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We have made economic predictions since December on Pandemic. Half a year has gone by since we said CHINESE SNAKE FLU CORONAVIRUS (our name stuck for millions and the press is coming over as COVID 19 is named to keep you thinking science has all this when they do not have all this at all) – the WHO said this was nothing they got this nothing like SARS AND MERS. Not a pandemic. We reported in December and January this was a PANDEMIC and would create a depression in economics. As a fact check. For two months China said we got this and WHO Said WHOOT WHOOT FOR CHINA as President XI failing to cancel Chinese New years has resulted I 5 million infected Chinese and 1,000,000 dead that is all being covered up right now. Fact check us on that later. China has perpetuated a BIO WEAPON World War III Fraud upon the world as it sets up taking over TAIWAN AND HONG KONG in election year, and resetting the world order with Putin. The plan we reported in February is working and the west is losing.


We called the outbreak the GREATEST GLOBAL PANDEMIC IN HISTORY FIRST. WHO said for months the Snake Flu Coronavirus (jumped from bats to snakes in China was the theory) was not a Pandemic for months when the new killer virus CHINEESE SNAKE FLU (CORONAVIUS) which deserves our label CHINESE SNAKE FLU so we never not ever forget Chinese released a bio weapon. A bio weapon that is wiping out its own costly aging populations like the black death in the dark ages upon their own people. The lies coming out of CHINA now have reached a level where the labeling of the China tribe to the USA being bad guys comes back to one million people chanting per virus to the leadership of IRAN:



I can hear this chant in riots of over a million in China in the future as state information control, state wide mind police and brain washing of 1.5 billion can no longer work. Lies are DISPLACED by TRUTH and the TRUTH is leaking into China with only one outcome for the 1.5 billion Chinese people.


The 1% elites that own 99% of all China power and wealth are frauds liars and have murdered millions of you now with CHINA SNAKE FLU your elderly will perish from the earth while the leadership moves into war to take over territory and wealth as China sinking in Pandemic DEPRESSION ECONOMICS can no longer see a way forward as your fact check this second half to our predictions for the second half:


  • The market pulls back in wild destabilizing volatilities starting June 2020 and moving to gyrations that will shake the entire world.
  • Super Crash September October window of first next opportunity – possible banks close up like 1929.
  • China Stocks and Bond markets crash into dysfunction and market utter failure before Fall ends.
  • Real Estate Super Crashes in China.
  • 500 million are laid off in China’s melt down and social unrest and riots either split China into sovereign provinces or the people wipe our communism and upgrade into something else – HONG KONG could end up the new capital of China if they are not careful.
  • Before all that happens the elite 1% in China will slaughter millions of their own people in a civil war why? To hold on to wealth and power.
  • Would the elites losing it all use their nukes? You bet. Never bet insanity in leadership will act in their own best interest.







The virus. What virus do you know that is natural in nature operates as below: ANY???


