Explain your work to new readers. Ok I will. In the 1940’s my Famous father Alan G Dohrmann founded the Human Potential Industry. Those who visited the house to hang out with Thought Leader dad – included while I was 7 and up in the 1950’s and 1960’s with Dad as the most sought after MENTOR I ever witnessed included:

  • Walt Disney
  • Martin Luther King
  • Og Mandino
  • Clement Stone ( Positive Mental attitude )
  • Napoleon Hill ( until he died )
  • Jack Kennedy ( as senator pitched my little league game – see PERFECTION CAN BE HAD that story is in the book )
  • Zig Ziglar
  • Bucky Fuller
  • Warner Earhardt
  • Michael Murphy and Estlan
  • Tom Wilhite
  • WIlliam Penn Patrick
  • Ben Gay ( author of the CLOSERS )
  • Goldi Miaer
  • Margret Thatcher
  • Ronald Reagan
  • G David Shine
  • Founder of Sony
  • CEO Pepsi and too many Fortune CEO’s to count
  • Dr. Deming

To name a few of the house guests when I was growing up. As the oldest Son in a family of nine with five girls and four boys I was the most interested in Dads’ work and his guest thought leader discussions. I sat endlessly growing up in his holding court Barbecue outdoor ( covered Lathe House ) into the night – discussions of human potential. Those fire side chats helped shaped my life work as I came into adult hood.

In this work over decades the COOPERATION MOVEMENT was born via Dad Dr. Edward Deming  and Napoleon HIll primarily. They concluded that COMPETITIVE THOUGHT IMPULSE was a brain software code error of our mind our our quantum whole brain CPU and computer  – a buggy mind code of software  in brain software from the ancient hippocampus mid brain our most antique lower brain stem. This software error – buggy evolutionary code to keep us alive in a long gone historic Raptor world now conflicted with higher brian values and function of the Cortex Frontal Lobe and its all new higher level software. The software of the old hard wired reptilian brain the hippco campus at your lower brain stem your most ancient brain part – is early code for thinking – long past its proper use and fully in conflict with your higher brain higher software of mind – a rip tide of software code between old and new.

Competitive thought form presents behavior that are both delusional and paranoid – assessing all human solution as threat – and presenting endless combat between human diversities, punishing all diversity, and existing in zero integrity within patterns of endless human warfare in the home and work space and in the nation space. Hippocampus brain software is the seat of human insanity for hard wired software of ideas like WAR as solution. Insanity. A bug in the software code of your mind. Easy to adapt out of but impossible if education cultures at home and in education cement insanity code as good and appropriate. Education since before Rome to this day anchor insanity and mid brain thinking as acceptable and flawless brain code of mind – when it is anything but good software. Hippocampus COMPETITIVE THINKING IMPULSES are insanity and bad software code in your mind. Until you KNOW that enjoying sustainable thrilling lives…is in fact not possible. Your brain software will return to pattern of contest and challenge ending in breach of integrity and betrayals from cultures that adore COMPETITIVE WINNERS over any cooperative whiners. Insanity is rewarded. Sanity is in effect punished. Competition is prized. Cooperation is seen as weak and of lower value. Sanity is lower value than insanity. This cutture divide until crossed presents human beings with a steady insanity march to our own extinction.


For the first period of my life as an investment banker economist I ramped up a new model of investment banking brokerage firm, based on cooperation, transparency, real time reporting, using technology in ways never undertaken before and creating integrity cultures in an industry making movies of the WOLF OF WALL STREET and the opposite of integrity as the prize. For 22 years this effort created one of the FASTEST growing ( the first franchise for Financial Planning in all 50 states as innovation to new culture and integrity  modeling ) investment banking brokerage firms, in the world not just the USA. Hosting offices in San Francisco and New York the firm, INVEST AMERICA was sold to a consolidation firm in a merger acquisition with UNITED STATES CAPITAL in the 1980’s which took the PUBLIC FIRM private to sell it for its parts  ( the new owner was a top white shark in the Broker Dealer Feeding frenzy of that era ) versus its whole selling these parts  to others for conventional profits. We sold the firm for a price of only 1.00 Dollar to secure the culture and forward game plan would be honored for the thousands involved with the global public institution. The new owners had zero intention to honor all that and simply stole the firm to secure their own gains.  Lesson Learned.

My famous Daddy had contracted cancer and I left ( resigned from ownership and management ) of the Investment Banking firm ( before the merger ) which was managed by large team of licensed professionals or  others -while I was free to return from New York to San Fransisco  to care for my now ill  Father. On good days following many surgeries Dad could execute his duties as President of PSI WORLD SEMINARS at the time – and on bad days his oldest Son performed his executions for the CORPORATE GLOBAL TRAINING FIRM Dad also directed. As Father graduated I morphed his corporate enterprise training global leadership in the largest institutions  into CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL in the 1980’s.

The Goal in the AGE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR ( 1980’s -into 2000’s and beyond ) )  was to present unmatched leadership development skill sets into a new AGE we saw developing we called SUPER CHANGE. The New AGE OF SUPER CHANGE was presenting stress loads to C suite management Ivy League Universities world wide failed to present tools tactics and leadership solutions into. CEO SPACE filled a “LEADERSHIP growing  gap of bleeding edge LEADERSHIP TOOL KITS that were upgraded every 60 days a first in an entirely new innovation for advanced –  Leadership development modeling. Rather than an EVENT as all past and existing offers in the field of leadership development where – all are events – the concept for inspired leaders was a lifetime membership into a never ending PROCESS of keeping LEADERSHIP CURRENT AND RELEVANT inside an every accelerating age of SUPER CHANGE. The New rising SUPER STRESS In both home space and work space was becoming SUPER CHANGE itself. The never ending acceleration of SUOER CHANGE. Finally CEO SPACE presented for a  very low price – a one time price – a lifetime membership that was a tax write off – via both individual and corporate group programs. Corporate lifetime became the most desirable investment for super high investment returns upon the tax repurposed investing for profit. CEO SPACE from day one worked. Leaders reported uncommon results which were lasting – while the lifetime on going upgrading – became priceless to inspired leaders. CEO SPACE was fresh globally – new – and exciting. CEO SPACE was more advanced and secured superior problem solving and challenge list removals via FORTUNE LEVEL CEO mentors, impossible to hire in group outside CEO SPACE at the lower price points. CEO’s raved about the innovation in leadership development and the PRESS reported CEO SPACE led the industry year after year world wide.


Jeff Bezos a SUPER CHANGE leader is often cited for his innate gifts and abilities ( rare thought process ) to see around corners of the future unfolding….before that future occurs at all.

Inspired leaders are becoming aware of the thinking modeling of conditioned University training as wholly obsolete today and tomorrow in the new age of  Super Change stressing work spaces and home spaces today. CEO SPACE over four decades of developing advanced leadership outcomes for some of the most amazing winners globally consistent over years and decades of time in  2020 and beyond – stuff that makes CEO SPACE legendary and Press ranked # 1 2010 – 2020 over ten years # 1  ranked BUSINESS CONFERENCE IN THE WORLD ( hosting five annual week long CEO events  in Dallas TEXAs now open to you and all leaders who wish to grow maximally ) which allowed us to lead in the  new age we call in 2020 SUPER CHANGE the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. . The model for CEO SPACE and my work is to challenge yourself on quality that the last leadership training has fallen behind Super Change and new TOOLS and NEW TACTICS are required in only 60 days ahead to bring the NEXT TRAINING for LEADERS to a higher bar level. Every quarter CEO SPACE stands alone as all new, fresh to quarter, and developing leaders who are empowered to WIN in the new challenges of SUPER CHANGE itself.  By always raising the LEADERSHIP BAR – leaders now have the first and that we know of – only ON GOING layer by layer outcome accelerator to reduce time and cost to reach goals. CEO SPACE has proven it takes longer and it costs more to realize growth goals outside CEO SPACE than inside the CEO SPACE community of leaders. Leaders join CEO SPACE to invest in themselves, to become the best, and to secure options to better manage in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE by the program of leadership most highly ranked by the PRESS and the one entity that wrote the BOOK ON SUPER CHANGE itself.

