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The world community is sinking into debt defaults that may yet sink the world into the GREATEST DEPRESSION since the fall of Rome. US mis-steps could under mine the US DOLLAR as the world reserve currency, which would create the largest Super Change event since the fall of Rome. The 1929 would be shallow next to that consequence should it occur. We think that is unlikely in economics. We will tell you where the risks are in our opinion, and we will define some time lines for you in this long report.




I almost died again. Nothing new there since 1997. In that year i worked in a government toxic recycling program where my lungs got damaged.  I have some life and death Intensive Care Hospital Stays since that US Government ( shutting me up then was easy – kill me ) but somehow I lived. The 25 ICU stays in hospital including last Thursday to Monday AM when I released myself. I’d still be in hospital on some 28 meds, where the mees that caused the life threatening body wide collapse, with intubation, and too much to share was a bad medical reaction from their life sustaining protocol to use up to 28 meds to off set the killer meds they had given me before. My caution in modern medicine is ADVOCATE. I declined blood thinners I did not need and others. When they took me from icu into a double room, and never got my meds in on time, while I attempted to rest with room buddy snoring to tear paint off the walls, I dress myself walked to the nurse station ( your not suppose to be in open hall ways on the 4th floor ). So I asked to put on a floor that was no a coronavirus floor I call China Snake Migrating from bats through snakes China eats. So at night they transfer me from ICU Thursday to Sunday to the double room, with a chronic patient room mate coaching, strapped to bed, and snoring where ear plugs did not help  I wanted to sleep on the bathroom floor but they would let me. They said I could not leave the hospital at 1.00 AM. I said I would be IN MY CAR In 15 minutes what form did they wish me to sign. They explained the virus is in the air circulating in hospital – only rooms with doors closed ( they leave them open ) have negative air pressure – without it the virus clouds circulate. Hospitals are kill zones. Facing septic infection, super bug pneumonia, and CHINA SNAKE FLU. The longer ( after 27 hospital stays since 1997 ) I remain in hospital the more life threat rises. So I nicely asked for the release form saying things could bet much worse and If I die it not their fault and they at 1.30 AM let me walk out home. In America suggesting Hospital is PRISON and you lack rights and freedom to manage your own health care is protected and I made choices I know are right for me. So i’m home – on far less meds and mending. Still ill though folks as I was intubated in ICU and under serious angelic are almost dying Thursday through the weekend fighting for my life. No less or more than challenge and stress you all have in your life. As sole author of this NEWS reporting I want to apologize for delay as news is breaking fast today.

We are very concerned the lies from Global Leaders, in an election year, if you lack more of the truth of what IS REALLY GOING ON OUT there can effect your future, your income and wipe our your investments. This is not like the depression of 1929. This is not a global recession. This is a WORLD DEPRESSION WORSE THAN ANY CATASTROPHE IN WORLD ECONOMIC SYSTEMICS – sine the fall of ROME in our calculation and well researched conclusions.

The US Congress is divided as world leadership, from the lies, unable to find the floor data. As most are attorney’s and politicians without medical debt into something so NEW mistakes are being made. Delays are making it worst. Failed policy is making it worse. In this important Summer MID WEEK report to our world readers, will try to report the best we know how on the TRUTH from the LIES. We advise you to sell out of the peak markets and explore diversified insurance investing.

Where your investment safe haven is a priority ( not losing your nest egg into wipe out of your accumulated assets ) we suggest pause until all this resets in five years or so. Storing wealth into diversified insurance investing ( search this blog for that phrase and print page ). That story tells you in our best opinion how to safe harbor your investments from any possible loss. If you stay in the markets – fully casino capitalism – unregulated – risk of wipe out of your holdings in our opinion is now at the highest point of your lifetime.

We predicted Super Crash in late summer or fall of 2020 or post election spring 2021 laters. We presented that view in January and repeated it so you must be sick of reading about. If only one saved their asset base in diversified insurance investing, it is worth the repetition to help leaders act. It’s your LIFE “TIME” you stored accumulation. When you lose it you lose the TIME you can never not ever get back again of your own LIFE TIME. The effort to phone and get data on it all – and we suggested license professionals From New York to California who can educate you to the factual options. Better options are life saving for your money if you have those options and you act. If you fail to see the scale of SUPER CHANGE and to take protective actions, risk to you is high in our opinion.

In the Hospital Thursday through Fathers Day – ( as a dad raising nine Children it was odd having a text father’s day ) but there you go. I am so proud of all my NINE children and their roles and life choices. I love them all without condition in their busy spread all over USA success and lifestyles. They love each other. Magic for a Father. My adopted Children are equal in my heart and I love you all starting with ( google her ) my NEVA RECELA age 10 up to Lora and Precious and the next President of the United States COLT REID ( a super star rising ).

Kids Dad is home and working. God’s plan for my life contribution is greater than my own plan for anything less. I accept God’s plan which often comes with some ( dying over a whisper of time ) defines priorities—-when you can no longer breach….nothing else matters in your world. I advise against trying that step – a walk I know 27 times now. I’m breathing fine lungs clear still some rashes from the reaction to meds they don’t know which one in their wisdom, and now they “practice” on me and we’ll see how this 2020 practice works out. I’m a knowledge broker on my own state so while they practice on me i practice back letting my body tell me – this is good and this by the way is not.

Finally to my large help army. No help please. First there are zero options we have not done. Alternative and modern medicine. I have a chronic health multi decade issue – that we managed and my primary care doctor REY LINARES inventors of http://www.superwaterhyox.com has my health in tow. He was in New york with his Son in Cunni education flying back on Father’s day Sunday – and working with my docs from NEW YORK by the hour. My care is the best. As soon as I got back on 3x the oxygen healthy SUPER WATER my symptoms reversed. Running out of SUPER WATER is not in my future. After this episode.

Again the staff at MEASE HOSPITAL ( I’ve been to many in Tampa Bay ) is a family and the best team in medicine anywhere. I salute you all and see you all as hero’s going into CHINA SNAKE FLU BATTLE GROUNDS.

