A trillion dollars and more death and mayhem than anything since World War II and what do we have as data on that? Well as the world leaves for the final summer Holiday Weekend – and the markets are at all time record highs this summer and soaring toward year end what do we see in new cycles.

Pr Trump “if” we are honest with ourselves we had:

  1. Endless wake up AM’s to blood mayhem and ISIS madness
  2. We had innocent beheadings we had savaging and rapes
  3. We had drive through people in real time on cell video’s
  4. We had suicide  bombs all over the EU
  5. We had ISIS in the news including bashing Trump and EU leaders

Today how does it look? All summer the news cycle has been slow. ISIS ability to presently survive in a small hand mirror of its former 40 foot high mirror of its once self. It has lost the wealth it stole, the income it had, the economics it enjoyed, the munitions weapons and manpower it stole all gone now, all recaptured or destroyed.

ISIS has lost in Trumps time on duty something north of 600,000 humans with until more missing or wounded – a nation of radical thinkers destroyed. Here we informed you early years back that:

  1. ISIS was not a religious anything
  2. ISIS was not a political anything
  3. ISIS was a gang of completely crazy brain leaders – like Hitler
  4. Followers are just as crazy running to their own destruction
  5. ISIS is a gang world of criminal crazy gang leaders in it for WEALTHY and POWER like all crazy brains

Crazy brains lack capacity to appreciate reality from fiction. That is WHY they are crazy brains. Stop asking why THEY DO IT. Crazy brains do it because they are nuts. Looney bird nuts. They tell lies and believe their own lies. No one looks into their truth because they are killing people and raping and plundering.

So Crazy Brains lots with Saddam and were out of money and out of power as leaders of a Gulf military for decades. These leaders got together and formed their own nation to take their former money and power from those who had that money and power at the moment. Then as leaders will they found the religious hot button to bind their NEW GANG together in insane thinking about faith being a green light for horrific acts killings torture and mayhem to others who worship the same God and box top rules they worship as well – crazy no?

Hate binds movements.

The movement against Trump? Republicans do not hate the agenda Democrats have they just want to know how to pay for it all. Hate binds groups of humans to focus attention on combined action – impeach Trump ( can’t be done with love and respect ) GET TRUMP can’t be done with love and respect – INDICT TRUMP or “trumped” up charges of obstruction of Justice – when Justice is not happening until Justice reforms itself with modern checks balances and upgraded box top rules globally.

So we just a short time back saw daily horror and woke up more in fear than any time since big wars were going on in the world. The endless drama ISIS gave us one beheading at a time was real time we have never seen more like Rome and the Colosseum. World famous show time – fight to the death – animals destroy humans to standing ovations – ( mental wellness there? ).

So political theater all turned to ISIS.

So Trump runs on I will GET ISIS.

In Trumps time he red lined Syria and never gas and he boomed one billion of their toys away in 30 seconds when they crossed that red line. In Syria and in Iraq Trump created at Military guidance – a SURGE in resources and ISIS dissolved out of Syria with massive coordination with Russia even while under attack by haters for having any Russia Contact – which is not sane really – and ISIS rolled back out of Syria out of Iraq and is being hunted and killed in Pakistan ( its last safe port outside North Africa where we are still dying monthly fighting ISIS from taking vulnerable young minds and promising them paradise and virgins as life goal attainment until death to them part – which is faster today under Trump globally ).

Mad Dog as head of the US Military is no JOKE. Our best leader in this global complexity since Eisenhower the General President who won World War II when it didn’t seem likely at all. MAD Dog is calming on Russia North Korea Iran and no one wants any part of HIM. Team work makes the dreams work and America has great teams no matter who is the boss – love him or hate him ( or her we need a HER ).

I keep seeing the winning ticket as Michelle Obama and Opera who could not vote for that pair. Imagine Putin dealing with Opera.

No one can see a future of more drama than TRUMP in sit com world. His White House SHOW is just a warm up for Michelle and Opera – only the smartest lady leader we have in nation wants no part of the crazy politics – she is in to her world – her honey – her big bucks and her privacy in HER WORLD. Now thats sane thinking folks.

