The fundamentals, are rising in the wrong direction. In 1999, before new laws allowed bank deposits to invest at fantastic unregulated off shore leverage investing positions, stake holder trading to buy and own a stock or bond, was 2 trillion dollars annually. The speculation trades of betting on the side which way the markets may go, betting on the cost of every commodity including currency was 800 billion.

In the 15 years since the law change, that created the 1901 world depression and world war I and the law change that did the same exact thing and caused the global depression of 1929 and World War II that followed, followed the insane trend of law makers who NEVER LEARN from financial historic construction and regulation. In those 15 years, the stake holder trading account finally in 2015 returned to 2.5 trillion dollars US in global stake holder trading, buying and owning a stock and or a bond. The speculation market, side bets in pure casino capitalism on which way a price on anything really may go, has reached 440 trillion dollars, up from 800 billion when the laws firewall such side bets as criminal.

Today the regulations are all local, UK, America, EU, China, Japan etc. The trades are all in the CLOUD and are unregulated by any nation and mandate for the LARGEST RE-THINK OF GLOBAL REGULATION. We have advocated on our blocks for a three year G 100 FINANCIAL CONSTITUTION CONGRESS to advance a regulator frame work, that makes side bets criminal, and stake holder buying uniformly regulated. Without this new model in a digital trading era the MANIPULATION AND GREED factors will bankrupt the world banks, creating a collapse financially and a world war to follow. Financially history if unlearned is always repeated.

Greece has agreed to debt terms with strict and every more serious obligations, to receive money, they agree to pay back, on terms their economists say they can live with. Five times they failed ( lied ) to execute the terms of each of five bail outs. Five times they lied to creditors and never executed the terms of the loan. Five times they paid back none of the principle and only paid some of the INTEREST on these vast sums, asking each time for loans to be forgiven. This means I lend you money, you agree to pay it back, but you in fact steal the money, and keep the money, and never intend to pay it back. Five times. Each with more distrust and tougher rules each time lies and no repayment. Always asking for every higher new sums to pay part of the old interest but never all the interest and never any of the principle.

Only by borrowing new money can any repayments be made and you want haircuts, or theft of the money those lenders trusted to you -entrusted to you – such that you make the lender the evil while you the thief are pure and good – and need to be rewarded for your evil ways.

Today why should the EU trust the Greek people will change. Why would they take new money and pay their bills? Why would they take new money and execute cut backs and required firewalls to spending 170% more than they earn in income each and every year to stabilize their nation? The EU ministers experienced with five bail outs, five thefts, five lies and breach of legal written contracts – no longer trust the Greek people to do anything like what the agree to do. They lie. They steal.

The sum they wish is more than the bail out for Bear Sterns, more than the Bail out for AIG, more than the BAIL OUT FOR TARP, more than the bail out loans for General Motors or Chysler all of which WERE REPAID. The Bail out for Greece is the largest bail out of any nation creditor or entity in human record keeping. Who will pay such sums? Who goes bankrupt if those sums are bad loans and Greece as a nation of liars and thieves who feel entitled as if the world owes them merfor living LARGE when they can’t afford it – for decades – an underwriting. WHY WOULD THE EU RISK ITS ENTIRE SOVEREIGNTY AND STRUCTURAL WELLNESS for the liar nation of thieves. Six strikes and your OUT. GO BK.

If Greece wins the concessions, and the largest bail out in history, next comes Italy, ten time larger problem than Greece spending so much more than they earn, then comes SPAIN, spending so much more than they earn, then Yugo, and Poland, and so it goes. The totals run into the hundreds upon hundreds of trillions. The economy of the peoples of Germany, of France, of the UK can not support these bail out sums and these thefts of money that contractually nations agreed to pay back but as liars and thieves made ZERO PROVISION for such pay backs. They lied about their reforms. They kept spending like cocaine pipe inhaling addicts for money, and they continue to work for their next hit of the EU money pipe.

If Greece does not have to pay its debt, save for the revised terms where a one year debt moves to unknown term, and the sum may never be repaid, and new money is the only way to use fraud to book that loan as a GOOD LOAN, when it is a BAD LOAN ( we would go to jail for using EU accounting ) such that the banks underwriting these vast sums and pools and equity funds are all smashed to the floor when the “good loan” their fraud funny money accounting we can’t use, is taken from them, and fair market accounting applies, the ripple effect is CONTAGION. The entire system falls as the financial tsunami creates world wide depression. The cause of all depressions is just this. What you are seeing.

China has manipulated its currency, its markets and is doing so now. The bubble in China valuation is a fraud. The market knows the fraud. In 2015 the bubble burst. China began to manipulate a false market. They blocked all big share holders from selling in any form, that is market manipulation. IN the WEST you go to jail for that. They blocked short selling. They poured state assets and state partner assets into massive buying in the now CHINA FIREWALL MARKET a false market a market that is no longer a real market. Trillions of dollars are poised to continue to sell. The 30% crash is the tip of the bubble. We can envision a 70% China Market drop before the market stabilizes. China is well advised to free market their market. If they firewall a market of manipulation and fraud into the market as they are right now it will take THREE DECADES to get investment capital back into China. The investment into China is OVER. No one can expect anything but DEFLATION in China. It took 20 years for Japan to even begin to come to grips with their deflation spiral.

Property values in China are going to plunge till after 2025.

Stock values will now be volatile and eventually stabilize 40% down from where they reside today in the false market.

Debt will default.

New money will evaporate.

Unemployment will soar.

Economic activity declining by 50% over ten years will decline another 50% over ten years. Social unrest will create more riots. Eventually to get out China will focus on Military expansion, regional war, and territory expansion, deflecting the population attention to internal fraud and mismanagement and keeping their focus on fear, national pride, external threats, and a growing war machine as the economic engine the State of China will use to offset private sector deflation. The price of everything in China will crash including wages.

Due to financial constrictions quality from China will decline. Surrounding nations like India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Singapore, and many others will soar and benefit from CHINA DEFLATION as work moves from China to stable more free market predictable supply sources. Big firms are leaving China in droves today to never return.

The rising sun for China has reached high noon, and today we are seeing the SUN ALSO SETS. It is twilight in China in 2015 due to policy errors. It can be fixed but is the political agenda even possible given the commitment to failed policy directions? It will take decades for China leadership to change so the policy can change. In our opinion the Chinese people are in for a very rough period next.

The world facing an EU that is past its zenith of stability, and a China that moderates all of Asia’s buying powers, democrats two thirds of the world that can buy goods from the other third are now ill, some fatally ill, and there is no medicine to recover from the illness. The illness is spreading like Financial Ebola. No nation will be untouched. When two thirds lower their buying the one third feel it and feel it deeply. Developing nations in Africa, Asia and South America will find the waves hitting America are financial tsunamia’s for their nations. They will wash across economic landscapes devastating economies, creating regional wars which may consolidate and blend into world war ultimately. ISIS is a Hitler level event that can create a WORLD WAR within these economic destabilizations.

We have advanced the notion of SUPER BONDS as a new sovereign class of Redemption to reset clocks into economic stability which is in the world economic leaderships best interest. As always a new invention is not embraced on the introduction date or even by the inventor. Galileo was locked up by the Pope for years suggesting the telescope proved the earth rotated around the sun versus the wrong view that the solar system all rotated around the earth. Busting old models into new models ( in economic theory ) is itself a tedious task. We have advanced the SUPER BOND THEORY to the White House, to their Law Firms, to Major Wall Street Firms, to the United States State Department and to economists at Universities interested to listen. We have advanced the theory to Warren Buffet asking for his support.

Eventually a PATRON will adopt the new theory and advanced the invention to market. The timing IF advanced SOON ENOUGH could roll back deflation for China, Deflation globally, re-inflate global economics – stabilized all national trade globally – and ushering in a century without war, or depression, protecting the unborn generation. The CONTAGION CLOCK “IS” Ticking. With 440 trillion over leveraged trading dollars in speculation market space, adding nothing to economic development, and acting as criminal financial weapons of mass destruction, the cliff we all fear is right ahead. Everyone is stampeding toward that cliff. The wealth of nations companies and individuals will be forever changed as a result.

Read GAME PLAN so you have your personal game plan, as your nations have NONE – no game plan – and what the book promises is taking place as I type. If you believe knowledge is power, read Kevin Freeman’s Game Plan ( get ten at Amazon as you will wish to share it with your circle ). Kevin is an investment banker, a consultant to many of your three letter agencies, and the top in the know planner for the future your facing. If you want to understand what is going on “out there” read GAME PLAN. Knowledge is POWER and you can act to protect yourself. But you had better get that information soon and act fast.

In my opinion. And yes you may share my blogs – copy and paste or share link as you wish.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL


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