VW is suggesting that “yes there was a chain of ERRORS”. There was NO CHAIN OF ERRORS. There was a VW CHAIN OF CRIMES. These crimes went on for years and defrauded nations. Is a host of VW CRIMINALS going to PRISON QUICKLY? Nope. No one is arrested. Any shop lifter would have been arrested. But steal billions and you get a GET OUT OF JAIL free pass.

China is manipulating its phony money currency. Today as it loses market share on all fronts – and a run on manufacturing ( our of China which is permanent ) and a melt down of their bubbles into DEFLATION for decades – the sun has risen and has now SET upon China. It is permanent. The currency of China is free falling. China devalued it’s currency in a CRIMINAL TRADE WAR move on the rest of the world. Now they are devaluing their currency through “guidance” or financial speak – to allow effective devaluations until China goods become so cheap against other currencies – one must return to snap up those bargains. Is their criminal trade war plan. It will backfire and not work and other nations are far from amused.

The IMF conducted a criminal violation of their charter by including the China currency – phone money – manipulated currency – into the drawing rights prestige basket. Does anyone go to jail for these financial crimes. No.

Speculators who rigged the world commodity markets and then got crushed when their own bubble imploded lost trillions of wealth. Does any one go to jail for these illegal market trades? Of course not. Years from now some brokers may pay some fines to GET OUT JAIL but these institutions have become TO BIG TO JAIL.

Until criminals GO TO PRISON it is my opinion – our economic world system is rigged – a global casino with no real basis. The instability of such GREED by pure criminals manipulations markets IS a SUPER CRASH followed by world war.

Ideally the G 100 would host an economic constitutional congress to advance a global set of economic rules all nations would sign on to. This will do more for the environment and full partnership for nations than any other game plan. Unless we REGULATE UNWANTED MARKET SPECULATION and return laws we had in 1999 – that make such speculation a CRIME we have no real economic system.

Today banks in all nations Russia to the US can take your grand mother’s deposits and speculate with that money at 50 to one leverage in impossibly criminal trading schemes that add noting to economic muscle and growth – and simply are SIDE BETS on which way markets will go. LEGAL GAMBLING with investor and bank deposits where the laws are all local and the trades are all in the CLOUD and unregulated by any nation.

The LARGEST RETHINK OF REGULATORY FRAME WORK must mature to preserve the world order or WORLD WAR will reset the world order at a cost beyond imagination to think about. Greed is not moral ethical legal or intelligent. Greed must be moderated by laws and transparent global regulation.

It is smart to under take such a commission and the act of planning it will go a long way to firewall the criminals. In the end Criminals stealing this much need to go to jail.

VW would be a good start for Germany. Fast prosecutions of the bad guys.

This is not a chain of errors.

This is a well planned chain of CRIMES against nations.

Boycott firms that you know lack integrity.

We the people can start a revolution with our wallets. Be conscious consumers and watch as we take our world back for the unborn generation that follow us.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE