Face Book made 99% of its earnings which were ambitious this last quarter. Typically coming within 1% of earnings does not drop valuation by a million dollars a 100 million dollars or a billion dollars. Why did Face Book drop 100 BILLION DOLLARS In valuation?

Nothing to do with Mark or the teams or the profits I’m here to tell you.

Yes I did say – that Facebook and FANGE has the following market cap issues and to be very guarded moving into the SPRING – I told you cash out at peak and what to do on hold if you recall – so those that did have a lot of profits in their bank – those that read and did not act – have seen a lot of their cash roll back.


  • The multiples on Fang are insane and outside any normal market angel of defense.
  • The leverage behind the casino bid up is a phony market due to digital leverage.
  • Less than 20 stocks have driven 80% of the 2018 market gains across exchanges the base is too narrow to define this recovery as robust it is a weak stream by comparison to past historic recovery base lines – the base is narrow.
  • AI which is not self aware AI yet – we call it dumb AI – is programed to protect profit and maximize profit using algorithms written by young programers with theories about riskless risk – buying long and short hedging all asset classes within fantastic leverage manipulating prices into the largest ASSET BUBBLE OF ALL TIME including the largest digital DEBT BUBBLE OF ALL TIME.
  • In the new sixty month old ( new history for world markets ) AI evolving within 10,000 consolidating ( used to be 1.5 million ) SUPER MONEY pools control 90% of all circulation of 400 trillion in capital globally – up and down.
  • The 100 BILLION FACE BOOK reacts to their making 99% of their earnings – and guidance they may be softer rest of year ( or maybe not ) while the invest massively in privacy and manipulation of their platform against social AIA – an investment in their future – usually rewarded. AI always sells on the sound byte than buys back on the profit making – as AI bought globally all the way up and down – the FaceBook rope – imagine how much profit AI is making SUPER MONEY pools as FACE BOOK Roars back – and mark my words it will roar back. Less than 1% miss on fantastic earnings – sound byte hum bug. Look MA no humans ┬áhumans anymore in the casino you are totally infected with the VOLATILITY BUG because massive debt drive volatility makes maximum short term profits.
  • 10,000 Super Money pool AI is at war with NATION AI on everything from commodities debt to core currencies. China current is dropping like a run on their bank and industry – no trade agreement they have a possible revolution – already riots rising – every Communist country is having its day of failed economic system modeling – Russia -massive Putin protest on retirement rising to age 65 a must in Russia and the world – Venuzeula with 1,000,000 % inflation this year – as millions leave the nation – sinking to anarchy and revolution – Cuba unable to rise up with Venezuela sinking and Russia having no budget to gift the billions – they are stuck too ( economically ). So many millions punished by poor plans in economics – politics running economics versus economics running politics.


Summery – too much dependance is weighted to face book folks. Fang and a handful of golden arrowhead stocks driving the market to record wealth. The big economic dangers are not Facebook they are doing just great frankly – and the press as with Apple is always MARK TWAIN-ING their premature death just before they rise like angels from those ashes making new hey for those who stay –


  1. A democratic congress – leading to grid lock – unwinding tax and related stimulates – impeachment and massive upturns in entitlements as we sink backwards into massive recession and unemployment almost instantly. Grid lock kills the global expansion in the USA.
  2. Fed interest being raised far too fast – far too frequently – far too rate up each time – just like they caused with same precise failed policy the depression of World War I and the Depression cause only a few years later of World War II killing off 100’s of millions of us – while making fortunes in that slaughter – scroll and read the data on the FED FAILED POLICY AND THE CURE we voters can create if we wake up.

If congress remains republican – doesn’t matter how you FEEL ABOUT TRUMP – what matters is how you feel about your wallet and economics. If Republicans are voted to pick up seats by the majority WALLET PARTY dropping out of all other politics – we have INFRASTRUCTURE VOTE and that vote folks gives us a boom to 2030 and the national debt goes down not up.

