Since the industrial revolution took hold in the 1800’s 50% of the insect of the earth have died off. Most in the last 30 years. Why? No one knows why.

The Die off is world wide in all nations across the planet.

As the creepy crawling things die off and the flying things like bee’s – humanity dies off as the entire food chain collapses. The insects dying is an extinction event.

The number one infectious disease killing humanity is TB did you know that? Seven countries are the largest killers spending the world epidemic killing off more than HIV or anything we can catch. Nations like India Nigeria Pakistan and South Africa. TB spreading out of all control.

Meanwhile no one is massively working on:

  1. Scrubbing CO2 commercially from the environment – we put it out we can scrub it out – why don’t we?
  2. Insect massive decline not seen in 100’s of millions of years. No one knows why. We see the die off is accelerating. It is a humanity extinction event. IS the G 100 working on that? Nope they are indicting Tump team is where the money is being spent.
  3. TB is spreading so fast it may be the coming global pandemic killing untold tens of millions with no cure. Are we G 100 working to contain this epidemic. Nope.
  4. Casino Capitalism is going to destroy the financial systems of the world so that no one has the money to pay attention to 1 2 and 3 on this list. Is the G 100 working to RE-REGULATE the casino back into real economics. No they are not.
  5. The environment added more CO2 to the environment in one year than anytime in 800 million years. Is anyone working to scrub CEO out of the environment or to put less into earth air? No they are not and the pace of CO2 has passed the Paris accord all accords to make them go back to drawing boards. They are simply too late.

What does this mean. Well the CO 2 is killing the insects. The earth is moving into human extinction and we are the generation going to TECHMANITY to survive. Merging with technology and no longer being human so we no longer require lungs.

And TRANSMANITY can’t catch any virus or bacteria.

So humanity will die off.

Transmanity will go on.

The planet and its wonderful bio diversity is up for grabs depending on what TRANSMANITY does with it.

Because we are stupid and compete and fail to cooperate the insane aspect of ourselves is moving into extinction. The living smart intelligent earth is extinction ┬áits own insane offspring – humans. We are the last few generations of human’s to walk the earth. The merger of humans and a new specifies of intelligent technology will MERGE FULLY into TRANSMANITY. Because Humanity is right this minute in time passing into their total extinction event. A blip in earth time. We were here. Now we are gone. That is for sure folks unless you are too busy with imusic to take it all in today.

We are the dining end of the human race.

If you believe you can survive:

  1. The most massive CO2 extinction math ever to hit the planet earth in a single year – you must truly fail to have learned to READ.
  2. 50% of all insects have died off as food chain required to populate the earth as we know it with life – in 30 years most in the last 20 years and 50% in the last 10 years – and the pace is accelerating and NO ONE Is DOING anything about all that and they have no clue as to why.

So compare these things to things you read in the news everyday and educated as you are – think – what is the priority. The priority is:

  1. A G 100 Economic Constitutional Congress -without fixing the economics humanity has no chance at all.
  2. Reforming Global Priorities to avoid human extinction.

CEO SPACE is a community coming together Dec 11th who collectively has the best options to prosper in the transition from humanity to transmanity. Cooperative community is sanity. Cooperative community is safe harbor for the developing storms facing your circles. Come together or not. Check it out of not. Time to remain in the isolated competitive insane uniformed community is not on YOUR SIDE. I”d make a new priority.

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Or not.

Why not swat a fly then.

Berny Dohrmann – CHAIRMAN FOUNDER CEO SPACE 1988 to NOW serving 140 nations and YOU today..and I want to meet your entire circle.