CEO SPACE events are unique proprietary and like nothing else on earth. CEO SPACE uniquely pairs CEO’s from Fortune institutions – to mid level – to development space – with CEO’s helping CEO’s without condition – in a cooperation based culture that examples a future without the brain software bugs and errors of COMPETITIVE TOXIC THOUGHT PATTERNS . The Book Redemption is designed for leaders who lack time and resources to join live practice sessions anchoring new skill deeply to your internal process of decision making – such that a book can load in the software our week long programs also anchor more deeply. Redemption is the ideal prep for the CEO SPACE Leadership development week. Dec 7th is the next and last program of 2019 in Dallas – you are encouraged to register for the profit of that choice.



INVEST AMERICA as a leading Public Global investment banking firm syndicating with other major global underwriters and post merge was followed by CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL in the 1980’s. CEO SPACE  created a two unique platforms of working with Leaders of fortune firms and development space firms, as we worked to present strategy and funding for growth to both. The reputation of my Father and Dr. Deming as collaborating inventors and the father creators of:

  • Total Quality Management in the work space TQM
  • Total Value Quality the next generation of TQM
  • Six SIgma and more modernized systemic modeling for the expanding global IT and service industries

Provided some credibility and celebrity legacy in THOUGHT LEADERSHIP as father graduated leaving us in the 1980’s.  Dr. Demining ( who left us in the 1990’s )  and Father had pioneered COOPERATION SYSTEMIC CULTURE REFORM in the more existed as the most advanced work of LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT and EXECUTIONS in the world. COOPERATION THEORY had been engineered tested and proven to UNCORK the human performance CEILINGS competitive system modeling created. Cooperation culture reform demonstrated unmatched performance gains in a Fortune global institution or a dentist office in Dallas. Upon the final hospital hours of their life on this earth…… of both my father and Dr. Deming they both admonished me ….FINISH IT…meaning the cooperation revolution as the way forward for human potential.  I as a much younger leader in those years decades ago promised them both….that I would do my best to FINISH IT. In 2020 I”m still executing my promise to them both. My life is about decades of labor to FINISH IT. To massively elevate human consciousness absent the competitive buggy software of mind. NEW BRAINS. Super Change Brains. Brains that without competition:

  1. Learn FASTER
  2. Unlearn faster than THAT
  3. And RELEARN even faster yet

NEW BRAINS represent the leaders of tomorrow……..


There are so many. The mentorship of Mr. Morita founder of Sony until he died was so useful as Mr. Morita pioneered COOPERATION THEORY into Sony and was a huge patron of R&D for SUPER TEACHING which Sony lent late breaking technology to us  when we tested SUPER TEACHING as the ultimate future digital design model  for all class room future designs. ( Click for this work milestone ). Super Teaching presented data of accelerated human learning stunning public and private education authorities. The Late Edward Kennedy final acts in congress was to assist our teams to have SUPER TEACHING qualify for title I block grant distribution to upgrade public school class room learning in the unfolding digital SUPER CHANGE and 5 G.

In the early 1990’s Joan Gustafson then head of training for 3M Corporation joinged CEO SPACE and installed COOPERATION CULTURE REFORM system wide in 3M corporation. The Performance gains for 3M were legendary and brought many other leaders and firms into our orbit. Joan became a lady leader in charge of the new EU development  for 3M – until she retired. Joan remain on faculty with CEO SPACE up to the time of her health challenge and graduation – I miss Joan today. Vice Presidents of my fathers Fortune Consulting firm founded Booze Allan and Accenture and McKinsey at their formation years. Those elder statesman brought clients to us and instructed at CEO SPACE even until today as age limits many to return in 2020. . We off loaded cooperation theory to those institutions they referred to us – and we had them bring COOPERATION THEORY back to their larger corporate training institutions – with our blessings –  to train more of the work space than we could ever hope to reach a work in progress still today – due to management turn over and Super Change into those institutions. Tony Robbins soaked up many protocols to use in his larger outreach to leadership world wide. Go Buddy ROBBINS INSTITUTE you GOT THIS – WORLD CHANGE AGENCY.

Upgrading the collective software of global human consciousness ( largely mindless software error downloading to young brains ) is a work that spans a lifetime. The tools to upgrade human consciousness all at once at coming. It is our opinion our survival depends on brain software upgrading.


Competition is a brain bad software downloaded onto your brain by men and woman you no longer know nor can you remember. These codes of mind ( fake news that appears real to you ) dictate your capacity to be insane – to punish all diversity of human expression versus celebrate the tapestry of our magnifen diversity in bodies, creeds, culture, politics, food, dress, music,, homes, play, sports and ways of thinking. Punishing our diversity is insane. Those doing so like ISIS are crazy brains infected with the extreme form of the competitive insane brain software.

Competition is a toxic mid brain software that outlived its evolutionary function 300,000 years ago.

Competing with the planet we now march toward absolute human extinction.

Competing with one another in fake news self justified contests across the world is a march into human for sure extinction.

The cause is mid brain software from the hippocampus.

Inspired leaders can upgrade culture software in their work space to operate in self correcting COOPERATIVE CULTURES defeating toxic limiting performance outcomes from buggy mind software of error code known as competitive thought. Identifying competitive thought as unwanted human brain software is the future of education reform. Today education is itself insane. Education in all aspects rewards buggy god awful competitive software of the mind – assuring cultural outcome – extinction.

Brains infected with Competition values and software errors – believe they are right – they are happy in their endless competitive state – the state they know and have known since childhood failure of education to eradicate the virus – assure their circles and families own the bad brain code generationally. Extinction of humanity is the only outcome of collective competitive buggy mind software.

I wrote the BOOK REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – a five star sold out from 2010 every single day since release on Amazon to wake up – with new software that self corrects the buggy bad mental code of competition – in all its forms – for brains that reach a point they realize their life is dealing with SYMPTOM versus CAUSE ( mind software ). Competitive education globally perpetuates competitive tragic extinction outcome brain software for humans.

Try and imagine the following:

  1. Work Space with unconditional cooperation and total integrity at every level with zero competitive impulse or culture allowance for competitive thinking. What kind of work space would you enjoy? Would such a work space be a fully switched on turned on work space with unmatched human problem solving and performance output gains?
  2. A home Space with unconditional cooperation trust and zero competitive thought – with culture safe guards to self correct to a heaven on earth home space versus a war zone of compromise distrust and resignations?
  3. Nations cooperating in integrity and alliances without distrust breach of integrity or cultures that display competitive thought as unwished for and self correction. Would our planet and futures unleash with cooperation between nations?

Imagine the AI of the future removed in the GREAT AWAKENING the mid brain capacity for competitive thought. That in an insstant no human could think competitively at all. That now competitive thought was absent. Integrity the DNA of cooperation was the only possibility and no brain breached integrity or thought competitively as to brain impulse. SOFTWARE mal function was reset and humanity enjoyed improved brain software without buggy god awful toxic code of the mind.

Ideas die hard. All ideas die hard as living things all die hard. The EARTH IS FLAT died hard. The Gods of Greece and Rome died hard. The inquisition died hard. The Muslim Master Faith dies hard. The Master Race dies hard. Competitive insane brain software. Those most infected wish to preserve their bad mind software. The extreme form who refuse to upgrade or adapt into SUPER CHANGE must be deleted – as was the head of ISIS a crazy brain today. Software removal in extreme displays of competitive human insanity and rage are required – by the waking up and majority moving into sanity.

How fast can bad brain software – Competitive thought impulse – be uniformly culturalized as inferior buggy software – to be removed and upgraded to superior software of collaboration and cooperation and integrity cultures that lack the buggy extinction software of mind?

My life work? We humans march toward our own extinction. We do so due to software that is insane in the minds of human beings. Such software can no longer adapt to the SPEED and ACCELERATIONS OF SUPER CHANGE. Our human extinction is assured by earth atmosphere unable to support our mammal diversity of life – coming sooner than humans expect all documented on this site as to the science – of extinction unfolding. Extinction of earth impact events also unfolding sooner than humans expert. Finally extinction from Human nuke and war events due to our impossible insanity that we refuse at the inspired leader level at head of state – to reform education to remove the one virus cause of all our madness.


Competitive thought impulse, to any challenge or problem minor mid or large – is the flaw in mind code of the brain.

The mid reptilian brain impulses threat resolution and lower brain thought into higher brain potential. Public education has not kept pace with HUMANITY AND SUPER CHANGE. Human competitive thought fails to embrace change at pace levels to cope with SUPER CHANGE that are increasingly required. Human flawed mental error code of the mind – creates – the MOTHER OF ALL VIRUS OF MIND the ONE CAUSE the single VIRUS of brain software holding us back. One toxic secretion of the virus is to resist upgrading and future embrace to super change in any form within collective tribal embrace of …that is the way we have always done things …the earth IS flat…..

Defeating the mid breain virus code requires very little.

Culture and education for a better software of mind. That is it really. A better software of your own mind. As so many are seeking this by reading and studying they end up in a pattern they can never break out of. Why? it takes community to self correct software of the mind culturally. NO ONE CAN UPGRADE MENTAL SOFTWARE ALONE. First wake up call.

Reptilian brain impulse will come…thoughts just are.

Our job is to discern thinking and accept good software of the mind and reject buggy god awful software of the mind. This tool untaught as yet in all education of human beings – is known as THINKING AND DISCERNMENT. These mental tools of thinking are easily taught in K to 12. Our failure to teach higher brain function now leads rapidly to human extinction. Our smart planet will redo its insane smart water ( us ) and start with new smart water later – to become its own seeds to the stars – sane smart water.



You all tell me. Comment at the bottom of this post ( or any post ). How do you Hong Kong turning out? How did all the ARAB Sprins turn out really? Are people better off or worse off? In Moscow? In Pakistan? In Saudi ? In Africa? In fire torn California at competitive war was the most far left state in the USA and the more right leadership in the Beltway. How is it turning out in Chile or Argentina for the people on the ground? For North Korea? Or the Muslim East in China? If China and Russia proceed with asymmetrical warfare with the West and the competition becomes more entrenched how does that end well? That competition between super powers? Is it sane for Nuke Nations to compete like India and Pakistan over Kashmir? Is it safe for Nuke Israel to be provoked by Iran i Syria building up to attack Israel directory? How is it on the ground for folks in Lebanon as nation after nation moves into grid lock and dysfunction over the contest of factions in that nation? How does competition and endless wars competition causes help those on the ground ? Are we better in any measurement within sane cooperative THINKING MODELING to any solution we must discover – or are we better off in combative competitive insanity – which way is better for us? Cooperation sanity? Competition insanity? What do you see rising up in the world today as you scan news? Massive competitive contests breaking out in nations all over the world? Spain and entire people drawing red lines on autonomy breaking apart the Spanish state? Centuries rising to Spanish competition contest we see today. What is best for the people on the ground? Keep  competing ? Today the left brain problem complexity of competitive brain outcomes over centuries are far too complex to resolve to completion with left brain competitive thought that brought us to this scale of complexity to solution we find ourselves facing. We face our own extinction next.

We just discovered the last destruction of life was only 13,000 years ago with a large IMPACT EVENT in the Carolina’s. This impact event created a planet wide ice age. Climate change was massive. The % of an earth matching impact event – a human extinction event, is 100%. Thats right. Listen to me. The % chance of our extinction from a single IMPACT EVENT is 100%. Worse every 34 Million Years our solar system goes up and goes down in its journey. Every 34 million years we have had impact events because – we are at our low flight path – inside the greatest rock storm density for impact events. This knowledge we have only known for less than 25 years now. The reason the knowledge has IMPACT is that we and our earth are in the KILL ZONE OF THE ROCK STORM BLIZZARD right now. The % change of human extinction from an earth IMPACT EVENT is 100%.

The % of Climate change warming the oceans to release the trillions of tons of earth Methane held in liquid form at the bottom of the seas – is 1.5 higher ocean floor temperature. The trigger of only 1.5 degree higher ocean temperature releases all the methane all at once to the atmosphere. It has happened before. Back and fourth cycling. The % chance methane trap release will extinct all humanity is 100%. No wiggle room. And sooner than you think. What are Human beings doing to cooperate and cool the oceans and detect and deflect incoming events to preserve our humanity?

Oh. We are doing zero. We almost had an impact event this summer – very near miss. Last minute kind of thing. We are so busy investing to nuke each other with space nukes, with 20 minute delivery nukes – with North Korea and Gulf Nukes, with spreading Nukes, with Nuke ourselves into extinction due to competition over our political diversity – which insanely we punish versus celebrate due to competitive mind brain insane culture thought process we teach educationally. We teach insanity.

So how do you see the world of nations? Sanely working to cooperate? Insane dividing and in increasingly riots all over the globe? How do human beings collectively without inspired leaders address our flawed core thinking problem – competition is human insanity and is to be terminated as a thinking process – exchanged for cooperation as sanity with integrity as DNA to sanity. Or we go extinct without integrity.

Are we smart enough WATER – smart water – to make a choice for the one change that saves us all? What do you see ? What do you chose? How important is that choice? Why is there not a NOBEL PRIZE for peace for COOPERATION THOUGHT FORM IDENTITY ?



Four Decades ago we imagined a world wide Cooperation Movement. A bloodless final revolution for human futures taking place in the silent warfare of the mind itself. A choice to upgrade from buggy awful human pattern REPEATING never ending game of thrones – with Lawyers being the Nights to help Nobels with Hostile take overs. As we saw time running out for our own extinction we chose to work in the MIND FIELDS. Why?

As the founding family of the global HUMAN POTENTIAL industries and movements we knew more. We had identified the PROBLEM. The one Cause. The ONE VIRUS ON HUMAN COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS all made possible by a lack of inspired leadership at the state level to reform human education.  The developing Super Change of quantum math made the end desired illusive. Why? The axiom no competitive virus dominated thinker can impact collective consciousness outside a critical mass of awake cooperative virus free thinkers.

The BEST SELLING BOOK ( back ordered at Amazon always but they fill those quickly ) REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION was designed to upgrade inspired leader circles to self corrrecting in work space cultures of higher mind software free of the competitie virus. A book became the VIRUS REMOVAL TOOL  From the 1980’s to 2020 and beyond I devoted my life work to COMMUNITY BUILDING for INSPIRED LEADERS. CEO SPACE became a vive time annual event that influences THINKING and software upgrading for leaders impacting millions. Cultures in work spaces and profesional spaces have now become a self sustaining cooperation movement. Thought leaders from Tony Robbins to Bob Proctor to Greg Reid to Corporate trainers like Jeff Magee and Steve Farber ( all CEO SPACE FACULTY OR MEMBERS ) now by the sheer numbers impact so many millions with COOPERATIVE theory and mental software upgrading the MOVEMENT TO:

1.Identify –  lower reptilian brain thinking error of competitive thought impulse – is bad software of your mind – the single cause of all your problems in home space and work space – and the cause of all human misery world wide. The actual cause Competitive thinking. Human minds absent competitive thought CAPACITY solve problems ideally and forever. Self correcting along their way. MARKING COMPETITIVE THINKING TO INSPIRED LEADERS of Fortune Companies to a Dentist Office changes the world. One brain at a time.

2. To VIRUS REMOVE AND INOCULATE – VIRUS INFECTED BRAINS with Cooperation the virus removal. No computer can repair its terrible performance unless that self aware computer learns that it indeed HAS A VIRUS. Half the issue is to INDENTIFY the virus as cause. The brain always will seek a BETTER WAY FORWARD. Once it sees the VIRUS and its toxic outcomes – it choses a BETTER WAY cooperation the virus removal tool.

CEO SPACE is the leading business training in the world today by press ranking. CEO SPACE is ground zero for inspired leaders who seek cooperation as a better way and a community devoted to the cooperation culture now infecting the entire world with massive survival ( for the human species ) upgrading. Competition leads to rapid human extinction. Cooperation leads to prosperity for all of us.

We compete and we all perish together.

We cooperate and we all prosper together.

CEO SPACE endorses Tony Robbins leadership development ….


Pretend Russia and China aligned in cooperation to defeat in competition the USA and the WEST in the EU. That alignment of competitive thinking from the mid brain will lead to global extinction. Fact.

Pretend Russia China the USA and the EU form a SUPER ALLIANCE and COOPERATE within new box top rules defeating ( by agreement of the minds ) competitive insane thinking – puring competitive thinking impulse – as lower brain stem and insane – and with education and mental discipline removing competitive thinking from culture circles that lead nations. The culture of competition is now shunned by human tribalism awake to its core brain software.

Cooperating we all prosper together and the planet is healed.