  • Up to two thirds of 700 infected on the Diamond Princess were found to be SILENT SUPER SPREADERS – no symptoms ever – while spreading the fatal killer virus by just talking to others – just talking is all that is required and your mask does zero to protect you – the mask is to pamper your feelings with a lie any medical person will tell you good luck. Talking creates VIRAL CLOUDS that enter through your inhaling your eyes your ears and your finders on clothes skin and where the viral cloud lands. Without a hazmet suit you have ZERO PROTECTION and it is not safe to be out in salient super spreader land it is life or your death.
  • China new about silent carriers because its labs helped with Putin engineer the bio weapon to kill off its elderly care costs sinking the nation anyway economically.
  • The bio weapon mutated in two ways. CHINA SNAKE FLU become many times more contagious than the original strain, and more lethal, and is still mutating into pathologies as it is all new no expert understands or can explain.
  • Over 50 years in human populations the largest killer of mankind is now TB made worse far worse by HOME CONFINEMENT which has no elevated TB to kill more humans in 2020 than anything less at 1.5 million deaths worldwide – a five decade ramp up to this.
  • Malaria including the new forms with zero treatments (save one proven with 10,000 case studies from CEO SPACE DOCTOR Jerry Thorn Thwaite of Nashville who as former NIH and CIA bio terror expert is way ahead on the SNAKE FLU cure pathology in my opinion. Malaria was the # 1 killer last year of human beings at 1.3 million dead in 2020, but now home confinement exploded TB ahead of Malaria.
  • 400,000 deaths from MEDICAL MAL PRACTICE with wrong drugs wrong procedures and hospital errors – a 30-year growth industry of killing us in hospitals. We have closed a net of 75 hospitals in America in 20 years mostly rural and even in downsizing American health care the GRWOTH INDUSTRY IS KILLING US BY MEDICAL MAL PRACTICE much more fatal than cancer heart attack or strokes folks – our health care system is so old so obsolete so in need of an upgrade – it is PREPOSTEROUS OUR NATION is so inept in pandemic ( you’ve seen wasting billions upon billions while our police land our necks in crises and simply think they like they virus bad cops are in fact – can just kill us. ) In 2020, we the people started killing back as revolutions worldwide are rising up again precisely if your fact checks as we predicted right here. First.
  • China Snake flu took 120 days to go from (this is nothing from Liar Frauds at China and their pandemic slave WHO this is nothing folks – we who prepare to die from your lies salute you? I DO NOT THINK SO). 120 days to go from lies to 500,000 cries from 500,000 body bags in June a new record for any pandemic (not nothing WHO the worst pandemic in modern times and you were criminally negligent and you are responsible for every one of the deaths soaring to ten million infected by end of summer up from 5 million – today – 6 million infected in June is not NOTHING WHO AND CHINA
  • China and WHO knew in January about the real pandemic NUKE OPTION – silent carriers. They knew from China and the Diamond princess. THE COVER UP IS SO CLEAR. The first and only global full story on CARRRIERS was first released to the entire world on Feb 7th – right here. Fact check that as this news site was FIRST and remained RIGHT AGAIN ahead of all wrong negligence repeats of CHINA AND WHO LIES AND FRAUDS COVERING UP THE SILENT CARRIER STORY TO THE WORLD COSTING HUNDREDS UPON HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DEATHS IN 90 DAYS – WE WROTE IN JANUARY TO APRIL SHAME ON WHO AND THEIR LEADERSHIP HAD TO GO – FIRST AND CONSISTENT FACT CHECK US.
  • We predicted here that China economics is in a death spiral. Capital is in flight. Runs on banks are massive. The people are rioting against the lies and deaths as we suggest 5 million are infected and over 1,000,000 will be dead by end of summer and China Communist are lying covering up misdirecting information because they are all terrified of being killed having gone way to far as 1% elites against the 99% who hold no wealth or power and the 99% is now getting the truth about Hong Kong and the rest and is rising up MAD AS HELL AND THE PEOPLE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY LONGER and XI sense the mood and like Trump his own shattered poll and following approval numbers like SPACE MOUNTAIN TODAY as a roller coaster – XI IS AFRAID folks and that’s every night including TONIGHT. China knows but the rest of the world is clue less.
  • The entire world has turned on CHINA lies and FRAUD in crises and believe me no nation wants to state THIS IS A BIO WEAPON because such statements means this is WORLD WAR III which it is and which we reported in January. We have to wait on that inconvenient fact check as in election year all hell breaks our when that reality becomes our right again. The world knows this is WAR and the total hacking blitz from CHINA liars and Frauds saying let’s cooperate while they still SUPER SPREAD THE ILLNESS now with ore airplane rides in CHINA than the USA for the first time as they SUPER SPREAD their own killer virus as an unfolding war plan.
  • We told you to distract their people waking up to the truth reported on your favorite blog site but  banned in China – by the China Thought Police with some 2 millions like ten cities of 200,000 all locked up entire families and no due process – to reform their thinking to conform with COMMUNIST BOX TOP RULES – no wiggle room for thinking for yourself – that is a crime against all people – thinking for yourself – or the BIG ONE suggesting CHINA BOX TOP RULES are lies and frauds by 1% elites inside a system of the FEW AGAINST THE MANY versus a Hong Kong more free system of the MANY FOR THE MANY which is what 1.5 billion Chinese are insisting comes post revolution in China.  We predicted hot zones in Hong Kong and Taiwan in election year up to full take overs we feel in election year America will do nothing and while the EU and America say bad – bad CHINA in 2020 with the China Putin War Plan considering all the issues of Pandemic in a total depression destruction of western economics – war plan success – the unintended consequence is the kill switch to stop the killer virus in Russia and China ( and oh yes they have a kill switch ( no longer works on the 22 viral mutations – that Putin rushed this all to market – keeping in mind China and Russia engineered the virus and will have the first kill switch on the NEW VIRUS SUPER KILLER STRAINS – A VACCINE that Russia will earn a trillion dollars off – offsetting their economic meltdown and oil revenue bankruptcy to debt – now they are ok because of WORLD WAR III they started – now China and Russia will have a place at the table having won the war why we were a victim of the war we deny exists in the first place.
  • Russia and China both confirmed the KILLER VIRUS “IS” A CONFIRMED BIO WEAPON in media worldwide (fact check me on this item we reported first) saying the BIO WEAPON was created by the USA as a direct attack by the USA on the Chinese economy and people. This was WAR PLAN DISTRACTION as PUTIN created the BIO WEAPON and released in China in a global election year to get TRUMP OUR once and for all – shift the world order without nukes and their fall out – before SPACE FORCE MARGINALIZES CHINA AND RUSSIA ( PUTIN SAID WE CAN’T KEEP UP NOR WILL WE TRY IN SPACE ) – where telling all their people in press CHINA SNAKE FLU IS A KILLER USA VIRUS they win in their own World War III as their people hate us for creating the killer virus – when it was PUTIN AND XI on timing – but the war plan is falling apart how?
  • We predicted Russia is a failed state? Why? Russia needs much higher priced oil to be us of red ink to sustain its sovereign nation debt loading. Russia currency is now worthless and its credit rating is shattered in the oil super crash to below junk status as a China. Unemployment and the virus death loading are both soaring in failed economic state Russia. We said this summer Russia will run out of money to pay its military. China is right behind having LOST CONTROL of the war pandemic. China economics are imploding and no way back. China output and GNP is now negative. China cannot pay its debt load without a Super Bond. Chinas red ink is not sustainable and China fail states into not paying its military this summer. As unemployment grows from 100 million to over 500 million unemployed China becomes a failed state and bankrupts in its win depression and super crash – which is an unintended world war III bio weapon outcome that was shock and awe taking place where China planners planned ABC (we call them the smarty pants) but reality is xyz far far from the vision the elites not losing their grip on wealth and power in fact. Today we see China economics depress from capital flight runs on banks soaring debt defaulting passing 100 trillion dollars US this summer – leading to China Super Crash and economic 1929 depression with banks closing. A FAILED STATE because communist economics is the worst possible system for nations of human beings – 1700 to 2020 the failures of communist economics globally is 100% F grade where capitalism is only C -. Can we do better and get into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM a blue print for COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM  BOX TOP RULES for nations is published in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION by (me) at AMAZON.COM. The # 1 leader reader in the world today – in library of most FORTUNE leaders and 80% of 200 WORLD LEADER LIBRARIES. Now SUPER MONEY POOLS seeking a better way to flatten volatility from failed systemic boom bust cycling are also adopting REDMEPTION as the ESG better way forward.
  • We reported to you the world is in a war of brains. OLD BRAINS are dying and becoming irrelevant and obsolete in leadership. The reason. SUPER CHANGE. The new age is an age of human by pass to ability to adapt to the accelerating pace of change itself. My smash best-selling book and book on tape is now available (and it is higher quality than your used to) – represents the ONE and the ONLY way for REAL LEAADER “READERS” to know the cause problem versus leading in a soup of meaningless symptoms – to upgrade the software of their minds to lead as NEW BRAINS. Old brains resist super change and lead brands with all the market share in the world to implosion by failing to adapt into super Change – Sears- Toys R us – Pan AM Airlines, Eastman Kodak, Circuit City – Radio Shack – Montgomery Ward – Dean Witter – remember the Cosby Ad – which broker firm? Ah can’t remember 100 million of ads? SUPER CHANGE levels all playing fields and is the war of the two brains. A better way forward requires SUPER CHANGE LEADER NEW BRAINS. Brains that learn faster than you learn today, brains that trained themselves to UNLEARN Faster than any prior generation – and brains who master how to RELEARN even faster than that. June 16th CEO SPACE presents inside the most advanced leadership upgrading from old brains to new brains, virtual interactive learn by doing leadership training PRESS RANKED is number one in the world. We’ll let you decide on that CHOICE for your own better leader future as my reader. You’ll figure it all out.

