Well, contagion is the spread of panic wherein the CONFIDENCE backing a financial system is destroyed. Greece is a nation that has promised for decades to pay lenders who trusted the Greek Government and provided credit. Greece for decades failed to pay the debts and sought each and every time to pay a fraction of what was owed. Not only would the money the Greek Nation received NOT be repaid, what little was repaid was discounted as to net interest for the money. This was like FREE MONEY.

As long as they could get away with it the Greek Leadership spent more than they received in income. They did this while taxes were lowered. Income was lowered when the nation was spending 190% of what it makes each each – and every year. This model is unsustainable.

Behind Greece with have Italy, Spain, and a line of of EU members from the Baltics to Ireland. The problem is the debts to Greece, say, are interdependent. That means there are agreements with “counter parties” that when UNPAID, or even they THOUGHT OF TIMELY PAYMENT is not trusted, all trade stops. No one will move anything except on the black markets.

Greece going it alone, will be shunned by world markets. For Political reasons having scammed the West for as much as the West could stand……Greece may opt to do business as a new Nation with its own new currency, with the EAST…the Gulf, China, Asia in general and Putin specifically. However as the transition unfolds, which will take years and years, Greece will have 50% unemployment, zer0 Growth, and massive civil unrest. The contagion of pulling untold BILLIONS out of Greece Banks has been rising every single day through today.

The problem begins when Greece defaults and the massive billions owed by Greece, entrusted to Greece and spent by Greece, are clearly going to be 100% write off’s. Greece will never pay her debts off. Inflation in Greece’s new currency is likely to be destructive. The contagion in Greece will quickly spread across the EU starting in Italy and Span, with their massive debt burdens to resolve next.

Not in some far off time line, but this summer, in a few weeks, Greek Banks may be ¬†totally insolvent. This means the deposit holders will have their life of savings and liquidity wiped out. If Greece issues a new currency, no one will trust it for a time. The inflation in such beta tests is typically hyper inflation where cost of goods like food rise by 100% a quarter or a month. Average folks deal in surrogate currency pegging all prices to dollars, as the EU starts to plunge. Greek Banks may be closed for some time if the worst happens. There is no instance fix if Greece leaves the EU. The cognition is unfolding as we watch so follow the news on say BBC over seas daily as you won’t see it tracked properly in the USA.

While this is all going on we are facing, Africa daily terror carnage, ISIS spreading like a mental infection, EBOLA far from ended despite all the spin doctors, MERS spreading out of control globally, as Regional Wars increasingly involve global sponsors which are being drained to the bone marrow to finance all these local cost burdens. WORLD WAR III has started and is financial, first launched with a digital attack on our markets in 2007. Read Game Plan for the research. The war is on going and global and ON LINE not in lines. We are loosing. Every Western technology from critical defense, NSA snooping software and modules, all data bases in the west, from the White House to every power grid – hacked and open season on the WEST.

Meanwhile we have no GAME PLAN. No plan. We have done nothing. Really nothing. Now the DIGITAL WARS will move into the global markets as Greece becomes the next opportunity of moment to attack western financial markets in general. Last time Marlon Paz was able to obtain a global consensus to criminalize short selling as short sales were blocked on world wide markets for a time. New filters sought to back track our enemies making a trillion dollars on our pain firing only a line of code versus bullets blood and death. We have never struck back. We lack the digital weapons our enemies now have.

If you read Game Plan this blog site is going to mean much more to my global followers. Its on SALE make sure you spread the word about this book to families we love and wish to keep safe. MAKE YOUR GAME PLAN folks. Those who win take action. Those who fail to act whine. Be the winner.

We have put in some suggestions for solutions to the administration, but the avalanche of “advice” flowing through in historic moments like this, are always so conflicted. As far as we can tell Kevin Freeman’s GAME PLAN is still the Bible now on sale at Amazon get more than one copy as you will want to share this book. Develop your own GAME PLAN because your nation has NO PLAN at all.

Greece may be the firecracker in the burning building, that has zero fire escapes, ( the EU Itself ) that reaches all the rooms and ends the very idea of a trade unity. If a final deal is worked out, when the deal is not lived up to, what happens. Red line number fifty? Sanction number 107? Yelling at them? What?

Right now Dopey and Snoopy seem to be in charge internationally, and al the grown ups have long ago left the building. To be sure these “economic overhangs” of a multi decade of credit binge-ing by sovereign nations, creates new complex issues to deal with all t the same time to preclude contagion. Contagion leads quickly to SUPER CRASH which is followed by world war. These historic patterns have not varied much financially, in 5000 years. If we don’t improve the way we organize – the systemic vision – we repeat historic pattern, which given our weapons today is highly undesirable. For humanity.

It is our opinion, as with Lehman ( easily savable ), Greece can be made right as can the others. It takes some financial invention. However, with the kids playing tug of war over the mud pond, and everyone is now covered in mud, talking about financial invention doesn’t actually get heard as THE SOLUTION.

However as we let Lehman go down, who lost a trillion dollars? More importantly who makes a TRILLION DOLLARS? Do you realize the short and speculative betting now tearing Greek orderly market to shreds. The same creditors that lent money to Greece control the markets of Greed Speculation and Manipulation or Shadow Banking. This black financial market can rig any price, establish any trend, up or down, and punish those who transgress upon their turf. Like Greece. So enormous oceans of money are betting on Greece Destruction. The EU is at risk. A GLOBAL Super Crash is brewing….a historic completion to the current hyper debt cycle since World War I.

We feel Greece should be given more TIME. The markets can absorb this short window of timing. The EU is tired of bad faith dealings with Greece ( and others ) over time. Hence the higher risk of Contagion given these historic cultural feelings of national abuse. The German’s can not finance the bad faith loans and past bad faith thefts of nations like Greece, Itlay and Spain who have lied to their people for decades and failed to reform their economic failed models. Who will write the enormous checks required to make this right globally not just looking at Greece as an island?

We have suggested some FRESH OPTIONS into the Mix….we’ll have to wait to see if those ideas…the real capital….the real fix…..new ideas……get to ears where there is some traction to action. Meanwhile we are watching matters closely to be ahead of the pending SUPER CRASH for our membership. Another sounding board of information to use with your licensed advisers when making your own decisions.

We have suggested moving out of all markets and into safe haven insurance based investments. Insurance investments an be examined with your licensed financial adviser with major top teir insurance carriers. The options to diversify, remain liquid, have solid warranties on principle, never worry when the market SUPER CRASHES, and return to other markets following the next SUPER CRASH. Miss the peaks and Valley’s – take your profits in prime time. Check out this idea with a licensed insurance investment professional and check out what they give to you as options. We feel our membership should explore this option before month end due to the GREECE BOMB which no one knows what the future holds in this space. No one. Game Plan by Kevin Freeman is your best read and Brad Thor’s best selling book ACT OF WAR is based on Kevin Freeman’s Game Plan research ( they are buds ) get both books. You’ll be so far ahead.

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Berny Dohrmann – Volunteer Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL