iran has zero interest in creating a Nuke manufacturing nation. Iran rather given is ballistic missile leadership in the Gulf, needs only to buy five nukes. Driven BY sociopathic King MBS paranoid criminal and illussional. Iran follows the Shitie interpretation of the Koran and its principles. MBS and Saudi lean ihe Whabbi track for koran one of the most radical extremes of the SUNI opposing views of the Muslim Koran. Half the Gulf is SUNI and have the Gulf is Shite. Saudi wishes to remain the – as in “THE” – the most out front – economies and weapon systems thank you Germany France UK and USA with a little Russia. Iran is the historic 1000’s of year RULER in the Persian Empire of the entire Gulf – great years which Iran would like to restore herself into -as a RELIGIONS GOVERNMENT of SHITE PRINCIPLES. MBS feeling their family Kingdom would be destroyed under IRAN GULF RULE seeks to once and for all destroy Iran’s ability to challenge Saudi national interest under is puppy socipathic criminal King. This is the most dangerous receipte in modern history.

Across the MED the Indian Nuke Nation is at odds with Pakistan Nuke Nation both closer to all out war than any period since both became NUKE Powers. In this critical environment we have Muslim Pakistan wishing to be dominant over India Hindu and Buddhist. Hindu and Buddhist India wishes to be outside threat from Muslim Pakistan.

Readers – now imagine – Iran influence in Shite Pakistan – US foriegn atide to Pakistan by billions in btween and MBS seeking to counter weight Iran in SUNNI Muslim India and Pakistan. How is that playing out?

So Iran is shopping for nuke to tip its Saudi facing Missiles.

And MBS is this week shopping for Nukes from Pakistan – donating in conflict with the USA cutting 10 billion in Foreign aide – MBS is investing 20 billion into Pakistan which is down to 8 billion in its foreign reserves account running out of cash. We all must assume MBS now fostering a top secret SAUDI Missile weapons systems with existing networks of launch pads to assure they can protect against Iran. They need a nuke before Iran gets a nuke. Iran knowing MBS is shopping for Nukes must use its network – North Korea – France – South Africa – even israel to buy five nukes – which can take out water and power in Iran and weapon counter attack with five launches in 30 minutes. Iran not amuesed by what they consider OUTRAGEOUS FRAUD on Iran’s role in the Gulf – and threats to IRAN which are direct. They must acquire a NUKE before MBS. They KNOW that MBS will USE NUKES if he can buy them.

Today MBS has left Pakistan’s new Prime Minister – placing a 20 blllion dollar first bet on a Nuke from Pakistan¬† Then the very next day he is in Pakistan Enemy Modi’s office in India pleding India the enemy of Pakistan 100 billion to aqquire Nukes from India.

This opens a BIDDING WAR on NUKE PRICING from world Nuke Producers ito Saudi. WWID? WOULD WILL IRAN DO? Is the slogan. So IRAN is an arms race with Saudi who has better war planes and US protection . can not allow its people to be nuked and millions upon millions die because an insane brains rules Saudi today a proven sociopathic HITLER having NUKES in the GULF – America will so lose by being suckered into the SAUDI MBS Plan to rule the Gulf with SUNI powers over Shite Powers.

The contest is decades and decades old and the West will never resolve the conflict. Only a cooperation where differences in faith are celebrated versus punished – sanity versus insanity – rise or not. Millions of lives are hostage to outcomes. MBS is shopping for Nukes. Iran is shopping for Nukes. The first to get Nukes tips them to their missiles. Will the FIRST also FIRST STRIKE? Given Gulf mind sets at the tippy top they just may well strike having values for life so different then western values. At the very least the West needs new understandings. The West needs to be far more objective working with Russia and China to prevent ( if even possible any longer ) the Nuke Ramp to Iran and Saudi.

HAS MBS WITH 120 BILLION OUT – bought five Iran nukes from its benefactors for say 100 million a Nuke – at 500 million for five plus the many billions for those host nations to grow or launch Pakistan to India or India to Pakistan brack gropping SAUDI strike to Iran unless IRAN gets North Korean or Russia NUKES – say five minute Russia Nuke delivery Iran to Saudi – water power and palaces – five nukes five minutes. President Putin today – that is today folks – stated – that – President Trump and Congress can THINK ANY WAY THEY WISH. But if they now breaking the nuke short range missile treaty – place nuke missiles even one – more – on EU soil – that Russia will target all decision cities in the US with new weapons – nukes – delivered in 20 minutes max to all those decision cities. Putin asked his Parliment to elevate confidence that RUSSIA IS SECURE AND SAFE AND PROTECTED. That she never seeks war. That she is aboslute in her own defense from threat. He stated he would not longer knock on treaty limitation discussions with America as Russia was done knocking on vault doors sealed shut to her. He ended by saying to congress – YOU ARE FREE TO THINK ANYTHING YOU WISH….BUT CAN YOU COUNT? DO YOU SEE THE WEAPONS THAT CAN FIRST STRIKE NOW DESTROY YOU – you are 20 minutes from making no more decisions – so think anything you want America but can your leaders COUNT? Can they appreciate in 20 minutes America is gone and possibly her ability to strike back.

Can America COUNT?

The parliament in Russia yesterday gave a standing ovation to PUTIN on they CAN THEY COUNT item, for 30 minutes. When it comes to the top dog in the mud puddle that well be America. In 2019. There is ANOTHER BIG DOG out there and this dog has weapons we can’t defend against.

Worse the Russian model is to saturation bomb 200 essential American Cities our largest. To overlap strikes in five mile circles in 360 degrees for 75 miles out. This provides a 1000 mile circle of fused glass in which only insects will inherit that hot zone for 10,000 years. Worse is the fact that saturation bombing like Russia strategy provides assures the planet is inside a planet wide extinction event from that higher radiation blanket that will cover the entire earth including Russia. Russia has underground cities they feel they can rise from and dominate the earth after America is removed.

Now with 20 minute weapons what is stopping them?

Will Russia allow MBS to get a NUKE and use it against their ally Iran …or will they assure Iran can take MBS out? The battles shaping up focus on Iran and Saudi and Pakistan and India – where the larger dogs in the mud puddle can get engaged through their proxies.

The world is in 2019 a far more dangerous place than the world was in 2010.

Of that we are so sure.

Meanwhile the effects of the Fed double whammy – Greed on interest and dumping their crap bonds into the market – have created a manufacturing recession moving into negative numbers in January. While everyone is debating how long this will last, the housing market dipped to its lowest level in three years? Why ? Fed failed policy ripping the bottom out of the ship of recovery. As we reported.

If you want to see how HORRIBLE the FED is in fact, read THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM and you’ll have data that the world can apply to their central banks world wide. It is worth the read to consider our long reported tip – Merge the FED back into US TREASURY.

Stay tuned….we’ll keep you up to speed first. Meanwhile how does Muslim Buddy Pakiston fighting with India in shotting wars right now over Kashmir – when MUSLIM King provides 20 billion of investment into cash starved Pakistan. Then MBS Leaves and moves to rival hindu buddhist rival INDIA and the very next day – no cooling off period – gives his new Buddies in India 100 billion dollars.

Again what does five nukes cost really?

100 million or 500,000,0000 US for Five to put on MBS Iran pointed missiles?

Plus the billions of other investments flowing from the NUKE purchase?

MBS is shopping.

Iran and the world seem to be asleep while King SOCIOPATH is at the two largest NUKE MALLS on earth today.

How do you think Pakistan felt seeing their enemy they are fighting with get 100 billion in cash one day after they only got 20 billion?

Perhaps its just me seeing the truth out there?


PS: Meanwhile Trump is nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize and hangs up the phone to California as in done with them – seeking a billion cash returned for their failed rail road. TIT for TAT only Trumps Tat is one billion and California’s tat is a hissy fit on the phone. We’ll keep a light on for you all.