Bet on mutation. Suspect we may never get a vaccine that works on rapidly mutating killer virus like aides and the flu. Or not.






Now you know MORE than you did before this scan delete from reading daily and trying to find LEADER GRADE ACTIONABLES.

Now you also know first. So what are you going to do this week? My suggestion as the market destabilizes in June and Super Crashes into the fall of 2020:

  1. Downsize – remove all fixed over head on Monday no matter how painful. If I was advising fortune institutions with income stagnation I’d advise downsize a third and then hire back sooner than the others – as you preserve cash for your rebound. I consult to Fortune 10,000 CEO’s send the plane boys and girls for out of the box lunch that can never hurt you at the top. Expertise and experience – having run one of the largest public investment banks you learn a thing or two decades on wall street one would hope and you in your legacy part of life trust your gifts.
  2. Move cash to diversified insurance investing – corporately move out of all markets and run into insurance money management to protect liquidity “just in case” a 1929 event is unfolding – ask yourself – why risk it? When my story on diversified insurace investment is for smaller ventures DO IT NOW and for larger get your CFO on that story – no downside and huge upside if we are RIGHT AGAIN this summer and fall. Time is running out to protect cash.
  3. Plan on the largest economic disintermediation of your lifetime in real estate. Wealth redistribution will occur from deflation in economics. Real estate will implode next. Commercial real estate not shorted into the trillions globally ( and leader the markets are all RECORD SHORT INTO JUNE ALL TIME RECORD SHORTS in a death spiral – beyond your experience. Strip malls office parks high rises – largest sea change in economics since the fall of rome. Move all workers to home – you get the commute and added hours up to 20 hours more per week than paying to LOOSE PERFORMANCE IN HIGH PRICED OFFICE OVER HEAD now cashing to shareholder profit – versus expense. If you do not see this hand writing on the wall and you fail to downsize your real estate lease and ownership – say SALES FORCE with that high rise building showcase in San Francisco – or Shakely my old consulting firm with Raliegh my mentor – your tribe needs to stumble across this guidance today.
  4. Cheap way to reform culture in work spaces at any size entity – register to CEO SPACE June 16th – buy multiple corporate plans and rotate leaders in week to week all year in 2020 for profits. Share this URL to explore with our CERTIFIED MEMBERSHIP specilast trained to address your questions in 200 nations this week. https://ceospaceinternational.com/virtualforum620/ the profit upramp in pandemic. Want faster results hire me.
  5. The market place and customer consumer buyer in all nations is NEW and CHANGED and requires Super Change leaders to adjust brand messaging as never before to grow again. REFRAME YOUR BRAND MESSAGE IN JUNE for the second half of the year. We do that at agency level saving 250,000 in cash out and time at CEOSPACE June 16th the leaders best opportunity of the entire year to leader to leader master mind everything back up again. https://ceospaceinternational.com/virtualforum620/ your wealth click 2020 or – do nothing of course. Your call. Comment and ask me for input or we can zoom on ceospace for you?




DO SOMETHING to get ahead of the SUPER CHANGE 2020


Do not do nothing as a leader – stop being frozen June 16th and we will develop your customized PANDEMIC PROSPERITY PLAN as billionaires are instructing – check it out for a far better way forward days away – what else are you doing that matches this upgrading at this critical SUPER CHANGE in June. You are all about to see how RIGHT AGAIN we are in this. Fact check us. Scroll and fact check and see yourself on accuracy?






We predict finally massive regulatory oversight of social gone mad with power and influence impartial platforms never display. Influence voters may in the future be a crime. Wait for that fact check as law makers are FURIOUS world wide …and hey they crossed the line and did it to themselves. Wait for the pendulum to swing on back – it is next.


We reported first the CARRIER story – scoop to the world Feb 7th. We reported the first table projections. We projected 10 million infected by the fall into this summer. We will pass that number. In fact. We predicted 100 million infected as WINTER IS COMING by 2021 we feel strong on that Feb 7th table accuracy months later.


Sunday in the market chant of SELL IN MAY AND GO AWAY as market plunging down is coming next and we told you all in DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTING how to explore with licensed professionals a SAFER HARBOR FOR YOUR MONEY before you wipe our by doing nothing. You we hope as you wipe our needlessly to value this blog site more highly as a leader TOOL CHEST to pick up the tools as a leader and to act on the tools to create a safer better future …or of course not. Sunday Reuters investigates released the MAJOR STORY May 30th – our Story (fact check me Feb 7th scroll) on CARRIERS the first – accurate – and fact checked to be RIGHT AGAIN – which into today’s negligence press distracted by riots and elections – takes half a year to verified how RIGHT AGAIN WE ARE first in world journalism with the truth from the is by half a year.