Meanwhile ISIS is destroyed politically – perception wise – economically – other than a gang of crazy brains ISIS is no more. The only risk on for ISIS – remains – they do something big and crazy – but that finally unites the entire world and ISIS is genocide when the rest of all of us – delete their crazy brains from the planet all at once. They might wish to read this blog and avoid that step. Just surviving for ISIS requires – a new model – and one that stops the attacks that unite the world to destroy them. If your fighting the most powerful nation upon the earth say NAZIS GERMANY and you KNOW “how” the crazy brains at SS STORM TROOPER POLICE “THINK” UNDER TRUMP – then don’t tell the pretty to look at Nazis SS Secret Police that you are in fact JEWISH as outcomes are predictable. ISIS self destructs. Why? Because its leaders are pure crazy – nuts.

THATS WHY. They hack my blog for years because they don’t like my multi year request for the media to label them CRAZY BRAIN ISIS. Which is true and stops recruitment. Who wants to die for crazy brains that are dying themselves. 90% of ISIS leadership that started ISIS is stone cold dead – a Trump causality as to his first promise – keep America safe.

So we had news dominated by horrific images of ISIS. Last summer running through streets in Paris and Spain as to what difference say two years makes. Why do we not see this now?

  1. A trillion invested globally
  2. 600,000 a major city, all dead of ISIS crazy brains – dead dead dead
  3. Another 500,000 injured ill or missing entirely – over 1,000,000 out of the ISIS game leaving what?
  4. A scattered tens of thousands on full run as fugitives being slaughtered daily as we speak – you don’t see all the killing OF ISIS but ISIS knows they are dying in record daily numbers.
  5. Last ISIS strong holds – the world is coming for you by year end and your New Year Wish should be immensity or death your call we are happy to grant you your wish much faster today.

Wishes come true even if your crazy……hope you die happy kids.

So ISIS is the biggest LOSER CONCEPT of our generation. If ISIS were a video game it would be the 100% players all die no winners – you join ISIS in the game and your wonder and impoverished for life or your caught and tortured like you tortured others no mercy from your own peeps – and then you die. Dead. No future. 100% DIE OFF Video game where the owner players truly all die. As word the game actually KILLS YOU gets around and the most crazy can see it in their face – join to die ( and some always will because they are nuts ) and or avoid dying ( its kind of hard wired into us all ) – your ISIS recruitment on Labor Day Weekend 2018 is all time LOW. No one wants to play your crazy video game or join you crazy programers.

Another thing about the game – it is all created on lies. There is no absolutely NO …there there. No foundation. It is all lies. The history of ISIS is a lie. the Caliphi is a total lie as everyone see’s. The lie that the LORD GOD wants ISIS out front killing innocent souls savaging on live TV – is so crazy – one can see WHY IF GOD PROTECTS ISIS HAS GOD DESTROYED ISIS ? IS IT POSSIBLE THE 8 BILLION THAT WORSHIP GOD OF LOVE AND COOPERATION BELIEVE THEIR GOD IS BLESSING THEM IN VICTORY AGAINST EVIL PURE EVIL AND CRAZY SOULS AND CRAZY BAINS GONE WRONG? If you believe the GREAT LIE from the GREAT SATAN – ISIS – that – the Almighty source of creation wants destruction and punishment without mercy to everyone ISIS leaders in their own madness determine serves their judgement  ( not God’s ) judgement – you see evil and its delusion- its crazy self delusions. Crazy brains why does any not crazy brain follow them. GOD MADE ME DO IT is one reason to RUN.

God never “made” you kill another wonderful spirit and immortal soul. You chose and you accepted madness which makes you blameless for evil.

Blameless evil – insanity.

Sanity – cooperates and collaborates with immortal beings – only insane brains compete with souls that were never born never die and can never be hurt in any way – acting out only hurts those acting out but they are insane and have no concept of KHARMA as divine law.

