Chicago at 7 Degree’s is far cry from Tarpon Springs Florida ( paradise but your not dead yet ). I never can understand why everyone does relocate to Florida – it is so wonderful. Wish I had done it years and years ago.

Our CEO SPACE Chicago Community is such a switched on turned on community of small business owner entrepreneurs. Everyone is helping one another – everyone is lifting everyone else into acceleration in profits and FULL PARTNERSHIP in opportunity.

The CEO SPACE Gatherings we hosted on Jan 29th, Jan 30th and Jan 31st TWO A DAY – filled to walls. We wish to thank our CEO SPACE teams in Chicago, and surrounding counties, for the faithful COMMUNITY SERVICE you are providing as a support to entrepreneurs in the Chicago area.
The FREE and every two week – CEO SPACE “GATHERINGS” Introduced in 2015, are huge hits with the business community. In our two week events, with referrals swelling numbers from Las Angeles to New York City, the format is the same in every CEO SPACE City served:

1. The meeting begins and in 20 minutes our teams and speakers have explained the BOX TOP rules for COOPERATIVE versus COMPETITIVE NETWORKING using our proprietary SEE ME networking over size cards for traction to action and follow up.

2. Guests proceed to help other guests – with an intention on holding UNCONDITIONAL COOPERATION for 30 minutes. Within 20 minutes questions are addressed and the group stands up and networks all over the facility. In thirty minutes the meeting is called back to order.

3. Guests got RESULTS consistently reported as IMPOSSIBLE to obtain in any form of networking outside CEO SPACE “GATHERINGS”. Plus in to a CEO SPACE gathering near to you and be networking for critical contacts in 20 minutes. All in cooperation versus competition. Its new. It works. Its fresh. It previews what CEO SPACE does in its week long retreats in Vegas five times a year.

4. A short 15 minute hard content lesson for small business follows. Last night we taught on referral marketing and crowd funding. The entire room stayed at the end of the POWER HOUR for follow up to the networking and host coaching on their business projects.

5. The meetings close on time and everyone gets home at an early hour and with results.


GATHERINGS from CEO SPACE the ultimate business club serving the world. Get involved in GATHERINGS near you and if your city is not hosting a GATHERING call and explore becoming a CHAPTER PRESIDENT – there is no cost – for your area and LEAD A GATHERING we’ll provide all the training free. If you love people and you love contributing more than you consumer, the GATHERING is your new core engine for growth.

Chicago is on fire – the new GREAT CHICAGO FIRE is all about multiple Gatherings taking place all over the CITY. Look us up and tell your friends who reside in Cities everyone in North America – your GATHERING “IS” coming…….plug in and get the juice.