As most of my more than 25,000 subscribers to this BLOG well know, in a huge and fast growing global audience of readers, I am an investment banker economist. I ran for 22 years one of the larger global PUBLICALLY TRADED Smith Barney like full-service INVESTMENT BANKING FIRMS. For 30 years I have founded and run the # 1 ranked by Forbes online and Inc ( two rankings this year ) leading Global Business Conferences ( we host five annually in Orlando ) for the CEO of the business – the owners or the professional in practice – accelerating their business. # 1 in the world in 2017.

I have made 97 economic predictions since 1988 on my blog’s. I have terminated my blogs and started fresh when ISIS had a hissy fit over my defining them as INSANE and CRAZY PEOPLE – they hacked my blog and threatened me. I started a new blog in 2016 from scratch and over 25,000 have already subscribed and we have become one of the most shared talked about and fastest growing BLOG SITES in the world. I never promote advertise or seek readership. It is all word of mouth.

I also try to write economically. My CEO SPACE membership CEO’s want to apply my opinions and data conclusions to their own overall directions in planning investment. I told “ya all” the market was at an all-time peak. I told ya all to GET OUT OF THE MARKET ( like this weekend ). The dollar and the market are going down from the peak. A lot of people already got hurt. I told you by January 20th. I was wrong. By a week. Typical as no one can predict the precise date in October and November of last year. I was withing ONE WEEK. That’s pretty good economics. My readers have come to expect that precision from me.

Related to TRUMP you have seen me be very silent on politics. When I talk about administrations it is never personal nor is it every political. I only talk about economics. So in the area of IMMIGRATION here goes the economics.

There are huge numbers of voters who did not vote for President Trump. The Press is globally biased toward President Trump as a leader who marks them and defies them. The Press hates Trump conservative policies and tries to create a BOX they can inflame the massive audience that consumes their media, and advertisers in their media, and controls the media direction. It’s all economics and money. In the end.

So the IMMIGRATION ISSUE has now consumed the world media as an item they can repeat and dwell on. IT IS LARGELY A MEDIA ISSUE. Let us look economically at the issue.

President Trump has WHAT? He has done what he promised HIS VOTERS that successfully elected him as a core promise. He:

  1. Suspended for ten high-risk terror countries – nations the USA receives the LEAST IMMIGRATION FROM – for only 120 days – immigration for those nations. A short delay of 120 days. COME ON. 
  2. Only ten nations. The highest risk nations on earth.
  3. Until his NEW TEAM can come up with revised rules to better VET those coming I so the RISK of terror getting into the USA to kill our people – is REDUCED.
  4. The new vetting rules in our opinion will become the new standard all nations will soon adopt and the TRUMP STANDARDS will become the vetting upgrades we have needed for 70 years – a standard that is the common damn sense in today’s world.
  5. The 120 days will be a blink of the eye – while 95% that’s right folks 95% of all USA IMMIGRATION is not even affected.

So the media makes it sound like the USA is closed and an IRON curtain. What a propaganda. The Media has become a disrespected institution by the vast majority because they are LIARS. They no longer report news and truth. They are economically bonded to liberal or moderate or conservative buyers who pay the bill and the insulation and firewalls of prior generations for FAIR REPORTING and economic influence not taking place are GONE. Worldwide.

So read the tea leaves of NEWS with regard to the economics of WHICH News you are reading. The Communist News Network or an unbiased News Network ( good luck folks if you’re seeking that outside this blog ). We are reporting the truth. Our readers know THAT. They are so grateful to make sense of the spin with real TRUTH that is economic and not political.

The dollar is down the press reports because the MARKET has LOST FACE With Trump. Nope. The Trump team is about to negotiate with various nations on currency manipulation. To be stronger in their negotiations they are talking the dollar down. Once they complete those negotiation’s the dollar is going to soar in value. As interest rates rise a trillion dollars globally will return HOME to the safest bet on earth and the returns made possible by market rate interest versus artificial interest at zero introduced by the FED in global crises. The largest geo shifts in currency play are about to massively effect the 4x speculation markets as economics TRUMPS politics. 

The market? The market is insanely overvalued. A significant long-term correction is going to take place. When? Not yet is my guess. You will see wild volatility and ups and downs before. Then a SUPER CRASH. You will know it when SUPER CRASH introduced here in 2015 and talked about all last year hits the shores of all markets worldwide. We have said first guess the end of first quarter period 2017 latest likely end of first quarter 2018 and anywhere in between as a time line that is our best guess book.

No one knows the exact time for the breach of confidence. A contagion event we forecast is a DEBT DEFAULT of significance will trigger the global contagion and pull back of markets. We have reported liquidity in the ETF markets will be the major underlying tipping point to SUPER CRASH which will take some time for the press to appreciate. When the scope of the ETF crises hits the world market, as with SUBPRIME in the 2008 super crash – the leadership of the world held their heads in their hands as did brokerage leadership ( who caused it all making enormous bonus payouts ) and wobbling their heads said to the public – oh WOE HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED? When everyone was warning of this happening including my blog since 2006 and why.

The SUPER WEALTH that can be made today by SHORTING the ETF markets we call SUPER SHORT is the next huge play for the smart brains. It always takes courage to bet against housing and the prime Mortgage markets. Betting against the largest rise of super pools of money, in totally UNREGULATED, largely OFFSHORE passive software controlled speculation trading platforms, market manipulation platforms, we call as a brand ETF’s, which in fact are a hedge bodge of new structured assets in effect bonded by software – one chaps software trading against the other chaps software – and because the overall counterparty clearing for these assets is systemically flawed, the ultimate risk is SUPER CRASH GLOBALLY contagion and LIQUIDITY CRISES in the ETF markets.

