Apple has third quarter earnings that are less than I would like in five year comparisons on %. But they jaw bone their IPHONE X is off the charts and for them that pushed the entire market into a sweet spot post indictment.

Then comes OLD GOLDMAN wrong on OPEC wrong on OIL wrong on the MARKET wrong on GNP. I now believe the SEC should STOCK WATCH GOLDMAN. I think they are so embolden by the small fines for Wells and others in criminal financial profit making – they are tanking stocks to buy the dip. Making fortunes.

Today they give a SELL on Macy. Now Macy is moving to 80% of its sales from here forward I a record boom economy. So I predict Macy will demonstrate great earnings and its 7% dividend will remain and not be cut. So I vote against GOLDMAN and just wonder are the buying Macy in their own dip to profit during Holiday Peak numbers. That is a criminal SEC watch moment.

They also predict GNP in the USA ( having got the GNP wrong for four years now ) will decelerate to 1.5%. They say Trumps anticipation of a 3% GNP is totally misplaced. They suggest the rest of the world is the place to invest.

I suggest SEC STOCK WATCH GOLDMAN funneling grandma’s margin bets into their own offshore ETF’s. Is anyone watching this stuff? IT is criminal and obvious as a potential to watch and monitor.

Goldman – are you taking your Alzheimer meds?

September IS 3% GNP or are your guys snorting up lines before you release this shit on Macy and USA GNP and the rest on a day the indictments come out? Do you think your software can just roar profits in the Casino for your CEO bonus plan and violate every single ethic rule fiduciary rule and post press to stimulate your own internal profit account with FAKE NEWS you put out there? Like no one is even watching you guys.

You are starting to make Jamie Dimond look like an ARK ANGEL and that is saying something after the 9 billion dollar White Whale Trade I still think folks should go to prison for given today’s indictment.

The charges against former team player with Trump are the equivalent of stealing a snickers bar from a 7/11 store. Wallstreet is robbing the bank and Congress – the oversight agencies – no one is doing anything but letting them repay a nickle for a billion. You know a billion here a billion there and eventually are we not talking SERIOUS MONEY.

When does someone go to JAIL in the Wallstreet Hamptom club?

So I think and I predict:

  1. Goldman is a tired old silly institution and a run on their bank is in order.
  2. Or they are willfully criminal and are fake news pitching for their own stock market account manipulating the Casino.
  3. I predict USA GNP with tax reform will accelerate to numbers not seen in five decades.
  4. I predict the USA will lead the world in innovation and AI and environment break through’s like scrubbing CO2 commercially to tara form the earth.
  5. I predict Macy’s will end the year with surprising earnings resilience and retail is far from dead as Goldman sinks into the RED.

So indictments?

Indict Goldman today ….and send a CEO to Jail is the way…..

Related to todays indictments – we’ll see – innocent until proven guilty – if the laws were broken a plea deal will unfold before its over. If the laws were not broken the indictment will fall. We have to wait but the pawn in the chess game hardly matters at all to the major players on the board as the GREAT GAME goes on in the MOTHER OF ALL DRAMA’s. This is where Donald Trump is NOT the Apprentice folks.

Berny Dohrmann – You heard it first on Goldman right here – fake news os what you avoid when you sort out what is REALLY going on out there – right here. Spread the word.