Well, I”m thinking informed California folks will see one million leave the state in 12 months due to water. This 45 year draught is just starting. The desert is about to become desert all over again. The perfect storm of California becoming the most HOSTILE BUSINESS AND ENTREPRENEUR nation on earth, is driving enterprise OUT of the State. The jobs that go with it. The property tax base and related that go with it. With these policies continuing, the State will bankrupt itself. As the first million leave a PANIC on property crashing will commence. This will rocket down tax base and revenues for the state already broke. No one will be able to flush in a hotel. So who is going? They now put reprocessed sewer water into your drinking glass? You going to drink that? I think as word gets out Conventions, well everything, is going to BOYCOTT CALIFORNIA and the policy makers did it to themselves. If this insane policy of reaction versus pro action policies that reset and rebuild the state continue – the state economic opportunities are just bleak. Those who get out first win. I’m pretty sure. I got out first myself. Today the handwriting is graffiti and its dominant on all the walls in California. Think about your California stocks, investments, and property about to crash. Think about no water for decades. Think about it.

Next I’m thinking about Ill. Without a debt restructure plan Illinois is going to BK following Detroit. That is going to shake up markets. Stay tuned on how bad it is in Illinois. There is no way out same reasons as California less the water problem.

I”m thinking about Greece. We submitted a solution to Locke Lord in DC to submit to policy planners at the national level, but they don’t wish to run a new option up the pole. Without that new option trillions will be lost as EU contagion sets in. What does THIS look like? It looks like predictable SUPER CRASH that I’ve been writing about since 9/11. SUPER CRASH is an item of financial history, always repeating and no one knows when. No one. I know about signals. And Greece is about to trigger real contagion for Italy, Span, Portugal and all of the EU. Russia is opportunistic to these events. We play hard ball with Russia but we have no ball and they have bowling balls and will use them. We have waffle balls and we won’t even use the waffle balls. It is so stupid and predictable. No one wants to pay for Greece. The solution is easy painless and everyone, EVERY ONE, wins. Only they are not thinking about options. They are thinking about failed policy on both sides. ONE NEW OPTION and they win. I’m waiting for the Gov to fly me over. Or talk to Roel Campos – I would.

I’m thinking about the MASTER FAITH and ISIS with their crazy quilt of former Sadam Generals, the real power behind the Caliphe – the boss is the second in command General and Sadam’s great leader. These folks have united the tribal majorities in Sunni land with a religious hatred that trumps Hilter and his DNA hatred of Master Race – with MASTER FAITH. They just kill off the Christian’s, Jews and brother muslims by the million. The likely hood some one will give ISIS a real weapon remains high. I think containing ISIS today is less costly than containing ISIS tomorrow. If we don’t celebrate our differences versus punish them we deserve the world we get.

I’m thinking Iran is going to get a bomb – stalling. Why did a “its only peaceful use” plan, spend 900 BILLION DOLLARS to develop cities miles under ground to conceal and hide their development of weapons of mass destruction? For power? For peace? Please. As in POOOLEASE. When liars call the truth lies you have to step back and consider the source. Insanity, those who punish versus celebrate diversity of humanity – are especially dangerous when they retard a great people. confine them to their internal propaganda, kill off their free press, and behead those that fail to agree with them – those folks are INSANE. You don’t deal with insane folks like you do sane. You don’t consider WHY. Why is because their nuts. You push your delete button. The world must delete Iran’s atomic war effort. Cost containing this is far less costly then having the cost later, say taking out LA and New York before we act. I think IRAN is the principle supplier of Gulf war and horror and I think we are at war with Russia using Iran and its proxies as the starting point. WORLD WAR III started with the firing of the digital weapon against our financial markets in 2007 – read GAME PLAN – on sale at Amazon and the one read for those who want the real data on hacking and the World War III Digital war all western nations are LOOSING to this point.

I’m thinking the time to enjoy this soft unreal market is passing. I have suggested you move out of all markets and into safer insurance investing ask your insurance broker for safe haven options. I would explore that advice from third parties. Time may not be on your side.

Remember when the ripples begin that we were thinking about you. Just you this month. We are thinking about YOU.

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Save taxes make money and protect tomorrow inside a more cooperative global community. Smart.

I’m thinking about you this June.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman


PS: Trust me the worst is yet to come.