We stand alone in predicting this SUPER CRASH cause and effect since 2015.

We have suggested the G 100 need the largest REGULATORY RETHINK in 70 years and a three-year GLOBAL ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION needs to be called to create a set of uniform regulatory rules for the world, that are fair, inclusive, and full partnership for all, and which CRIMINALIZED unwanted speculation, manipulation, and money laundering. Worldwide

Let me give you insane regulatory ideas. First, the credit rating agencies are independent and fair? They rated CRAP Triple-A and nations lost their core assets via criminal conflict of interest. Criminals now pay fines and they are washed and no one goes to jail. Which is daily in the news. No one cares. The rating agencies are paid by the brokers who seek the ratings. They influence the ratings. The system is broken and fatally flawed and the world is paying for those manipulations.

The brokerage firms are regulated by their own association. That is like the chickens being guarded by the wolves. The public can not be served nor can nations with such a system. To have the BROKERS suggest what rules should regulate them when they have committed serious crimes against humanity is insane. Until some financial leaders go to PRISON at the top rather than pay a fine and get to repeat their crimes, believing CRIME DOES PAY and CRIME CONINUTES TO PAY the world core financial system is at risk and world war is increasingly likely. From Samsun to VW from Duetshbank to Wellsfargo the leaders of the institutions are committing FINANCIAL CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and paying billions in GET OF JAIL FINES because Crime DOES PAY and CRIME is now institutionalized and CRIME CONTINUES TO PAY. The public is IGNORANT as media paid by the CRIMINALS is distracted ( by the criminals use use media for manipulation and distraction ) – so that the CRIMES are never reported in a manner that the CRIMINAL paying for the media could or would be held criminally responsible for their crimes. The tiny guys go to jail. The real crooks have a warm meal on their yatch and laugh at the public they are legally stealing from. We call the present corruption of competitive capitalism and competitive communism LEGAL THEFT where the financial MOB ( organized crime ) now control and run nations.

What does it take to get it fixed? ONE INSPIRED LEADER WHO WILL TELL THE TRUTH….if he or she  can avoid being killed by the mob.

Economic stability requires fair, uniform global regulations. Speculation and manipulation that create unfair wealth advantages to the few against the many, need to be a crime those who attempt it go to jail for committing and rapidly. As new regulations are invented at a global level for a fully digital worldwide marketplace that now functions at a click, market system security will be reset. If such global regulations are not forthcoming the market system security is at HIGH RISK as stated by the IMF, the WORLD BANK, and this Blog since 9/11.

Finally, the system is at World WAR III which is digital. The Digital Pearl Harbor was the firing of a digital weapon at our global markets in 2007 and 2008. The result is those firing the weapon ( the Axis of Evil  ) made over one trillion dollars in less than one month and the WESTERN NATIONS almost saw their core economic system dissolve into chaos ( banks closing and system mail function ). It was close.

Since then the digital attacks include criminals and organized crime to every sector and national digital warfare attacks to every sector. From power grids to economic institutions everyone has been hacked. The White house the three letter institutions all PRIME CONTRACTORS. All.

In World War III the strategy, unlike prior wars, is not to soften the leading power – the USA with coastal bombardments on infrastructure. Russia has 3,000-mile range torpedo’s which are hydrogen bombs, that will take out every coastal USA port and city in say, 30 minutes from firing. We have no defense. Our import and export stop in 30 minutes. How would we prove they did it? Would we fire everything at them and they us in return? Would we? Would we not longer be able to do the things we once did? Our ports would not return for thousands of years due to radiation from the dirty bombs. The fallout would kill 100 million of us. 30 minutes.

Long before that in World War III, we are being softened up by economic attacks. Confidence in financial institutions is being eroded.d  Our critical and leading IP in defense and in inventions is being stolen by digital hacking. We have no defense. We are losing everywhere in the Western Nations.

The enemy is digitally kicking our ass.

Everyone knows it. But what is in the news is not WORLD WAR III and the DIGITAL WARFARE attacking our core economic foundation, softening us up, no. What is in the news is the 120 ten nation temporary halt of immigration until new standards for betting can be put in place for high-risk nations fostering and supporting RADICAL ISLAM ( an insanity not a religion ). 

There is no importance economically of any nature to a temporary 120-day suspension of high-risk nation immigration while 95% of USA immigration is business as normal and unaffected. The focus of attention by the entire world, due to bias in media, is predictable but a waste of humanity, creative thinking, focus on what is truly important, and solutions versus phantom problems. 

Control of the thinking of the masses needs in a digital media age to be moderated by self-determined humanity, respectful of divergent views, informed, educated, and THINKING, brains that step back and THINK and make choice of what is real and what is manipulation, to be FREE truly FREE of being controlled.

Leadership that uses the pro grand to control the masses is historic. 

In the end the core issue is that systems that are formed and maintained in competition and foster competitive management modeling, fear punishment and exploitation, are insane. Competition is a form of insanity for eternal immortal spirits being human for a flash bulb moment in time.

Cooperation is the birthright of immortal spirits and collaboration is the rightful conduct of souls. Systems that model cooperation – reward recognition and celebration inspire integrity and require integrity. We are starving for a better system model than competitive capitalism and competitive communism. Cooperative capitalism IS the future. 

The question is do we invent and evolve that better system before and without world war, or after world war when those surviving have finally had ENOUGH of a failed model?

No one can answer that question today.

This blog tells you the truth by asking the cornerstone question for humanity.

COMPETITION and business as usual?

Cooperation and the HIGH ROAD for human kind?

The defining book is REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION click Amazon and get five copies as you WILL wish to share this truth with your world.

Berny Dohrmann – Author Redemption the COOPERATION REVOLUTION

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