Let us begin with some facts. King MBS assumed control of absolute power in 2014 at around the age of 28 years young. This Puppy King then took over control of all Saudi Military secret police and intel agencies. He declared WAR on the USA Shale industry publicly reporting stating hew WOULD DESTROY the American Oil industry at core. Saudi pumped and sold its brains out in the oil wars and America under cut their price. King MBS never imagined oil under 50 dollars a barrel let alone the war being lost at 34.00 a barrel and America became the # 1 oil producer on earth. Saudi in the process of failed policy errors – this oil war being one loss for the Puppy King – but wait.

The King next announces his vision plan for the future. The King over spends by say 1000% to build infrastructure for alternative industry off oil in Saudi. This plan from recent tourism opening ( but you better not hug and kiss in public or they will arrest you ) to cities that have no economic basis – such that loss is so fantastic Saudi needs 70 oil prices when the market is 55.00 dollars at spot. Keep in mind no contract buyers buy at that price they all buy are guaranteed lower prices. So MBS has lost money in investments, trillions and money in oil trillions and lost market share ( customers forever ) and price controls ( OPEC IS A NAME ONLY THING TODAY ) and now since Khashoggi everyone knows MBS is a psychopath just like Khashoggi reported on – as brutal as Hitler as Khashoggi documented kidnaps murders state police – noting KING MBS was a mass murderer. Locking up woman rights activist not protecting woman’s rights. King MBS spends more on PR to his own world self image  – over a billion wasted on Khashoggi crime against humanity all taped and filmed – just one year ago.

So lets keep this set of facts in mind: The MBS SOCIOPATHIC PSYCHOTIC MENTALLY ILL RULER OF SAUDI HAS;

  1. Cost Saudi as a nation and the Saudi family over 7 trillion dollars now ( we are economists ) and rising to bankruptcy for a 30 million person nation with a declining demand for its one item oil – a SUPER CRASH in oil price and oil is only going lower. Saudi has dropped multiple times toward junk status where it belongs. Even Armacao fraud IPO will only give MBS some bucks for spare change then he as a nation is bankrupt. If war breaks out with Iran – Iran takes Over Saudi pure and simple.
  2. MBS declared war on America the OIL WARS in 2014 and lost them hands down by 2016. Disaster for Saudi economics. Worst ever.
  3. MBS declared war on Qatar.Qatar won. Diasastor for MBS.
  4. MBS released his failed economic vision of a trillion in investment. Economic loser bets and a disaster in policy for the nation.
  5. MBS declared WAR ON YEMEN. Tens of billions later the war is a total loss with two battalions and a billion dollars of gear falling last week – utter defeat for Saudi . MBS Loser again. Economically and in deaths and war loss. If MBS does not sue for peace his one plant is likely to be destroyed entirely cutting off all his oil. Iran can make up a lot of the difference with Russia and the USA – the world does not need SAUDI as it once did.
  6. Internal civil wars – MBS no due process shook 1000 royals down for 100 billion bucks last year. Think those royals forgot. Saudi is locking up 10,000’s of thousands who are never heard from again. No dissent against the GOD KING none.
  7. State news brain washes the 30 million Saudi who only know MBS PR – while the same holds true on Khashoggi. PR firms continue to frame the MBS Lie – but the world all knows he bombed himself in the Gulf he bombed himself in Saudi to blame Iran ( fake news ) to desperately raise oil with war with Iran – Trump see’s it all clear as a bell.

On Khashoggi – lets look at the tapes. The 15 who flew in with two on MBS core team with diplomatic pass ports and the top killers for the state on MBS personal team – he in control of them for years – could not fly an advance team then the entire team – with a pathologist to do the cut up – in – without the King or MBS permission – can’t be done in Saudi. But what is chilling are the tapes. Perhaps you missed the one item of NEWS FLASH that tells it all.

Folks on the tape the one thing that for sure on all the other things that include:

  1. What was said about MBS on tape
  2. The set up – plastic lining etc.
  3. The Hit man wearing Khashoggi’s clothes with hat back to the mosque then coming out with a clothes change
  4. MBS Saying ( after time to check with all his peeps ) hey we have film Khashoggi left the building – yeah his hit guy.
  5. Then they sent a separate CLEAN UP TEAM IN to sterilize the embassy before the Turk teams were allowed – stalling them  – in where in there was NO DNA of Khashoggi – killed cut up and removed from the embassy.

The worst on earth?

If SOCIOPATHIC PSYCHOPATHIC DESPOTS – insane rulers – can send DIPLOMATIC PROTECTED KILL TEAMS to any nation – slaughter – recall those teams – and get away with STATE MURDER IN ANY NATION ON EARTH – folks we have a problem as a community upon the earth together. All the lies won’t save KING MBS.

MBS IS A STONE COLD PSYCHOTIC LIAR. There is no truth in KING MBS. When he says it is Iran it is NOT iran. When he says he did not order Khashoggi’s death with his anniversary bought and paid for PR one year later – KING MBS DID ORDER AND BASK IN THE EXAMPLE HE MADE TO THE JOURNALIST OF THE WORLD. MBS hacked Jeff Bezo phone and sent his girl friend stuff to his wifie – pay back for WASHINGTON POST still way to timid reporting without KHASHOGGI – cost in 100’s of billions. Think on that MBS move.


The Tapes from Turkey that recorded it all – the jokes from the pathologist how he has music and smokes a cigar while he cuts up his bodies. Time to CUT they say.

The real proof – folks – if you understand the soul of SAUDI the real proof – my proof is all the forgoing – all of it but the total damning its over PROOF.

The conversations on how to WRAP KHASHOGGI”S HEAD. To be so careful. To wrap the HEAD. The body parts were plastic bag removed by the hit team on film – wearing hoodies. The Clean up team cleaned up everything including where they are buried – those guys are long gone.

But Khashoggi’s head ( I waited a year to on the anniversary month in October share what ever INTEL agency on earth knows and leading capital investors no longer risking Saudi anything ) – know.

KHASHOGGI”S HEAD was flown back to KING MBS. He wanted the HEAD and he got it. He said his last words directly to KHASHOGGI as all mad Kings will do. THAT IS TRUTH YOU CAN TAKE THE BANK. Protect the Head. Wrap the HEAD. Careful. Very Carefully. ( Of course KING MBS needed Khashoggi’s head. ) The PUPPY KING ORDERED THE SLAUGHTER feeling outside any law or humanity of any kind a deluded GOD KING sick ho brain – bring me his head.


Saudi is not that big folks – you have a huge nation in IRAN and only 30 million in Saudi.

KING MBS has shattered SAUD FAMILY economics of 70 years. He has cost the nation over 7 trillion rising to 10 fast. He has bought a painting worth 70 million for 500 million. Why. Because he can. He acquired the worlds largest mega yacht while Saudi credit ratings were dropped more than once already on his watch and borrowing cost to keep SAUDI alive have soared. He has spent untold wealth ON PR to off set his failed policies set forth here as if he was a winner a reformer pure. He is evil and sick.

He is not even supposed to be King and the SAUD family full on palace civil war knows that all too well.

How much cost can they absorb?

The Kings body guard was just shot and killed by a friend even.

They killed the friend of course.

Saudi once invincible is now seen as economically vulnerable. Investors get OIL is a “over asset commodity” and the future is dim not bright for oil. Investors get stability in Saudi at war with IRAN and Yemen on both sides and two fronts no longer bodes for security or safety. Saudi is now SUPER HIGH RISK INVESTING. Trillions are waiting for New Management in the Kingdom. The King is crazy so do not anticipate he will act in his own interest economically. He is bat shit crazy and embolden and fully delusional. His reality is non reality but he believes his own fake news.

Here is the truth.

KING MBS is a world class criminal committing endless crimes against humanity – with yemen as one example and Khashoggi and his head as yet another. The tapes are truly chilling – and you know – you know folks –

The Truth.

KING MBS “WILL” ANSWER FOR HIS CRIMES one way of the other and there is no future forward in time for this sick psychopath.  TIme is running out for CRAZY BRAIN.

Social investors will not touch this criminal.

Capital is flying out of Saudi in Capital flight unseen in generations. King MBS reminds me so much of Alice and Wonderful:..and Humpty Dumpty…..

………an all the kings horses and all the kings men….could not put humpty dumpty back together …again….

In Honor a year later of WASHINGTON POST JOURNALIST – on the hit list – as the embassy when he came in earlier by some weeks – said come back later – phoned the Kings Intel Head and said – the man you are seeking ( on the Kill list ) is in our grasp now – and the embassy was told what to do as the advanced planning team arrived all taped and then the full hit team.

THE KING ORDERED AND RECEIVED KHASHOGGI”S HEAD. Share this with your world if the truth matters at all.


Note: MBS police are disappearing all dissenters into the 10,000’s into the night no due process – no rule of law – just off with your head Kingly rule….those enabling this sick mentally ill ruler – world wide – shame on you.