Investor Daily the most well read by the prosperous investor leaders on earth – presented the first article of its kind on the life story of MicroSoft CEO today and the milestones he has created in share wealth for MIcroSoft – so brilliant and so young at the top.

The Links Below let you quick scan the article I would make a book mark for future reference. My short quote in the Article defines the stature and regard financial press have for CEO SPACE opinions on trend lines.

As you must have seen this weekend blog information always first:

  1. Defining the CRASH taking place in China and rolling into economic instability moving forward
  2. The SUPER DEBT BUBBLE has head wind to Fed error in policy on recovery executions

Is Monday FRONT PAGE NEWS across the world….as leading journalist use this Blog site as resource for their work. The Super Short Sellers who made billions off this blog from our work in 2006 and 2007 are not focused on the Corporate Debt Bond instability potentials from Fed failed policies since 2015 – where MORE TIME is the strategy the Fed fails to appreciate in a new economy the FED has no experience in managing ( yet ).

Blog to FRONT PAGE NEWS – one day in time – demonstrates the increasing rising leadership to the Blog Readership using this blog for trend prediction and safe harbor planning in all markets.

We now predict a SUPER EXCITED earnings period with surprises as with China in its 1/3 trillion dollar all time record trade surplus in 2018 we predicted correctly – every three years if unchecked the USA is red ink by over 1 trillion dollars if the 2018 super red ink record on trade is not readjusted seriously. Trump teams knew that yesterday is already too late. If China balks or delays it will take 100 years to work forward of the China SUPER CRASH and potential internal instability politically from failed economic choices.

We predict a wild earnings reporting season with UPS for General Motors and Downs for GE and CITI CORP. We predict surprises – nothing normal – and wild wild volatility into the summer. We anticipate a reverse of 2018 – down bubble in the first half and up bubble in the second half – the wild cards include Trade Deals and Britt Exit and Fed policy delays on resetting TIME LINES to normalize to ten years versus ten months – to secure stability in the system working out a super debt bubble the central bank stimulus of a FREE MONEY DECADE requires for stability.

Now the click in today’s investor daily – share on your walls boards and social for me – thank you Scott Smith for the honor of being included ( also a CEO SPACE Lifetime Member ) as are so many leading journalist today.



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