Our worry is why I was so ill my 21 year old was home so ill. His job in automotive requires he SNAKE FLU test to go back to work. In the majority of nations you test with results in one hour. In America you test and wait a week. Daniel can’t go back to work until he is confirmed not to have CORONAVIRUS. If he tests positive despite the home sterilizations September has managed like an RN level, it would mean the killer virus entered our home an I could have had it or not. I was tested too but results are not fast in America like they are in every other nation. I would say America lacking any coordinated national response is a failure creating tens of thousands of body bags that could have been alive and millions may yet die before this is over. Now some why’s. Some historic fact checking. If you scroll around on the weekend to fact check us the ACCURACY OF THIS PANDEMIC SUPER SITE from Dec to today is the # 1 most precise accuracy unfolding we know of. WE didn’t intend or plan it. CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL the largest business owner community in 200 nations feeds us from doctors and members in leadership across the world data that any investigative reporter would do anything to receive. We draw from 200 nations as to what IS really going on there.





First I wish as a press card carrying JOURNALIST with NEWSWIRE, to shout out of the job heros in free press risking their lives daily are undertaking to propel information so many nations ban, with state control lies the only outcome you get – say China or Iran or Russia. We praise you. We know the change in 20 years. Decades ago three channels broadcast THE NEWS in America and dominated the world. Decades of POLICY separated at arms length NEWS from all profit aspects of the three NETWORKS. News presented facts with zero spin or opinion. Just this took place. You made your own MIND UP as to what took place. News anchors were selected from years in the field as journalist with track records of UNBIASED PURE NEWS REPORTING.

This system saw one news leader Edward R Marrow, take on the US GOVERNMENT and the SHINE MCCARTHY HEARINGS ( I would later work with G. David Shine a mentor on that ancient history ). American first erosion of real news into ENTERTAINMENT NEWS for PROFIT began over the long scope and term of WATER GATE. Dwight Chapin President Nixon’s appointment Secretary – dear friend – and mentor – helped provide oceans of deeper perspective to the truth from the lies. Nixon the head of the FBI for cause like Trump Fired Comey.

The FBI an administrative body whose boss is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. The FBI formed a conspiracy -illegal and not American – disrespecting the COMMANDER IN CHIEF and the PRESIDENT BOSS of all government agencies while in office. The FBI united to GET RICHARD NIXON OUT OF OFFICE.To do that they broke the law having their own agents become DEEP THROAT meeting in parking garages in secret to off load LEAKS that would destroy RICHARD NIXON’s Presidency. Much of the leaks were tabloid lies. At first Nixon thought it was all politics as usual. However the media channels at the time had been acquired by more liberal ownership who hated the conservative politics of RICHARD NIXON. Nixon saw old models of NEWS WITH BIAS disappear in 24 months a ENTERTAINMENT NEWS commanding ratings and advertising ramps ups never seen before. In the end Nixon like Trump seeing one inside team member in his White House charged with crimes and put in jail – my own opinion Dwight Chappin in jail for perjury was AMERICA ACTING ILLEGALLY like a police state with FBI focused on one Nixon enemy after another in the most massive call for real JUSTICE REFORM ( that never unresolved ) as our constitution was being removed systemically for profits.

Nixon resigned to stop the indictments to his circle and himself and President Ford made a pardon deal to end the pain as the FBI won. You as boss fired our leader which is your right and we as an agency will investigate and spin every fact on your team until we remove you from office. This is not America and the NEWS we had at once time had a first death during the SHINE MCCARTHY era, which one journalist EDWARD R MARROW – won and removed the crises of MCCARTHY accusing innocent leaders across America of being communist when they were simply not. A media circus that opened the stage for how WATERGATE WOULD UNFOLD.

Comey head of the FBI was fired for cause. too many to go into here. The FBI once again circled all teams to remove TRUMP from office. Leaks are pouring around the FBI while even the AG BARR ( who is reforming justice in the USA ) himself is now under personal attack with death threats. He and the head of the FBI are working to purse mis-use of the most invasive law enforcement offices in the world. Under TRUTH AND INFORMATION I got all the raw files on myself. The FBI raw files show I’m related to off shore crime families ( which I am not ) and so many say over 100 facts that are total lies and have zero fact or truth – as their file. There is no way to correct lifetime files on yourself. Although in any trial it would be bad on cross for any agent reading the bulll shit out loud.



I myself have had abusive malicious prosecution by my best friend growing up. Never should a relationship prosecute a relationship you recuse ourself. Violating the US constitution – totally lost today – the buddy invested his retirement in framing a case no one could win so he retired beating me. Frankly I wish him only joy and peace. His mind is a bit damaged and he believes his own lies are true. Common enough today. The work effort to THINK – media is not true when you read it and you must filter to get truth. Internet news is not true but hard data and facts can not be hidden. We submit China has the largest out of control infections and deaths in the world and the state lies about the real math. When states block the internet because tiny little leader mostly men, fear what the truth will do to the lies they control into the minds of their people to. preserve wealth and power – where 1% elites own more wealth in Russia in China in Iran we see failed states in economics. Such wealth consolidation is never sustainable. Today nations can no longer fire wall information from their own people. Then Police state people travel to open information nations they understand the difference and become active for change. NO NATION CAN POLICE INFORMATION TO ITS OWN PEOPLE WITHOUT REVOLUTION IN THE FUTURE. Why do they lock and block information? They are competitive an insane thought form condition of brain software. Collaborations only secure within INTEGRITY. Competition has zero integrity.

The Pandemic we believe is part of God’s plan. We see 7 billion spirits waking up the cause of starvation wars and impoverishment as FAILED ELITE 1% own 99% of all wealth and power – and 7 billion souls from go arounds to get information on line ( its all there impossible to block out ) as the truth is KNOWN the people want revolution into a better more accountable government.

The Pandemic has divided politics of the world into two camps of PROFITS OVER LIVES PUBLIC POLIcy led by the nations of CHINA and the USA and now most of the EU and South AMerica and Russia with the SUPREME STEAM coming up on age 90 in Iran seeing WHERE IS ALLAH has he faces a failed state for lying to his own people for so long. His Hitler like policy is hatred. Hate the JEWS and genocide all the JEWS and America who supports the JEWISH STATE they wish to over throw from a crazy brain leader. His own people marched into arrests and China like brain washing camps in the millions, chanting AMERICA IS “NOT” OUR PROBLEM – OUR LEADERS ARE OUR PROBLEM. In total police states like Iran Russia and China information is what the state tells you is the truth.

In 2020 we have medica consolidations from 100,000 of diverse owners keeping news fire walled from profit and independant. Today less than 50 OWNERS run the media. The media is ownership left and socialist in politics and anti right. Reporting is biased just watch your far left channel than your far right and see the NEWS DIFFERENCE. As both are lying it is hard to get the truth without a lot of time. This NEWS SITE ON WHAT “IS” REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE has been a lighthouse of truth and prediction accuracy since 1988 to today. We will review some RIGHT AGAINS.