You share this site because you simply cannot find a better LEADER READER (not well written but well fact checked like no world leader can withstand today – first – if you wish to know more really on what is TRULY GOING ON OUR THERE and YOU WANT TO KNOW FIRST. That is your why you share this blog site on social walls and in emails and in circles because for you sharing the truth IS A PUBLIC SERVICE. As you go viral on social walls (often not once with the URL to this free blog) we can grow this site to influence as a billion readers subscribe. On our goal to reach 1 billion free subscribers together – we ask you to join the COOPERATION MOVEMENT and unite small business and professionals (2 billion worldwide rising at 516,000 new ventures a month in 2020) – and 976,000,000 leaders in industry worldwide – all leader readers who as any fraction who value the RIGHT AGAINS and want more – will share this blog which is never advertised or promoted at all. Almost 50,000 subscribers in one year (we started over fresh in Pandemic) and 1,000,0000 not yet subscribers – click readers – daily – with 70% outside the USA in 200 nations.


We invite our click readers to scroll down the cover page and subscribe free – for these benefits;


  1. Full features with more access to stories as a subscriber – confidentiality protect – we never third party our list or even email you – we protect confidentially privacy totally given WHO READS this site daily – get more its free.
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We are inside the largest SUPER CHANGE EVENT since the fall of ROME. The outcome is yet far from clear and remains unknown. Who saw our own police murder us versus protect us. Israel shot an unarmed Palestinian boy the shooter “Thought may be armed “but was unarmed. Police can’t shoot us dead or we will rise up and shoot the police which turns us in to anchors as rule of law fails. What is coming:


  1. Death spiral economics in China Russia and many other failed debtor states just like 1929.
  2. Super Crash in stocks bonds real estate.
  3. Crashing Nation GNP income and soaring nation costs unsustainable
  4. Inability to sustain nation debt loading without a Super Bond (access to hear of state urgently search this SOLUTION SITE for SUPER BONDS and forward that URL page to your leader contact to set up a no obligation zoom call – urgent for nations.
  5. Deflation death spiral to all asset classes resetting world wealth itself.







For 100 of 200 nations – SUPER BOND is the ONLY SOLUTION there are no others for them. One inspired leader at a time – as DEFAULTING on 100 billion dollars of sovereign nation debt as Argentina has done in 2020 starts A DEBT DOMINONE DEBT DEATH SPIRAL as too much debt inside economic balancing can never be resolved where way too much SHORT-TERM DEBT cannot remedy with falling state income via ever newer short-term debt. TIME IS THE HEALING – inserting 100 years of time to refinance 100% of your nations debt today. TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS in economics 101.


If you want to join me in changing THE WORLD for the better – scroll on SUPER BONDS and crank that item upstairs to your head of state. That head of state is sinking in hurricanes of debt today and pandemic makes the debt waves 100 foot waves back to back pounding state shore lines in June. Super BONDS are the one and the only solution.


Brokerage Firms – you all know Roel Campos Father of Super Bond Theory at Hugh’s Hubbard and Reed the world’s Fin Tek leader – serving the NEW YORK STOCK EXXHANGE at ONE BATTERY PARK since 1850. Roel syndicates SUPER BONDS as the most profitable new class of bonds growing from first bonds in 2020 to a new 100 trillion dollar front and after-market new fee pipe for market makers – IMF AND WORLD BANK coordination with ROEL whom you all know well is appreciated to resolve the issues you require for your source funders and loan repayment schedules moving to DAISY CHAIN DEFAULTING or to resolutions you can replenish the world with once you read the SUPER BOND theory and see NO HOLES in the economics. Leading Nations from Africa to the Gulf are fast tracking their own super bond program and with your help – your nation is next. So, there is good news in this tunnel today.


I suggest if this FACT CHECK is a fresh start for my leaders and readers into the summer months and second half of 2020 – fasten your seat belts as the WORST BY FAR IS YET TO COME and we told you what – why – and we told you when. FACT CHECK US ON ALL OF THAT.


CORER STONE QUESTION – why would Putin and Xi news report they had confirmed the virus is a bio weapon laying blame on the USA before the USA could lay the blame on CHINA and PUTIN – a leadership error in America in my opinion – the biggest war losing negligence yet. Our opinion on leadership integrity. While you chase the ball around the world one tweet at a time – we don’t read one of those – we study the economics which enrich r destroy the politics. Donald Trump races with SILENT SUPER SPREADERS into a stronger economy for election reasons at any PROFITS OVER LIVES POLICY OF NATIONS – POL Policy – reported here first – China and Russia same Gulf states same –  as now the economics of pandemic will fail states like dominoes in debt defaulting cascades till the systems fails. FACT CHECK THAT against V or U recovery as we reported it is a depression L recovery and on that we stand into fact check us by fall. Super crash IS coming – as in game of thrones WINTER IS COMING. The only safe harbor is community chokes your community far more wisely – and I suggest CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL not just because my wife owns it. I believe in CEO SPACE COMMUNITY for your far improved prosperity outcomes in any future market – only larger community keeps us all safer. Think on it. Fact check us. Ask the right questions. Putins bio weapon was blamed on America to distract in WORLD WAR III the hacking the lybia arms movements to the war zone – shifting the WAR win from SAUDI & AMERICA AND UN GOV in LYBIA to Russia influence and victory going on in EU and Gulf today in WORLD WAR III – Putins war exposed by this site in DECEMBER.




Think different as leaders – think smarter. Trust your gut.

Body Bags are passing 500,000 in June with over 6 million infected over 50% are silent super spreaders worldwide now going back into FULL SPREAD. Will leaders be held responsible for PROFITS OVER LIVES POLICY at the polls. We think the biggest election upsets in history are unfolding. Fact check us.

We reported the Virus was human engineered, like Lyme’s and Aides. These new virus releases are super dangerous. Are we right or are we wrong that the Virus is a PUTIN and China world war III item? Jury remains ours. Many feel we got that wrong and it’s not a World War III event.


We disagree. We think the virus has mutated past the kill switch for the virus that the lab released before Chinese New Year. So, we also note multinational armies of scientist have given up on discovering a natural link to the virus. We suggest some modeling. What virus attacks blacks Hispanics and Asians over whites without human design engineering? What virus (not the flu for one) attacks a death rate so 70% to 80% on age alone?


