IRAN INFLATION is soaring off any chart. The currency in IRAN is now virtually worthless. The cost of everything like Food is soaring like Venezuela and shortages of backbone stocks are crtical. Gasloine once subsidized is now too costly for many and not avaiable for most. IRAN is grinding to a stop as a completely FAILED STATE under absolutely FAILED POLICIES of their SUPREME DREAM. The mentally ill madman leading the nation has presided over trashing IRAN ECONOMICALLY and in every measured possible way to the welfare of its people Meanwhile he and a 1000 elite clerics own 99% of all the wealth of the entire nation. A very inconveient truth their absolute control of information assures never reaches the 200 million IRAN citizens.

INFORMATION SLAVERY creates real slaves based on information control. FREE INFORMATION IS POWER TO THE PEOPLE. Iran does not have that. China doe snot know 2000 million are locked up by the THOUGHT POLICE. North Koreans do not know that they are impoverished while their GOD KING FAT BOY explores with creating a NARCO NATION to engineer hydrogen bombs that threaten to kill 100% of that nations peeps. Russians do not know that 1000 SUPER RICH keep the wealthiest man in the world in power- where PUTIN owns 99% of the Wealth of PETRO NATION RUSSIA that has no economic prosperity under PUTIN wealth consolidation failed policies and INFORMATION SLAVERY to its population.j

When information slaves travel outside their state control media internet and click controlled model for inforatmion – state fed FAKE NEWS – they tell US when visiting the EU or Australia or Canada or North America or South – we want what YOU HAVE. FREE INFORMATION. The Truuth versus the lies. We want CLICK FREEDOMS.


In comes ELRON MUSK with 1000’s of 5G no spot not covered into space – about to go LIVE next year. CLICK FREEDOM will then reach the entire world all at once. State engineered INFORMATION SLAVERY IS A failed idea – and tragic suppression of humanity. Iran crazy brain leader wishes his maniac ideas to be the STATE INFORMATION to enslave 200 million people to his failed policy. The reason IRAN IS STARVING TO DEATH is their DREAM STEAM at the top. Those who stole and keep locked up the entire wealth of their nation.

Iran is going to war because IRAN now cornered into a FAILED STATE ECONOMIC IMPLOSION see’s war as the only way out. If the crazy brain leader is going to SUPREME CREAM himself – he might as well go out taking as many other down as he can. After all coming up on age 90 – enfeebled in body mind and spirit – what does he have to lose. He is going to die soon anyway. Might as well take millions upon millions along with him? That way no one holds the SUPREME PREME responsible for utterly trashing an entire nation.


A trillion in wealth for my people with a signature. Nope ! Not gonna do it ! Never gonna happen? Nope. NO way by gosh by bob?


Well I have to really give up phallic symbol NUKE. My viagra no longer works at my age so I chose to symbolize my dick as it once was before i can still remember?

I just want to NUKE ISRAEL – I want it to be me in HISTORY.

What will America do when I nuke Haffia ? All of Israel is gone – one strike.

Let Trump and his jew kike croney resolve life after that NUKE.

They trashed my country ( which “they did not” only the Supreme Mean trashed IRAN in failed economic policy – he bet and lost ) is what really happened – but he thinks hey TRUMP TRASHED ME I”ll take ISRAEL OUT then no more tension in the Middle East.

Like all Mad man he fails to see long before such fantasy occurs – Israel will NUKE IRAN. Supreme STEAM after that. Whisps of the SUPREME DREAM rising up into the skye. FAILED POLICY.

The rule – never – not ever – assume MAD MEN will act in the interest of what is BEST FOR THEIR OWN PEOPLE.Today the world is reviewing the facts:

  1. Iran has not stood down from anything in our opinion.
  2. It is our Opinion Iran shot down the Boeing UKRAINE PLANE.
  3. Iran will not allow USA FAA inspectors to get to the American black box on that plane ( duh why is that ? )
  4. Iran is executing more outgrade to the entire world
  5. Iran is racing to develop a nuke this year and will strike EU and American cities they are purely that crazy.