Its arithmetic. There is only one issue;

ECONOMIC GROWTH OR DECLINE and that depends on how we vote.

It is not longer party politics. Who cares about party. Give the Head of nation if its a majority for President in one party – give that team their own congress – if we put in another party head as President give them their party in congress – but deny any party GRID LOCK because we Americans in the NEW AMERICAN WALLET PARTY AWP – refuse to GRID LOCK CONGRESS EVER AGAIN.

That power is our own.

If you vote emotionally on a trillion dollars brain washing you into issues that are all fake news – then your going to grid lock us into recession ….

If you vote economically and deny the brain washing fertile mental soil you are coming to vote us into prosperity to 2030. Like you have never known before.

Today that is what is going on out there – and I’ll tell you any firm of Face Book Maturity led by some one as young as MASTER MARK deserves to be receiving a standing ovation for coming as close to 1`% of analyst earnings – punishing firms that make 99% of the expected at a Face BOOK FANG SCALE of global operations is simply crazy.

Lets say puts in:

  • Premium Face Book with security tools and we can buy silver gold and platinum 5000 more fiends with maximum wall share opt in daily weekly or monthly on our friend side – all for a fee for deluxe Face Book makes a new trillion dollars …
  • If he adds in discounts for that Premium silver gold and platinum on ads if ads are placed once a quarter to preserve discounts he makes another TRILLION DOLLARS.

This is outside looking in. Imagine what those inside looking out are planning on upgrading earnings the coming sixty months. FACE BOOK you an’t seen nothing yet.

I was looking at the MAJORITY OF THE WALLSTREET major super money pool top ten brands and 70% had Face BOOK AT BUY not Neutral – because they know what my blog readers know and see reported here – the 100 billion that in adjusted terms Microsoft and hey look at Twitter this last week – have bounced back from before – Intel will too.

Today folks:

  1. The speed of AI trading
  2. The depth of AI leverage in those trades on vast margin spreads
  3. The volume of those trades all AI software versus human moderated
  4. All designed to make maximum short term profits against other AI money pools

The speed of AI % domination to capital circulation globally is only sixty months from 5% of 400 trillion total flow dynamic to over 90%. The experts have not yet caught up to the idea the MARKET IS NOW NEW – IS NOW ELECTRONIC – IS NOW OUTSIDE REGULATORY OVER VIEW TILL UPGRADES OCCUR – AND IS UNPREDICTABLE TO OLD CHARTS AND MODELING. What we have seen in two years is massive up and down in time frames totally outside any other model.

AI acts on sound bytes – protects positions maximally for forward profits then and only then adjusts back up.

Begin to make NEW CHARTS to accommodate the new AI casino capitalism where all prices categories of asset classes bar none including COINS and new markets – are fully manipulated by 440 trillion of leveraged capital circulating against 3 to 5 trillion of stock bond and stake holder asset class investing – casino capitalism is manipulated in price ranges using theories we think are untested and super high risk – designed to moderate risk into risk less risk – which we feel is brains taking dickies risk – in fact – but until you see Liquidation Evaporation Day we have written so often about here – Super Crash and a new world order of regulatory global cooperation as it all sorts back into regulatory digital frame works to preclude risk and speculation – the casino is a new market space.

Play at your own risk as you bet folks – it is not a market like your grandfather and father discussed with you or Warren Buffets idea of markets – in sixty month the markets of the past closed for every as humanity left the building and AI soon to be self aware AI rules the flow of capital world wide in all bets all trades all prices.

AI wars are the spiral.

Who controls the future of AI controls the world – President Putin 2017 speech


PS: Standing ovation for Face Book team in their economics – guidance and to Mark in his toughest quarter ever with earnings 99% on point despite of the global bashing I mean really – are you kidding ME? Standing OVATION MARK CHIN UP ….you doing great. BUY IN THE FACE BOOK DIP or it will be too late – in my opinion….