When you SEE RIGHT AGAIN the world press controlled by 50 media OWNERS presented their truth to you. This site reported their lies to you with data you can research to confirm. Today with 24/7 ENTERTAINMENT NEWS – we all are by plan and design over saturated with NEWS. 24/7 NEWS is presented with AI in 5 minute what is known as packet viewer sampling such that if the packet numbers drop by the next commercial break the entire show moves to higher sensation – like PRESIDENT TRUMP yesterday with zero evidence of any kind labels a former PRESIDENT and a PRESIDENT I ADMIRE APPLAUD AND SALUTE President OBAMA as a President who committed TREASON in office. That was Tuesday of this week and front page news globally. Not since President Jack Kennedy to Reagan has any President manipulated and controlled news entertainment as a sit com super star who knows precisely how to manipulate modern media, told more lies. Trump over all eight years told us PRESIDENT OBAMA was an illegal President and was not even a US CITIZEN ( which is such a lie effecting Obama’s family and his children ).

It is my opinion in AMERICA ( RESTORED ) President job # 1 is to honor and magnify the dignity of the office of the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES one onto the other living Presidents, and to disagree on policy in non personal ways. Today in 2020 news is no longer news, and the combative journalism is now one personal entertainment to hold viewers for profit. America requires some serious RESTORATION to its own CONSTITUTION which includes:

  1. New check and balance powers on media to features HIGH STANDARDS but never censorship.
  2. Justice Reform 100 years over due. Too many innocents are building a self sustaining US economy of slave labor production from UNICOR to States and counties – and today JUSTICE IN AMERICA is broken – we provided out list for justice reform to roll back the future to protect sovereign citizens against the most powerful and now abusive government ever known to man.
  3. Regulatory reform to prevent a DEPRESSION MELT DOWN is urgent and if unresolve, as set forth in my book also a best seller – REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION also at Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Redemption-Cooperation-Revolution-Berny-Dohrmann/dp/0692646051 was written for law makers, heads of states, and heads of larger influence in politics institutions.  The investment banking economist blue print defines step by step G 100 fix to the problem issues creating a COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM lacking secrets and lies without which – in our opinion – the risk of depression and full world war ( soon ( is highly likely ). Understand why requires reader education.

If 50 left leaning media owners work as one to effect a NEW WORLD ORDER without freedoms individuals once know owned and regarded as a right, define as 1% own all wealth and power globally and work as one in effect to self interest – our world is economically insane and system failure is the only possible outcome from abuse of wealth consolidations and speculations into the modern CASINO capitalism – which will end far more badly than its last outcome from 1929 a beta version with 100x worse matrix of economic abuse in 2020. 100x the risk of what may come yet. Why? It takes reading two books I believe.





This Blog reported a world pandemic would end economic prosperity and present a world depression and risk of world war to our readers first and consistently in:

  1. Final quarter of 2019 stating China has criminally overing up the release of a war grade bio weapon the CHINA SNAKE FLU CORONAVIRUS.
  2. We reported a PANDEMIC would crash 2020 economics world wide in January February April March May and June. No media reported the truth.
  3. The WHO stated until March as did the CDC and all world heath agencies ( with exceptions as truth never reported and the lies reported as the truth . China ran the media circus with WHO. They lied. XI dictator for life ( with new laws for PUTIN to do the same life term voting soon ) said – this was not SARS this was not MERS – they investigated docs reporting it all and made them stop. In february as case loads rose from what they so weakly could even test – underreported all the infections and deaths and even than XI told his media – only report figures that will arm the hearts of the Chinese People.
  4. The week the order in media appeared new infections of 10,000 a day fell to 300 in only week. China lies.
  5. We reported first that testing was a 50/50 accuracy.
  6. We reported on Feb 7th – when everyone said this was nothing to worry about and THE FLU was much worse ( lies ) that, super spreaders without any symptoms made containment and control of this man made bio weapon impossible to control. True as you know toady. New Zealand a small island nation – stopping incoming – home confining – has done the best job but they are far from out of the woods as they open up.
  7. We presented death and infection table projections before the estimates of CDC and WHO.
  8. We called for failed CDC and WHO pandemic management – issued Jan Feb March April May June – SHAME ON WHO reports first and consistent to REORGANIZE AGENCIES whose failure – utter complete lies and criminal negligence and murdered more humans than war why? Obsolete failure to upgrade organization leadership into a SUPER CHANGE LEADERSHIP TEAM – the one book on earth defines HOW YOU DO THAT UPGRADE – Super Change. WE called for 500 million in WHO wasted funding to be withheld until WHO REORGANIZED. Who leadership to this days praises China for its fake news where the real numbers ( which will come out ) may cause a REVOLUTION IN CHINA which is the WHY the leaders are so controlling of the information their people see – same in RUSSIA and worse of all IRAN.
  9. Our tables where the first published in the world. Fact check our global teams. WE issued a world SHAME ON MEDIA for ot presenting headline PANDEMIC DEATH AND INFECTION COUNTS on screen daily to all news. Failing to track the pandemic infection/death clock remains a SAME ON MEDIA.
  10. We reported all counts are lies. All counts come with qualifications. The WORLD in 2020 has no AI integration, no real time tracking, all reporting is behind real numbers from county state and nation. This week the White House LIAR team lied to congress again. Congress SHAME ON YOU FOR NOT HOLDING LEADERSHIP LIARS ACCOUNTABLE. Andrew Facui is a pharm captured white house capiture career opportunist criminal. In the end Andrew Fauci cowardice to a) DECLARE A PANDEMIC when we had already in January and he refused until March. Fauci failure to SHUT AMERICA DOWN in January with LIVES OVER PROFIT policy well reported here – has caused more loss of life, more body bags, than WAR. THere are too any lies like Yesterday to congress. As new cases explode in one week over 30% – a catastrophic SECOND WAVE Andrew not only says is nothing – labels it ( a lie pure criminal lie -easy to manage limited HOT SPOTS ). In fact over half of the USA under criminal CDC and Fauci murder of our people – reopening weeks too soon while we were winning for election reasons alone – now see – 30% one week EXPLOSIONS OF NEW CASES. Facruci lies that more tests means more catches. Folks more than 50% of all cases and deaths are not yet reported – it is so much worse than the lies you are spoon fed. The truth. Let us set the truth down below.