What nations have economics that cannot survive their debts, with the higher aging populations than world averages, wherein the elderly care now outweighs the economics of the nation? China # 1 Italy # 2 Russia # 3. Putin recent speech told Russians it is all so bad that if Russian women do not have more Russian children the revolution will failing from aging and death alone? Now oil having the best recover ever from the TEEN PRICES to only 35.00 a while back would be a crisis in oil – now it seems like a record.


We reported at 71-dollar oil that Oil Would Super Crash and the new world price for oil would range 45.00 to 55.00 oil and higher priced oil was over. As all Gulf Nations require north of 75.00 to break even on average due to their debt loading the failing of Gulf States into real wars from economics super crashing is just ahead yet.


Putin and XI started economic world war III to develop after their war plan destroys the West in a 1929 Economic Super Crash beginning into this summer starting in June (we predict hence our report on HOW TO KEEP YOUR MONEY AND PROTECT YOUR NEST EGG before time runs out for you and those you care and share DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTING WITH – the secret knowledge to truly save yourself IF YOU ACT ON IT). Trillions are now running out of banks. I get more requests daily now from our 200 NATION CEO SPACE MEMBERSHIP of small business and professionals – do I think the banks are safe.






Putin and XI war plan is so simple. Destroy western economics. Take over Hong and Taiwan the west will do nothing – and we can get away with it all in Pandemic we started to distract the world. Also, our own people blaming us for the war plan and deaths to our own people (Fuck em) will be fully distracted by the WAR ON HONG KONG AND TAIWAN. We predicted this unfolding movie script. Are we right? Again? Or are we wronging this time? We’ll let you know. We are 90% right 1988 to today on the Politics and we are flawless and 100% right on the economics – at least to this date in time. This site is one of the most read by super money pools and nations for leadership to know more and know more first. Our accuracy and our fact checking ourselves has developed reader trust in 200 nations who by over one million a day read this blog which is wildly shared to others by you. Thank you for that.


Make no mistake we told you NEWS IN CHINA is state controlled lying. The infections and deaths in China are greater than anywhere including America and China lies. We’ll see if that truth makes us right again. We reported PRESIDENT XI having not yet searched this SITE for SUPER BONDS lacks any option out of the economic unintended consequences of the real-world WAR III going on – digital asymmetrical warfare.


  1. We reported ruler for Life President XI has covered up five assassination attempts on his life two almost made it – you never read about one of them nor did 1.5 million Chinese.
  2. We told you the 1.5 million finding out about Hong Kong and the FLU lies are furious and XI and the 12% or so that remain members of the communist party fear as never before the 1.4 billion that would as the 88% like to change the Communist failed revolution having killed so many millions, into a revolution for democracy.
  3. We reported China would not cancel Chinese New Year’s to assure 100 million infected 200 nations in weeks – flowing into the Chinese HOT ZONES against all medical advice and world leader advice. The Virus was a KNOWN ATTACK ON THE WEST at that time.
  4. China massively coordinated Russia Iran and its own hacking of the West at every level – industry – defense – health care – nation – state – technology – steal everything in WORLD WAR III 2020 before they wake the fuck up – divide them – focus them on civil war and internal divisions moving to election but DEFEAT TRUMP AT ALL COST and get a socialist into leadership in 2020 at all costs. MANIPULATE VOTERS with digital tools China invented and Russia perfected use of.
  5. Putin engages the most sophisticated digital economic attack weapons, to profit over sanctions and oil loss – from DIGITAL WEAPONIZING ATTACKS ON OUR MARKETS bidding them way up artificially suckers rallies to a SHORT TSUNAMI with all hedge funds weighted on SHORT and DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE IN JUNE (profiting from Super Crashing the West they engineered into election as WAR PLAN).





We may be wrong while we stick right on our Feb reporting as ACCURATE. This in our opinion is a new form of war fare outlined in Kevin Freemans books THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN. Game plan tells you WHY your nation is unable to win this form of war in the early stages and the reports to you AMERICA has no GAME PLAN nor does the EU have a GAME PLAN denying they are being attacked when they in fact ARE including the CORONAVIRUS which is an economic attack on the old-world order – WAR GRADE ATTACK.


Multi fronts – BIO WEAPON – ECONOMIC DIGITAL WAR WEAPONS – real movement of nuke weapon systems all over NATO today and Asia today, prep to Taiwan attack Hong Kong take over and South China Sea police by China as rule of law overall of Asia becomes a PUTIN CHINA influence zone – taxing America as never before in history.


Will the west fall in the war? Will the banks super crash us in the economic war up to election to assure socialist BIDEN wins by a landslide? Divide America and the EU as never before – see any of our predictions on that from 2019 today at all? Any? Say riots just starting into a possible full out real civil war anyone thinking on that our pouring of the WAR PLANNER MANIPULATING populations away from AMERICAN VALUES AND PRINCIPLES AND EVEN RULE OF LAW ITSELF?


Putin wants to see destructive lock downs in the West, economics depressed worse than 1929, into social revolution, the breakup of the UNITED STATES into many sovereign nations – a weaker divided future – the FALL OF ROME AND A NEW DARK AGE in which the light leading the world forward is PUTIN AND XI rulers for life and the economies that won the WORLD WAR III ECONOMIC WAR PLAN into the one world government plan under communism.


We predicted the WEST IN DENIAL AND DELUSION has continued to lose the cyber bio wars from November to today. The War plan was set up over decades by brains that win and lead to attack US ALL the USA. The war planners are winning. We are weak and divided and losing.


Special interest with trillions invested in China maximally help war planners by supporting XI for profit and greed having replaced NATION INTEREST with selfish interest as they SELL OUR NATION DOWN THE WAR LOSER RIVER which in the end does not end well for Apple or Star Bucks or any of them including TESLA …wait for it. PUTIN/XI are in election year all or nothing for communist ascendency.


