CHINA criminal negligence in exotic animal food markets has created the trillions in cost to economies of the entire world, and the death loading from MERS AND SARS both of which were criminal negligent managed. China SNAKE FLU CORONAVIRUS was criminally suppressed which in less than a year created the WORST HUMAN HEALTH PANDEMIC OF ALL HISTORIC TIMES. The politicians of the entire world have placed PROFTS OVER LIVES as policy – POL versus the integrity of LIVES OVER PROFITS or LOP. New Zealand defied CHINA and has won on the pandemic by LOP policy. China assured 100 million would travel and profit itself to keep in the exploding PANDEMIC CHINA NEWS YEARS in full economic play. The result of the policy criminal negligence to the entire world IS – all nations infected with an out of control out of any containment global pandemic tearing about social normal society economics and suffering as not seen since the BLACK DEATH. We are truth versus lies – in the early first part of a multi year global health crises such as the world has never known or managed or faced before. We are not winning. We are not half way over. Political liars must be held accountable. How? Easy. Stop buying made in China. That is fair consequence. Buy Made in China. You fund the illegal court 100% criminal judgement taking over one of the worlds largest oceans, denying sixty sovereign nations their ocean legal rights under 400 years of maritime law is a ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ACT by a bankrupt communist criminal leadership/ Buying from China pours wealth into WORLD WAR III weapon theft from every other nation on earth because CRIMINAL HACKERS ARE ENGAGED IN THE LARGEST MILITARY BUILD UP SINCE ROME in human history we all fund that war to the criminal nation. The criminal nation had President XI in the Rose Garden beside PRESIDENT OBAMA tell the entire world he would neve rmilitarize the SOUTH CHINA SEA. As his criminal leadership saw the show and a billion watched – armies were moving nukes and bombers to hundreds of positions in a circle around the entire ocean. China is borrowing 300% more than it earns to attack us and hack us all from space, to oceans to land. China has acted inside a WORLD WAR THREE MASTER PLAN well documented by KEVIN FREEMANS THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN. China and its coordination with master mentor PUTIN to XI works with Iran and North Korean as the AXIS OF EVIL stealing all wealth, billions of cash from banks world wide ini state hacking offsetting all sanctions which criminals and crooks just laugh aat. They see us as fools. Hacking and stealing wealth, inventions, next generation AI, software, hardware and ignoring any rule of law. China has the most advanced AI social monitoring and a literal thought police to adjust social scores and behaviors for 1.4 billion human beings. China has locked up those who disent in any form to the criminal communist minority leadership. The tight criminal gang running China mod bosses, engage a police state far beyond HITLER and the SSS storm troopers  Camps now hold over 2 million entire families taken without due process at 3 AM to never return. The majority muslims. The population has no access to free and open information globally. The population only see’s and hears which the crime bosses let them hear or see. They are told the EU and the USA is their enemy. From birth to grave. They have no access to information you have – say like reading this blog. Just try and subscribe to my blog from China live. Now I love the Chinese people and I work to serve them legally and reform them. My father was mentor to Chairman Mao in the REVOLUTION so we served. China rips off our products live in china, from Apple to Big Macs to Star Bucks. The criminals will not engage in anything but global conquest under their completely bankrupt and failed communist now imploding economics. The criminal leadership never expected the consequence for so much WORLD WAR III plan and attack including digital AI attacks on our capital markets world wide would have consequence. The world billions of us – are now looking and buying NOT MADE IN CHINA. We are running out of the bank of China. We are not investing in China. We are not going to manufacture in China. Travel to China. Invest or spend in China.China confirmed the virus is a BIO weapon. Putin confirmed the virus is a bio weapon. We reported first the BIO WEOPON was Putin’s world war III plan to exit Trump from office, move a left leaning USA into full power, shift the balance to the left side in 29 nation and open conquest in developing global depression the USA staggered by the VIRUS growing catastrophe would do nothing about. UK honors treaties and return’s Hong Kong to China ownership with agreement for this century no change in Hong Kong governance.China Criminals in first year began to show their lack of any integrity as world class crooks to revise HONG KONG LONGS to their utter control while threatening war with TAIWAN to recapture TAIWAN. Since 2019 15 trillion dollars a year in supply line capital and business has left CHINA CROOKS. The run out of the criminal nation has begun to be a run no modern nation has ever known and is now unstoppable. Apple makes IPODS now in VIETNAM. Can XI reform the criminals he leads or will they kill them if he really moves on it? They have tried to kill him FIVE TIMES only you don’t see that in world news – those failed assassination attempts you read about here. If China behavior is to hack and attack their best customer and money source, WHY BUY FROM MADE IN CHINA. The trillions in cost to global depression, pain suffering death, from the VIRUS CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENCE LEADERSHIP THAT ASSURED GLOBAL PANDEMIC lying the entire time – lie after lie using WHO as a criminal tool – requires CONSEQUENCE. STOP BUYING MADE IN CHINA ANYTHING you have choice. SHIFT THE MONEY and China lacks our cash to attack us. Things will change when the money is pulled by billions of consumers CONSEQUENCE FOR PANDEMIC is stop buying made in China anything – any brand – world wide. JUST BUY FROM NON CRIMINAL NATIONS. Force cooperation integrity and out CHINA CRIMINALS which i believe is XI’s goal but it takes years. CHINA IS IN CIVIL WAR between reformers who want a cooperation world order and hard liners who want one world communist Government under the PUTIN GOD PLAN. Trump has most stood opposing the China war plan and has blocked billions of theft from the crooks so far. How will Biden see it? No one really knows. Yet. China is the cause of the pandemic via criminal negligence. HOLDING CHINA RESPONSIBLE AND ACCOUNTABLE IS A GLOBAL G 100 RESPONSIBILITY.  Now that is the truth fair and square – and documented lie after fraud after lie right here. With source reference and hard data proof. A gang of criminal leaders few million enslave 1.5 billion and lock up 2 million to re-educate them or put them in camps for life or to death right now. NO court process just criminal psychopaths in charge. That is CHINA today stealing our wealth as no nation has ever done in history.





The criminal negligence of state nation and agency stated into March this was NOT.A HEALTH EMERGENCY this was China isolated and under control. Fraud. They stated there was no pandemic. CRIMINAL FRAUD. This site reported in December and January this was the worst PANDEMIC IN HUMAN HISTORY – first in the world. We reported Feb 7th the first and bleeding story on CARRIERS without symptoms. We issued first SHAME ON WHO SHAME ON EU SHAME ON CHINA SHAME ON USA AND TRUMP for criminal leadership negligence stating this was not a health emergency, not a pandemic, and was contained and under control. All lies. They are and were in error. Today Pence lied again saying things were improving. The virus PANDEMIC is exploding. CDC stated nation state and agency are liars and that there are more than 20 million infected in the USA today and they will infect 100 million by the Winter. We told you the worst is ahead and that WINTER IS COMING. You have no seen anything yet. I just got out of ICU from Weds to Monday – stay with me I have inside news from the HOT ZONE IN FLORIDA. Our report ( look up CARRIER and or FEB 7th – and read – the first table in the world on projecting the full pandemic. 10 million by June ( we passed that ) 100 million by December we will pass that – 1 billion next year we will pass that. The first Table. The First CONFIRMATION OF A FULL PANDEMIC. Truth here. Lies everywhere in media reprinting absolutely fake news. Readers you KNOW LIES. You know truth. Consequence. If a party lies – vote the party out of office as consequence. Up to you all. Truth or Lies 2020. Life or death.




CDC, WHO, Nations, USA, White House – all said this is nothing at all. The FLU ( which is lower 50% this April ) was far worse than the PANDEMIC EXPLOSION. Liars. They told us this was nothing close to a pandemic. Liar Feruci we caution as a PHARM White House puppeteer to trash entirely – said – this WAS NOT A PANDEMIC AND WOULD DISAPPEAR IN MAY COMPLETELY. LIAR. Today he got it right. He told young people spreading 50% of the death to wear masks and social distance. Right. Teens? PANDEMIC IS OUT OF CONTROL with the worst so yet to come in nations everywhere. They lied and lied. They lied today saying in most states it is improving. Lies. The stats ? I am in Florida. My son got ill. It took days to get a test time. It took six hours from the appointment waiting in a car to get the test. It took a week to get the test back.. POSITIVE HE HAD C VIRUS. He has at 21 healthy never gets a cold been so ill. Fever shakes chills sneeze cough etc. Better now. He has to be retested negative to go back to work. FIVE folks where he worked tested positive which is how he got it but he did not know. Think our home and family are at risk? Think with 25 ICU pneumonia at age 72 I might be dead in ten days from these liars? I DO. The risk is high. A circle of the best physicians alive are surrounding us. I was boasted with those items ( by IV ) that preclude the most serious version of the virus. We have tried for days to book tests in Florida. You can’t get a test date. The slots are booked ahead and no one can get slot time. All during this painful ramp the RED states reopened weeks to early like Florida and Texas. Now they are reclosing. Florida had 1000 infections a hot zone in May. Now they have 10,000 new infections EACH DAY and Texas is worse. Happy RED LIARS. Who pays for all the death? When political liars are not held accountable for the two leadership items required. TELL THE WORST FIRST tell us the TRUTH FASTER. Trump sit com total melt down of American respect world wide won’t wear a mask on his hollywood smile. That error in symbolics says it all. How many deaths is the Trump error compounding to cause before there is consequence of one term you are fired. In March when the world with SHAME AFTER SHAME REPORT from here reaching millions – forced WHO TO reluctantly say – oh it may be a pandemic then by April it WAS A PANDEMIC – 100 million from China New Year had infected 200 nations. Why. CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE OF LEADERSHIP IN POLITICS FOR PROFIT OVER LIVES- FAILED LEADERSHIP WORLD WIDE. Consequence. Hold criminal negligence responsible. VOTE AS YOU NEVER VOTED BEFORE WORLD WIDE. In some nations revolution. Florida is where Trump and I reside. Trump says testing is everywhere. Let me give you implications to think upon. In one state Florida daily tested lab certified cases were one month back in May around 1000 a day Florida wide a HOT ZONE. They opened the state up. Back to parties fairs bars theaters sports and rallies and beaches. Two weeks later we see 10,000 lab certified cases a day. 10 x the infection lab verified in only days. No imply how many are not tested spreading. If in 20 days we have 200,000 lab certified if numbers failed to grow ( they just had to shame and admit they erred killing so many and now are shutting back down the state ) while the CDC says counts from agency and state and nation are wrong. USA does not have 10 million infections it has over 20 million. The official political trust is a FRAUD – off by over 100% with more than 20 million certified and infected. The number not tested who have it and are spreading it – mostly young – all no masks – all no symptoms – is around 100 