Oh the world feels pretty Euphoric. The EU did a bit better because winter is over – although Paris is 120 degrees setting all time record heat records. There is THAT.

The market did better in June than any prior June ( given the prior super volatility up and down like a drunken sailor we predicted right here ) best June since 1930’s. Hey. There is THAT. On low summer volume of course.

The World is euphoric Trump and XI facing a CATASTROPHIC GLOBAL SUPER CRASH avoided all that by stating – hey we’ll talk – China will buy a bit of voter ag biz from the USA and the USA can send its parts to Huawei – and you know we’ll chat on the hard trade issues no one is any where near close to agreeing upon. We’ll chat.

Putin said we have to turn the page. Joked with Trump about the USA election. Euphoria i tell you. Nothing new.

North Korea will come shake hands and chat like Russia – HOW DO WE GET THOSE SANCTIONS OFF PLEASE. There is that.

Russia Said hey we’ll stay in the cut back with our buddy the King of Saudi and jack prices up as high as we can for my buddy XI in China and the world. Yeah we want really high prices we are all broke. There is that.

Oil went down Friday perhaps it was THAT. Supply is way way over their cut back as Venezuela blocked from USA tries to re-formulate its tar sands oils to sell in the EU, but at what price. No one is charging any customer benchmark prices thats all a speculator pipe dream. Speculators long in oil will make well – a loss as the world has never yet known before. Remember we told you oil chaps – that WINTER IS COMING. WHITE WALKER ARE REAL boys. Economic walkers.

Then on talk all the stuff rises in value on nothing but air itself. Speculators in Casino Capitalism as they did in 2007 will bid the summer super volatility up and down up and down making ungodly profits on their summer side betting. The jaw bone to all markets will breach old records.

In September to October the risk of GAME OVER AND SUPER CRASH begins as for real WINTER “IS” COMING. We told you the reasons many times now. We’ll summarize for the obtuse reader: and the financially illiterate press that:

  1. Debt will risk system stability in defaulting cascades as response to
  2. Market rising instability in super volatility due to economic contraction
  3. Liquidity evaporating in the all new AI ECONOMIC reality no one has theory to regulate ( yet )

We’ll play a game.

Lets see if we are right.

There is THAT.



PS: The Market is now a casino capitalism out of all regulatory safety net and control worse than our opinion.