Russia fired its most advanced SUPER AI (self-aware intelligence) market killing digital weapon for profit in March as a test WORLD WAR III BATTLE. Worked so well. No accusations but for ours here.


Oh, the CIA and NSA and others who read this blog all well know the truth. But DOD and politicians have “issues” when war at core has SUPER CHANGED (all predicted in my smash best-selling book SUPER CHANGE in 2020 – get your audio book it’s so war cool if I do say so myself). They are creeping upon on the war but so far, OUR AI IS DEFEATED BY THEIR SMARTER AI.





Putin in digital WORLD WAR III has a vision of America in decline and capitalism hated as the greed stampede cause of the end of the system as in 1929 but worse because the world market is invaded by first time war digital AI weapons America has limited defense into, as our AI is yet to be unleashed to defend us fully and that caution is now between AI’s setting up a loss for America coming next in SUPER CRASH a Putin profit in war. PUTIN is shorting into the SUPER CRASH with coordinated industry and sovereign nation wealth funds to profit from the destruction of the WESTERN SYSTEM – coming out the other side of winning the war of saving the world from the two remaining strongest economies Russia and CHINA.









Russia and XI have unintended consequences. First million reading this blog news site share the news. Millions more are getting the truth. Chinese and Russia citizens know the truth no one has to explain anything. They are FURIOUS wanting a civilization rule of law – where they are safe and no longer most afraid of THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT the FEW AGAINST THE MANY is a system model that cannot endure.


America believe me understands THE PUTIN WAR PLAN. The multiple fronts all at once. Our own CYBER WARARE COMMAND CENTER and the NSA are fully operational into WORLD WAR III have prepared for all this at once. Their ramp up includes Putin’s worse nightmare – where we spend failing PETRO STATE Russia into final oblivion. Russia is awash in way too much debt as is China. China is the worst of all nations spending 300% yearly more than it makes into red ink until over 100 trillion in non-performing loans can’t be shown as GOOD ASSETS must longer in the implosion coming. Putin losing 70% of the nation’s INCOME from OIL in the OIL SUPER CRASH wiped our war options. By fall RUSSIA CANNOT PAY ITS MILITARY NOR CAN CHINA.


As they print money to pay their bills their currency becomes inflation worthless as both currencies are today. Those holding YUAN and BUPLES will be wiped off the face of the earth as their nations move into revolution. KEEP FACT CHECKING US on this prediction which is ongoing.


Will Putin win or lose the war?


Will Putin going down nuke the world to go down with him? How crazy is the in-WORLD WAR III and did the not understand AMERICA will after digital pearl harbor this summer act as predicable – AMERICA WILL UNITE AS ONE IN ATTACK AS ONE AND AMERICA WILL NOT STOP UNTIL OUR ENEMY IS CRUSHED INTO CONSEQUENCE KNOWN AS ABSOLUTE TOTAL DESTRUCTION – assuring the AXIS OF EVIL FORM OF GOVERNMENT – THE FEW AGAINT THE MANY perishes from the face of the earth.


I suspect PUTIN AND XI considered their own death by not by year end 2020. We’ll see as we predict their deaths will not occur from our war engagements now rising everywhere opposing PUTINS master war plan – but from internally as the real owners of nations sue for peace to avoid asset destructions that this generation never recovers from – which consumes 90 minutes in real time.




Leaders who know MORE & know more FIRST – win over leaders who are UABLE TO ACT AS “FROZEN”  OLD BRAINS who failed to read SUPER CHANGE at AMAZON for examples –








I wrote my buddy Kevin Freeman author of must read today THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN to understand CHINA AND PUTINS war plan for real – all documented – or if you want more the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM that you are witnessing in our divisions, in election year, all manipulations of the VOTE BY WAR PLAN ITSELF – for data the communist in America revisit their convictions when they read the truth from the lies. DO YOU WANT TO KNOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF?


The war plan winning mastery is YOU DO NOT BELIEVE IT IS WAR AT ALL …….


YOU give weight to the world’s master liars. No free press. No check and balance. All news filtered by the STATE THOUGHT POLICE. Collective thought is managed and controlled via BRAIN WASHING (America is evil) from birth to death – no opposing data – state planner data masses way beyond Hitler or ROME.






Will the new world order be socialist dominated or capitalist dominated?


Will the new world order by run by two dictators for life Putin and mentee XI or by America and the EU?


What is at stake in WORLD WAR III?


Devolution to real war. A billion die.


Then it’s over.


We may go extinct in the war as a PUTIN INSANITY. Or a War plan to first strike.


Digital World WAR III becomes a real shooting war following the real SUPER CRASH pain coming soon into the fall election of 2020 by WAR PLAN DESIGN. The loss of profits from oil and sanctions will be made up by trillions in profits from the SUPER CRASH BLOOD BATH the war AI created artificially as in 2007. WEAPONS OF ECONOMIC MASS DESTRUCTION EMED – snow 2020 tested over a decade and proven ready for world war for real time.



The shooting war Putin believes the west will NOT in the melt down engage – presents unintended consequence as AMERICA may simply take RUSSIA AND CHINA OUT. With Space Force that will take 15 minutes.  A full our war with the west puts RUSSIA AND CHINA back to the crushing defeat of Japan in WORLD WAR II and this time JAPAN will be the winner in WORLD WAR III with us as allies and vice versa, the JAPANESE UNDERSTAND WORLD WAR III.


The time of PUTIN war denial – Putin wishes to extend to the fall – is coming to a premature end. The press long reading this data and information is moving to their confirmation levels to report the AI INTEGRATED ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE STORY to the world. WAR REPORTING puts the illumination on the elephant in the room – THE VIRUS WAS A PUTIN XI WAR PLAN PEARL HARBOR BIO WEAPON ATTACK TO DESTROY US ECONOMICALLY WITHOUT DAMAGING OUR ASSETS AS NUKES WOULD DO.  PUTIN needs the west to follow the war plan, to maximally divide the west into election 2020, creating as close to a civil war within riots and social order break downs to secure for sure DONALD TRUMP IS NOT PRESIDENT INTO 2021.