TRUTH FROM LIES which is why our readers subscribe – share this. blog with their circles and as a resource for leaders at the top this site provides DATA for leader readers to digest check themselves and make far better more informed choices. This world news sit is a public service to our CEO SPACE global membership. CEO SPACE is one of the worlds largest leading Press ranked # 1 support systems for small business in 200 nations now in our fourth decade. Subscription is free always and you have rights to comment and exchange ideas with me and our teams, as subscribers. You comment to create world engagement with each other leader to leader. I answer all comments including nasty grams who disagree or misunderstand out intention – which is never to offend or ever.

Our READER LEADER community include leaders in nations, fortune institutions, and small business owners academia and professionals in practice. And you. Because of who reads this news site subscriber data is protected to military grade. As IT leading consultants we advice nations on security as agency for http://xtrelmesolution.com of Atlanta the firm that secures HOMELAND SECURITY AGENCIES and in our opinion Phylis NEWHOUSE founder CEO operates the best security firm in the world today as industry rated. Our highest CEO SPACE RECOMMENDATION to from start up to Fortune mature protect your hacking which is now soaring at state sponsored terror level to all targets.


  1. We reported in December and in January the CHINA SNAKE FLU CORONAVIRUS would become the worst PANDEMIC in modern times. 20 million died of the spanish flu when we moved around by sailing ships in the 1900 period.
  2. We reported which is hotly debated and takes years. to prove out that – the CHINA SNAKE FLU CORONAVIRUS – is a ten year WORLD WAR III asymmetric war fare plan, via a BIOT WEAPON created in Russia perfected in China with Russia help and released so that no one would suspect of blame either nation. Within 72 hours of our BREAKING NEWS ON THE BIO WEAPON both Russia and China released massive press on social and all media world wide confirming that SNAKE FLU is a BIO WEAPON and was created by America in Fort Derrick to destroy the CHINESE threat once and for all. In War the rule book by the ART OF WAR China authored, and of course Hitler the first MEDAI WAR LEADER – was to lie. To keep the enemy believing there is no WAR at all. As they soften the enemy they move at the weak point to open multiple fronts of war and in modern warfare it is too fast to react into. You can simply search this blog for our data on WORLD WAR III stories since January. You all think from social left leaning media there is no war plan. You are wrong in our opinion as you all will come to see. We are in the largest SUPER CHANGE EVENT since the fall of Rome whose sole purpose is to. remove TRUMP FROM OFFICE – smash the US dollar as world reserve trust and currency, depress the US economy worse than 1929 – and reset the entire world ORDER where Russia and China have majority influence with a weakened America at the table with a more left leaning Democratic socialist capitalist and leader like Biden AT THE TABLE – or failure in their war and Trump wins the election and is not at the table at all. WORLD WAR III began via the well documented book THE SECRET WEAPON by Kevin FREEMAN DOD consultant – on digital economic warfare attacking our markets with AI financial weapons of mass destruction, where our enemy software creates sucker rallies to profit massively on the crashes they next AI introduce. In 2010 we wrote the definitive BOOK coordinating with buddy KEVEN his being GAME PLAN and ours being REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. Leader readers if you fact check us.
  3. We reported to leaders in 200 nations in January and February the worst pandemic in human history. World leaders nations states and agencies lied in December ( China criminally covered up the summer to December exploding infections ). Their war plan required 100 million to move through infected hot zones to infect the entire world in eight weeks to secure a change in world order. NO war plan survives its first strike to the enemy. The variables moving forward are too complex to predict outcome for any winner or loser yet. The election is unpredictable in the USA.
  4. We predicted in January that we saw no way Trump could be defeated by BIden based on the math and economics at that time.
  5. In June we reported we believe if the election where held today Trump would lose. Trumps Virus Rating has fallen Weds June 24th to 37% approval. This means 63% of American voters believe Trump has criminally failed America in death loading along the lines of Bolton ( fired and disgruntled to be sure making millions on kicking Trump at election season in his nut sack for profit ) suggests – every choice is election calculation in the White House. A cabal of republican s in congress state office judges and military are now in a TSUNAMI defection from Trump and into Biden. Why? They conclude Trump narcissist is represent a mentally unstable leader which is hand on the nuke button. His military refused to follow his order to put troops in cities across America. Never has America been in such a MESS. National Guard was put in our capitol as Trump works to secure national monuments of our history from destruction from CRIMINAL PROTESTORS with funding from Russia China and enemies to socialist agitators Fauci  in mass. AMERICANS protest in peace. Those seeking revolution protest to over throw the entire system with no new system in writing. The only solution we know of as the problem is cause or symptom. Symptom is what we see in the news. Cause is competitive group insanity or cooperative group software of the mind upgrading removing the competitive virus. My work REDEMPTION remains the one and only work that tells you how up upgrade the mental software of your own mind to its highest sanity of thinking solutions versus say war our total insane thought form and preventable as buggy bad software of mind. We believe the election is uncallable. If Biden does not make mistakes or Trump reforms and changes strategy ( we think that is unlikely ) Biden wins congress and the Presidency and we are complete probably forever with an entertainer sit com entertainment show called THE WHITE HOUSE. A leadership that appears to be destructive.
  6. We reported errors in Pandemic are adding more new Debt than the record DEBT required by Obama to save the system from the last Republican 2007 GREAT RECESSION – worst in all history. Obama destabilized the economy with vicious never seen before attacks and multiple shut downs by the republicans of the entire government.  Today Trump calls our first amazing historic black President and his family TRAITORS – as if that will solve the worst poll slide EVER in Presidential Politics. Trumps base can no longer divided win in our opinion. The divisions in Trumps based will only enlarge unless Trump finds a new direction.  TRUMPS political warfare of hatred and disrespect is now both sides and has debased America to the world from the inside not the outside. The world PITIES OUR FAILED LEADERSHIP. The world looks at TRUMP as a Saturday night joke waiting for real leadership and cooperative politics to return.
  7. We reported an L shaped depression with decades to claw back in America. Trump and America leadership on all sides lies and reporte a V shape recovery until they could not – then a W – and only in June when everything is so much worse than reported as data arrives ( all of which we reported first here 57 RIGHT AGAIN reports and first in the world ) on the economics. It is as more economist report THE WORLDS GREATEST DEPRESSION as we reported January to June with hard data. Fact check us.
  8. We published our conclusive opinions on how to protect your self from any loss and how to harden your business to prosper in any future market. Last week CEO SPACE hosted its Super Star Mentor led interactive networking to get new customers and markets FREE ENTERPRISE FORUM featuring to 2020 PANDEMIC PROSPERITY PLANNING – UPGRADING YOUR OWN. 100% of the CEO’s and professionals attending reported this was the superior leading solution matrix they were seeking and all reported gratitude in extreme. Our programs are weekly and low cost http://www.ceospaceinternational.com the industry leader 1980s to today Press ranked. Explore a better safe harbor pathology for what comes next and you will know more and know more first as you build a switched on turned on power team community of owners at your peer level, billionaire to millionaire to new business start up and everywhere in between. We have your back for all crises from 1987 stock market crash to the crash TODAY ( we predicted ) right again.
  9. Faruqi liar told us in April the VIRUS would like THE FLU disappear completely in May and be gone in the summer. The truth a 30% rise in the middle of the summer, super stressing sun belt warmer states, Florida my state leading, is up 30% in explosive pandemic new infections in ONE WEEK. All test reporting holds disclaimers these results are not real time and fail to include many deaths and many infections from state and counties as there IS NO REAL TIME FULL REPORTING SYSTEM in a nation that is F grade i protecting us. WITHOUT REFORMING the criminals out of office – liars – killing us in numbers never seen before for profit alone = PUBLIC POLICY WORLD WIDE is F grade and 7 billion of us are beyond furious. INCREASINGLY 70% of 7 billion believe their leadership has a lack of integrity and lie for greed and power alone. Restoring non criminal leadership to business and nation is now WE THE PEOPLE and marches you see today are nothing compared to what is coming next we predict today. World wide Police are starting to understand IF YOU SHOOT UNARMED MEN AND WOMAN AND CHILDREN WE THE PEOPLE WILL SHOOT YOU BACK UNTIL YOU STOP KILLING US. Thats new and just starting. 7 Billion have the real power and today 7 billion are furious and are uniting for INTEGRITY IN A NEW WORLD ORDER missing from elites owning 99% of all wealth and power and leaving 1% to starve to death in 2020 from Pandemic – of 7 billion over 1 billion will die now from the virus and food starvation from FAILED POLICIES of the G 100 with zero coordination. A crime against all humanity was our call.
  10. We reported that the masses are media conditioned to move on media and not think for themselves. HOODWINKED into believing lies are reality and truth is lies. As 7 billion learn the truth – as sharing this news site does – leader readers know the truth when they read it. They feel it. Truth can’t be unwound. Spun. Truth is truth. Integrity is integrity. We warned nations states and agency leadership In January to June over 12 times ( fact check it ) tell the WORST FIRST AND TELL THE TRUTH FASTER. In America New York CUOMO receives our one and only HERO AWARD aat cost to his own political capital for telling the world the nation an NEW YORK CITY THE WORST FIRST AND THE TRUTH FASTER. We all trust him for less lies than the nation state and agency frauds all well data proofed right here if you study. University thesis post grad studies are engaging this site as a resource for the data and hard integrity factoids.
  11. Wait there is more. We reported the March Super adjustment to over priced markets. We reported an average Price Earning Ratio of north of 20x earnings on average – was up by double the 1929 depression OVER VALUATION. Why? Casino capitalism which few understand is a end game for world capitalism if not reformed soon. This topic requires massive learning. To my 7 year old students I explain an upside down pyramid. The top is gambling money making speculation bets on profit making in seconds using AI trading tools ramping up over ten years until 96% of investing is no longer smart long term bets on growth or income pay outs, but is not short term greed maximum outcomes in second to minutes to hours. As in 1929 the market moved from investment to gambling but was many times smaller and less global. Today 440 Trillion is gambled daily in betting that will turn out so badly nations will lack ability to make up the bad debts ( 100 trillion state bail out of criminal banker side bets that lost ) to prevent closure of the system and banks. Not a fix of anything just saying – hey 100 trillion of bad debt is made well by 100 trillion of new debt on top of the bad debt right ). Seven year olds – THAT MAKES NO SENSE. A grade kids.
  12. The world never truly recovered from the GREATEST RECESSION under republican George Bush who exclaimed in shock HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED? it occurred as a WORLD WAR III PUTIN asymmetrical warfare digital AI attack on our markets. All you know about it is a lie.  The Criminal Fed banker cabal, is nothing what you believe. The criminal bankers profited and almost destroyed the world – with greed speculations turning the most stable market of mortgage back securities into casino roulette. The cause of the problem and danger is this truth DEAD BANKERS DO NOT LIE. Anything above ground is iffy. The criminal bankers have stolen more wealth of nations, and causes as PURE SOURCE all boom bust economics profiting on up profiting on down even more and profiting on war most of all. The Central banks of all nations need to merge back into TREASURY to remove criminal conflicts and to re-install check and balance on crooks. All major banks have pled guilty to global fraud stealing and ripping off 100’s of trillions over and over – which when you read REDEMPTION you see how STUPID it all is. If you search this site for FED FRAUD you will fact check us with videos from leading economist telling you the truth from the lies.
  13. We told you the central bank model of resolving short term debt by extending payment times and adding in massive new debt is profit on paper to banks, but when banks lose it all they move to war to get it back. Lives mean nothing to their profit. Until you take a criminal failed system and upgrade it world wide at G 100 level we risk depression system failure and world war before 2022 and today our own complete extinction. 100 Nukes and we are BYE BYE upon this earth. That is insane is it not. What species spends its resources not on food security, shelter security, sustainable no nation left behind economic growth, in favor of money spent to easily do all that and save over 1 billion who die of starvation ( when all the food is in warehouses they never can secure  survival for) or health security. We spend inside insane competitive thinking errors the money to save over 1 billion a year on nuke and super sonic delivery of our own extinction in an hour. WHY WOULD ANY SANE SPECIES INVEST ITS WEALTH IN GLOBAL EXTINCTION from petro pollutions into fatal now unstoppable climate change. We told you google METHANE TRAP EXTINCTION and see the first before 2030 total extinction rushing toward us as METHANE releases make our gas mix go extinct in 90 days. How? Bone up or search this site for METHANE EXTINCTION and get smarter first. All the failures to resolve these easy IN COOPERATION to fix across the world issues, fail, due to the cause of insanity thinking of competition we refuse to identify and remove from our culture.
  14. WE reported world education institutionalizes insane cultures. Unless the G 100 reforms education to a new model ( which we set out in Redemption ) we see in the short term extinction. Due to perpetualization of insanity and criminal leadership lacking integrity. Keep in mind all leaders believe their own fake news. Acting on bad mind software – well we can’ get to the new there there. In Redemption we offered as leaders in FORTUNE CULTURE UPGRADING from insane competitive thought and thinking to cooperative sane cultures and thinking – to host a TENT WEEK for all law makers on COOPERATION PROCESSES before each new term began with administration staff participating. REFORMING LEADERSHIP CULTURE to tools tactics and upgraded software of mind to solutions removing war fare insane politics and insane cultures in leadership. No one has asked to beta test the WEEK which transforms outcomes with upgraded software of the mind. Replacing truth from lies.
  15. End Game. The elite 1% OWNERS as we call them own the world. Everything else is their wage slave consumer. The OWNERS believe they are protecting us all – know more – and are doing the right thing. They believe fake reality is reality. The price paid in the end will be clear to us all if we even avoid extinction the outcome of their generational fake news thinking. The owners face more loss of wealth since the fall of Rome into 2021 and the SUPER CRASH yet to come. The owners apply to nations to print enough money to bail out their bad side bets. Today the problem is too large too fast. There is no longer enough liquidity. Why?
  16. The decades of fixing crimes of short term criminal debt loading to consumers industry nations and agencies has long past economic sustainability. Truth. The worlds largest short term DEBT SUPER BUBBLE never seen since Rome has only one solution. The wrong end game is to add in more short term debt to nations unable to pay their short term debt today.
  17. Redemption presents the ONE & ONLY SOLUTION – to reset naton debt loading and infrastructure development inside a new class of BOND. Time heals the abuse. Search this SITE FOR SUPER BONDS if you fact check us or have ability to bring that white paper to your head of state. Nine leaders are years into SUPER BOND and the first SUPER BONDS are now coming to market. As you take 100% of a nation debt load it can in depression melt down no longer pay and will default on – and pay off all that debt with ONE SUPER BOND which also contains infrastructure job sustaining economic stabilization – one can with a single economic bond class – reset the system killing debt super bubble exploding right today into defaults that will close all the banks again. In AI economics faster than 1929. Shock and Awe fast. Laboring for a decade to bring SUPER BOND from theory to economic resetting salvation, the PANDEMIC is moving heads of state to fix the core issue with their own SUPER BOND. Time is the issue. Can we solve enough fast enough.
  18. This site predicted shock and awe system killers as economics super crash into global depression. We asked the right questions. Will as America divided into its weakest period in modern times, see China take over Hong Kong and Taiwan and secure the China sea changing the world order as one front ahead of us? I would if I led China and this summer. Will Putin move to take over Ukraine and baltic sphere and destabilize NATO in total disarray with NATO under funded to perform and America pulling NATO troops down. Is now Putins war plan moment. We think that second front is no accident if they occur at once. China is killing India soldiers in ageless boarder dispute where XI in the war plan began to build settlements on India land. Will China and India go to nuke war – it is more tension than any prior time both sides on red alert. Will India closing 50a% of Embassy and Pakistan in return about to close all embassy and talk as the two nuke nations fully point their phallic symbols at each others innocent peoples. Fake News media reports state manipulations that each state believe fake news is reality. The cause is collective culture of competitive insane brain software. Easy to upgrade out of. Cooperative thinking is SOLUTION competitive thinking is DESTRUCTION never solution. Human competitive thought from is a brain mistake from the ancient reptilian hippocampus proper education resolves. If you institutionalize competitive insanity into culture you can never evolve the miracle of human unlimited potentials. In my book REDEMPTION I advanced how to reform culture, education, and systemics for human organization from insane failed models of competition into next generation brain software absent competitive thought forms. If there is enough time we can all 7 billion DO SO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS MESS.
  19. We reported it is no ones fault. Stop hating leaders. All leaders are doing the best that they know how. Vote leaders you trust and believe and think differently. Stop making leadership personal. The failed systems leaders must navigate foster challenge to superior decision making in perpetual re-election war fares. The system needs reforms. The system that rewards outing bad cops with zero tolerance wins. The system that rewards circling the blue to hide what they do is a bad system that makes humans do crazy things. Why did good cops not pull bad killer cop off Floyd and if Floyd resisted the arm of blue one could tase Floyd bind him and no murder at. THE SYSTEM FAILS US its not the individuals. We reward integrity or we reward its opposite. UPGRADE FAILED ANTIQUE SYSTEMS.
  20. Leadership change at scales not seen in recent times are coming. We face extinction in the new term if we get it wrong as earth time is running out – not for the earth – but for us alone. Insanity mental software upgrades to sanity or the earth will start fresh is all. No problem with MOTHER EARTH. Competitive thinking error will perish from conscious thought as education defines cooperative culture as sane, and competitive expression as insane.


