June 2007 – September 2007 – WHAT IS MATCH UP RIGHT NOW 2019?

We suggested to our readers in 2007 that flee bonds stocks and the market place and store resources in DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTING. Index products for growth – annuities for income investing – cash liquid high yield liquid savings in permanent insurance – all principle fully guaranteed. The experts all said the up bubble would never burst. We told you the economics were sour due to debt bubbles bursting.

June 2007 flowed into record highs for markets in the weak summer volumes. The Big Guns got back from vacation into a Super Crash in 2007 – the largest COLLAPSE OF GLOBAL MARKETS SINCE THE GREAT RECESSION. Our readers who acted smiled on the golf course. Our readers who stood bad took their showers of tears in an absolute blood bath of losses from retirement wealth to all wealth.

June 2007 ends with the largest run up in record surges ( we told you as a prelude to the avalanche to follow. June 2019 is the largest run up since not only June 2007 but since the 1930’s and thats alarming truly. We expect SUPER VOLATILITY in slow trading volume months of the summer. Political events can make the roller coaster scary and new records may yet be set.

We review the math and see weakness and contraction alarm bells world wide.

Unlike 2007 we see the market as far worse and risk far higher. Why? Well here is the why in restatement of you you all have read:

  1. Politics runs economics which is seriously dangerous to global stability. Worse than 2007.
  2. Free Money policy of CENTRAL banks have set up the worlds largest Super Debt Bubble risk ever.
  3. Central Banks are out of silver bullets. They own record trillions in bond crap investments and they have no interest room to rally accommodate. They have sucked too much liquidity from the core system creating a risky upside down super debt pyramid that is economically no longer stable and no tools to stabilize the debt wobble.
  4. Recovery and depression avoidance was stalled by super debt which fixed nothing and made everything worse.
  5. Congress in the US criminally weaponizes passing a US budget politically weaponizing US economic stability once and for all – failure to pass a budget and debt ceiling raise as required by law tips the world system over on credit rating loss for the USA for political advantages – economic ending the present global order. Gov shut down may yet occur again a full on tipping to the debt bubble bursting globally.
  6. 100 Trillion in rising bad debt shown on bank and investment bank books as good assets must be declared as crap to rebalance the system – which ends – when this takes place – which is coming via debt defaulting cascades next.
  7. Trade Wars are not being resolved and the tipping point from the next trade war stress exceeds capacity to stabilize economics world wide.
  8. New AI economics can remove system liquidity faster and more completely than 2007 Super Crash last time.
  9. Bond collapse may SUPER CRASH all asset class markets in the great deleveraging and deflation to follow.
  10. Sept/Oct 2019 is the next danager date for a full on market SUPER CRASH due to digitized weapon attacks profiting nations we sanction while we but a closed sing out for AMERICA and our allies world wide.

As we told our readers in 2007 – in June the peak risk is SEPTEMBER as the grown ups return and see the extent of the real mess to their own great risk and peril – to October and recession data contraction and triple witching hour. This time frame is GREAT DANGER for a MARKET LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY when it next is loss without liquidity. Prices crash daily, super crash and no buyers exist to sell out it- only sell orders no buy orders. You can’t imagine that? Keep in mind we have predicted that – LED DAY.

We can’t be more clear on the risk. The CASINO CAPITALISM MARKET Is a phony baloney global casino created by central bank policy error and free money. The wrong minded economics kicked the bad debt can down the road and falsely inflated values for all asset classes by speculation. Today the AI has run out of room and algorithm elasticity. We are about to exceed both human being adaptation to SUPER CHANGE we ourselves invented. We are passing AI program parameters to adapt to SUPER CHANGE AI invented.  World markets are coming to an impasse risk on core market stability liquidity as all accounts so credit abused come back into balance with the horrible consequence to the innocent from the elites who in the end DID NOT KNOW IT ALL.

There are many surprises thumbs up and thumbs down in the NEW AGE never known before that is subject of my new book released just in time this OCTOBER – SUPER CHANGE. The AGE OF SUPER CHANGE is fully uncharted territory. The pace of change itself is accelerating past the capacity of human beings to adapt into. You all feel that but have lacked words for it.

We have to CALM DOWN and become much more insightful and objective in how we look at data. I have suggested awake leaders who “get” what we are reporting and wish to collaborate on better options and action as the best way forward this July join CEO SPACE and register into CEO SPACE and bring your entire family. This next ride requires we all share common high ground from the coming flood waters.

If you stay in the CASINO CAPITALISM please recall our track record since 1988 – and keep in mind – we are going to be – RIGHT AGAIN.

I told you in June 2007 the SUPER CRASH was coming end of summer. I was truly mocked. Until the Super Crash than I was a prophet. I tell you now the SUPER CRASH is coming with danger next September/October 2019.  I am ready to be mocked all over again. For the few I help…God Bless you and Keep you safe. If I’m wrong you win. If I”m right you win. If you fail to act you lose. You can lose it all…..we’ll see……


PS: National Defense from July forward is about national economic stability as world war will flow as risk from its lack…..passing a US Budget is now a matter of NATIONAL DEFENSE for American and for the world – the DOD may wish to chat with law makers on the RISK of illegally weaponizing the constitutional budget required by law work fo congress.