I am very private as a person. So writing publically about my health is uncomfortable. I am unable to process the text and email flows loving on me which we all so appreciate. My blog on the health issues appears before this one so I won’t repeat. The update is short.

  1. I feel great.
  2. I have as yet no lung involvement.
  3. No fever.
  4. I have allergic reactions that almost killed me – tongue and throat airways swelled to block breathing. The intubated me and that was a struggle for days as I kept waking from sedation almost coughing out the tube.
  5. They gave me 28 new drugs to save me from the reactions to the old drugs. Modern medicine is broken folks. Still they do more good than harm though the largest killer is not the virus yet – it is medical errors and drug issues like my own. So the new drugs are removing the fatal effects of the old drugs is the summary.

I’m lightly working and taking care of my Wife September who has light cough, head ache and muscle soreness. She was care giver for our 21 year old Daniel who was very ill while I was in hospital Thursday to Monday am. Home care now. They changed my blood pressure meds which were working and the new meds have me 210/128 which is stroke level. So they are considering all that. They suggest I relax. How does that sound to you — with our boy positive for C virus today for a week in your home and he young should have lite symptoms but had SERIOUS symptoms – but healed in home care no docs at all. But he is young. I’m young for my age. But you don’t know Jack Kennedy Napoleon Hill Martin Luther King Earl Nightingale Bucky Fuller you have to have age in there.

Daniel has tested ( we got that news today ) for C virus – so now in the Florida Hot zone China Snake Flu is in the Dohrmann home. Daniel had five test positive age 21 himself at Florida ‘s largest car dealership. Weds to Monday my super healthy 21 year old was VERY ILL – fevers – flu body wide – chills – shakes – sneeze cough and September was sure it was not coronavirus. His test came in POSITIVE TODAY. WHICH MEANS WE ALL HAVE THE SUPER CONTAGIOUS C VIRUS . We are trying to test. My issues are just out of ICU, fighting other stuff, and immune challenged, is as C virus incubates in me, and September is now in bed all day – am I back in ICU all over again in the C wards I was so trying to stay out of?  Hey it is not inevitable. Your  prayers work.The care givinig September who is the BEST CARE GIVER EVER to her son – assured she contracted the virus. I’m sure kissing my wife on returning home and surfaces and air clouds from Daniel having it for a week in our Florida HOT ZONE home – assures I am likely to have C virus now. My lungs would show up if I do in two weeks or sooner. If that occurs. I’m surrounded by miracles so we may just do fine

I have zero fear or worry as the stats show the infection rates are soaring but the death rates are NOT. We are doing great at getting folks well. And that is soaring as we learn more. TIME IS ON OUR SIDE. My master healer Dr. Donny Epstien ( search this blog on his work ) is zoom healing me today with September we are on now. Ta Dah. Thank you my forty year healer of miracles.

We learned today Daniel was positive for China Snake Flu Coronavirus – this PANDEMIC SUPER SITE is read by such larger numbers for – because we have been one of the MOST PRECISION ACCURATE SITES on the lies of nation state and agencies to the TRUTH as our RIGHT AGAIN track record confirms to all our readers. We are so grateful to our massive community in 200 nations in health care – serving physicians for 32 years now – who now serve us with data. We report that data to you and the press here to get the truth out faster.

Next we are moving to test Son Preston September and myself again – for C virus as we learn how to get the test. Daniel job requires he be tested to return to work. Now positive he will be in quarantine to return to work. IT took A FULL WEEK TO GET THE TEST RESULTS where in most nations it takes ONE HOUR – and CDC has a new fast test for both flu and C virus in one test. Not may out yet on that though.

Numbers are no accurate as it is up to ten days to bet a test result in many areas. Massive infected are not detected. For every infection reported say approaching ten million now another ten million showing no symptoms are SUPER SPREADERS. The C virus is out of control, there is no containment, and the USA leadership telling us all the Virus would burn out and begone this Spring – May it would disappear are LIARS FRAUDS and you must think this all through for yourself. The Virus this spring is soaring world wide.

This last week a 30% rise in only one week IN SUMMER when the LIARS said and press reported it as true and markets went up to record PE levels at over 20 to 1 price earning pure fraud valuations – setting up SUPER CRASH to follow. 30% massive record rise in contagion.

This site published:

  1. The first global caution on a symptomatic super spreaders Feb 7th.
  2. We published the first story on bio weapon mutation pathology.
  3. We published the confirming story ( first ) from Scripts long study the virus has mutated with 100% more spikes – spikes are far more stable than January C virus – and pathway vectors to infect humans is now confirmed last week to be 10 x the contagion capacity of the first virus form in China – now everywhere. And still mutating. Test on lethal escalations to mutation are still going on – we know less than we truly know on pathology for this new engineered bio weapon virus.
  4. We published ( first ) both Russia and China globally confirmed the virus is made made and a bio weapon to all world media and social in February stating it is all an AMERICAN PLOT invented in our own Fort Detrick war weapons labs. Our nation tracking reports the virus was released from a CHINA BIO LAB and denied the RUSSIA CHINA reporting.
  5. The world is now dividing to – is it a bio weapon at all ( very hard today to confirm that in todays level of options which remain limited to advances in DNA modeling ) – with AXIS OF EVIL massively hacking the world – attacking the world economically in our markets ( we see it with AI tools ) – offsetting sanctions by digital theft of cash in the 100’s of billions – no end in site – and heating up tensions in war we have also reported first and up to our most recent blog so you KNOW first.

As you can all appreciate with Coronavirus in our own home right now – we are pre-occupied with getting our family through our own decisions to manage options. We have a conspiracy of the best doctors on the planet in this space all getting my update this AM. Hey I feel GREAT – my voice is returning from the incubation tube damages – and no fever no lung anything – all is good save for some remaining rashes to whatever triggered this.

Open questions – testing will provide answers to and we will tell you. Now I get to take care of September who has no fever and only a head ache but its been a week.

No one is having serious C virus symptoms but son Daniel who has recovered on his own at home. It will be possible it misses me but doubtful. We will test and let you know.  I’m probably two weeks to be clear myself.

Thats the news. Folks – this is no kidding serious on social distancing – to keep YOU ALL SAFE.

Now keep in your minds:

  1. The flu is killing far more per 100,000 infected than C virus.
  2. In America the infection loading is massive and OUT OF ALL CONTROL in a world PANDEMIC we were first to call last December with our first SHAME ON WHO for saying there was no mers sars or pandemic at all with this virus – criiminal negligence at entire WHO leadership. WHO AND CDC NEED MASSIVE UPGRADING WITH NEW CRITERIA – tell the worst first and tell the truth faster- they are criminally negligent to our world today. HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE at nation state and agency and VOTE THIS ELECTION AS YOU NEVER VOTED BEFORE – Liars are OUT and integrity is in – no party voting just TRUTH Voting.
  3. In America massive explosive infections from relaxing shut down THREE WEEKS TOO EARLY is clear to all. Our health care is holding death rates far lower than the REGULAR FLU as a fact. Death is bad enough – as we pass 500,000 body bags in 120 days many preventable. World Response has been a mess totally competitive totally ot cooperative. We suggested in January a g 100 SUPER AGENCY be in charge. None paid heed to the ONE NEW IDEA to cooperate not compete. If this is a bio weapon with many war fronts weakening economics of your enemy in your own election year battle plan, cooperation in a asymmetrical WORLD WAR III no one believes is real at all ( we do though ) it all makes sense really.
  4. Very smart Americans have this. We are turning the corners. WE are keeping death counts low. We are saving almost everyone.
  5. The economics may be worse than the health – as the GREATEST TOTAL GLOBAL DEPRESSION Of economic activity into a debt exploding super bubble bursting holds promise for national crises and wars due to starvations rising 100% in 2020 world wide effecting 2 billion of 7 billion. The death loading from the economics and starvation is a 1000 to 1 on the C virus but is a factor of PANDEMIC and lack of G 100 SUPER SINGLE AGENCY COORDINATION.

My god we humans an do better than this.

Thanks for prayer bubbles we will and can survive through the C virus now in our home, in mid June for sure. Tested positive for son Daniel – my test in hospital was negative. I’m blessed with luck and blessings I feel no fear or concern and surrender to God’s holy plan for me and you and all of us. Stay safe out there.

A lead nurse stated that they have seen those taking over 2000 mega doses of VITAMIN C daily – none got the serious version of the C virus. If you search BEST PRACTICES we report to you what our team of docs is doing themselves and we are doing as well.

We were first to tell you NOT TO USE PRESIDENT TRUMPS now banned by CDC toxic remedy which does not work at all. We also told you not to follow the President advice to inject disinfectant into your blood streams. There is more fake news than truth out there so be discerning. Our BEST PRACTICES is nation wide doctors – we named them – who are collectively advising this is what they are doing themselves and we followed that. They are the best of the best NIH and related resume’s we have in our CEO SPACE community watching out for our 100,000’s of CEO”s leading the world in 200 nations today. Search CORONAVIRUS BEST PRACTICEs print page and always discuss with your licensed providers before doing anything new.

Thats the news. Folks it is NOT EASY TO TEST FOR CORONAVIRUS. In America today as we try and do so.


Berny Dohrmann

PS: Again shout out to MIRACLE HEALER Dr. Donny Epstein for his multi hour session and healing with SEPTEMBER and I today . Today we redefined the definition of Berny Dohrmann business transformational owner – and you – what are we as business owners. Donny defined – BERNY YOU AS A BUSINESS OWNER ARE A COSMIC GATHERER OF STARS WHOSE LIGHT SOURCE IS THEIR OWN TO WHICH YOU MAGNIFY MASSIVE ILLUMINATION OF EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITIES COMPOUNDING EXPONENTIALLY IN COLLABORATIVE COOPERATIVE BUSINESS TO EFFORTLESS ABUNDANCE TO THE GREATEST AUTHENTIC GOOD FOR ALL. ……..own yourself as true. Your healing is your miracle.