As we noted the forward markets are new frontier. No historic data will predict cycle trends in this wild new crazy fully digital fully globalized market space. In and out flows of massive capital will produce wild swings as one institutions computers trade against another institutions computer with no small fry’s in between.

We have said – Children – if you failed to get out last year as we asked you to do over and over – just hold. Think 2018 and don’t panic. You invested for long term gains. Hold your asset and this will all seem like a blip when it sorts out. Sans long term deflation when all bets are off on wealth protection.

Next think about VENTURE INVESTING. Venture investing is a time machine to move lower share price investments, in growth firms, forward in time, to multiples no other sector can promise equal measure to. Use CEO SPACE to review more quality venture deals all better supported on fundamentals than is common in any market space – Forbes # 1 recommendation. Always diversify risks. If your going to invest 100,000 in venture space invest 20,000 in five industry offerings and channels. Diversify your risk across a spectrum of venture offers versus concentrating risk investing into a single bet. Diversified Venture Investing may be just the safe harbor for large returns you are seeking.

Venture investing also typically has short term income investments paying high returns on cash flow. Mix em up. Venture INVESTING is your time machine for higher return investing options . CEO SPACE presents a market of continuous support for the CEO’s of hyper growth ventures, so that your risk bets have greater discipline in this super high risk investing return with its super high return potentials.

CEO SPACE is like a play ground for investors to invisibly review 100’s of ventures Tuesday to Saturday and deep dive into the investment – with multiple law firms on site to advise you free before you invest – such that your due diligence is more complete, and your risk diversification far more exciting. Better deals, better managers and just better. A growing appetite from Private Equity and Hedge fund investors to use CEO SPACE for superior deal flow is taking place across the world.

Consider for the coming election year parking money in a hyper growth high return TIME MACHINE of DIVERSIFIED VENTURE INVESTING where capital is moved forward in time at high returns in the VENTURE SPACE MARKET. The market with the superior potential in any crazy market space where fortunes are made today by smart venture risk takers. Be one.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman

PS: Don’t panic children from the wild swings gong on in 2016 the new normal  – it is all going to be all right – some serious grown ups are working on he solutions for future stability globally.