His spirit is driving the CIVIL war in the San Castle so reported first always here. Before the NEW YEAR MBS the sociopathic murderer trying by policy to get the USA into a real war with Iran acted. He fired Ministry heads in his Sand Castle – keeping in mind the 200 Billion dollar annual budget for the State of California now in the BLACK as Brown leaves office from the crises he came in on, compares to the tiny little Kingdom Budget how? How would California due in a war with Yemen without USA Billions.

Today MBS’s plans to appoint ministers who are super loyal only to HIM the MURDERER sociopathic kid, while his ailing fading father the King says only YES SONNY YES SONNY.


Having worked in Saudi for five decades and having been mentored by two former KINGS, I have something to say about SAUD family politics. The Faud and Saud families are taking it all in. For 70 years a fork of the family tree ran things royally. The new King by passed tradition and superseded the expected traditional family tree appointment. Do you really think that split unified things in the Sand Castle. A space that deals in tradition and culture historic rules?

This fork in the tree just took traditional family members made all compromised and marginally in support of the King in their minister power positions – positions the YOUNG PUPPY KING moved to consolidate all power from creating slave liege lords only. The members of those who SHOULD BE RULING the Sand Castle were just removed from their short compromise to power and the other family tree all loyal to the PUPPY MAD DOG PIT BULL MURDER were put in power during a Holiday when no one would notice. The press failed to report the extent of the yet NEW DICTATOR POWER CONSOLIDATION away from the traditional ruling family.

So lets look at the team that just got demoted – embarrassed and ousted from POWER by the PUPPY KING:

  1. Those who said that MBS new nothing about the death of Khashoggi – had no clue – although Mitch Rapp the hand picked reported only to MBS Saudi assasin team flew from MBS careful orders into Turkey and then slaughtered the Washington Post Journalist why – because of some WORDS he wrote against the PUPPY KING for doing just this kind of slaughter to his very own people.
  2. Those who were in charge of foreign embassy’s so no tie to the KING could be backtracked upon pain of death and a humiliation and demotion to set the tone.
  3. Those from the other FORK of the 70 year ruling family tree – which excited civil war in the palace family factions for real.


  1. MBS lies about everything. The extreme narcissist announces a reform for woman driving – than locks up woman for dress for speaking freely for violations of old codes and for no reason at all by the thousands.
  2. MBS locks up more Saudi’s in his Puppy King rule than any ruler in Saudi history.
  3. MBS fails in Oil; Wars he started and OIL policies so that the KINGDOM is now in red ink – with oil prices now in the control of America once 16th largest oil producer now # 1 far ahead of SAUDI.
  4. MBS shattered and destroyed OPEC – IRAN will soon drop out – the final nail – and the flip the bird to MBS.
  5. Failed war with yemen bankrupting Saudi morally financially and in inflaming internal SAUDI SPRING revolution.
  6. Failed to take over SYRIA and failed to get IRAN and the USA fighting each other in Syria.
  7. Now Trump flips the bird to MBS removing troops from Iraq and Syria and Afghanistan where Saudi lost and Iran won – as Trump will meet with Iran leadership and make a deal that will seal MBS financially. Untold billions following into the Gulf wars SAUDI wanted now flow away like an ebb tide and Saudi has not cut back any cost while its income is plunging worse than anytime in modern history. MBS HAS COST THE SAUDI PEOPLE 10 TRILLION US DOLLARS IN FIVE YEARS OF TIME – BANKRUPTING SAUDI – which will become more clear as time passes. HOW Much can ONE CRIMINAL FAMILY cost the people of Saudi before some one acts?

The one and the only question in Gulf Stability is HOW MUCH CAN ONE CRIMINAL FAMILY cost the region and the nation of Saudi while the conciet and arrgogance of an insane brain prance around like he is a GOD KING under the age of 35 with 100% failed policy.

Now consider he took the super wealth of the old family tree in the Saud family – my teachers – and locked them all up and shook them tony like Tony Soprano’s – for over 100 billion dollars and – is still stealing their wealth. Do you think in Saudi Arabia such family in fighting at the ROYAL LEVEL is forgiven – forgotten – or that those effected are not going to OUT THE BRAT?

Patience the other family Tree is in no hurry – revenge is served in the best kept surprise – always.

This blog has reported for years that SAUDI ARABIA in full on CIVIL war because of the PUPPY KING risks full on regional instability. Yeman is a war Saudi lost. They are firing missiles at the Royal Palaces. MBS wants a war with Iran. With annual budgets at the size of the state of California 250 billion in 2019 – with rising soaring loans in billions now the % of revenue to debt is becoming staggering under MBS Puppy King fiscal slaughters. Everything MBS touches turns to shit that stinks. Khashoggi being the tipping point.


  1. Save Saudi stability
  2. Save Saudi fiscally
  3. Stop the national brand slaughter by MBS
  4. Restore calm order and respect for Saudi Traditions
  5. Restore Saudi regional leadership ( that will take a decade )
  6. To restore trust internally and externally
  7. To create regional stability without unwanted costs of war

Failure to act as time passes will make the risk of as SAUDI SPRING rise which could open Saudi to a democracy where the PEOPLE rule and the Saud family are slaughter every woman male and child. THAT RISK is why Saudi must act.


Funding support and more for Saudi are GONE. Congress will approve with America now the winner in the PUPPY KING OIL WAR which sought to DESTROY AMERICAN OIL PRODUCTION. President Trump and his son in law are fast friends with MBS the Congressionally convicted murderer – again – why? Given the political risk to the TRUMP BRAND now associated with supporting a Congressionally indicted MURDERER by unanimous vote of Trumps own party – President Trump Sir – this is a unanimous vote. You sir have been viciously betrayed by a criminal mind and your son in law has been hoodwinked. Palestine leadership will never approve a peace plan by Israel l and Saudi Arabia. Wrong policy approach can not end well….hoodwinked by the criminal MBS once again.

MBS is far too busy fighting for his life – and his daddy’s life – to send Mitch Rapp teams to kill all the journalist not reporting the truth to his lies ..MBS is a brand SLAUGHTER TO SAUDI and its PEOPLE – the longer he remains in power. MBS is creating alliances around and against all Saudi interest – trade – investment – wars – politics – economics and oil.

A trillion dollars was placed on HOLD for Saudi investments since October’s slaugher of Khashoggi by MBS.

A Trillion dollars of capital from within Saudi has fled out of SAUDI never to return while MBS rules.

A trillion dollars in oil value and cash flow to Saudi has disappeared since the October MBS murder of Khashoggi.

In a nation with an annual budget that matches say CALIFORNIA now in a growing war cost to Yemen a war Saudi and MBS lost utterly – draining the country dry as the USA pulls back and then pulls out completely – and IRAN wins big time as MBS loses entirely – the THREE TRILLIN IN THREE MONTHS creates in my opinion where cost of life itself is cheap in Saudi – a three trillion bullseye across MBS CHEST. Do you not see the little red dot as these costs sore.

Paying these costs are the FORK IN THE SAUD family tree that has been insulted – broken with traditional powers – raped financially – locked up – some disappeared – no respect or regard for tradition in a HITLER BRAIN acquisition of powers in the most callous ruthless sick mental form humans can ever display. MBS IS MENTALLY ILL running a country. Armed dangerous and completely sick.


                            AND SOARING $$$

How much can a 250 billion little budget nation the size of the state of California take on as to cost. The cost or prestige globally the cost of becoming a real joke – the cost of integrity – the cost of lying – the cost of truth and respect – the cost of values others cherish – the cost of leadership – the cost of total policy failure at ever level for five long years now – the cost of insulting Royals – the cost of demoting traditional Saud family entitled leadership by tradition – the cost of rule of law the cost of Saudi becoming a failed nation – the rising risk of a SAUDI SPRING – the cost of a future for Saudi the cost of regional stability itself. Saudi is now in full on civil war. State Press can not contain it all with their MBS lies.

Do you think the SAUD family who have mentored me in all things historic to the region are not reading my blog?

Do you think Saudi citizens I have served for decades are not reading my blog or leaders of other nations from The King of Jordon to Iran are not reading this blog?

Do you understand the financial industry and Fortune institutions read this blog?

Global press read this blog.

The cost of all who report truth all journalist globally and Jeff Bezo’s will not forget will not forgive will not allow MBS to run hide or go anywhere a murder globally indicted by UNANIMOUS VOTE OF THE UNITED STATE CONGRESS can find a hide eee hole. NO TIME WILL HEAL THIS CRIMINAL WOUND which only festers to infect the entire SAUDI BODY until the internal CIVIL WAR re-stablizes the Region itself. SAUDI has because of MBS alone – lost control forever of the global oil markets and price and income and future. MBS destroyed the world order of energy as it was known for decades. THAT DAY IS OVER. FOREVER due to MBS the greatest cost to SAUDI in history.


That vote spans the entire world as others will now in 2019 follow suit isolating SAUDI from its prestige access to markets and more. A Saudi crash and recession is coming.

The VOTE of the United States Congress fully UNANIMOUS will stand as the MBS RED LINE from which Saudi Arabia has no future economically until the cancer of sick ill not to be tolerated leadership is removed from office. The straw that broke the camels back in the Region…MBS support for the coup in TURKEY – and the ENDGAME full on revenge for the narcissism of MBS to slaughter Khashoggi – as MBS failed to win the OIL wars with America when he sought to destroy the AMERICAN OIL INDUSTRY and so stated in the press before the Trumps became MBS kiss ass buddies – when next – MBS backed the Turkey COUP and sought to blame all THAT on America when after the Trumps became MBS kiss ass buddy –  MBS lost more than money when ENDGAME WON THE COUP IN TURKEY assuring IRAN would not be threatened by MBS in the future – and – served arrogant MBS on a platter to the world in such a way which is on going – you an’t seen nothing yet – that MBS can not survive. HE TRIED TO SLAUGHTER ENDGAME’s Wife family and children and in Arab world…THAT can never be forgiven. The cost poliitically to TRUMP heals up when MBS is removed and the new family leadership from within the SAUDI THRONE ROOM embrace Trump as if MBS never existed.

Lets see who is right from our first report in October 24 hours after the death – mapping all this out in detail – scroll – and you will see the GPS truth of the COST TO SAUDI of one Puppy KING as in real time – horrific and unmatched in modern history. THE COSTS ARE SOARING as we all read.


PS: The full truth is reported here – without spin or flavor and always economic never political although as a reporting journalist I blog to honor the slaughter of one of our own and none of us will ever stop until this is all made right…not ever – the truth is too important and MBS the TRUTH can never be slaughtered sir – insanity only elevates truth.