The American Military is going to strike Iran so that if they lob a pillow at us we return a mountain – if they lob a rock we return a nuke – if they lob a nuke we take out the entire nation ( 30 minutes ). In 72 hours Iran can lose ten billion in hard asses with no potential to repair or replace the loss. Their military will lose all of its precious toys. In 72 hours. 30 years of buying and builder including bunker buster nukes under ground – wiping out the entire SUPREME BEANS – errors in leadership in less than a week of time.


Donald Trumps patience with IRAN is now over.

The EU’s patience with Iran is now over.

Japan’s patience with IRAN is now over.

Putin and XI”s proxy is about to unravel years of their PROXY WAR EFFORT as Donald Trump defeats the PUTIN WORLD WAR III WAR PLAN WITH ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE long reported to you here as that war unfolds strategically.

If China does not rain i ( as the 100% economic under pinning of NUKE insane brain NORTH KOREA the NARCO CRIMINAL NATION ) the nuke fall out into China will be enormous – which will be all on XI in the end.

North Korea policy is failed. No PROSPERITY AGREEMENT so easy to secure.

Time is wealth.

North Korea is running out of TIME

Iran has run completely out of time as its insane leader licks his failed ego.

The World of COOPERATING ALIGNED COLLABORATING NATIONS is no longer permitting inclusion into the family of such nation s to whacko doodle brains as we see leading NORTH KOREA and IRAN.


Iran missiles most assuredly shot down the UKRAINE NON COMBATANT PASSENGER PLANE in a slaughter of the innocents. The USA took our a military combatant in the war zone before action to slaughter more Americans including countless civilians – as the target had already murdered over 600 Americans. Alls fair in Love and war – he knew the cost. Death to us part. Why?

We told you WHY in our last blog so you knew ….the truth.

When? Wellt that is because the PATIENCE OF THE USA IS EVAPORATING FOR IRAN rejections of a 120 page PROSPERITY DEAL.

NUKE OR NO NUKES – Iran failing as a state must decide.

Iran planning to strike the USA is like a child of four holding an old wooden pop gun facing 1000 cruise missiles saying – put up your hands? Those holding the cruise missiles look confused before you hear FIRE AT WILL.

Iran has a PROSPERITY DEAL or Iran failed state will be totally failed by the US OF A.

End game.

Why? Their leader is 30 years of failed policies and is today an aging crazy insane brain.

99% of all Iran Wealth is owned by INSANE OH at the TOP and his band of merry men in bed sheets.

Iran having lost the blessings of ALLAH ( that could not be more clear ) has now absolutely lost the patience of the entire world.

They know it.

But their leader deluded to bad advice – underestimates CONSEQUENCE FOR HIS ACTIONS.

For one – the SUPREME MACHINE does not believe as his advisers confirm – that America will all at once take out tens of billions of their toys. But they will.

The Supreme Keen – does not believe in his crazy brain software calculations that the USA will use a NUKE ON HIM.

The crazy brain is so wrong on that assessment.

The end for IRAN refusing a PROSPERITY DEAL will come without warning and will be so quick – so fast.

The outcome will Iran devastation. The Supreme TEAM will all meet Allah sooner than expected and discover how wrong in fact they all were as they are forgiven by endless Mercy from the SOURCE.

The people of Iran ( that remain alive ) will re-tool information slavery to information freedom and rebuild their nation welcomed into the family of nations.

What is odd is how 200 million in nation can hold fake news that they see as true as information slavery versus the real truth of how their leaders have stolen the entire wealth of their nations and whose policies led to a failed state. Less than 1000 crazy brains trashed an entire nation where the population allows them to do all that punishment to 200 million as if they deserved such insane failed outcomes.

Iran has not stood down.

A multiplex text will come early in 2020.

America and Trump will decisively remove the SUPREME TEAM from their fake news and hold them fully accountable in the ashes and smoke to follow.

Wait for it….that is WHAT IS going to occur …..

Unless the IRAN MILITARY puts a bullet into the STEAM POT and makes a 120 page prosperity deal with a NEW DREAM TEAM at the top.

Shift happens – we’ll see.

Iran and North Korea 2020 – have one reality to appreciate.


Take that to the bank as you plan out this year. Another reason to join us this March in Dallas aat CEO SPACE. Better plans better teams and missing resources create prosperity in any forward market do they not?