The largest break down of law and order is occurring globally as systemic abuse of core systems for decades has reached systemic failure. As systems fail something better will rise up. We reside inside the greatest super change event since the fall of Rome. The entire WORLD ORDER is changing between now and 2022. Largely sorted out by 2022. We will begin to resolve our own extinction threat ( at is human insanity ) or we will fail and go extinct. This is not maybe this is for sure. Human attention is focused by an insane media on issues that divide us, fail to collaborate us, and unite us, and in politics of threat hatred and disrespect extinction is simply assured.

ARE WE THE LAST GENERATIONS OF HUMAN BEINGS TO RESIDE ON THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WATER PLANET EVER KNOWN? This election will decide the answers I suspect and I predict. Today no one can all world wide the outcomes. No one.

Finally fact. We entered WORLD WAR III as an economic war in 2007. The AXIS of EVIL released a WORLD WAR III BIO WEAPON attack. The bio weapon has mutated in 120 days to double the spikes on the CORONAVIRUS ( never reported front page as the most important story yet ). My state Florida SCRIPPS institute long term study reported this week that the CHINA SNAKE FLU CORONAVIRUS China January now has 100% more spikes and spikes are far more stable ( lethal ) to enter your cells now. Scripts reported the mutated bio weapon – Russia and China reported is a bio weapon – had a 10x higher infection rate than the original terrible release. Mutations are on going. By design.

