I never thought in my lifetime I would see political theater more mean spirited and nasty than the last President Bill Clinton to leave America economics in the black, in surplus, paying down on our debts. Really. Impeached on national television for a personal item in the Oval that has no business in our lives at all. In my opinion. Really? One of our truly great President leaving the USA in the full BLACK INK having a surplus every year earning more than USA spent – being racked over political theater – to win the White House for George Bush. Is that the AMERICA we want?

Now we have the President meeting in Vietnam where we lost a war, with the President of North Korea no President has talked to since the Korean War in the 1950’s. Nuclear Hydrogen Bombs have been perfected by the current President of North Korea bringing him into the nuclear family of nations. Threat from North Korea has fallen off a cliff from President Trump and his team for the first time since the Korean War ended. Peace is breaking out and ramping up.

President Trump may be nominated for the Nobel Peace Price.

Today we see bought and paid for Press 90% defining a disrespect for a sitting American President trying to REFORM bought and paid for politics and economics, not seen with any prior President ever in history. Today we see convicted perjurer – liar – con man – appear before the United States Congress. The Special Prosecution team have set up the statements that Cohen will deliver today – rehearsed them all like movie parts. Nancy Pelosi has secured what she needs to impeach so Cohen gives her that sound bite detail. What is the worst – as NORTH KOREA is historically removed as a nuke threat by the sitting President the world loves to absolutely hate or adore ?

Cohen Before Jail:

  1. That Trump personally paid for Stormy Daniels – we knew that.
  2. That Trump knew he was in failed negotiations to build a Moscow Trump Tower that went no where – we knew that ?
  3. Implications Trump lied from the liar. He said – she said – as both deny the other is telling the truth.
  4. Admission in Congress today – yes I was prepared in my rehearsed testimony by leading democrates.
  5. Yes I was set up and rehearsed by BOBBY special prosecution for todays political theater.


Evidence not of illegality but of personal HIGHLY PAID LEGAL ATTORNEYeWORK protected by Client Attorney privilege under the law only not PROTECTED under any laws today in congress with full on political theater to effect 2020 election. Most but not all voters on all sides moderate for the MESS we have today versus THE BEST WE HAD during say the Dirckson Scoop Jackson years ( I age date myself here ) wish to return to as HIGHER STANDARDS. The off to prison liar manipulator fatally self absorbed – has his day seeking to redeem as he says his stature and later books and movie deals and speaking fee’s for the truly huge money – with the American box office. COHEN IS INSIDE SPECIAL PROSECUTOR DOUBLE LINES AND DEMOCRATE SELF ADMISSIONS ON SET UP TO CONGRESS TESTIMONY TO ASSURE a) HE HAS NO JAIL TIME ADDED TO HIS SENTENCE AND b) THAT HE MAKES MILLIONS ON BOOK FILM AND SPEAKING CONTRACTS TO FOLLOW in his self interest pathologies to TRADE UP FOREVER on his relationship with Trump – the leading brand on earth – to MAKE MONEY FOR HIMSELF from todays’ staring role in Congress Feb 27th SET UP POLITICAL THEATER – and I”m sad for AMERICA over it. Nancy seeks to use the SET UP for President making in 2020 into office before the election.

  1. Economic Recovery for Cohen using today and his  Prison TIME to write up his  book, movie, and speaking deals, to set up his largest earnings in life as TRUMP BETRAYER – playing off fame wealth and power in one of the most famous brands ( love him or hate him ) since Elvis Presley or perhaps the most famous Brand bigger than say QUEEN……TRUMP !

So the President is in North Korea making real global full on  history for world peace for REAL. The weight of news on Cohen and TRUMP bashing over shadows any history in Vietnam …a reverse of a decade back or so before todays level of agenda. READ THE KILLING OF AMERICA from Amazon and globally you’ll wake up to what IS taking place from the bucks controlling it all ( data documented completely ) in YOUR NATION in 2019. A MUST READ and spread the word on THAT BOOK – trust me for the smarts it gives you when reading news today.

Nancy Pelosi has timed the Cohen event ( as the political master she truly is at the top ) and coordinated the date with the prosecution to secure the final report from the special prosecutor related to Trump’s team colluding with Russia to manipulate American voters. She has assured she got on congress record the sound bites she required for impeachment prosecutions as in the reverse with Clinton. All a great shame for the EXAMPLE AMERICA is missing as opportunity to the world.

Two years and a castrated FBI seen as corrupt to the bone marrow with the CIA ( read the KILLING OF THE USA FOR DATA on Both ) – and 100 million dollars of special prosecution pure waste – our poor could have better used – we se e indictments for prosecution in PRE SET UP  perjury traps – indictments for lying – indictments for tax issues which are civil not criminal in fact – but no indictments for Russia anything. How political “IS: all this unlike any prior event even Bill Clintons absolutely SILLY Impeachment trial by Republicans? Is Trumps endless bashing a feature of Democratic tit for tat pay back.

