SO what are the Flag Rules? Do you KNOW them? I do ! If you ARE the President the flag is respectfully kept half mast for 30 days. Cabinet and Supreme Court Members it drops to ten days folks. Senators and the VIP’s is one day – graduate Saturday Half mast to Monday – by the book. Perfect.

BUT the Press note Presidents have over ruled that RULE BOOK to have for some very important players, say Obama to Senator Kennedy, who helped CEOSPACE with SUPER TREACHING while Chairman of the Committee on Education with Hilary Clinton – his flag was by President Order lowered on all Federal Building until sunset of his funeral. This tradition ( option ) by the President was evoked by President Trump – probably in his first 18 months just learning about all this as the PRESSS attacked the Donster for his White House teams lowering the Flag Monday which was in fact CORRECT – for a senator – and as he learned about the fuss ( Presidents are busy folks working with four hours sleep if that as they are Brought awake many of those four hours by their heads of departments with …it can’t wait boss news ) – the order for John McCain was issued and corrected on Monday its first day being lowered by the FEDERAL GUIDANCE FOR RESPECT – as the new tradition is taking root now.

The Press makes all this look like another willful act by Trump to lash out at John McCain. Keep in mind John McCain is a republican. A friend. A Senator who helped small business and CEOSPACE when we asked always. So I knew Senator McCain and I personally respect Senator McCain. Like all who knew him in fact personally would and do generally. But John worked against Trump in the election and a price was paid for that as Trump always defends his own turf given the cost in time money family and effort to even run for the office as John McCain knows personally having lost twice in those runs. Then the war heated up.

Donald Trump promised his voters a repeal of Obama Care. This repeal act was before the Senate. John McCain returned in a wheel chair to caste the one and the decisive vote to kill the REPEAL OBAMA CARE and Trump’s promise. Donald Trump at that point put John McCain in “enemy of this administration” as democrats were more friendly to the bill than John McCain and the two differed on policy at core.

Does The President Respect McCain as an American who served his country faithfully and with HONOR. You bet. Did Trump order that flag down on Monday. No way. It was staff by the book protocol for any Senator. Did Trump know he could over ride the flag rule book? Ah as soon as he did – he DID.

I’m not defending Trump in any of my blogs. I’m not political on anything. I’m economic. Still I do point out when the Fed is DEAD and I do ¬†point out when the Press needs to CONFESS. If they can find a good Priest ( which I say being Catholic private school educated all the way up ).

Folks – this is another aspect of what I wrote about as you scroll and catch up. Read with different eye glasses so in an election brain washing year you can discern the money invested to win that mid year election by vilifying the opposition as hatred runs the election – which is sad. Why?

Because John McCain stood on a bigger than life platform from the 1980’s when I first met him in Arizona till his passing, upon the platform his last letter to America repeats to us all. Senator McCain reminder us all – all 350 million of we American’s – THAT – we have so much more in common to bind us than what divides us. We need as Obama suggested to become once again those PEOPLE THAT WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR – and on Martin Luther Kind Day – Obama said – we must again become a people that TURNS BACK INTO ONE ANOTHER VERSUS TURNS UPON ONE ANOTHER.

Think about that when you see the mast half way down the pole until it is not – then you will know its Sundown on the day of the Funeral for the McCain Family – a sad hard day of celebration of the graduation of a human who graduated with honors – cum laude – and is now in the sunshine of his party.

We are all standing ovation as the cap and gown go into the sun whirling. Oh there are those putting on social ( with the height of bad manners ) their flaw list on buddy John. John himself would tell you he is far from a saint and just a lovely sinner trying to do the best he knows how – which hey – that is all the rest of us. His last letter suggests to us – his high hope in dying THAT – his many errors in his life would be washed by the devotion he had for his country and his effort to serve her well………

Half Mast for a reason we can all relate to or should – the passing of a soldier of America – A Prisoner of what who was a HERO to all the other men he inspired so deeply – for six long years in cruel Vietnam with the torture he suffered as they tried and tried to break this man – and upon return he worked for NORMALIZATION OF RELATIONSHIPS with Vietnam and won that policy – yes we celebrate long suffering long service to country – and in my world in DC one of the rare Senator law makers they all know – all 600 of them – was ONE OF THE LAWMAKERS WHO COULD “NOT” BE BOUGHT.

I’m so pleased to see the one day Flag Rule suspended by Presidential Order to HONOR John McCain until sundown on the day of his funeral because like Kennedy we together can and must honor the passing of a good American and always in the passing of a GREAT AMERICAN…….

Flag Rules…now you know.