Perhaps Chairman Powell reads my blog. The Chairman seemed to conclude that system stability is far more of a priority than the rush to rate increase profits to his member banks. We have reported here ( Noting we ask our readers to get our free gift on tools and tactics below this blog report today just scroll and print that page ) – on the following:


  1. The Fed is operating using old economic play books into an economy that no longer exists. The new economy morphed into a new economic model. fully globally inter-linked and integrated – for the first time – and fully digital and AI controlled versus human controlled. The evolution into AI wars over money creates a new economy. The Fed has no theory tools nor is it trying to remain current in SUPER CHANGE. Its policy making in the old economy that is dead and buried in 2019 has become of enormous danger. The key risk in the world market Chairman Powell failed to bring to light is FED FAILED POLICY AND FORWARD POLICY BLUNDERS. The Fed is too obsolete to avoid merger back into US Treasury.
  2. The Fed is raising interest rates from zero over ten long Yeats to 100x higher rates in ten months when normalization requires half a decade minimum as to TIME being the work around asset the Fed is missing as the cornerstone asset in new economic policy making. As. the backward looking Fed has no tools to look forward accurately – it is no longer relevant but of grave danger to the system as a whole.
  3. The Fed is raising interest way to much each time.
  4. The fed is raising interest way too frequently.
  5. The fed fails to appreciate the new economic terrorism they are in the current market just recently attacked in October by Axis of Evil digital economic weapons profiting our enemies by trillions while we lost. The Fed does not even get “it”. Too obsolete.

The congress has noted the Fed is out of touch. The investment market has noted the risk the Fed is placing into the market. A growing tribe of economists led in part by ME are shouting how wrong minded Fed policy is based on pure data. The White House having the same data is also steaming – wrong policy wrong time wrong minded.

The worst recession since 1929 tool place recently. The Fed engaged a policy never used before. unlimited tax payer money to bail out bad debts from its member banks. 5 Trillion of this crap asset base was bought from loser bank bets into the Fed balance sheet. Now the Fed is printing less money – shrinking the lake of circulation globally of dollars – further shrinking the water in the swimming pool by selling its own crap distorting bond markets world wide on price and liquidity and at the same time raising the dollar by enormous levels ( making US goods so much more costly globally just at the wrong time in a trade war ) and raising interest rates by astronomical speeds and ratio’s from the decade of Free money. The soaring dollar value means nations that must pay for food and fuel in dollars ( 200 nations ) as the US dollar is the WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY where payment by 200 nations is soaring in cost to trade their currency into dollars to pay their own essential trade bills. 9 Trillion I USA corporate borrowing and 7 trillion globally must now be repaid in soaring dollar valuations. Further the interest as these 16 trillion dollars roll over in 2019 and 2020 at the now ENORMOUS HIGHER INTEREST the Fed has way too soon introduced to the system, make loan repayments so RISK HIGH the Fed Chairman spoke mostly and repeatedly about that super high debt risk. My readers have read about all this all year.




Chairman Powell in his state of the world economic discussion today cited the high risk of valuation to equities higher than traditional norms. He cited over and over the debt risk of the large % of global debt at near junk level that may not repay with stress loads developing in a system slow down created a global DEBT TRAP. We agree. We have reported all this for the scroll you may wish to dive into so you know on this site.

Chairman Powell omitted to disclose the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD initiated a 2008 experiment to save the bankrupt global system by issuing unlimited FREE MONEY for a period of ten years. Tens of trillions of US dollars flooded world markets to prop up he system. An economic system is fatal distress in 2008 globally due to the Fed failure to regulate its bank shareholder speculations in the global mortgage market turned into a casino. The Fed’s policy to bail out criminal bankers from their bad market betting with tax payer funds remains an unknown in core economics.

Has the Fed just kicked the bucket down the road where the economic abuse when worked out of the system will be far worse than it would have been otherwise in 2008?

Will the policy choices the FED made prove to have worked? No one knows. No once can predict yet.

Chairman Powell forgot to note that the current stress list he goes through is a stress list caused by the 12 at. the top of the FED. Their free money problem has created the15 trillion of HIGH RISK debt in the system today. We commence 2019 with the largest SUPER BUBBLE IN DEBT the world has ever known. A debt Super Bubble DEFAULT CASCADE triggered by any nation from Italy to China may as Chairman Powell suggested trigger large proportional falls in equity values and risk system failure itself.

Chairman Powell while defining the system risk issues all economics well understand fails to report that cause of the risk wave ahead of us is the FED the source of the risk is the FED and the Fed failures of the past policy ( 100% F grade failure since 1902 to now ) makes future FED POLICY suspicious given their failed track records over 70 yeas with not one success to date.



Re-reading Powells Speech today I found policy from the Fed obsolete demanding its merger back into US treasury. The biggest item falls into his repeated confirmation…..

……the Federal Reserve board has no planned target for future interest rates ( uh we are just winging it ) as we will review future events ( we have no clue about or influence over ) and decide my buck ho roo’s winging it all as we go down the road……

I never thought anyone could trump the horrific policy errors into crises failed Chairman Greenspan brought us into in 2007 that risked total systemic failure it was so wrong minded. Chairman Powell is more like Capitan Kangaroo bringing in Mr. Green Jeans to share a magical animal with us all from the “farm”. Taking our mind off the FED itself as the crises maker.

There is no economist term neutral interest rate. There is no such thing and every single economist knows that truth. The Fed just made it up as a PR item in which everyone now sighs or gasps if the Chairman says we are far away or closer to neutral interest rates. There is no such things as Neutral Interest rates are not an item of economics now could they exist nor do they exist. NEUTRAL INTEREST is not policy guidance it is a pure distraction.

The Fed is a pure criminal fraud. Just like OPEC criminally taxes the world taking oil price up to 145.00 a barrel via artificial cartel price manipulations – a sin against billions – the Fed is OPEC ON US dollars the world reserve currency manipulating the amount of money and the price of money – which common sense suggests we remove from the hands of declared criminal bankers and return to US TREASURY as the US CONSTITUTION requires.

IT IS TIME as Al Gore coined – for the FED TO GO. Merged back into US treasury.

Today’s speech confirmed how out of touch Chairman Powell is with the New Economy the Fed with Free money created. Todays speech confirmed how the FED lacks any influence of control to manage the new economy. Today’s speech confirmed that horror of failed policy risks to system failure remains, are more advanced than any period since 1929 exceeding even that year. for reasons the Chairman mentioned but failed to take Fed responsibility for creating in he first space and having zero solutions but ” we are watching carefully” which is not policy or solution outcomes. It is the old song….when you wish upon a star makes no difference what interest rates ARE….sings Chairman Powell in idiot lyrics. Interest Rates SUPER STRESS a system unable to accommodate more super stress.

So just the retarded Powell saying nothing today – that interest was near neutral interest rate targeting ( no one can define what that even means as there is. no such things a neutral interest in economics – none  they just made that up ) – the market goes up 600 points. Assuming Powell is not raising interest as usual.

I think the Fed will:

  1. Create a system liquidity crises
  2. Create a liquidity evaporation day
  3. Create a debt default cascade trigger
  4. Create system failure from debt cascade effects
  5. Be merged back into US treasury as the cause of the failure to the system

I encourage the White House and Legislature to MERGE THE FED BACK INTO US TREASURY. The economic stability act to be passed by new congress can and should:

  1. Merge the Federal Reserve board back into the US treasury.
  2. Pay off Fed Debt with one 100 year Super Bond – Hughes and Hubbard package
  3. Stop paying interest on currency creation moving forward
  4. The USA now in the black has resources to fund entitlements moving forward
  5. Infrastructure is now affordable and creates USA surplus to treasury I the future

We can let the Fed continue their massive policy failures lacking any resources to operate in the new global economy as they are stuck like an antique model T Ford in a star ship enterprise new economic world. Always looking only in the rear vision mirror of “that is the way we have always done it ” the Fed lacks accommodation tools and thinking to regulate effectively in the new economy the AI economy that has passed the Fed a long time ago.

Failure to merge the FED back into US treasury remains the single core risk to global financial system failure. If you explore this blog world more fully you will gather research underwriting to determine how you feel globally about merging out of control without any over sight check or balance as all such appearances are fictions and frauds. to arrive at a modernization upgrade to the core system – merge central banks and bankers back into real oversight and audits within the US treasury, versus exempt from any national supervision or accountability, itself an inane idea.

Insanity looks like this:

  1. In secret bankers rush an 80 page act through congress 100 years ago when the pony express delivered the mail.
  2. The 80 Page Fed Act created a private stock firm with an exclusive contact to print America’s currency.
  3. The stock firm would be owned in secret independent from nations and outside any check and balance by the bankers who created it in the first place.
  4. The new stock firm would be able to use the FED name making it appear like a government agency when it is not one.
  5. The new stock firm would be free from audits or reviews by the 80 page act to safe guard its independence from the USA – no accounting ever. Everything secret.
  6. The new stock firm would make repairs to congress but congress could have no veto or over sight authority over what the fed dd or what the fed failed to report. When asked of the Fed Chairman – will you tell us where the 11 trillion of tax payer money was spent – he replied no sir I will not. No recourse as the FED is exempt from any over sight really.
  7. The president appoints members of the Fed Board nominated by the criminal bankers that passed the Fed act 100 years ago – once appointed those I power owe allegiance only to their controlling criminal bank shareholders who won the Fed and share in its profits really.


Seven minutes to see the FRAUD every America is kept blind upon  on purpose – fully mis-informed on – the largest criminal theft of wealth on any people I world history. Economists making this film and me agree – merge the FED back into US treasury to save system stability world wide – before it it just to late to do so. Failed FED policy will be the cause of system melt down.



Chairman Powell today in an eye dare stare down with Trump and Congress and the entire Chairman Powell gave massively different market signals to world markets he opened for panic in October with his last irresponsible speech. At that time he noted the FED IS NOT ANYWHERE NEAR PAUSING RAISING INTEREST RATES which have a LONG LONG WAY TO GO UP in 2019. Trillions were lost after his failed speech on policy. Again.

Today he reverses implying but not stating interest rate raises – so hugely risk intruding into the stressed systems we must work forward within  will pause slow or relax.

Today he implied that the Fed was near its target neutral interest that no one knows what that even means. There is no such thing in economics folks. None; They just made that up.

SO today Chairman Powell implied we are close to a target when in the same speech the same Chairman states. = hey we have no target we are just winging it all and as things unfold we’ll see”. Thats the Policy – which we well knew – the FED HAS NO CLUE like Crammer has screamed shouted and put forth since the summer.

WE agree Crammer man.

The Fed has no target and is close to the target they do not have.

FED SPEAK IS PURE FRAUD AND FICTION and following their insane FED  market speak is FRAUD and DISTRACTION itself a reason to declare the Fed obsoletes  are unfit to govern money policy and supply; They are obsolete and Congress must pass emergency legislation to stop paying interest on currency issue and to restore check balance and audit to monetary policy to he US Treasury who for 100s of YEARS did such a much better track record to the Fed 80 year tragic horror record in fiscal policy.

The Fed has had a perfect loosing streak – all strike out – never a home run – and their worst policies we all live inside of today with a pure experiment economically no one has any idea what final outcome will be. Today Chairman Powell suggested any crises now ( while he hammers markets with interest rates to pack profits to his own shareholders in a conflict of interest never allowed in any other matching abuse in America ) would massively drop wealth values I asset classes and risk the entire system.


Fed policy.

What is the cause of the higher risk?

15 trillion with enormous % in marginal credit worthiness to pay back the debt loads – true dat Only the FED free money policy created the pig in this python – bad high risk debt on marginal players. Fed raising interest rates to fast too soon lacking TIME as the core asset to work out FED SYSTEM ABUSE – is the one stress to make the risk soar. The FED – created the marginal borrowers from their bankers with free money and now creates the stress and risk to system failure by raising money too fast for those rolling over 9 trillion in USA only corporate debt to be able to pay the higher interest costs so soon.


MERGE THE FED INTO US TREASURY and real oversight of monetary policy and criminal bankers will be restored to the nation.

That is my take away from the Powell massive reversal on policy as Powell blinked because he and his tribe almost fatally killed the entire world system by failed Fed 2018 monetary policy.

The film we ask that you  to book mark here – provides seven minutes of economic data the majority of economists have no clue upon. They believe the FED is a government agency which the criminals who run the FED go to any length to assure the truth does not reach mass awareness of voters. AMERICA voters would be furious if they knew the truth of this film.

Let me ask you …why is none of this taught in public education?

You know the answer. Think about the merger of the Fed into US Treasury and elect candidates who vote yes on that one issue….and folks you restore your nation to WE THE PEOPLE from WE THE ELITE BANKERS.

Thats my take on FED SPEAK TODAY …I was not amused by the Blink.


PS: IF Chairman Power IS reading this blog why not ask for a three time pay raise plus a multi year perk package  and you will support merging the Fed back into US treasury with yourself as Chairman….as a consequence for the unborn Americans ….putting this blog to work. GOO POWELL !