2015 and 2016 IN THE MARKET


Investing aggressively in the markets has resulted for professionals in loss or flat investing. The cycles which will roar up and roar down all year – as we predicted and other experts call for – results in DELIVERING. We have presented the details on the issues in these blogs.

We have reported diversifying insurance investing moderate appetites for UNREALISTIC high returns with risk of loss – to safe investing with high returns with zero risk of loss. We advised repositioning since last summer.

We also advised long term holders to play golf relax and stop micro viewing every trading day. Look over three years and this market will seem like an odd blip. Oil will decouple from the market and it will roar back when it does. Still it will roar down with global events. Watch.

Huge cycles is the new normal and believe me this short term election year is not investing for the faint of heart.

We have reported VENTURE INVESTING with diversification strategy inside CEO SPACE is ideal for investors. Come build your own venture and spot superior opportunities inside CEO SPACE as a SAFE HARBOR in these financial storms.

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Berny Dohrmann