidified into the most horrific form of competition, the bane of Muslin faith having hijacked the core religion as it uses liturgy to support its Satanic actions. Cooperation defines how weak competitive thoughts are and how harmful competitive thinking is.

Cooperation has a right to self defense. The delete button on competitive thinkers is being pushed by the cooperative to remove harmful thought forms from the larger human consciousness ..but it takes generations to make cooperation fully cultural. Solving problems in collaboration and cooperation is the way forward for peoples, institutions, nations and for all of us. The master rule is never take magnificence away from another even if they are doing so for and to you or those you care for. There are cooperative ways to have outcome that is absolute versus the destructive words and actions competitive infected brains always use.

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In competition ISIS is soaring with hateful new members infected with the virus of Satan – competition. You will know them by their works. The Koran describes those going to hell – and ISIS fits the description absolutely – there is no authority for their actions except eternal damnation from their despair in accepting Satan ( Competition ) as their source of worship. The Holy Spirit and the Koran CELEBRATE versus punish differences in human thought and diversity. The Koran does not say “kill people of the book” it says Muslim’s must RESPECT people of the book. That they are one with ISLAM. Isis is heretical as the leading MULLAH’s suggest. History has shown really evil men use religion to further their own selfish aims for wealth and power at the great cost of others.

There is no building a great Caliph because the Russian’s are going to cooperate and kill every last one of them. The nations of the world are going to cooperate to see that take place. Its already agreed upon. Didn’t you get the memo?

We told you, when nations like China and Russia are in economic distress they have no option to get out of they typically use WAR to distract their people from their internal pain while the focus on and external and manufactured fear. What is surprising is today with information tools so duplicated and global and available to all – how do the PEOPLE of these nations get LED by the old state machines -= but they do and they follow that party line right off a cliff typically. We’ll see how it goes. China is next in the war zone in our opinion. How will they make the excuse? Iran? Korea? Vietnam? Japan? How?

Its coming though.

We think deflation and the spiral of unwinding prices and deleveraging is out of any central bank control, that they all lack tools to manage deflation, and that this spiral will lead to SUPER CRASH and world war. We believe this because this same cycle has always led to these outcomes without failure even one time in 5000 years. If we did something different maybe – like change the financial and tax system and merge the FED and its interest theft to the world – into the US TREASURY where that theft ( interest fee’s to print money for a nation ) is FREE and that cost simply stops by constitutional mandate. When you violate the constitution for greed – you get two world wars a process where only the elite already fantastically wealthy become even more fantastically wealthy. Its wrong. Its wrong minded. Its mind pollution.

First act of an awake President no candidate is speaking about -= merge the FED into the US Treasury by Presidential order or by an act of Congress. Nothing stabilizes our future and our markets more – social security is fixed in that single action. Then revise the tac system to a flat tax where wealthy must pay no loop holes and the budget o the United States is balanced with a surplus. Ideas like this are the new ideas that re-invent America instead of old ideas that lead to the decline of America. Folks this thinking direction is important for our unborn generation.

An informed electorate knows that their nations economic stability is their nation is the most important priority to their peace and security. Presently we are mismanaging our economic capital. The FED just sent the world market a message of fear and uncertainty. The market has responded with TRIPLE DIGIT loses this week and the volatility will not be increased because the FED led us into the crash – has led us into the bubble now occurring in speculation structured assets manipulating markets – and is creating the SUPER CRASH because they have truly lost their relevance to the market overall as they are structured. Their conflict of interest – to make profits for their own tribe – versus – execute a national monetary policy – is hopeless out dated and obsolete. The FED needs to be merged into the USA TREASURY followed by every nation on earth.

The result would be the start of a cooperative capitalistic global economic rule set that could advance humanity forward versus backward into world war. Which is our only history which is always financial and economic.

Read the tea leaf its laying at the bottom of your Cup America.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE