Hitler, knowing how badly he had lost, how insane his entire short number of years where truly – say 12 year to wipe out over 100 million wonderful souls and spirits – mostly Russian – was a total waste. Why?

The INSANE when they are granted money and power – always murder the sane in totally insane ways – but can never come close to defeating sanity. Insanity like the flue or car wrecks may kill more human’s than war itself, but still, in the end the sane are the cure and insanity is wiped out of the body.

Isis is not a religion nor is ISIS in any way religious.

Isis is not political or in any way is ISIS a political movement.

ISIS is a very small group, of leaders, who are insane. As with NAZIS insanity, the brain condition known as INSANITY, is catching like Ebola. Leaders who have this insanity in its extreme form, like fatal small pox of the brain, can infect other brains and cause them to follow the insanity and over time to become insane themselves.

ISIS IS A FORM OF INSANITY and has no relevance to the human condition. The SANE are now wiping out this illness this mental disease.

Hitler knowing he lost took his own life and ended the source of insanity. It would be just for the leadership of ISIS to take their own life. But they ask others to TAKE THEIR LIVES and KILL THEMSLEVES but the leaders will DO ANYTHING to guard protect and preserve THEIR OWN LIFE. Why do the insane kill themselves when their own leaders will NEVER EVER DO what they command others to do every day?

Most of the one off’s that are taking place have nothing to DO WITH ISIS. Lone wolf insane oh’s are blowing themselves up and ISIS is taking credit. ISIS is taking credit like it can plan execute and coordinate multiple actions in many nations all at the same time.

In fact the leaders of ISIS is running around hiding in villages and never sleeps in the same space twice moving sometimes twice nightly. The leader of ISIS lives in poverty not wealth and is hunted for his life and will soon as dead as Bin Laden and his son who is about to join his father for the insanity. INSANITY is being wiped out by the sane. Insanity is running for its life.

Having lost their war in less than 36 months – the insane ISIS is now lashing out to create violent publicity. Because ISIS is narcissistic and inward focused upon itself and its insane doctrine to assure the spread of its own insanity, the last gasp of the WORST LOSER IN HISTORY is going out in flames just as the NAZIS did, fighting to the end, and taking until innocent deaths with them, when they could have sought peace much sooner and saved all those sane lives from insane deaths.

ISIS does not care.


The insane have a rule for the sane. The rule is:


They do not because they are insane.

This is one reason to consider FAT BOY IN North Korea. If FAT BOY is insane and his inner circle is insane they will use their weapons of mass destruction and that will destroy their nation forever. Insane ? You bet. But we should act on the one rule.

Is it ok to FIRST STRIKE?

Sure. With ISIS. With North Korea. You have to deal with the insane as insanity warrants to assure the innocent lives of the sane are protected. As there is only one rule with the insane:


The insane say Hitler is predictable. North Korea is predictable. Isis is insane but ISIS is predictable.

Ideally the world media would make a deal and the DECLARED INSANE OF THE WORLD would receive no media no press none. NO ONE WOUL D have their sane lives impacted or effected by insanity. The sane would quietly and inevitably remove the insane from the planet. Bam.

No one would think about insanity.

No one would dwell upon it.

The sane would live their lives and conduct their affairs without any sensationalism from the INSANE. Whatever the insane did it would be done without drama without fame without sensational media without RESULT. The media in such an agreement world wide would black out the insane.

Today in our digital world of insanity the tools to defeat the insane with less impact death and outcome cost include:

  1. World wide media black out on the media managed attacks the insane producer on the sane. NO REPORTING of any kind anywhere. A total INSANITY BLACK OUT from media by media for media and its protected sane audience. Anything less the media is making money on the insane and making money on insanity is insane itself.
  2. The ON LINE WORLD would bar and ban all insanity from on line access. There would be no recruiting. There would be no reporting. No beheading. No anything. No one would see the insane on line or off line. The world of the sane would be free of the fear the insane wish to inflict upon the sane. They could no longer do it. Doing any act would not have consequence. There would be a waste of resources with no gain of any kind. No one would alter any behavior because of the sane other than the steady and always predictable deletion of the insane, who are wiped out like an illness.

ISIS is a mental illness.

Media need to label and report ISIS as a mental illness.

The insane should be inoculated from the SANE removing their digital weapons.

The result is a far faster removal of insanity going viral, a far lower rate of the illness infection due to inability to duplicate the virus of the insanity, drying up of the oxygen of money and resources to fuel the insanity virus, and the virus will die faster as the antibiotics of the sane – the military, wipe out the insane brains.

In the future INSANITY must never be allowed to obtain money – weapons – media and power.

If that aspect of the virus is truncated earlier as identified by the world of the sane, earlier, with coordinated policy, the insanity will be quarantined like all virus to anti virus software and then deleted.

ISIS has lost its ability to self sustain its life as an insane virus.

ISIS is dying but fails to understand that ISIS is already dead.

There is nothing coming from ISIS but a blip in history of another insanity that brought a lot of suffering without anything of value which is always the toxin’s of the insane.

Insanity has no integrity.

Insanity only lies.

There is no truth in insanity.

Those who follow the insane are themselves getting clear where they have sanity left and are leaving before they are killed.

If they stay they die insane.

ISIS is an INSANE group of INSANE BRAINS. Not even an organization today. Expending the last of its remaining resources for nothing which is insane, because:


ISIS is a dead historical item, marking a very short moment of the potential once again for human insanity. ISIS is INSANITY.



PS: Note to all BOMBERS before you blow yourself up. Think it through. You are about to follow insane instructions from mentally ill few leaders who would never DO what they know you will DO because they trust your INSANE enough to follow their insane instructions. Then you will lose your own precious life which Allah and no God wishes for you – and you will take other innocent lives which will create such later pain for you – and you will be in utter agony as you have clarity how insane one immortal soul intending to harm hurt or injure another immortal divine presence truly IS – because – no soul can ever harm or hurt another immortal not ever – the concept of a soul hurting another soul is itself INSANE. Wake up put your vest down and walk back into insanity and have a family joy and life. That is sane versus insane. Protect the innocent. That is sane versus insane. There are no infidels worshiping statures and pagan man made God’s today – and every insane act violates the KORAN which itself is insane. Think about your leaders as insane and you’ll put your vest DOWN. Media where are YOU on the truth?