Mohammed would rise up and destroy ISIS himself. As a plague on his wonderful faith in a divine angel of the lord God.

Crazy or sane.

So for some time news cycles have reverted to internal political tripe and entertainments – one minor unimportant factoid to feed daily 24/7 news cycles in which our attention and focus is only geared toward the next commercial. We are CONDITIONED viewers. We expect every morsel to be packaged for us in maximum explosion of sensational delivery by media that will as consumers will digest – throw in the trash and pick up our ham and cheese sandwich and a coke wait for the next one that always follows SECONDS later. Really not expecting the TRUTH or thinking we are receiving the TRUTH – digesting news today more like an entertainment extension of prime Time SIT COM’s.

News is now entertainment as an industry and bought and paid for. Something new for this generation. 

Your filters let you do pretty well are discerning. But you might miss it.

For example I knew John McCain and never years if we asked for small business help from CEOSPACE John’s office and team was always supportive and accommodating. His funeral recognition was important most to his family and friends and then to all of us work related to interacted over decades to him – as most of all.

We wanted most of all for no political issues related to the MAN’s life work. Which was right or wrong all about HONOR which he camped for us all as American’s.

When Joe Biden emotionally delivered John’s Eulogy we were all grateful for the obvious long bond and friendship being expressed, the great orator, and the statesman sending off the historic memory. I was however when Joe over and over stressed JOHN STOOD FOR ABUSE OF POWER WHEN AND WHEREVER WE SAW IT – again and again – THAT – it was an ISIS moment. We hi-jakced the enormous global audience and voters for the all important mid year – and we SET UP:

  1. The election theme for 120 days- ABUSE OF POWERS framed by the next candidate to run against Trump.
  2. The two year President election theme – abuse of POWERS.
  3. Politicizing John McCain’s funereal – in my expert filter on this

So predictable and party driven but I was disappointed in the opportunity to NOT DO THAT but the political theater just would not allow for it. Did your filter catch it too or did you miss it.

Now watch the massive election machine move to ABUSE OF POWER themes to GET TRUMP and rally up hatred as the platform for victory. The voter problem that remains is voters get the truth at some level always and the truth is:

  1. Prosperity continues and ISIS security continues if the TEAM giving us BOTH at numbers not seen in 20 years plus – continues – we all win prosperity into 2030.
  2. Dysfunction – grid lock in Congress – block anything forward and unwind everything recent – where we SUPEER CRASH and return to recession and high law off and unemployment as pain to feed a President Turn over in two years.
  3. Vote Prosperity outside politics – vote your Wallet – or vote HATE and buy into the lies and spin – as reality – and get what you voted for – its only 1 or 2 above – which is sane which is inane without personality or lies or deceit? 

HATE TRUMP and Vote.


I trust America will figure it out past all the billions spent to brain wash us all. When I read the lies I laugh and click to dispel the lies with truth – its all out there if you want truth versus spoon fed lies.

An informed educated electorate insures vibrant democracy.

A manipulated brain washed electorate self destructs democracy in the end.

ISIS is an example to us – of what WE CAN DO and of what WE IN FACT ACHIEVE when we have the will promise and hope to carry out a vision for a -re-invention of AMERICA which is our greatness matched by so many wo are our friends as well in this work.

An unfinished work where FREEDOM as an IDEAL is dependent on who resides on the watch tower walls to defend FREEDOM in this current generation.

So summer is going going and GONE.

The Grown ups controlling 440 trillion dollars of circulation in the world return next week as do so many billions of us all at once. What will the markets do ? I submit without a BLACK SWAN CASCADE from Argentina which remains under valued yet in the overall market – so that is remains the worlds most unresolved economic danger in September – linked and followed by so many others – WORLD MARKETS SOAR to YEAR END RECORD WEALTH.

Those seeking to derail TRUMP wish to derail markets. Those ( a majority by far still ) who support Trump in America ( keep in mind a large majority approve of Trump in office and vote FOR TRUMP including oceans of democrats who are ashamed of political hatred as a policy party platform agenda as a desert of ideas ) oppose the HATERS and support vibrance in economic growth that majority is creating and wishes sustained. 

SO political all out no mercy wars are coming to include:

  1. Rising legal sound bytes from united haters
  2. Gov Shut down – impeach indict destroy – no mercy
  3. Stop reforms 
  4. Accelerate reforms
  5. Boom – Super Crash – voters decide when they vote their wallets.


DO NOT UNDER-ESTIMATE America’s capacity for GOOD nor its ability to correct its own buggy software and we always have some because we are always new and fresh code in our own re-invention that never ever ends.

Caution to all nations – never fail to understand John McCain when his life spoke to one issue over all other issues for this Senator War Hero great AMERICAN LEADER who graduated with HONORS this week in front of the world who showed such respect for one life – one earth walk – of a soul – when he left us in America with the not crazy TRUTH…..

……I call upon my fellow American’s to focus their divine attention upon the grace we have in our space wherein that which binds us that which unites us one and all as AMERICAN’S first and above all else in our core sense of being or core pride in who we are as a people and how we will live and die to protect our values we hold in this nation as sacred to the newest infant newborn to the most senior alive of us today for in this one nation no matter our debates and disagreements on individual issues and policies divide us we are never factions of America – for there is one common truth in the United States and that truth is…we are all one and all of us are always – AMERICAN’s “FIRST” always – in all our ways –  and if any nation ever believes the far weaker forces of that which divides us match or exceed the far greater powers that are core to us that bind  and absolutely unite us together as one if we are ever challenged or threatened as a people –  one to the other know this truth  – WE ARE AMERICANS AND NOTHING CAN EVER DIVIDE OR MOVE THAT POWER INSIDE “US” –  ONE AND ALL NOT TODAY NOT TOMORROW AND NOT EVER WILL WE NOT BE “AMERICANS” FIRST”  ….AMERICA IS NOT Definable by inventory of recent events – AMERICA is defined by her multi ages of our history of our total  sacrifice and contributions to the peoples and nations of the world upon which we celebrate where even our worst enemies benefit from our generous trade invitations to join us and never ending effort to welcome you into our inner  circle. NO NATION has more unity in the end  none than the ideals that bind this great unfolding nation of principles and ideals and what unites these United States “OF” AMERICA is the super glue of our core values AS AMERICANS….that which divides us is insignificant to that which UNITES AS ONE PEOPLE FOR WE ARE PROUD AND WE ARE CONFIDENT AND WE ARE AT CORE….PURE…..FOR ONE AND ALL WE PUT DOWN OUR PENS OF DISCONTENT FOR OUR ONE SACRED TRUTH TOGETHER….THAT IN ANY TIME IN ANY HISTORY WHAT EVER IS “WRONG” WITH AMERICA WILL BE FIXED BY WHAT IS “RIGHT” WITH AMERICA – AND AS PRESIDENT OBAMA SUMMERIZED SO WELL COMING INTO OFFICE IN AN ECONOMIC CRISES NO ONE KNEW IF THE WORLD COULD RISE ABOVE WHEN HE SAID OF THIS SAME MESSAGE TO ALL AMERICAN’S AND I SAY AS APPROACH MY OWN FINAL WORDS ON THIS LEGACY VALUE I HAVE LIVED FOR across the lifespan of my full 80 years I recall Presidents Obama’s words asking my Congressional Colleagues to consider them again as a body representing the American People versus political agendas that are internal to this truth of our one being truly united in our greatness of core values for in 2018 it remains the truth: …..”YES WE ARE THE ONES THAT “WE” HAVE BEEN……WAITING FORRRRRR ! …..” AND  WE ARE ALL SO GRATEFUL FOR WE ARE TRULY BLESSED TO JUST “BE” AMERICANS TOGETHER………THAT BEING IS CORE TO WHAT BINDS US AS ONE….TODAY AND EVERY DAY ….GOD BLESS AMERICA…….

I send you THAT for the world on the last Holiday weekend of The Summer….enjoy the truth.