The United States is fighting wars in the Gulf because of Rumsfield’s failed policies. Our own secretary of Defense followed Col. Powell’s WAL MART “SUPER STORE” GULF WAR with all our materials man power and related battle plan fully in place – with his own 7- 11 WAR the first WAR ON THE CHEAP.

The result:

  • Failed battle plan
  • Weapon arsenals and supplies evaporated into ISIS.
  • The ruling party was precluded from ruling
  • They formed ISIS due to our failed battle plan

Stepping into the GULF the United States and the EU created together, IRAN and SAUDI heated up their war. Iraq had attempted to invade Iran and consolidate Iran into the largest single supplier of OIL ahead of Saudi Arabia. Iran handed IRAQ even when Sadam used nerve gas, germ warfare and weapons of inhuman mass destruction their IRAQI LUNCH Pale.

Sadam never recovered financially. Iran with massive sanctions from the USA is doing just fine.

Iran watching SAUDI export Whabbi terrorism, now coming home to roast inside the Saudi Kingdom, sought to back the majority of the Muslim world who worship Shite Muslim belief’s following one of Mohammed’s son’s teachings but not the other ( Sunni ).

The minority Sunni and the Minority Whabbie ( Saudi backed ) unite to fight the Shite Muslim MAJORITY. King Hassan in Syria reforming his nation but finding invading Sunni forces streaming all over his nation, unite with IRAN against SAUDI where SAUDI is trying to dethrone his royal family rule for a century.

Saddam ruling IRAQ generals and leadership fled to form ISIS to develop an Iraqi empire to counter the IRAN PERSIAN empire model. This is all history and a result of our own failed policy. Did the USA in its stupid 7-11 war create ISIS as an unindented consequence of failed war policy – pulling out of both theaters way way too son where politics not policy ran outcome? Yes. The USA and EU are reaping consequences of FAILED WAR PLAN POLICIES. Who is to blame? In politics the blame dance always looks forward to scape goats that do not matter at all and the real policy blunders never land at the doorstep of those responsibilities. IT is great to be IN Politics because responsibility is always kicked way way down the road to the last chair standing. It is kind of insane really.

Russia an alliance partner with IRAN in trade and economic partnerships, by the 100’s of billions, owns its one and its only deep ware port in the Mediterranean, in Southern Syria. That port has tens of billions invested. All of Russia war presence in the Gulf as a counter to the USA is expressed from that one Syrian port. Russia is not about to allow Saudi who competes with Russia and Iran on oil MARKET SHARE to command that single critical deep water enormous  port by toppling the long time many decade alliance for that RUSSIA PORT  with the ruling royal Family King Hussan….in SYRIA. Russia acted when it looked like that PORT might be held hostage to the Syria proxy war between SAUDI and IRAN.

OPEC now increasingly isolated with Saudi making policy as an island now with a 31 year old “new King” learning on the job  as they very new King appointment, a militant against Iran in the Gulf, has some conundrum’s facing it. The entire OPEC is now shocked by the shake up this week and is chosing sides behind the scenes. OPEC “IS” now imploding as the failure of SAUDI Policy simply is costing members too much too long and is NOT WORKING and everyone knows that this is just a WAR PROXY with Iran. Keep their money down and their cost up. Enter QATAR bleed IRAN in every way.

First, demand for oil is dropping like oil prices are free paling all year. Saudi FAILED. The failure is the final card besides war that Saudi can play. The future looks like oil is a nearly worthless commodity – in which – replacement options are rising in MARKET SHARE such that oil is a long term bear market.  Demand is falling and supply is soaring. CAN YOU ALL MANAGE THAT GRAPH ON THE MONEY WITHOUT ME?

This means oil may bounce ( driven by Saudi Speculator super funds manipulating market price for a week ) or for a week or two even  coming up in slow trading periods during the summer, but the trillions of short selling on oil, will drive the price way back down to 30 dollar trading  tier levels. There is no demand and the supply is over the top of need. Manipulation has failed will fail and can not sustain higher prices. Only WAR can and Saudi knows this hence the move to the new 31 year old WAR KING.

Supply and demand. Its arithmetic …..

Saudi has made the WRONG ECONOMIC choices on POLICY. There is no recent policy to model the FAILED SAUDI OPEC POLICY to compare to – save the appeasement policy of the EU to Hitler. That cost 100 million lives and ruined German economics.

Saudi is costing OPEC trillions of dollars by driving oil sales OPEC requires, down, by losing the MARKET SHARE WARS so utterly and decisively, and by failing to understand the demand and supply equation intelligently for their own member outcomes.

OPEC IS GOING TO IMPLODE AND FALL APART. Qatar is diving OPEC into WAR with IRAN. You’ll all see soon for prophetic this blog is for you.

For example now QATAR truly hates Saudi for trying to effect outcome of its own sovereignty – because – Saudi doesn’t like free press reporting about its own KINGDOM. QATAR is now going to align economically with IRAN and Russian and do GREAT in the market place for its natural gas. Saudi War Policy with Iran is the only policy that IS working.

Iran is not going to cut its own supply much longer – having years of being FORCED completely  out of the oil cash  market, while SAUDI made windfall profits as Saudi  lobbied Washington NOT TO DEAL WITH IRAN, and stole Iran market share for so many years. For decades. Iran seeing Saudi poor untold billions into Regional wars, to sunni agenda’s and terror cells, that IRAN is truly FIGHTING OFF, seeing Saudi arm Sunni leadership in Iraq Syria , on Iran’s own borders, and unite Turkey against Iran, something has to give. Iran is surrounded by SAUDI money and weapons. Iran is the most powerful sovereign in the Theater and no one else comes close. The USA needs to stop a one sided WAR Play ….with Saudi…but…..BUT….the war machine is making trillions on this tension economically. Plus oil is down and America is winning as the OIL EXPORTER now getting 10 million barrels per day of Market Share that OPEC once had – now WE HAVE IT and the wealth is flowing like rain into AMERICA.  No end in sight Saudi – how STUPID is THAT policy?

Economically. I write economically.  I never write about politics. The big smarty pants can write about Politics because THEY know everything and I just follow the MONEY. What do “I” know?

The Gulf nations spent forward money and national budgets long term based upon, their security that, oil would range from 75 dollars to 150 dollars.  Their fixed cost of nations create national distress and bankruptcy if oil stays down for OPEC members. As OIL is going to stay down the only remaining card in the SAUDI deck is WAR with Iran. Trust me on that little item you know understand when YOU follow the MONEY. Oil has had the worst first half of the year in decades. Oil is DOWN over 20% as a cost item,  in 20177 – but down from 150 over years going purely down – starting  in 2017 from a low in the 50’s range – and the down bubble of this bear market is long term and not near over. Saudi policy has made the oil markets much worse. Why?



Saudi and its Gulf partners are losing MARKET SHARE in the global energy MARKET SHARE WARS. Nations using oil and needing to buy and import oil wish to acquire LONG TERM PROTECTED WHOLESALE PRICES that offer them security and tie to price in market place. So that if oil GOES DOWN they are protected and if oil goes UP they are protected.

Saudi raised its price to Asia and China specifically in June. The buyers did not sign long term contracts and negotiated new long term supply relationships with MORE FRIENDLY and more obvious FULL PARTNERS to their own economic needs. Why?

OIL “IS” THE COST OF EVERYTHING as base energy and packaging.

Oil at reduced prices is a stimulant to economic growth and recovery for 4 billion people at base poverty world wide. Nothing helps them to full partner like lower cost of everything. As oil is both renewable and plentiful it is only priced outside market forces by manipulation, cartels and GREED MACHINES. This modeling is now broken. Further this secret cabal is now fully illuminated.

Illumination makes the MARKET SHARE FOR OPEC disappear. They are paying for their own market share to disappear by removing money from their own sale streams, so their competition can take those customers away from them forever. What do we call this economic policy since last year? We call this economic Saudi Policy INSANE. We wrote the minister of Oil in Saudi about all this but he is fired now. The new King is unlikely to read our modeling for a better policy.

SO – the Gulf States have fixed budget costs modeled on $ 75.00 to $ 150.00 oil prices. Such manipulated market price is now totally impossible without a war between Saudi and Iran. As all Gulf states are in the red, and can not debt finance their forward requirements, the economic outcome is near term and dire for the nations. This economic pressure and the obvious failed policy by Saudi costing OPEC members untold billions in cash in 2017 and 2018 and lost MARKET SHARE worth a trillion dollars and climbing. They blame SAUDI has they should. OPEC will break up over this.

The wild card is always in economic conundrum’s WAR. If Saudi escalates a WAR WITH IRAN, OPEC has to chose sides and OIL prices soar. There is no other option. You should all see WAR is coming. Saudi has no choice and now the 31 year old new IRAN WAR  King just put in for THAT ONCE PURPOSE – is  wishing to distract folks from the growing unrest within  the Saudi  KINGDOM as a leadership model, has economically and politically the WAR CARD as the only remaining CARD or OPEC breaks apart in implosion following QATAR the first move to war against Iran. Iran knows all this.

Follow the money folks.

Its always economic.

I wrote the young King to propose an integrated financial modeling for Saudi economics outside oil to prevent war early last year seeing all this coming. The young King was in DC while I was meeting the KING OF NIGERIA before his meeting at a state dinner with President Obama. But hey the Crown Prince didn’t have time to meet with me as he was busy with Kerry’s team on the war policy of 2017 now in place.  Our proposal was hand carried in to the 31 year old NEW KING by his very respected inside mentors. Other financial war  forces advise the leader and our proposal never reached traction to derail war policy now in place. The advice that has been taken is unfolding with:

  • A weak plan impossible to actually work in near term time frames for the Kingdom – obvious how weak looking back.
  • A weak fractionalized team in high conflict on outcomes and strategy….no unity or consensus the recent shake up making Royal Family intrigue so much worse.
  • Lack of resources to execute in reasonable time frames. This screws the GULF and the Saudi people as the plan revolves around Saudi Royal wealth and power as a policy of the elite abasing the few – which long term no longer has life inside.

One consequence of these three items is the PUBLIC ARAMCO offering is going to bust out. THE LARGEST FAILED IPO OFFERING SINCE THE BOTCHED FACE BOOK LAUNCH. ( And note Mark shunning Trump is resulting in endless EU actions against FaceBook follow that if you own their stock ) .


The falling OIL floor price makes the ARMCO public offering for Saudi assets a moving target on a down graph with the bane of any IPO, with ENORMOUS OFFERING future uncertainty especially WAR policy as set forth here – ( think my economics are wrong folks after 30 years of seeing the proof on line  ) along with the three items above every underwriter like ( me ) gets all these details and so much more in the market space. The failed SAUDI OPEC POLICY has in losing the MARKET SHARE and price manipulations war, made OPEC a failed CARTEL about to implode and go out of existence even with WAR, and a long term prospect for oil that as a commodity is near worthless. This failed policy impacts their failed ARAMCO offering into the world market. No one wants to lose billions of wealth in a failed IPO. Good luck to the underwriter and the law suit risk?  May Allah protect you.

Is there still TIME to save the GULF?

From WAR?

No. That plan is already too far down the road. There is now now other card to play given the entrenched interest where politics runs economics versus economics running politics. I tried last year so hard to introduce OPTIONS but even with our juice it is simply not easy to overcome the ELITE MONEY making policy. We tried to join them and protect them but NO CIGAR.

The USA the EU and NATO are fighting increasingly costly and demanding proxy wars, with Russia and its alliances, using SAUDI AND IRAN as the killing fields. It is all so sad really.


Saudi and Iran have so much more that is to be CELEBRATED about their common elements of faith politics history peoples and economics –  that are all the same, than they have minor items to conflict over. There is enough money for everyone. Cooperation is sanity. Competition is a form of insanity. So sad to see these peoples mis lead from Collaboration and celebration of all diversity in all forms versus extreme competition over stupid diversity items. The Holy Spirit OF ALL is in joy over celebration between Allah’s children and is truly sadden when the children chose insanity to harm one another in any way. As the Koran teaches us all.

Russia and America want to be friends and secure a better planet earth for all peoples. Common prosperity helps everyone.

Plus in the end WAR is an expression of insanity a form of being insane in both  thought and thinking outcomes.

Peace is a sane thinking outcome.

Sane or insane – that is always the end question. War is an insane outcome.

Placing a hidden tax burden of manipulating oil prices to the benefit of the elite against the many on planet earth is itself an insane thought process.

Sanity would never permit OPEC.