The war is won with Biden.



If Trump goes the world moves socialist forever away from capitalism GAME OVER war won.


If TRUMP STAYS XI and Putin as WAR LOSERS may well be killed – and fast by their own people who do not forgive how much the real owner super wealth lost as OWNERS. Which means of course in life and death realities, PUTIN and XI are 110% committed to win the war or die trying.


All while America has a summer hot dog, pass the mustard please and a napkin as you move your face mask to your forehead and grab a diet coke so happy to be at a local park this summer. What war? As all your assets savings and investments flush right down the drain all from the way you deny exist as the PRESS SOON wins or loses the war by REPORTING THE WAR.


Journalists of the world. Do not be caught in the war plan to distract you. The story of our time is the WORLD WAR III UNFOLDING STRATEGIES THE FIRST AI WARS. Just the China Russia hacking is beyond any non-war event. THE AI THEFT OF EVERY WESTERN INVENTION AND DATA BASE IS A WORLD WAR III SPOILS Go To the war victor and there is no rule of laws in this war and no hostages.


The PRESS report just as PUTIN XI desire – help via war manipulations to your incoming – with AI – divide the population into election maximally – create riots civil war break up of states – revolution – devolution of the union both EU breaking up and AMERICA breaking apart. Think it cannot happen?


Putin wants America to not ever again to see itself as ONE NATION UNDER GOD INDIVISIBLE – Putin wants California the LEFT COAST now with over 1,0000,000 who hate the socialism WEST COAST are moving out for negative California population – rising to 5 million a year in war – do the math – failing economically Tesla moving out with so many others, California with highest debt loading in the 50 states, has crashing income. Can too much debt way too much debt in California China Illinois UAE NEW YORK STATE or Putin’s RUSSIA win by pouring on massive new debt on fully unsustainable too much debt in any world of economics you know or I know?


All named SUPER DEBTORS are strongly encouraged to search this BLOG PAGE (or you readers bring that page to your head of state for me) search SUPER BONDS. Super Bonds is so healing to economics for Russia and China they no longer need the war plan.






The issue is time. Can we heal the economic pain in time to prevent the shooting war? Is it already too late as we saw all this coming in 2007 – totally predicted it all – again in our smash best seller (book on audio now) SUPER CHANGE at Amazon. If you agree:


  1. I do not agree with all you hold as your reality Berny, but as the % of your reporting is verified and true – over years – over decades – I’m becoming a trusted believer. Also, as I tested what you said to do I won big and as I failed to act I lost big. I’m crossing closer to if I act as if it is WORLD WAR III I win and protect my assets. If I act as if there is no war and I do what Berny suggests I win in every outcome considered. I never lose. Except if I do nothing at all.
  2. If I print SUPER BONDS searched on this site – and bring that white paper to my head of state team, I reset my nation into prosperity for decade. World War III no longer affects me any longer in the wallet because I acted upon this sites data reporting.
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We may be wrong on BIO WAR.  Given how many right again reports since January the world looks at our site as a RESOURCE one of the more accurate first long reporting on PANDEMIC serving 200 nations with a WHO IS WHO OF READERSHIP.  As long-time readers since 1988 know we are close to 100% accurate on economic prediction and reporting over time. Our intention is to provide another set of data points for leaders to include when making decisions.


As a FUTURIST Economist – we look into tomorrow with reading glasses you don’t possess. We see around far reaching corners. In an evolving war plan with this much division globally from the war plan itself – AI manipulations magnified into super change such as the world has never known pacing before (read my book).  We look at nightmares only the Secret Service has to face every hour of every day. Will President Trump be assassinated before the election given the hatred? Think out leaders shot for less turbulent times and divisions? Is it a possibility and then WHAT? Will almost 80-year-old BIDEN get the VIRUS yet and what happens after THAT?

As economics define all war motivations, we present WORLD WAR III is economically engaged today the first DIGITAL AI ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE well data documented in the best-selling books mentioned to leader readers who wish to be the software of their own brains, put there by others in AI WARS, as lies, and if they discover the truth from the lies, can they then act to protect themselves and their circles as leaders? Denial and delay is war hostage time for you. You become an economic prisoner of war into war impoverishment. The SUPER CRASH is war shock and awe surprising all experts as AI digital market attacks distort outcomes to panic as never known yet across all game boards as WAR PLAN. Think digital attack to our markets in war is impossible? THINK AGAIN AND THINK DIFFERENT as old brains are left behind today. Why? Because old brain software of the mind is Atari in an IOS virtual all new world out there. The tools to upgrade the software of your brain are in my two books I ask you to share at https://www.amazon.com/Redemption-Cooperation-Revolution-Berny-Dohrmann/dp/0692646051 on your social walls getting the LEADER READER SOFTWARE OF THE MIND UPGRADE OF THIS NEW DECADE. All the tools are in the book. Owning these skills in practice occurs June 16th – in the one markets the PRESS states if you own a business or practice you cannot afford to miss the # 1 business conference in the Pandemic world today. Why?


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Presented inside diversified insurance investing is an option to explore with licensed professionals, cost zero – to put your wealth behind safe harbor sea walls. Can the world economy mange its debt loads with 50 million out of work in America and 1 billion out of work worldwide from PUTINS war plan and virus now mutating and backfiring on his own people – first crack in his war plan. China has 1 million dead by fall and 5 million infected. Didn’t see that coming. State news can’t filter and cover up this pandemic for long and the people’s fury will unleash in CHINA making the USA look like a pool party with beach balls.

