We were wrong by 60 hours. We predicted this summer turbulen election year fall market downturns with a Santa Rally back that occured in the first days of 2019 not the end of 2018 – given the politics. Sorry close but no cigar. The five session high ending today – was down a hair today due to USA shut down economics. If the shut down now the longest in USA history EVER – continues for ten days the economic loss to America passes six billion – more than the cost of the wall due to political theater where politics drives economics there are always issues to consider. So the AI took profits at year end depressing share prices factoring in growth but at lower rates in 2019 from the all time Peak 2018 year. AI also attempted to get ahead of China effected and year end retail effected growth in categories maximizing AI super money pool year end revenue. AS AI “knew” what it would depress in year end profit taking – it also bought massively in short positions in same stocks it now makes profits in buying back in 2019. Five days of up bubble this week as a strong 2019 is anticipated – no recession – and if trade agreements resolve a sling shot effect to year end market levels we suspect. Track it closely with your experts.


We have written a great deal about the new challenge of leadership to remain current in the new age of Super Change. The real issues with Macy and Sears and all global brands. The crises of the day is currency inside accelerating Super Change for leadership. Also the resolution of the crises in the world of INTEGRITY for which we suggest reading my mentors great book THE NEW IQ – INTEGRITY – the leadership publication for culture reform in institutions Dr. Gruder and I consult to leadership on installing as strategic to the process of Super Change. Milestones that took years include 2019 contracts with global publishers to:

1.Release my new best selling book this October ( as presented to you last year ) Super Change.

2. This web site will become my Corporate Fortune 10,000 SPEAKER SITE as i return next quarter to vigorous Speaker outreach on SUPER CHANGE MANAGEMENT strategies  – into and beyond the book launch. You’ll like it. You still receive your blog on this soson to arrive SPEAKER SITE with my popular global blog. Thank you for sharing my blog.

2. 2020 we will release DIGITAL MANNERS my best ever work as a prior New York Times best selling author. We are working to develop a movie deal for that work as a major feature film.

3. We will re release in 2021 PERFECTION CAN BE HAD – itself to become a feature film.

4. We will release MALICIOUS PROSECUTION the book of the movie – you can see the trailor on that screen play at if interested. Each rises above the other in multi year book release.

5. My work on CAPITAL MASTERY will follow – as well as a full book on CEO SPACE moving into its fourth decade of public service to entrepreneurs world wide. My Works REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION and SUPER ACHIEVER MIND SETS 5 star rated on Amazon ( often back ordered by they fill the in 72 hours in real time ) – on Amazon will be RE-EDITED UPGRADED and released over sixty months in the publisher schedule all to rise from best sellers we believe will move to global best sellers on all lists in the publisher plan we inked in 2019.

Big two weeks for our team with thanks to so many. More as the program unfolds. Thank you my readers.



This blog suggested moving forward nations would be best served to elect a President and assure his party could govern. We suggested like or hate Trump Grid lock and government dysfunction was not desirable economically. We predicted the economics ( not the current politics of hatred and dysfunction ) that:

  1. Democratic congressional shift would create grid lock and governance dysfunction effecting tax, economic, immigration, infrastructure and more moving forward toward a 2020 election, in which of course democrats seek to win.
  2. :Untold cost to political theater in President investigations, impeachment, and more would grid lock critical governance in the leading economy in the world driving all the rest.
  3. Trade Wars would be embolden by the change working against the USA in fact so that from the EU to China to Japan no one is in a hurry as the entire world slows down economically moving forward now effecting us all collectively – for politics not economics. COOPERATION MIND SETS or COMPETITION MIND SETS effect outcomes beyond any ability to predict.
  4. The shut down is the longest shut down yet recorded in American history.
  5. The next two weeks the in fact economic cost as reported today passes the entire cost of the wall at 5 billion – which privately many democrats see helps immigration legal controls – but the political agenda this blog predicted correctly is unfolding just as we gave you the play bill for.

No one can predict outcome to the entrenchment of political dysfunction 2019 is bringing from the new Congress – likely to rise in impact to 2020. Stay tuned.



This blog reported that the world is now inside a new economy never experienced before The Fed is managing new experiment it created with all central banks world wide. A policy of free money for ten years to preserve the system from self implosion, created a super debt  bubble globally. Managing this debt SUPER BUBBLE inside a new economy is dicey and no one can predict outcomes. We suggested to the Fed in effect in 2018:

  1. Design a ten year to 2030 plan to normalize interest.
  2. Raise interest 1/8th points on frequency to expansion stability – making stability of the system job one.
  3. Reduce the 4 trillion dollar Fed balance sheet of assets in bonds moved from banks to Fed over ten years.
  4. Slow down by % the frequency schedule of interest and bond sales and do not forcaste them at all.
  5. In the AI new economy go slower on policy expressions and reduce sound bites to bi annual or quarterly.

The Fed selling 50 BILLION dollars into bond markets of its bond assets – or half a trillion dollars a year – plus – is too much too fast. This event is occurring inside a declining economic global event. The outcome is fully predictable.

The Fed requires in the new AI ECONOMY ( scroll as my last ten blogs advance education and data on this premise ) we believe must adapt two central policies first.

  1. America first
  2. Global and system stability strategies second.
  3. The book on price stability and interest is next adjusted for new economics finally.

The Fed presently has interest on hold which stops the following policy errors in  unwanted economic outcomes:

  1. The US Treasury is selling peak debt bonds into the market now in competition with the Fed itself which is not America first by any means.
  2. The Fed failed interest policy a majority of economists congress and administration experts confirm is wrong minded Fed policy – raised cost to the USA too fast on its own debt and to all the SUPER DEBT players rolling over debt 2019 forward in time.
  3. Nations settling trade in dollars saw the dollar soar and three unwanted outcomes from failed policy unfold. First in a very weak fragile recovery – liquidity circulation is crashing due to the Fed as a global spounge sucking up circulation at a moment in history economically the world required MORE TIME to stabilize the core system. The Fed created unwanted system instability all over again. For the reasons mentioned.
  4. Policies for SYSTEM GLOBAL STABILITY require TIME to 2030 and beyond to work out the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE while keeping the USA stable first as driver to the entire world.
  5. In USA Trade Wars the Fed gave currency to our enemies economically by failing to appreciate Fed arbitrary made up entirely time lines – versus America first stability time lines to help win the Trade war which the Fed fact knows is the only way forward.

The market demonstrated the Fed policy in 2015 to 2018 was a failure. Globally. if the Fed has any accountability to America first which it has not to date – it should show up mightily to offset political cost to economics moving ahead into stability first policy making. Revised time lines is all that is required to restabilize all markets.

The Fed is thinking.

Today the housing market required for stability in economics moving ahead – has super crashed in the last part of 2018 in a 20% full on down bubble not seen since 2007. This market can’t recover without a new Fed time line for stability policy in our opinion. Only a revised TIME STRATEGY TO NORMALIZE is required for the entire world. To the extent the Fed works with the White House on the revised policy the world confidence would we suspect skyrocket as economics not political if that deal could be realized for all of us collectively.

Such a deal would reduce economic sound bites into AI markets today as the Fed and White House would raise a truce flag and just stop the rhetoric in the interest of world economic stability given the debt loads that must be worked out over longer time spans as stability economics.

There is no inflation there is deflation – gasoline as this blog reported is 1.92 cents in florida down from 2.68 in October – going down down down as we reported despite Criminal MBS in Saudi failed again Opec oil policy. America controls oil price not OPEC today. Opec is a joke now.

Further on employment there remain 39 million long term unemployed from ages 25 to young 70’s in the work space filling jobs but wages are level not really rising much. We have no inflation and plenty of labor advancing FED STABLITY ECONOMIC POLICY to work us out of all this. Properly managed with an entirely new economic globally with AI in control and with STABILITY ECONOMIC POLICY from the central banks – why can’t we all enjoy the 27 years of growth without ONE RECESSION AUSTRALIA has known for example to name only one?

Failed economic policy is punished in the new economics in time frames never experienced before.

Stay Tuned.



Note. My Super Computer from Apple is now returned all new in 2019 and I thank them for their customer service un-effected by the NEW ECONOMY Tim and his teams must brace for coming up next. We did not see the first IPHONE Holiday decline in sales – itself a first – in the new economy. Super Change. Its here folks……CEO SPACE is March 23rd in Dallas Texas our new home – brand new smart hotel with  filtered air no mold –  and so much more to bring CEO’s current in 2019 Super Change markets world wide…..think on early bird sale price this Jan for those who already know you should be there……