OPEC is insane. Is not of Allah and is the few against Allah’s many. That can never work as their is grace in their space.

So expect insane outcome from insane thought. Cooperation ( God ) versus competition ( the evil ).  One outcome of insane thinking is always and this never varies:

….never expect the insane to act in their own best long term interest….as they are truly nuts…….

SO what do I think is GOING TO HAPPEN?

First Putin has said:

look America tries to manipulate elections world wide and so do we – we didn’t start it …and I have seen six Presidents come and go on my various watches – they all come and go and the Presidents always change…but American Russian Policy never changes…….I told President Regan if your successor honors YOUR AGREEMENT in writing to not MOVE NATO EASTWARD as Russia agreed to do NOTHING when the Berlin Wall came down…..we are good. If America moves NATO into our sphere of trade and multi century influence, taking our markets and culture and alliances from us….we will strongly act. As Bush moved NATO eastward we warned you. As Obama ignored those warning and made the most serious Eastward NATO expansion in modern history and sought to remove a legally elected alliance of Russia as President of Ukraine – Russia was down with WARNINGS and we took our PORTS BACK that had been ours for centuries ….and if America continues to violate its own treaty and agreements and virtually remove our trading partners from our influence….we will move to take them all back from you as our only recourse.


Now I try and find fault economically with Putin but I have big troubles doing THAT.

What do “I” think is GOING TO HAPPEN?

I think President Trump is NOT a politician.

I think President Trump can read. Economics especially.

I think President Trump respects agreements and history.

I think President Trump will see eye to eye with Putin’s issues, and will draw lines that Putin can help draw and the end will be a NEW WORLD ORDER AND ALLIANCE between Russia and America to avert WAR COST and WAR LOSS from insanity. I think the potential to ROLL BACK FREEDOM for all peoples is possible from a PUTIN TRUMP ALLIANCE.

Who is Politically tarnishing Trump to do just this?

The democrats. No. They are more used actually.

Who then?

The largest funder of all funders of all nations – the real SUPER MONEY the real ELITES.

The MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX – the war machine’s that profit from war making all other profit pale into insignificance by comparison.

THAT influence is working to derail a TRUMP & PUTIN Peace accord.

Can that PEACE ACCORD still happen?

You bet?

Keep in mid Putin has the same machine fighting him and worse because they might KILL Putin over the money.

Trump could have dangers too its happened before.

MONEY. IT is ALL about the money. Don’t you see it yet?

The politics are all bought and paid for.

POLITICS is only a distraction. Always stop pause and say what is the Elite Super Money and War machinery really doing here?

The MONEY is the rail and where the train is really going. Politics is the ads on the cars on the train you are on and you have no power to get off really.

So enriching GULF OPEC nations as cartels requires WAR and soon.

So as you make your bets I would:

  1. Invest in growing your ventures in the second half of the longest boom in recorded history over our entire lifetime.
  2. I would INVEST FOR THE BEST and go for GROWTH.
  3. While Peace remains – develop your own better plans your own better teams and your resources to grow faster.
  4. Accelerated growth assures you will do well in the coming period of destabilization and war.
  5. Do things the way you did in the first half of the year without an increase in your skills…and increase in your trading circles… HIGH RISK for future lifestyle stability for each reader.

If you do not own your own business – start one. Salary only folks may have long term problems but temporarily war is a pay raise.

If you own one – grow it faster.

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So THINK ABOUT what is coming and why. Don’t buy into the mounting war machine fury on Russia and Iran it is mostly lies.

Also who is calling the kettle black? America ? We spied on:

  1. Our friends in Germany UK and more at the Top leader level and got caught.
  2. Spy on every industry and every one and we all know THAT.
  3. Influence elections longer than any nation.

How do we call anyone digital terrorist when we lead in this space? Who is the oversight on this digital war escalation? Answer – who is accountable and how?

Perhaps it has all moved to fast and the constitution has not yet provide checks and balances to the rising digital world.

That is what I THINK is taking place while the congress of the world is fiddling the rising wars are burning more and more innocent people and children to death – see UK just this week.

It is time to hold our congress responsible for INACTION on what really matters is what I think. The real criminals are in office taking all that money.

Follow the money and vote for the few leaders who can not be bought.

Berny Dohrmann



PS: Yes you can always share copy and use my blog content any way you may desire.