Denial will not help leaders.There is a great deal of FAKE NEWS to tell you we are in recovery when we are not.  Silent SUPER SPREADERS ( read reuters this weekend on investigative reporting on the terror rising of SILENT SPREADERS. SALUTING REUETER REPORTING – job well done. Then think differently. DO NOT DENY THE “IMPLICATION”. The implication is POL openings surge super spreaders and the body bags. The worst is ahead because WINTER IS COMING which will depress all who denied the truth. It is too late for them but not for my leader readers. USE AND APPLY this data as you fact check us. Then act. But do not fail to act. We told you what to do. This is serious. Time is evaporating as you will see to your horror in JUNE 2020. Act. Plan. Protect yourself. Every leader needs an INTEGRATED PROSPERITY PLAN to get through this. Not hard for a Fortune 100 institution or a solo entrepreneur ( you? ) . Just NEW. You need to acquire new skill, new tools, new options, new tactics and thats all. You need DIAMOND RAIN of all those assets to close your own leader hand on the DIAMONDS from CEO SPACE DIAMOND RAIN to leaders on options – just in time to act June 16th – perhaps the most important leader GATHERING in our history since 1988 and we have seen some changes over those decades as the industry leader. This public service defines your options to act or do nothing.

In your entire life more depends NOW on your taking action into the largest SUPER CHANGE of our generation…which is why we put so much time on this Monday report to the world or our leader readers. Are you reading and sharing as your public service or are you reading and failing to define priority importance urgency on SOLUTIONS – your DIAMOND RAIN? We wish you a DIAMOND to improve your future into the summer and fall – which we suggest has become URGENT FOR ALL OF US me included. I follow my own suggestions. Because:




Let’s wait and see if we are right again on all of this …. fact checking us all the way. Compared to the Tweet storms we remain the most accurate site on line in the world today – not a bad thing for lifetime free subscription for you….





PS: Sell in May and then go away………this year sing it more loudly……….three letter agencies we consult to you on anti hacking you lack today and which we bring you tomorrow among other tools yesterday is already too late to services we call INTELLIGENCE.





I ask my brothers and sister of color to CHANGE THE SYSTEM. The problem is not the symptom.The symptom are crazy brains that should never have a badge gun and uniform. So lets look at the CURE and not the issues which I imparted to leaders of Black LivesMatter and the GREAT VOICE GEORGE FRASER my four decade mentor in every thing RIGHTS FOR MINORITIES we work on together for decades. The problem is for all of us to share today is:

  1. With a city of 30,000 in blue law enforcement in say just LA or in NEW YORK what happens? 10% are bad brains. Thats 3000 bad brains in uniform. 1% are terrible mentally ill brains or 300. They act out. They break laws. The 99% know who they all are.
  2. The system without REQUIRED REFORMS rewards for 100 years circling the blue wagons and protecting the bad cops.
  3. The SYSTEM CHANGE needs to REFORM AND UPGRADE LAW ENFORCEMENT where we have what I call ZERO TOLERANCE for violating rules of engagement. You are charged ( SAME DAY OR 72 hours with FAST TRACK AG authority to the new system. ) Like indicting for murder a mentally ill cop, who murdered one of our own clear and simple. See that is the right outcome.
  4. The SYSTEM upgrade 2020 must REWARD the 30,000 to OUT Community violators first instance zero tolerance – probation and out depending on offense.
  5. The upgraded SYSTEM FIX rewards the 30,000 moves first time bully boys on minor infractions to off the street desk jobs on probation to OUT with one additional compliant period and those complaining get pay raises and promotions – period.

I was mentored by Martin to George Fraser and his Harvard Sister Emma as treasured mentors in my own life. We all agree if we riot ( again ) as we have now for so many years since the 1960’s in my own marching by your sides ) we march FOR NOTHING WHAT so ever. We must march to CHANGE THE SYSTEM and reward OUTTING and we WIN. Otherwise we riot into MARSHAL LAW and more suppression rolling back all our mutual wins for decades. Raising two mix raced children to fine young adults 18 and 21 we get it. That could be our boys dead out there. We understand. Where there is a WILL there is always a way. A far better way. Share this with leadership in the movements to unite a CAUSE – SYSTEM REFORM – and we all win as a nation as example to the world of HOW AMERICA WINS.

We are all ONE on this. The 90% of us are all ONE. We trust and we rely on LAW ENFORCEMENT. Taking 28,000 of 30,000 and saying your 28,000 are bad and wrong and we can’t trust you – is WRONG OF US ALL. These folks go to work facing drugs violence military grad weapon systens and every day in every way protect all of us as one. THEY ARE THE GOOD AMERICANS 90% and more of LAW ENFORCEMENT. We can not distrust law enfocement for the FEW TERRIBLE BRAINS in their mix. We just need finally after 200 years get this report ( you perhaps ) to Trump if thats you – or the AG if that is you. CHANGE THE SYSTEM is the leadership at governors and federally we need today. Peacefully march for that as Martin exampled to us all. Violence never gets us what we want or what we deserve Marching peacefully always will and has and does if we march for the right mission.


SYSTEMIC CHANGE is the solution. For all law enforcement. Lacking that this is a mess that remains unfixed for all the wrong reasons within all the best intentions.

I send my prayers to the families and everyone suffering inside the social obheavel you must now add into the mix of depressing economics even more…which it all is. We need to come together and rebuild our COUNTRY AS ONE PEOPLE and we need to forgive a broken system we all TOLERATED but NOT MORE. NOW IS THE TIME TO CHANGE THE FUCKING broken antique obsolete system that rewards cover out not OUTING SOONER so those who would stand on a neck of a child are forever out before such acting out from SICK BRAINS can occur at all as law enforcement self police and pride in a new CULTURE upgrade by new UPGRADED RULES finally in 2020. MARCH FOR THE SOLUTION and we all win….there is holy grace in our space ….the movement has begun……

Our own TAMPA was on fire last night….I live here…I get it and I wanted to go March but wifie said – with 27 pneumonias under your belt obie won your not leaving your home….so there was that…….having only black play mates age 7 to 17 may I say to my family of color – thank you for including me in your communities I am more grateful than you all can know. LES BROWN and other leaders like LISA Nichols are united with me in the SOLUTION the CAUSE VERSUS THE SYMPTOM. Ask them……..