The Britt Exit has this week – changed nothing. Business all over the UK is business as usual. Politics given it is after all Britain -is business as usual. Nothing has changed. Not one 1% of GNP. In fact as Great Britain moves into traditional historic support for the EU as an ALLIANCE PARTNER versus a MEMBER “in” the EU the result will be better for the EU and better for Britain. BETTER not worse.

Britain may pay a bit more for trade – as this economist reminds you – that Britain IMPORTS far more than it EXPORTS to the EU – so that any offset in its cost will be returned by its import tax – or a quid pro. In fact little will change. Except Britain will not suffer under the enormous growing cost of non elected elites passing endless laws with no ceiling to their execution cost to the nation and business – from Brussels. Britain will no longer pay its unfair share of over 100 TRILLION in accumulated bad non paying non performing Debt that the EU has forged in its member nations and the Central Banks ignore – for decades. That day of balance sheet math is coming fast. Brtain has a firewall from paying those costs – which is well worth its slight cost increase to do business with the EU as an alliance partner versus a member.

The tipping point was reached – it costs more to be an EU member than to be out. The unborn generation free of BRUSSEL MADNESS will be so welcoming to the historic vote of today.

Now then the markets are performing how. The largest SUPER CRASH since 1929. Greater wealth loss over 2 trillion in 48 hours than in 2008. Or is it? As in 2008 it took years to return to 2008 highs we see a return to those highs all too soon. Why? Nothing has changed. The market is doing what?

There is a famous You Tube video that went viral. A couple is sitting on a coach. They are fighting as all couples do over “nothing”. The woman has a large NAIL in her fore head. During the debates of who is right and who is wrong the off camera voice keeps reminding them both – it is NOT THE NAIL Both try and remove the nail. THE PROBLEM IS NOT THE NAIL.

Ah then. This is much like the Britt Exit. The Financial SUPER CRASH is not the NAIL of the Britt Exit. No. The market is anything if not smart.

The money issue is that if you follow the money:

  1. Billions are rushing out of China.
  2. Billions more are rushing out of Japan.
  3. Billions more are rushing out of the EU disproportionate to EU debt.
  4. Record global imablance is mounting
  5. Fed Central Banks – all non gov organixations or NGO’s under contract – are failed models and are failing at any plan to coordinate and rebalance.

The Nail is TRADE WAR. We are in a full on trade war. It is taking place with currency. The USA TREASURY ( Not the failed FED ) and the US DOLLAR are the winners and the rest of the national currencies are the losers. Here we are speaking of TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS. Follow the money. Follow the money.

The world is rebalancing. Trading and all accounts. Computers are trading against computers reblancing values to risk where central banks are not obsolete, reactive, without a clue, and useless truly. Only national TREASURY POLICY is working at any level which is why we suggest for fiscal stablility NGO – Central Bank contracts be termianted by legislature and merged into their treasury – keep all functions let transparent TREASURY of STATE manage the money supply not a third party contractor. Make sense.

The cause of this enormous volatility so frequent now – wiping all gains in ten years in ten hours – over and over – IS THE FAILED POLICY OF CENTRAL BANKS. A consequence for this much failure is required. Namely – MERGE THEIR CONTINOUS 20 YEAR FAILURE back into the nation TREASURIES. Get this on radar and you have a far more stable global economic village folks. Without it you are held hostage to criminal bankers stealing from you at every possible turn.

The elites own more wealth 99% of all wealth and we the people of the world who create all the wealth own less than 1% of all wealth. This is an economic model that always leads to world war. Lets fix this broken insane form of capitalism and socailism and move into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM fully transparent, fully reporting – fully auditable – and without any secrets the market place. WE CAN DO BETTER.

Meanwhile, I’d register to CEO SPACE and acquire your magic crystal ball into future events. There is saftey in two things:

  1. Better information and skills to navigate super change markets
  2. Larger trading communities – social capital – as foundation

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Step up to a safer more profitable path in these times of SUPER CHANGE.

As I said the market will move around like a drunken sailor until the Debt bomb goes off in defaults round the world. This contagion will create 6000 DOW – be mindful of that prediction.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a Light on just for you today – 300 Points down at noon in the market after 2 trillion lost on Friday – death spiral of the markets follow the money – and know as you read back – we told you – we predicted this precisely – and we told you WHAT ACTION TO TAKE to be FREE OF ANY AND ALL PAIN. Just read back a bit in our blogs. NOW watch for news on MARGIN CALL on big funds and banks as your next FOLLOW THE MONEY TIP…..