April 2, 2015


Last Weds the SEC formally passed new REG A regulations. CEO SPACE exclusively suggests Lock Lord and Marlon Paz to under take capital offering documents, due to their expertise as a firm in entrepreneur development capital. Solo Practices in the Security law area, in our opinion, lack staff and currency on entrepreneur capital guidance, and all to often understate the capital required or the disclosure desired. In security law CEO SPACE educational guidance tells you to always follow your own attorney’s advice which is specific and individual to YOUR individual business. Our educational guidance is general in nature to accommodate all the various business categories that attend CEO SPACE. Our guidance errors on the mission to assure you have too much not too few capital follows to execute three year cost branding and marketing ramp ups for your next phase of development. The NEW REG A laws, are best executed by one of the law firms that helped these laws get enacted in the first place, due to special depth of experience knowledge and advice from these lakes and years of developing the new law, so that superior advice can be undertaken. All CEO space members are free to follow our guidance or not, but we caution members to choose “on the cheap” legal to realize looking backwards what such costs do to investors and your ventures may reset your GPS to hire only the best related to capital.

In 2015 we are so proud of Lock Lord and Marlon Paz for his instruction, expertise and guidance educationally to our membership. It costs nothing more to have the BEST of the BEST. Further, the new REG A laws open flood gates for capital issuers to approach the market with new wind beneith your sales.




The Gas Price is a fraud. Until regulators criminalize rampant market speculation, all commodities carry a tax to the super rich or over 100%. The average lifting price for Gas from top to bottom of cost is $ 18.50 and that is the super high estimate from oil firms themselves – the cost number they can’t wiggle away from. We think it is closer to $ 14.00.


At this level a 100% profit is $ 36.00 a barrel. Anything higher is legal theft to super rich speculators. Consider the tale of two dogs. In 1995 when the financial regulations were destroyed by the last unanimous vote of Congress – speculation or betting on WHICH WAY SOMETHING WOULD GO as to future pricing – was 800 billion a year. Stake Holder trading where you add value to the economy and actually buy a stock or bond – was at two trillion.


In 2015 stake holder trading has once again after the worst crash in 70 years, returned to two trillion – but is not the tail of the dog versus the dog it used to be in 1995. The new dog in 2015 is 440 trillion annual dollars in pure speculation trading – adding a hidden cost to Coffee to Oil – and pouring wealth into the already super rich. Is this the bubble that will cause world war III? We think so unless the G 100 act to enact common global legislation to outlaw rampant speculation. Gasoline at $ 1.25 at the American pump is still high – but fair. Anything over that price is criminal LEGAL THEFT of your annual dollars – the biggest theft of wealth in the worlds entire history. Without common global legislation as outlined in my best selling book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION we sink in my opinion into world war III.


Competitive capitalism, and competitive socialism and communism, always sink into this historical 5000 year old pattern from the old nobility systems – into historical repeating data:


1. 1% own more wealth than 99% unsustainably

2. Melt down as the world adjusts to the inequity and corruption

3. Trade war evidenced by tariffs and price control and currency manipulations – taking place now.

4. A contagion event spreads the market of trust and collaboration into the market of distrust and negotiation into the break down of all trust as financial contagion spreads global in weeks.

5. World War results – each and every time.


If you know this financial pattern exists why not fix the system? Super Rich make fortunes in war and retain their elite franchise from such wealth building. So many issues in global pollution and aging demographics plaguing economies from China to Greece resolve with WORLD WAR that profiteers are opting once again for World War. Putin to Obama fail to see the actual problem at source, its always the money SYSTEM not the items of moment – and without resolving the SYSTEMS the outcome is pretty historic and certain.

I recommend reading REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION and Game Plan by CEO SPACE FACULTY Kevin Freeman for predicting what is coming and how YOU can personally get through it…if you lack a GAME PLAN you will never get through what is next and coming. May we show you the way? A better safer way?

Read the news with these details in mind, and it will help you.

ISIS is a bunch of gang members, crypts and bloods, having nothing to do with religious thought – mind washing young brains to engage them in their philosophy of torture and death. Seven billion of us – have them surrounded. There is no reason to fear them as the delete button on them is already pushed….the process of removing their buggy mental code takes some time. They are not the threat.

The threat is minds that lock into competition versus cooperation. The one virus on human thinking. Nothing holds us all back but that one virus. If you know you have it – you can remove it. If you think Competition is other than an eye dropper of pure evil. You reside with the pain and agony of Competition. Forever.

So Gas price is a fraud and they are stealing from you. Everyone receiving tribute – billions to packs in DC for 500 plus law makers all bought and sold for the majority – there is no way out of the legal theft really. Unless you vote in 2016 for change – for cooperation not competitive law makers – if you really change the belt ways of all the capitols your unborn children may break the historic pattern.

We continue to labor for THAT outcome.


Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE