The largest withdrawal of funds from the stock market is taking place this June not seen since the 2008 crash. Think about that consequence of the SPRING CORRECTION we predicted so accurately in this blog. 12.4 Billion has been removed from equities so far in June. This includes Exchange Traded funds as well. The global expansion is appearing to slow.

The USA First quarter numbers were adjusted LOWER much LOWER than experts thought. Experts expect but we won’t know for sure robust second quarter offsets but we have to see those numbers in July.

Is this a set up for another surge forward in July as we leave the various effects of Trade War to the side bar or is this a single of something more global and ominous. We are watching and reviewing data ourselves to discover the trend line.

We had felt that the likely unfolding is:


  1. Tough Long Bilateral trade resets to new global trading protocols updating the last post war fifty years between nations.
  2. Tensions to get oil the cost of everything at market rates versus criminal monopoly cartel price gauging at profits that tax the entire world for the few elites.
  3. Forward progress with North Korea that does not reverse into war.
  4. Forward progress with China that re-stablizes the entire world from that partnership evolving.
  5. Ditto for Russia on same agenda’s with China evolving next which may lead to a historic IRAN real deal that resets peace and prosperity for the entire globe.

If these agenda’s fall then markets may react.

The infrastructure for the US and immigration policy reform is essential. Justice reform is going to follow and is so late. As we all see so well is modernization required.

The US is resetting at so many levels. What is the profit accounts moving forward. Consumer sales fell in the first quarter to a level that was unexpected a solo drop moment. Will that consumer buying offset in the second quarter. We will know soon enough.

The SPRING correction is no joke. We suggested ways before it occurred to PEAK OUT an PROTECT your nest egg. If you did the actions you lost nothing. If not you may have some loss from the peaks.

I’d say the NERVOUS factor is high.

I’d say markets are hair trigger from being SPOOKED.

I’d say any shocks can have serious downward implications in this hiatus market. Are we returning to new highs as we believe in the second half after July say or are we going to see some serious corrections ahead?

No one can predict that right now.

We are all gathering data and it is dicey conflicting data surprising us all. Lots of new information to absorb.

We are reviewing and will reach out as we do when the data streams under pin trends we can’t see right now. It could go either way and fast.

So the markets are LESS STABLE than 2017 and some large multi billion draw downs are taking place to American Equities from global pull outs.

What is that signaling.

We don’t see it as good news.