Right as India attacks first time Pakistan on their own soil and Pakistan returns fires for first time on India soils as the shooting war between two nuke powers – could go nuke this week or next – and we focus upon Cohen in root to jail line by line rehearsed testimony as a last Bobby Boy Special Prosecutor shoe up Trumps ass hole to Congress before he releases his already drafted REPORT ( no one will ever see ) and returns to multi million dollar consulting board positions country club parties and yachts. Bob wants to return to the MONEY PRESTIGE LIFE having made history that will be forever reported and reviewed in University POLI SCI Classes for generations.

Bob has made history. For himself.

The President is out making history for America – history in North Korea – History in China – working all night on History to resolve issues in India and Pakistan – keeping in mind MBS King of Saudi the mother of all wars starting with 911 just left Pakistan with his political agena for nukes – dropping 20 Billion Dollars off setting all American funding slow downs, and another 100 million to Hindu Buddhist India seeking Nukes over there. MBS wants to NUKE IRAN before Iran nukes Saudi. Both have the missiles to do just that right now. Only nukes are missing and both are shopping in a race against time.

Remember you read this fact – first here – in the world as always. Keep it mind for when the world press catch up.

The Press is helping Cohen get his big bucks book and movie speaking deals lined up today – while not reported is the unfolding world war III saga – started in digital pearl harbor attacks in 9/11 – continued digitally today.

Historically what created the FALL OF ROME…????? The most powerful rule of law nation until the British Empire?

Those opposing Roman rule acquired through stealth defections and engineering THE WEAPONS OF ROME.

Today by hacking the enemies of America have:

  1. Acquired the WEAPONS OF AMERICA – nukes – stealth super sonics – AI – hacking it all
  2. America now faces the GAP CLOSING on end game pathologies to world change via AI it invented

But we watch Cohen in carefully designed ELECTION 2020 political theater. Congress with a 6% approval rating where 94% of all American Voters HATE HATE HATE the failure of the US congress to pass annual budgets and conduct the business of the people by the people for the people and of the people. A complete SIT COM Saturday Night Live World Joke after today. Every convict going to jail gets to soap box in congress to advance that …I DID NOT REALLY DO BAD THINGS OUTSIDE MY BLIND LOYALTY TO TRUMP. My questions – what did you get year  paid by Trump each year from day one — next year — next year — did you ever return any of that fantastic income Donald Trump entrusted you with as one of his many attorney’s? You spent it all. On lavish life styles you never knew before. Now to reduce your jail time you will say ( as a liar convict ) anything – do anything – to reduce years and years from your jail time?

Lets all watch that as if Moses was bringing tablets to Congress from God himself.

What wrong with today as we see the President team, flip the finger to the special prosecutor and the many fired FBI leaders for political corruption of US JUSTICE ( no one goes to jail for that larger crime ) as the TRUMP TEAM historic work is over taken by news everywhere on liar Cohen such that we lose track of:

  1. North Korea and the historic moment of magnitude to this outcome unfolding
  2. China trade deal framing Japan EU and the world to follow
  3. Revised Nafta and billions on the US side
  4. Reduced invasions at our boarder as never in recent years
  5. Venezuela change without war
  6. Pakistan India issues unfolding
  7. Iran deals to follow North Korea

Seven and the world moves into heaven ….while we focus on liar criminal ( for real ) Cohen….who made his last tricky deal with Bobby Boy to assure he ….did a short easy white color stint in prison…writing his book with a million dollar or more advance – movie deals for millions …and lecture deals…..worth many millions more……with the book an election year final law book up Trumps ass hole by his old trusted attorney who would not stay bought in self interest. Did Cohen make the best choice for himself? He wants in the end his own CELEBRITY STATUS – perhaps his own TV show.

Folks – follow the money in all this scripted political theater to manipulate votes.

The Truth?

Folks in all nations today – given the bias of reporting – we have to uncover the TRUTH for ourselves. What is real. Spin. Wrong. Right? Illegal ?

Most of what I hear about Trump ( and I”m neutral always economic never political ) but I think when I hear it – whats wrong with that? Is NOT that what a rich guy would do? He didn’t break any laws. SO WHAT? I view policy on economic outcomes as good or bad regardless of party. Good economics. Bad economics. Because folks in the end it is all economics.



Well I have for contempt of court criminal act related to a public broker selling a legal junk bond for  87,000 dollars = no fraud – no security law violation – not taking any money or mis- using any money – no – none of that – for criminal contempt of court (the lowest level category of any criminal allegation – related to what the prosecution told the jury that  I as founder of the Public Brokerage firm I had resigned from – that prosecution SET UP stated that I  SHOULD HAVE KNOWN related to a risk in the junk bond sold by a public brokerage firm. At the time of the crime I was an outside consultant making $ 3500 a month – on unrelated issues –  to the public brokerage firm. I did not own stock. I did not vote stock. I was not on the Board of directors as a control person. I was not an employee. I was not an officer. I was not a director. I was not a control person under the law.

The Jury was told by the prosecution I was the single and only control person – no employee President Chairman ( an security Attorney ) . JUST ME the consultant. This false statement to the jury related to my voting control of the firm was in fact false and prosecution  fraud to that jury  in my opinion by the prosecution to the jury. Upon conviction federal guide lines for the lowest crime level in federal criminal code, is probation no jail time. The prosecution then violated my constitutional rights and having successfully as the most powerful prosecution machine in human history – ENHANCED THE SENTENCE to outcomes the jury never heard or voted upon to secure a multi year jail term with huge fines restitution and penalties. In America convicted for an 87,000 dollar contempt of court jury trial, I was sentenced to hard time in chain gang Alabama, for years of jail time with fines and restitution of over $ 1,000,000 for the crime of $ 87,000.00.  This ABUSE OF PROSECUTION is now fully  precluded tp be a clear violation of constitution protection as abusive prosecution today…as defined by years back  Supreme Court RULING AND LAW – in  the now famous  Apprendi Case before the US SUPREME COURT that such constitutional violations may not occur forward in time to anyone else. I was a long time before that protection became due to wholesale prosecution abuse of their powers – became Supreme Court Law telling prosecutors CUT IT OUT. . When constitutional abuse of my rights was “legal” I got killed by the abuse allowed back in the 1980’s.

I’m not bitter.  I’m grateful to BE an AMERICAN where second chances for Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels occur and for Berny Dohrmann too. This is the most amazing nation. When Justice is broken – as it is in America –what is RIGHT ABOUT AMERICA will always repair and fix what is WRONG AND BROKEN WITH AMERICA over time. That is my belief and I”m sticking to it. I BELIEVE IN MY AMERICA WITH ALL MY HEART AND ALL MY SOUL.

Now America free  of any Russian Collusion  and  not in an 87,000 dollar high risk junk bond item in court, but rather in a 100 million dollar outlay of tax payer revenues to reach Congress today with Cohen pre jail testimony – which if it does not go just right – his jail deal is revoked as we have seen with others. He testifies prepared by democrats in political theater under THREAT to maximally GET TRUMP.


Nazis created Justice as did KGB where due process was – give evidence on your mother your father your brother your circle or your friends and we won’t put you into death camps. Faced with the STATE VILIFICATION MACHINE and never ending press bashing – any human just wants it all to stop. There is no innocent to proven guilty. Indictments mean the prosecution can as KGB and NAZI SS SECRET POLICE ( FBI ) leak – sound bite and slam GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY until proven innocent at about 1% of all prosecutions as the SYSTEM is 99% your done. Is this the America hope and promise or constitution you desire and require?

Hey if it had not happened to me personally….I would never have believed how it all works right now before reforms…myself….and unlike the tribe that just wants it all to stop – where in my “crime” my best friend from four years of age was the prosecutor – as it was also personal. I refused to plea period. When you refuse their plea they throw two books at you….the prosecution lead counsel leaned back in his chair at start of trial and whispered to me alone – NO MERCY. I could read those lips….and there was no mercy as I failed to plea GUILTY under their threats – and in governments across  the world I believe today folks in HIGH PLACES convicted by Bobby special prosecutor – would not go to jail where others all free would in other nations  for real crimes against the constitution be in prison in fact …and my question why are none of the real crooks going to jail? Banks? Wallstreet Firms? Read THE KILLING OF AMERICA and that one book will inform you why.

…are you more or less afraid of your own government today than you were only ten years ago…….be honest !

…what if Cohen where You and YOUR FAMILY with press on the lawn – what if it all where YOU what would you do with such threat ? What if YOU JUST WANTED IT TO STOP AND KEEP YOUR REDUCED JAIL TIME IN YOUR DEAL?

Trump? Doesn’t care if he wins a second term as the history and pay rise to him if he loses is a relief. Meanwhile he gets reform creates challenge and enemies and disrespected like no President Ever – billions can simply NOT watch TRUMP enough – like ROYALS watching hate or adore Trump either way – no one can get ENOUGH of what comes next to the HIGH ENTERTAINMENT of the top sit com in world history – THE WHITE HOUSE 2019. Trump will fight as we all know. Trump doesn’t care about Cohen today but Trump is sad for Cohen and his family…in private ….I suspect.

Republicans impeached Bill Clinton for nothing.

Democrats impeach Trump in response. PREDICTABLE POLITICAL THEATER all such a waste of doing the buisnes of the people in respect so missing today.

REMEMBER you can only cooperate inside INTEGRITY. Remove integrity as the real crises we saw today – WHAT INTEGRITY. The crises in INTEGRITY globally makes ME sad. You?


PS: I do not believe Cohen is a criminal nor should this attorney have gone to jail…but in America today…..if the most powerful nation on earth wants you….your done. Believe me I am secure that I personally well know THAT ! As an American I am sorry in fact Cohen is going to prison sorry for his family and more. As to character and personal integrity I think Cohen is WEAK not a criminal is all and in other nations he would be FREE in my opinion.