Greece has a long uncertain road ahead. The August Deal with the EU is conditional. IF and its a huge if reforms are actually pushed through without changes, money to save the Greek people from bankruptcy and total bank failure, should be effective. Greece will enter a long recession with 5% – further contraction – further pain and a long TIME a long long TIME to rebuild a market based economy that is sustainable. The worst is still yet to come for the Greek People. The pain of further austerity is required to develop a U TURN to a nation spending 170% more than it earns – each year – and that is the lie number – its much much worse than THAT. Bankruptcy is so much worse for seniors and all Greeks. This if approved and the IF is enormous will work.

Iran is making a deal. This will open oceans of oil into an over crowded space. Oil price will drop through 2016 lowering the cost of EVERYTHING and further stabilizing economic growth world wide. A nation as large as the EU will begin to fully spend 100’s of billions released from sanctions on EVERYTHING globally. All tides will rise with the IRAN settlement. Economic global prosperity is now assured and eyes can focus on the ISIS delete button – where one leader at a time is being deleted. 12 in the last 12 weeks. The supreme leader will be gone soon. ISIS is a insanity that is being swept from the earth by the sane.

Insanity has no place ….any longer.
Competition the source of all insanity has no place…any longer.

Cooperation theory principles and organizing theory is the solution and cure – the sanity to the insanity of competition. Competition as a thought form is being deleted.

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PS: The Greek Deal still needs EU nation approvals and Greek Approvals – no sure thing by any means – lets see and watch closely. Looks improved from the brink however.

Berny Dohrmann – Investment banker retired