Competing we all rapidly move to extinction together and disappear from the earth as a fully insane specifies demonstrating lack of capacity to mature into sanity from insanity in brain software now so clearly identified.

Competitive thinking is a form of human insanity and madness.

There is nothing good about competitive thinking and those who defend the insanity are themselves infected by the virus. The Virus most no longer have power. Like Caligula in Rome or Hitler in Modern Times. Competition creates the ideas of master faith or master race. Extinction madness in your own failed education. The madness is not your fault.

Celebrating human diversity is sane.

Punishing human diversity is insane.

Collective human consciousness is virus infected from failure of education of human raw potentials ( sanity ).

Today we kill one another due to a sect being hindo buddhist or shite or sunni? A madness of punishing diversity versus sanity of celebrating diversity. Crazy brains. We spend the money required to prevent extinction planet wide from our insane pollutions of our water air and soils – to kill one another endlessly – in madness of thinking errors that leads to total humanity extinction and soon. Marches to prevent extinction will not end well. Why?

The first POLLUTION is MIND POLLUTION and until we remove the VIRUS OF THE MIND the CAUSE of our own insanity and extinction and embrace COMPETITIVE THOUGHT IS INSANITY – we simply go extinct. Extinction movements need to stand for the VIRUS REMOVAL OF MIND to have a hope of winning in time to prevent accelerated human extinction.

My kids and grand kids make me so proud today…..they are my legacy…..



My wife September has taken on the task of raising the WORK OF THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION into films and outcomes to effect billions where my work stopped with millions. Today I work at my LEGACY FINAL TIME as a consultant to nations and head of state and their teams who embrace:

  1. Debt Resetting into 100 YEAR SUPER BONDS for sovereign nations – to gives ua all more time to survive versus going extinct.
  2. To help reform national education to embrace SUPER CHANGE – retool education – one nation at a time now funded by the SUPER BOND – removing the virus in community of nations – resetting the world at the NATIONAL LEVEL.
  3. UPGRADING entrepreneur laws to assure sustainable sane cooperative capitalism economics as a blue print for prosperity to all nations defined in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION.

My work with my partner Mark Cervello and Dr. Rey Linares and James Wilkenson and Dr. Ho include UNICORN ‘s RISING to impact global community and world peace and our own human survival. What do we need next?

  1. We could use legacy investors who endow the work and future into our IPO globally speeding up the COOPERATION REVOLUTION. See our business plan on line and call us for more details on your investing if you are a legacy investor.
  2. Head of State airfare and expense invitation to NO FEE CONSULTING for your SUPER BOND and national culture reform from competitive extinction software in nation into cooperative prosperity survival software in nation.
  3. Education embrace of COOPERATION THEORY AND COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM THEORY outlined in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION AND SUPER CHANGE. Without out upgraded education and soon humanity goes extinct because of flawed education that is virus infected itself.


At the last part of my life I work primarily with THOUGHT LEADERS world leaders and heads of state and politicians who SEEK better software of mind – and upgrading cultures for nations. CEO SPACE with my wife September every sixty days in Dallas Texas hosts CEOS” world wide who seek a smarter safer more accelerated profit outcome within cooperative capitalism. CEOS attend help one another in cooperation – zero competition – in cultures they then foster in their work and home space changing THE WORLD. If you wish to upgrade your own mental software once and for all to enjoy more THRILLING SUCCESSFUL LIVES you may wish to register and join CEO SPACE – swapping a tax dollar for enormous profits on time and asset ownership of CEO SPACE lifetime low cost memberships – Corporate and Platinum packages being your best investment bet. Check it out.

My legacy in life – illuminates insanity in all forms as competitive failed economics leading to extinction of systems and us – and illustrating cooperative virus free systems as our survival and prosperity versus extinction and insanity. This blog is never political.

It is a RIP TIDE of competitive oceans and Cooperative Seas at a tide change in which COOPERATION is the HIGH TIDE of human existence.

We lead the COOPERATION REVOLUTION 1940 to 2020 and beyond.

Changing THE WORLD….folks consumes generations……and consumes a lifetime.


My pleasure.


PS: Dec 7th is the next CEO SPACE IN DALLAS – the CEO big one and favorite of the year for our members and new members into the Holiday Christmas CEO SPACE in Dallas. Check it out