So the stock market – down 100’s of points this week – when everyone said the market would go “UP” ….but “me”….I said the market would dive and I told you WHY. I told you to get out of the market. I told you investors in the market have made zero over two years and that you would loose principle. Now you have. I’ve said the fourth longest recovery in 100 years with average recovery 30 months into recession corrections – can NOT CONTINUE. A recession must follow this record long recovery. This falls under never failing financial history without all the data you have in my blogs which makes the recession idea worse. The longer the expansion the more deep is the recession to follow. Again this falls under the financial economist PhD of the word …DUHHHHH?

So those who would fall into a SUCKERS rally or a FOOLS RALLY will quickly be parted with their money – moaning and so forth. The free money ride is going to end. The 2.7 Trillion not placed in growth plants equipment and expansion but speculative rigging stock prices through massive never in history before STOCK BUY BACKS is not going to sustain market prices. Everyone is gong to loose.

Real Estate is wobbling. New home listings feel during the busiest period of the year. There are many other troubling signs in real estate – namely – that 80% of first time home owners fail to credit qualify for the current price loads of first time home median prices. This means the market is UNSUSTAINABLE. Nothing not even idiot credit can make a dent in this reality. Home prices must fall until buyers in mass can afford to buy them like any commodity.

Oil went down. The experts said no way. I said in my blog WAY. Who what right? Again the predictions made here are RIGHT to an accuracy level that professionals and press follow this blog in nations all over the world. Investors use this blog as one source of data against which to make plans.

I believe the EU is hopeless economically due to trillions in bad debt and the EU must fall apart. The EU is a failed economic model. Greece will default and exit. Russia will alliance with socialist Greece and Check mate Nato. The British will exit the EU. The entire EU will crumble. The markets will be a mess until things rebalance. The Bad Debts must still be accommodated. Defaults like Puerto Rico will move to States like Illinois and California moving into Bankruptcy. China will ultimately default on enormous debt loads. The market is going to move into decades of DEFLATION and DELEVERAGING as the global system headed by failed central bank policy needs a revision are core. All central banks need to MERGE INTO THEIR RESPECTIVE treasuries.

Super Bonds or 200 year bonds inserting the missing asset of forward tax base and younger demographics, need to download the asset of “TIME ITSELF” into a new class of sovereign state and nation bonds – SUPER BONDS – and widely issue these bonds to pay off central bank obligations moving national debt forward 200 years in time. The restructured debt places nations in the RED into the BLACK and rebalances economic forward structures without world war.

A G 100 Economic Constitutional Congress needs to be convened to establish fair and equitable trading and regulatory box top rules for the entire world – all at once – versus – piece meal laws when all trading is shadow banking and in the cloud. Removing the transfer of wealth from the needy to the greedy will rebalance world accounts for 100’s of year and protect a NEW WORLD ORDER that is based on COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM not COMPETITIVE CAPITALISM. This shift will bring effortless abundance to all of us. Without it we’ll have depression and world war as we always do.

Will be wake up in time ?

We’ll see. We’ll keep a light on for ya.

Berny Dohrmann – CEO SPACE July 24th Vegas