million right now. I’m high risk. I am just out of ICU. My son very ill is work required to lab test. He gets his appointment sicker than a dog. He is on time. They wait in liar politician FLorida where our LEADERSHIP says there are plenty of tests for all – and they wait in the heat in the car for SIX HOURS to get the test. The results come a full WEEK LATER. POSITIVE TO THE KILLER VIRUS. Now he must get two back to back negative tests with takes weeks to go back to work. Leadership in the world is LYING to create a confidence that removes panic. They do not want market panic on how the truth is – how bad the economics are in total DEPRESSION NOT RECESSION – the end of year lay off from work will exceed 50 million. States like CALIFORNIA ran out of operating funds and taping final reserves of 60 billion to gasp into fall wit no plan for WINTER. State after state here and in EU is going bankrupt. The INDUSTRY CITY COUNTY STATE AND NATION bankruptcy into debt defaulting will present a depression making 1929 look like cake. Banks and financial institutions may all fail in a 90 day melt down as the world panics out. You don’t feel panic because enough have money and goods still. We just ran out of toilet paper and goods in AMERICA like paper towels for months as in war time and we had no panic yet. PANIC Is ahead. As 7 billion appreciate the lies and understand the truth and see the liars for what they are – and we all are seeing it – we come together as one. RACISM is a form of ignorance 7 billion no longer will accomodate. RACISM IS INSANE. Society is Super Changing as my book presented in January. Failing to read SUPER CHANGE is failing to understand what is coming next. SUPER CHANGE is the opposite of evil. EVIL is temporary. Lies are temporary. TRUTH IS FOREVER. GOOD IS FOREVER. Super Change defines the GOOD that is rising from all this into a new age of environmental wonder and prosperity for all nations. Today in a sea of fraud and lies manipulation and brain washing – you have this. THE TRUTH ON LINE. The old world order of elites is forever dying away. A new world order is being born in the pain suffering and future wars coming. We reside in the place known in 2020 -2025 as the RIP TIDES of the birth of the new world order. An Order of cooperation collaboration and integrity the # 1 CEO leadership community in the world CEO SPACE has been working with nations upon from the 1980’s to today and winning. China is turning toward the light. Criminal culture in America or in China does not shift quickly. It takes time. Trust me the world is coming together. Today in America you were lied to and told frauds that this PANDEMIC was nothing – its financial effects where nothing – and all that is the worst set of lies in 400 years our our history. You know the liars. You know the truth. VOTE OUT THE LIARS. NO MERCY on that consequence. Ideally an overwhelming congress is democrat led by Biden and the liars are entirely stunned with YOUR FIRED. VOTE your own conscious. I strongly encourage this year you VOTE NO PARTY – you VOTE TRUTH IN LIARS OUT. your 2020 VOTE and we all must vote – we all must in this history – to RE-INVENT AMERICA. Or we decline further. We have lost the respect of the world by preventable death pain and suffering we allowed in our mistakes. No one apologized. No one said we got it all wrong. No one said we lied and lied. But the LIES just keep on coming. IT IS TIME NOW for CONSEQUENCE IN THE EU IN CHINA AND IN THE USA and in every state nation and agency. WHO. F – grade reorganize or defund. CDC. Total revamp F grade no mercy. Keep the liars in we all lose in death pain suffering and failing economics into global depression. Why? A lack of our own integrity. Consequence is coming. The economy of the entire world is burning to the ground – dying into the greatest world imploding depression since the fall of rome. Looking back this item will speak as PROPHECY TO YOU ALL. The solution is to forge high performance community, ideally inside the leader to do that – CEO SPACE – and in making your individual pandemic prosperity plan you will prosper in the super changing markets over the coming five years. If you stow your oars and allow the liar currents to float your boat – you risk the white water death of your loved ones and wipe out of what you once knew as a way of life. AMERICA and the world is warp driving into the GREATEST GLOBAL DEPRESSION since the fall of rome. DO NOT BE FOOLED by fake news spin and lies. Now you know the worst first and the truth is always told here first. What you do with the truth – deny it – accept it but fail to act – or embrace itg and act defines your own state outcome. JOY PROSPERITY AND ABUNDANCE ARE YOURS if you map out your own prosperity plan. As we advised you to do January to before this winter. THE WINTER YOU CAN NOT YET IMAGINE IS COMING. You jus have no clue yet how terrible the panic the shock the awe ad super change by next Spring will be for us all. NO CLUE WHAT SO EVER inside a world war III. Also the axis of evil is passing ONE TRILLION IN DIGITAL COIN HACKING which is as yet not a store of value at all. The only real cement in global depth worthy of store of value is the US DOLLAR and everything else is worth less when compared to our asset wealth production base.




The economy of the world is sinking into a WORLD GREATEST DEPRESSION SINCE THE FALL OF ROME with WORLD WAR RISK very high next up. The EU is banning AMERICANS ( a shame on TRUMP ) from the EU all summer. This as the EU is sinking into a depression as never known in the EU. The charts showing the EU is declining in case loading is fake news. In fall and winter the opening and social normalization will present explosions of the VIRUS in shock and awe numbers and EU medical care will be torn to shreds. You heard it here first. Trillions will be lost in the EU from the AMERICAN TRAVEL BAN this summer and we so deserve it. EU will not risk the death spike from the USA. Airlines in USA announced today they are returning to full plane booking for profit – as the pandemic is out of control. DO NOT FLY. Hold airlines at consequence for profit over lives and hyper spreading the PANDEMIC. SUPER SPREADERS in young travel age groups show no symptoms and infect the entire plane. DO NOT FLY. DO NOT RALLY. DO NOT GATHER. This is a time to play a new life game HEALTH WEALTH and win for your self. How does AIR B AND B do with zero American travel at peak season to EU? Hilton. Marriott? The economic ripple? Numbers you hear today are old. The current terrible truth will come out this fall. Fall into Early Spring a 1929 SUPER CRASH Is coming world wide. The economics of the world is in deflation. Markets are in greed casino rigged super bubble. Every asset class is so far over priced it can only be defined as insane. News shows talk about gambling on put call strategy not long term investing. Trust the truth. Ditch the lies. What will deflate in price from SUPER BUBBLES? Stocks and Bonds in a shock and awe super crash worse than 1929. Real estate will super crash world wide. All asset classes including currencies will super crash all asset classes non spared. Late Summer to Fall first Super Crash risk – spring next year under Biden last late it shock and awe hits. Can SUPER CRASH BE AVOIDED. NO. Why? Because the matrix of economic abuse speculation and wealth consolidation are many many times worse than 1929 and far more global.. The Economics are simple. Nations are bleeding to death in red ink and will be unable to pay their debts. The DEBT SUPER BUBBLE IMPLOSION will destroy the world order in a DEBT SUPER BUBBLE DEFAULTING CASCADE predicted here for three years without knowing the trigger. THE TRIGGER FIRED – IT IS PANDEMIC 2020. Your buy in to current numbers which are truly old numbers fails to assess the BUBBLE PRICING ABOUT TO BURST in the most insane speculation in any global market ever. The event will be the worst globally since the fall of ROME as the entire WORLD ORDER IS GOING TO CHANGE FOREVER. Super Elites have created military compounds known as ZONES to protect them from THE EVENT. The EVENT is close now. The EVENT will end the world order you know today. War will rise up from the EVENT. A long period of world order change will unfold. My world redemption presents how to achieve the outcome without war and pain and suffering. No nation left behind. Crooks prefer war where one side wins and the rest loses as there is so much more profit to enslave nations as China is doing with DEBT today, as the new colonial invasions. One way or the other the NEW WORLD ORDER will rise from the ashes of the WINTER of 2020. Looking back the accuracy of our work from January to this mid year remains the most precision accurate base line of outcomes to the economics of the world. The EU is in debt implosion. South America and Africa are failed states. The Gulf are failed states. Russia and China are failed communist states. American can alone get to the other side hence the US dollar is our store of value not gold where fortunes will be made and lost again. Our reports tell you what to do to protect your health wealth and your cash wealth Scroll. Read. Social storm this site. Share this news. Get through out. On health wealth natural health up on massive C Zinc Vitamin D and B showing statistics in highest risk groups – ME PRECISELY on age and history – will never get the death grade killer virus. A coman CEO SPACE client has a serious case next to her husband. She did not do the D and was low on C. She almost died. She slept next to him. He never got it at all. I did all that myself today. My doctors are all doing it themselves it is well published now. WE PRESENT BEST PRACTICES for your health wealth – searchable on this site. To print. What you DO with what we publish is on you the leader reader. Failing to share this site is a shame as it so helps other leaders to know more and know more first. 100 million will be confirmed tested by year end as we presented Feb 7th. One billion will be infected into 2021. When in May 1000 a day were new infections in Florida planes had middle seats empty. Now we have 10,000 a day reported and another 10,000 under reported unable to test – they fill the planes full of infected carriers. Hme confine your ow health wealth. THE SPREAD OF DEAD IS SOARING. Stay safe. Think for yourself. Do not listen to the liars. LEARN HERE. RETURN HERE. EARN HEAR. DO better here. published as a free public service. Subscribe. Comment. Engage. WE HAVE TO HELP ONE ANOTHER. TURN IN GO ONE ANOTHER IN LOVE AND TRUST AND DO NOT TURN UPON ONE ANOTHER IN DISTRUST AND HATE. WE ARE BETTER THAN OUT LEADERS ARE.