Fauci liar said this is containable and manageable. He confirmed the virus would be a non issue in May. Gone. In fact the liar is seeing in June the largest single weekly new infection rate in America over 30% up infections IN ONE WEEK. Why do liars get to go before congress and lie even more? Why does anyone believe liars of this magnitude. Why are leaders at WHO CDC AND FARUCI world not all FIRED and reorganized integrity leadership raised up.

Leaders – if the system protects the liar bad souls – versus zero tolerance removes them and upgrades them faster – we live or extinct based on system reform. FOKS YOUR SYSTEMS ARE IN NEED OF UPGRADE – no upgrading we go extinct together.


My truth. WE COOPERATE and we flourish and prosper together no nation is left behind. We compete and we perish and go extinct together as insanity perishes from mother earth. Our failure in education to teach competitive thought form is insanity is the cause of all human culture error and problems in economic system designs. WE CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER. Redemption tells you HOW. Super Change tells you of the great hope OF ECONOMIC CONVERGENCE.




The markets are driven by wild greed gambling. For every dollar invested in a long term ownership of a bond or a stock or real estate or any asset class – 100’s of dollars to one dollar are side bet on future price up and down. Today using AI tools that did not exist until ten years ago, rapidly evolving – trades are casino side bets in and out to make profits in a casino capitalism. The casino is floating on the worlds largest SUPER DEBT BUBBLE which is no longer sustainable in economics. As the DEBTS implode into defaults following the SUPER CRASH wipe out of 100 trillion in real wealth margin calls may bankrupt institutions in domino crashing making Lehman look more like CIRCUIT CITY or TOYS R US or RADIO SHAKE.

Consider the effect of the following:

  1. Panic triggers the DOW to under 10,000 – smashing the 20 plus Price Earning INSANE VALUATIONS of today – back to 1929 depression levels as real value to BUBBLE VALUES. I read criminal economists reporting their is no bubble and I think myself knowing the suffering about to come upon everyone – FIRING SQUARD? Guillotine in national capitols ( Thank you French ).
  2. Nations default on debts in the melt down creating worse than contagion we call DEFAULT CASCADE closing all institutions in DEBT DEFAULTING IMPLOSIONS.
  3. Deflation moves asset values to new lows starting with real estate super crashing as this generation has never known.
  4. Millions are moving into evictions as rents can not be paid for shelter or office or stores and repossession and empty space will become a depression the world will see – and in America the empty spaces closed theaters malls resorts hotels commercial space will all be well felt and seen before the election.
  5. THE IMF today reported the depression of economics globally is far worse than they anticipated and they adjusted all GNP numbers lower – in developing nations super debt bubbles now must default.

The IMF released a special report on Saudi Arabia confirming stories you can search on this BLOG. We reported since Khashoggi’s murder where KING MBS ordered Khashoggi’s dead head brought back to the Palace ( now can it get sicker than that ) – detailing a loss to Saudi from the Puppy Kings failed economics – of more than 15 trillion in economic activity. King MBS has now stopped may state subsidies including fuel, ceased cost of living pay raises folks were expecting – as Saudi devolves into OPEC destruction as anything but a joke today, Saudi credit rating is going to junk status, the decline in Gulf States promises wars and the highest instability in the Gulf ever. Will Iran whose currency collapsed this week – Iran is now a failed state like Lebanon why? Because the EXTREME STREAM LEADERSHIP is insane, and failed to make an economic deal. NO NUKES for massive prosperity. They chose nukes. Which as they use them will end IRAN for 1000 years. Thats insane. No nation fire walling information to its own people, has lied more on Pandemic than Iran. Syria is failed state with 90% of in nation impoverished post war rioting now for food. Lebanon the Gulf Banker is unable to cover the bank deposits of trillions from Gulf nations whose money is lost now. Syria has no way to rebuild. The Gulf states are economically super crashing. Modi policies failed and india currency is super crashing. India response is war with PAKISTAN to distract its population from failed MODI policy. Khan is doing much better in Pakistan.

CEO SPACE is working with GULF LEADERSHIP on SUPER BONDS which will restore stability. We are working with leading African nations and EU nations to reset state debt bubbles and with advisers to Khan in Pakistan. Peace can break out of economics reset.

The news is filled with news so bad that todays sell off is lite. Super Crash is coming. We suggest late summer into fall when the unrelenting break of INSANE OVER VALUATION OF ASSET CLASES 20 to 1 insane – REBALANCES to 8 to 12 times earnings. You’ll know when you see it.

Until the G 100 reads REDEMPTION and develops a NEW REGULATORY FRAME WORK FOR AI ECONOMICS the world is at risk of global depression and melt down – into war and destruction as unseen since the fall of Rome. Over 200 heads of individual nations in brutal comparative distrust and competitive combat between nations, sinking into massive depression economics as the world has never seen since the fall of Rome, with violence and war the only process Elites have left to preserve their monopoly on wealth and power, 1% are the OWNERS we are all wage slaves to the OWNERS – the world extinct

Leading world scientist run factors on all this known as the DOOMSDAY CLOCK. As we never fix cause only a symptom when its a crises, the DOOMSDAY CLOCK has moved closer and closer to extinction. Two decades ago we had minutes remaining. Today we have seconds remaining. Look up the NATIONAL DEBT CLOCK and LOOK UP DOOMSDAY CLOCK to see what republican and democrat experts all agree on. Today they agree:

  1. Almost 70% of voters rate Trump on pandemic F grade one term president.
  2. A growing republican BLUE WAVE FOR BIDEN is the tipping point for Trumps election defeat.
  3. The EGO RALLY in Oklahoma such a health crises risk as you will all see in 21 days – keep in mind I am just out of ground zero hospital for COVID 19 in Florida – 100% of hospital staff are voting for BIDEN because of the Pandemic failure of leadership, that is a red state going blue – one of many – TRUMP combative divider in chief – now divides his own base and party into a BIDEN RUSH.
  4. Trump increasingly appears to have a mental extreme of narcissism defined by instability in leadership – everyone is fired.
  5. American the first home for immigrants wants new policy and safe boarders but we also want millions of dreamers born here the first home to immigration – to be included and made whole with fear removed from them. Trump this week divider in chief called for them all to be deported.

No leader has been more out of step with the majority of the people of the UNITED STATES of America in modern times. A four year SIT COM president versus an inspired leader creating a world that works better – is drawing to a close we predict. WE suggest America may present this election with the largest BLUE BIDEN LANDSLIDE in any election ever.

We also present this if that out come occurs or not America itself will be just fine. America if the majority want a Trump sit com super star president – we will have high drama and entertainment when a change order will occur.

if Trump see’s a sure loss will Trump create a war to win. The wrong question will Trump leave if defeated. He will be he knows he faces endless litigations possible bankruptcy personally and real jail time risk unless Biden saves the nation with a blanket Pardon we hope he would issue for the national good upon winning. Trump went after Biden’s children so that may be off the table.


Does Putin want a left president he can work with like Biden or a Trump sanctioning President hurting Russia ? In the election manipulation hacking is beyond any horror ever. We are being state hacked at WAR LEVELS by the axis of EVIL every hour of every day and every invention secret and weapon system is being stolen. Billions of cash is being stolen. Enough to off set all sanctions via hacking. Present policy has failed.

  1. The Pandemic has been mismanaged by lairs and frauds at nation state and agency from day one as they still just lie.
  2. The economy of the world is in depression and the non reality things are ok is a lie and fraud by nation state and agency in election year spin.
  3. The worst by far is yet to come and you have no seen the TITANIC ICE BERG as what is above the sea noise today of media is nothing for what is to unfold next.

The world economy is on life support with central banks in final gasp buying trillions in over priced stocks and bonds, which if they stopped the SUPER CRASH would be right now. republican function on LIFE SUPPORT FROM CENTRAL BANKS who print endless money ( as new debt to tax payers and nations ) which lacking a SUPER BOND for the USA – the end is in close sight.

It is our opinion all markets are pure fraud, over valued, regulatory frame works have broken and need upgrading along the lines suggested in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ( a blue print for global prosperity for centuries ). The massive debt defaulting the massive human evictions from shelter stores and shops to explode this summer, will sink America and the world into a FULL ON GLOBAL DEPRESSION. Debt defaulting cascades ( Super Bonds being the one wild card solution ) are in time races and we are in final stretch to finish lines.

Noe one  can predict the outcome.





This is the greatest Super Change in system economics of the world since the fall of Rome. Deny that are your great personal risk. Explore moving forward inside a COOPERATIVE COMMUNITY OF LEADERSHIP that unconditionally helps each other – click http://www.ceospaceinternational.com make a book mark and see a famous thought leader you follow as mentor film on our video site.. They are all there. Learn Earn and Return. Invest in growing cooperative community – leader to leader – as there is one safety. THERE IS SAFTEY IN NUMBERS. Grow your core trading community as the boss and leader owner, monthly and you win. Fail to make new plans, engage new tools and tactic upgrading, in this level of SUPER CHANGE is economic risk of bankruptcy.

We wish you all prosperity in unresolved market. Today we saw all health care predictions that stated all year by the summer the SNAKE FLU would die out in the summer become a LEADER FRAUD AND LIE. In one week in only America a 30% summer rise in death and infections is exploding as we failed to remain in lock down for just several more weeks. We were winning. Now we are out of control containment and the virus is 10x more infectious than in January a truth you heard here first as always. 10 X worse than January as we open back up world wide fully.


For you and you alone:

  1. Search this site for CORONAVIRUS BEST PRACTICES.’
  2. Avoid flights cruises and social gatherings.
  3. Practice social distancing – one Scripts suggests masks do not protect us – and that one sneeze creates a virus cloud of 18 feet in the air. Most sneezes a lot and cough a lot. Big virus clouds to walk through. Hence a 30% explosion in one week.
  4. Avoid election spin. This is not easy to contain like LIAR FAURCI fraud informs us all – we have a few hot zones easy to stamp out. We have 26 states the majority sun belt states EXPLODING with new pandemic infections beyond any table.
  5. Young ages 20 to 30 are with minor symptoms spreading real death as they gather the young to their older family members in mass.

Search this site for CARRIERS – and on Feb 7th you will see the tables we presented. We were first before CDC or WHO and their math was dead wrong and our math was precision accurate. We predicted the world passes 10 million infected this summer and half a million to one million dead. WE are right again on those tables. We predicted fall to January we will see 100 million infected. We suggested 1 billion by 2022. We suggested 1 billion elderly ( my age circle ) would perish from the earth.Will those who created a BIO WEAPON ELECTION YEAR WORLD WAR III WAR PLAN on a new world order – be held accountable.

Today we are losing the bio war.


PS:: Today so many of our six month predictions were confirmed. I apologize the news is dark but you must think when SUPER CRASH HITS it is too late for you to act. I’ve told you on this site how to protect your self and your love circle as a public service. Our site is superior in accuracy. Just out of ICU in HOT ZONE FLORIDA SNAKE FLU HOSPITAL they report there are now more coming in than leaving every day and the wards are 85% full – treatment is degrading – staff are retiring in record numbers – after three times at IV they gave up until a older vet came and hooked it in – they lifted three veins out of my arm in the air? I hope none of you ever have to see how medicine is any total break down. Final point. We predicted this fall and winter a SECOND WAVE OF TENS OF MILLIONS WILL BECOME INFECTED as the depression takes full hold before the election or shortly after. We stand on our tables and numbers – the first published and the most accurate today. SHAME ON WHO. SHAME ON CDC. Shame on WORLD LEADERSHIP. Shame on you. Social unrest will equal the lies and frauds until they tell the truth. In our opinion the ENTIRE WORLD ORDER IS IN SUPER CHANGE ( read my book ). You’ll know why. And what to do for your own safe harbor. Bless you all. Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing this blog. I apologize writing this one day out of hospital and so ill ( not virus but reaction to meds they were giving me which were life threatening and still are ) – Gods plan for my life is greater than my own plan for my life so I’m good. You be great not good and MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL YEAR INTO PROSPERITY – CEO SPACE Is doing GREAT and you can as well. All you need is a little upgrading into a PANDEMIC ERA PROSPERITY PLAN which if you study – the industry leader CEO SPACE membership insures your wallet. Check it out as you have time to do so or inclination. Right again. right first. And prophetic in prediction accuracy as no other news site we know of. Journalist use all our data as your own for bi lines as you get the truth out there. Our joy helping you hero’s tell the story. Click https://www.bernydohrmann.com to book me as guest for news shows and interviews where you wish another point of expert view on what comes next. I’m doing live shows world wide for press everywhere these days. Consulting to Nations and Fortune leadership on demand.


Reported while I’m very ill with apology for errors – but content supersedes grammar and spelling – in scan delete world. I hope it is food for thought. Comment as subscribers and let’s chat back and forth together. What is your challenge today. Let me mentor you my favorite work – transforming futures.