Truth. The price earning ratio of stocks and bonds is at multi[les never seen not even in `1929 wild speculations. The values today are not economic and are insane. All markets are casino gambling with AI and fully price rigged. The Super bubble must burst. Central banks in October totally panicked. The world debt bond market imploding. Central banks stepped into to buy debt no one wanted and assure bond markets did not freeze up. When up to ONE TRILLION A DAY was flooding into bond markets to keep order in failing markets devolving as all that is new debt to nation, you see the end of the economic system. By May 2020 the equity markets lost liquidity as reported would occur here. Central banks now buy stocks and bonds as they never did in 1929 to keep the entire FAILING SUPER CRASHING ECONOMIC SYSTEM from panic sell off – by life support to a system dying – no way to save it. Today the FED in its WORST PANIC YET – said – to USA BANKS – you are running out of reserves to survive. WE NOW FORBID YOU TO PAY DIVIDENDS OR BUY BACK STOCK TO RIG YOUR BANK STOCK PRICE. Bank stocks began to tank on Friday. Markets crashed. The FED IS SAYING the BANKS WILL GO DOWN IN SUPER CRASH – NOT MAY GO DOWN – WILL GO DOWN. THE PANIC IS TOTAL AS THERE IS NO MORE AMMO IN THE NATION STATE OR AGENCY AS THE ABUSE HAS GROWN TO 100’S AND 100′ S OF TRILLIONS IN BAD DEBT. We are so early stage in what we told you in 2019 was a SLOW MOTION SUPER CRASH INTO THE GREATEST GLOBAL DEPRESSION OF ALL TIME EVER. PANIC at the central bank looks like what? Shouting we will buy stocks bonds real estate mortgages and crap assets with unlimited resources to life support markets. This is a lie. They lack fuel. The final banks are on empty folks and the entire car of global economics is about to pull over to the side of the road. Search DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTING IF YOU WANT TO PROTECT YOURSELF On this site. Soon you’ll lack that option. PANIC FRIDAY was what really came forth – the banks will not make it just like 1929 due to the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE DEFAULTING. Market bubble price must burst to real math. Credit abuse must work through the system at 100’s of trillions in bad debt bankruptcy for nations states agencies and institutions you thought were too large to fail which will all fail and go bankrupt. Globally a billion will have no income. 50 million will have no income or hope at all in America until public works puts them back to work as in the last depression and war puts them back to work or graves while liar elites profit on the wars. All so insane. Starvatio will kill 2 billion as the economics to feed them evaporates by criminal negligence world leadership who failed to cooperate and murdered them all. Climate Change illness death and starvation from LOCUS storms unseen in decades even centuries are perfect storms taking place all at once as the politicians lie and no game plan or cooperation exists in the world all today. Economically we are broken and breaking into shreds. No one is in charge. The grown ups are on vacation while ROME BURNS.




Tens of millions lose their unemployment extended benefits July 1st in a few days. Default in real estate both commercial and residential are soaring. As tens of millions lose monthly income defaults and homelessness will explode in the USA and world wide. This will spread the virus even more and fast into the WINTER months. Real Estate prices will super crash. Markets will super crash. 100 Trillion in Wealth will be lost by year end. But it will get worse. Society is Super Changing. Living in cities economically dies with social distancing, work from home, and more. States looking ok are not ok. All states are going to show shock and awe explosions into fall and winter you just can’t imagine. All the ERROR OF RE-OPENING ONE MONTH TOO EARLY FOR PROFITS is creating infections you won’t see for six weeks in time. The young are infecting the at risk in numbers beyond your imagination. Why is this occurring. IT IS OCCURING DUE TO LIARS AND FAILURE OF LEADERSHIP INTEGRITY WORLD WIDE. We told you how insane this was. We compete as nations states and agency and we all perish together. We COOPERATE as Nations States and Agency and we all profit together. The one SOLUTION BOOK ON HOW TO GET A FIX IS MY PUBLICATION  REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION By Berny Dohrmann at Amazon. WE called for a G 100 SUPER AGENCY TO COORDINATE AS ONLY HUMANS IN COOPERATION CAN DO SOLUTIONS. We advised if we compete like dogs ( EU BANNING USA FROM TRAVEL TO EU ) we melt down together. The pain and suffering is a criminal failure of world leadership. As you see the truth un fold of what we report to you here – act. First protect yourself inside diversified insurance investing. You have so little time to sell out at peak market price before the real SUPER CRASH. Health wealth your life. Social distance. Marks your young and teach them. Risk manage. Ozone your home. Do all best practices and we published them from MD doctors for you here. Seach. If you follow the fake news off the cliff you risk your security in health wealth – economics – shelter – and even clothing. The most massive move to homeless is coming. City scapes will unravel as we will work from home for YEARS we will never return to old conventions of work. The SUPER CHANGE my book SUPER CHANGE presented in January is here folks. The tools to step ahead of this for yourself are in my book. – Get Super Change while your at it: book mark both as you will wish to share the ANSWERS you can’t get anywhere else. SUPER CHANGE audio book is free right now make sure to get yours its really strong. Listen while you email or drive you’ll learn so many options. GREAT OPTIONS from we who predicted it all correctly first. Economics are in a integrated death spiral where the central banks are keeping the appearance things are just barely ok by holding WORLD MARKETS on never seen before life support – investing trillions to rigg market prices from panic sell off. Casino capitalism is fully bankrupt awah in debt loads that are in default. The house the dealer – the CASINO money printer the central banks ( all criminals in a criminal system all pled to worst crimes ever but no jail time ) are spending house money to create appearance markets are ok. If the FED pulled back buying for 72 hours a SUPER CRASH as you never saw in 1929 occurs. Panic will pass the DEALER CARDS to keep the market game going and the casino will fold. Still the US dollar will be the circulation of the world now during and after. China’s melt down and well sped up if YOU STOP BUYING MADE IN CHINA – can impact a break of China into sovereign states and the CHINA union devolves. Russia too. In real evolutions the people desire. No nation of tiny little leadership can isolate information and control iron curtain firewalls so billions can’t access open everything in the age of open access to data. Nations must trust their people with open information access. CRIMINAL CONTROLLERS will pass away from this earth. Iran chants are USA NOT OUR PROBLEM YOU ARE OUR PROBLEM. Truth. but IRAN locks up one million hoping for disent to create slave labor. The 80 year old brain in IRAN is not a SUPER CHANGE LEADER ( read my book ). Events over took Iran opportunity and now IRAN currency is devolving into failed state economics we told you were next. China and Iran can no longer pay for their military cost. This moves nations to war as they will not cut back on their power base. There people furious with the liars will rise up revolt and ill the criminal cabal and reform their nations. States are failing. South America. Africa. Gulf. China. North Korea. Iran. Russia. The list of failing states in EU is shock and awe coming up. Italy is bankrupt. No hope. Spain bankrupt no hope. NO US travel this summer. WIPE OUT ON EU WEALTH. Add in trade war to EU when they are sinking – game over EU – EU bankruptcy and those holding EU’s wiped out. Total wipe out. RUN OUT OF EU’s – remember we told you in June.




Economic casino capitalism is broken. Competitive economic models for socialism and capitalism are insane and fatally unsustainably flawed by design. My work REDEMPTION presents the problem and the solution. First you all know any system that is fake and rigged is dishonest. You all know any system that creates 1% own more wealth than 7 billion own is immoral evil and rigged. Can we do better. Both competitive socialism and capitalism failed the world. Today we need a new self correcting highly adapting globally regulated COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM blending the best of all systems and revolutionizing economic upgrading with quantum lineal computing AI regulating the world.  We have created a criminal banker economic system that abuses economics for greed until the system fails. The core is petro chermical economics which is so insane to have not fixed earlier – that we face our own extinction so a 1% elite group can end our species before they all die off from insanity. Our insane system is criminal. Our crises is integrity. We must resolve the crises of our own integrity. A system that kills billions with toxic tobacco is criminally insane. A health care to make us sick to profit industry trying to fix the issues is criminal. I just had a reaction to meds. It took 28 meds to save my life from the med creating the killer reaction. This industry model is insane. Evil. We can do better. IF ECONOMICS FAILS TO RE-INVENT ITSELF as REDEMPTION SUGGESTS – humanity goes extinct before 2050. We tell you why and how in the book. There is no way to deny the science. What sane species facing extinction does not unite to fix the crises and save itself? How insane is it to have liars lead us. VOTE INTEGRITY INTO OFFICE. Get mad as hell. Refuse to TOLERATE any breach of ethics and integrity. We reform economics in depression wealth redistribution war and pandemic death loading unseen since the fall of Rome and the Dark Ages. Deny you are seeing this unfold and you buy into liars. SAVE AND PROTECT ONE ANOTHER. TURN INTO ONE ANOTHER NOT UPON ONE ANOTHER. Avoid all competition between leadership. 7 Billion of US love one another and we all must help one another. Deny their divisions to divide us. UNITE AS ONE and we all will get through this. Today you swim in a sea of lies. Learn Earn and Return HERE to get the truth.




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You know the truth. Filling every seat in planes as the PANDEMIC is out of all control with super spreaders young and showing no symptoms from theaters to theme parks to wherever we gather will six to eight weeks later – FALL TO WINTER – shock and awe the world like its what – A SURPRISE? Filling all airline seats is criminal leadership negligence at FAA and airlines for profits over lives. Rallys with no masks or with masks SUPER SPREAD THE KILLER VIRUS. The Virus mutated. it has 100% more spikes now than in January and the spikes are hardened and super stable. Who says> SCRIPTS OF FLORIDA and we told you first right here. Scrips states in June ( thats now ) with everyone back to normal – that THE KILLER MOST CONTAGIOUS VIRUS KNOWN TO MAN IS NOW 10 X MORE CONTAGIOUS THAN JANUARY. Pence lies and says we are just improving so well now. Fake news. Masks do what? Lie: Masks protect YOU. CRIMINAL. Masks if YOU HAVE THE KILLER VIRUS reduce your 18 foot spray from a single cough or sneeze or attacks of both. Virus clouds are reduced but not removed. Maksed as you expose to KILLER VIRUS IN AIR OR SURFACE you infect your eyes ears breath pulls it in through your mask ( no protection folks ). MASKS are to reduce transmission if you have it not keep you safe. Only space suits keep you safe. If you think you are safe in public you are well do the math. Florida had 1000 new cases a day in May. The RED STATE PUPPET FOR TRUMP RUSHED TO OPEN we are all good here – in the oldest highest risk age state in America. Now three weeks – thats 3 WEEKS later – we move from 1000 new infections a day to over 10,000 ew infections this weekend as in SHAME Texas ( worse even ) and Florida CLOSE BACK DOWN. California just you wait. Stay home. Confine. Put YOUR LIFE ahead of your anything else. BE SELF RELIANT. THEY WILL NOT SAVE YOU. THEY ARE KILLING US. Hold them responsible and vote the LIARS OUT OF OFFICE. The largest change socially. culturally, economically, politically, world order, since the FALL OF ROME is coming.





In my opinion with all the lies and what IS SO WRONG WITH AMERICA – what is SO RIGHT WITH AMERICA will inspire the new world order post election. However there is risk. Trump and Biden could catch the virus and both die. Risk is unknown and SUPER HIGH. I’d have chain of command to nation in isolation if I led. Common damn sense. My opinion. Gold and all safe harbor assets will collapse and deflate. The WORLD STORE OF VALUE in my bet may surprise you. I SEE THE US DOLLAR as the CORNERSTONE ASSET. I think DOLLARS will super spike and soar in SUPER CRASH. I see the EU as fatal now with US travel out this summer. Trump will trade war the EU and the EU is in shock and awe decline. The EU will crash to zero worthless paper and the EU will break up entirely. China is imploding. China Yuan will super crash into China debt implosions it can not manage or control. A RUN OUT OF CHINA is beyond historic. Real war with India and Pakistan and India and China and Korea and Africa is rising all over at a time no one can afford or pay for insanity of competition. Sanity. WE COOPERATE AND PROSPER TOGETHER AND GET THROUGH THIS. We compete and we PERISH TOGETHER. We suggest long on dollar liquidity as the world SUPER CRASHES those who own dollars win over anything outside our other favorite DIAMONDS. Few agree with us. SO we’ll see.




Economists globally agreed inflation is dead due to PANDEMIC. DEFLATION ECONOMICS will reset asset prices. Markets at 20 to 1 in earnings ratio will super crash to 8 to 14 – may touch as low as a 10,000 DOW before it levels anywhere back. To get back to today will taken ten to fifteen years. To get through global depression without world war has never. been done once. Populations will reset from PANDEMIC starvation and wars. Up to two billion will die with no reason on earth by leadership criminals lacking integrity to tell the truth and present inspired leadership to unite us all versus divide us all. Nations are engaged in world war III economically. Nations are hacking and stealing each others IP and inventions in a world of criminal breach of cooperation integrity and rule of law with no nation left behind. REDEMPTION lays out the GREAT PATH FORWARD. Most world leaders have read it. No one has integrity yet to ACT. YET. We can easily do so much better than this. 7 Billion human beings are being sacrificed by 1% super wealthy elite criminally insane who believe their own lies are reality. They seek to preserve POWER WEATLH AND GREED – any and all cost. LOSS OF POWER should be a GIFTING but it is in fact a human insanity. If we fail to reset competition is insane ( all science presented in REDEMPTION ) we extinct. Needless. Such a mis fire of our human potential. 7 BILLION OF US need to CELEBRATE OUR GREATEST ASPECT OF OURSELVES OUR DIVERSITY – VERUS PUNISH DIVERSITY. Which is insane. WE 7 billion by majority want to help one another learn from each other share culture and meals and laughter on the most beautiful water planet we can see. A small insane majority wish to punish our differences ( insane competition mental software so easy to upgrade into far better software of mind – read REDEMPTION and your software upgrades. AUTOMATICALLY. Why? Your Brain always accepts a better way. Your brain always replaces lies with truth. Always.




We are in the early stage of the worst world health and economic crises since the fall of ROME. Our leaders are criminally negligent and have lied to us all and are still lying to us all. Stop trusting lies. Think for yourself. Be SELF RELIANT. Help one another in community. In business CEO SPACE is the # 1 COMMUNITY to prosper through inside of. Your one safest harbor serving 200 nations and press ranked # 1. Vote liars out world wide. Vote truth speakers in. Vote in cooperative leaders who unite us. Vote out divisive leaders who unwind us. HOLD LIARS TO CONSEQUENCE AND RESET THE WORLD – WINTER IS COMING FOR US ALL. Lay in your stocks to survive the worst winter since the FALL OF ROME. You want truth versus lies. The world insane economic failed models of competitive capitalism and socialism consolidate wealth where 1% own all the wealth. This is immoral and insane. To seven billion souls on earth today. The CRISES IS FAILURE TO EDUCATE AT ALL LEVELS that competition is insanity. Cooperation is sanity for us all. We can teach cultural cooperation celebrating our diversity. We can revolutionize sane cooperative economics with no nation left behind and we should. We must. Through pain and suffering or with inspired leadership? Get involved. Read REDEMPTION. Learn earn and return. Be open your belief’s may be bad mental software from others you do not even recall. Upgrade your mental options. THE CRISES IS INTEGRITY. The CRISES IS COMPETITION VERSUS COOPERATION. CEO SPACE is ground zero for leaders coming together in integrity and cooperation to prosper in any market. I love my readers and truly just out of hospital and with C virus in my own home from FAILED STATE LEADERSHIP – IN FLORIDA – are you not all mad as hell. Vote to put the LIARS OUT. Is it not time for a world order change? WE CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS YA ALL and you know – we all will. My hope is 2 billion do not die for elite criminals in power making error in policy missing all options for greed and power alone. That is the truth. You know the truth. This weekend the priority – SET UP TO 2022 HEALTH WEALTH FIRST and REAL WEALTH SECURITY NEXT. I strongly encourage you to join CEO SPACE where we take care of one another. Inside the COOPERATION INTEGRITY REVOLUTION. I send you this weekend – THINK FOR YOURSELF AND PROTECT YOUR TRIBE IN LOVE. Forgive the ignorant for they all do the best they know how and they DO NOT KNOW WHAT IT IS THAT THEY DO. Lies are truth. Truth ls lies. THE WORST IS SO YET COMING – TRUST ME – WINTER “IS COMING” . Readers fact checking know this is the most accurate pandemic site in predicting accurate outcomes. Send a prayer I do not get the KILLER VIRUS now in our own home – this weekend. THANKS FOR THAT protection.  Even so we can not get even tested in Florida in America. The EU is right to shame TRUMP leadership and BAN AMERICANS FROM EU TRAVEL now thats a first and a huge insult to our shame and mismanagement. Trump says we are FIRST ask everyone. We are not first. Not in technology, not in AI, not in Super computers, not in transportation systems, not in health care , not in education. It is lies. Vote liars world wide out. A NEW WORLD ORDER IS COMING AND AMERICA IS BEING VASTLY DIMINISHED AS PER THE BEST SELLER THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM. VOTE TO RE-INVENT AMERICA and you know what – we WILL REINVENT AMERICA and we all need A RETURN OF OUR INTEGRITY.

The worst – is so yet to come. SUPER CRASH IS COMING and no one can predict when. Later summer early fall our first super fear storm. On the data. Catching up. Truth replacing lies on how bad it is globally. Wait for it….WINTER IS COMING trust me – I never get the economics wrong.



PS: Check out PEAKS OF HEALTH LARGO FLORIDA the life saver when you need the future of medicine I use myself. When you have no health option left check out miracles with Dr. Donny Epstein of – Tony Robbins and I use him and he is our mentor for our own leadership growth. – hope you check them out fully in these times. PANDEMIC WILL NEVER EFFECT YOU if you act on the options we set down this weekend as HALF YOUR YEAR IS GONE TODAY. What will you do to upgrade security with WINTER COMING. Action now is the option…….act.