The EU nations face 100 trillion of “bad debt” . Italy and Spain make Greece look like a child’s wading pool. None are sustainable. None are resolvable. All must bow out of the EU and move to their own currency and reform their nation debts through defaults. Or SUPER BONDS if they retain me which is what the IMF needs to do soon as time is running out.

Merkel head of the most prosperous GNP in the EU, failing downward for five years and now with cost for immigration of over five million – an enormous city of new culture never to become German, with its costs against sagging GNP – Merkel policy – she may lose her next election despite how it appears today.


That means Trump said – hey you and France the only profitable GNP nations in the EU pay off the 100 trillion dollars of mismanaged legal theft debts, rising like. roller coaster on the way up in 2017 to only fall on the big ride down – without punishing our USA TAX PAYERS.

The UK said in the BRIT EXIT we are OUT of paying that EU 100 trillion dollar debt hemmorage Brussels never lets us do anything but pay more and pay more and pay more. We are DONE. That is BRITT EXIT.

Britain buys 5 times what the English sell into the EU. If the EU with ego and politics punish leaving the EU to their largest trading partner – then the EU the BRITISH who invented diplomacy ( are YOU Kidding ME as an economist ) will move that billions of buying power to the USA and friends and the EU will have more debt unwinding pressure sooner. The Italy vote in 2018 is going to be over whelming to leave the EU. It is economic for Italy. Spain will follow. France and Germany can not support and pay the BAD DEBTS from decades and rising like a Saturn rocket to the moon in 2017 – for these 20 plus member nations holding 100 trillion dollars US in BAD BAD DEBT.

Greece has no deal in June for JULY and its creditors to the billion dollar marks may be in default. No one knows. Greece needs never ending NEW LOANS to maintain the interest on bad debt deadlines for old loans. Everyone knows this is all bad debt but the bond holders want their musical chairs. No one wants to write off these bad loans because they hold them as good performing assets on their balance sheets. If WE DID THAT they would put us into jail for FRAUD. The system is gaming the market. IT IS FRAUD.

The BAD DEBT in ASIA and the EU must work is way into revision. As it does we have a controlled global depression. The defaults and adjustments to banks and financial institutions who hold these debts ripples. Why? Because in 2017 the casino capital market is unregulated as laws don’t accommodated digital deals. SO in a decade the leverage has reached a point where financial fraud when it is adjusted so the bad loans are not asset any more – they are making financial institutions in nations ripple across the globe from profits ( which are frauds ) to reality which is LOSS and for 1000 financial firms and 100’s of banks too big to fail – BANKRUPTCY.

This is what is keeping the FED the IMF and the WORLD BANK and all central banks UP late into the night folks.

I know it.

You in your GUT know it.

And this is THE TRUTH.

Simple Bill Clinton ARITHMETIC.

Time can only bandaids and with economic fraud keep the confidence going so long.

Now America will come out ahead with one caveat. Say the melt down that will come the SUPER CRASH when it hits – creates world war as in 100% of all human history such economic melt downs always no exception have.

Say North Korea hacks down America.

Or they bomb America.

Now consider this fact set:

  1. In 1954 when I war four years old the United States of America tested the world’s most powerful weapon the HYDROGEN BOMB to record its reach.
  2. The bikini island chain ceased to exist five seconds later.
  3. That ONE bomb released more destructive power than the Japan atomic bomb in both cities as well as more destructive power than all ordinance released in all wars in HUMAN HISTORY in less than ONE MINUTE.
  4. They were afraid to test further or release a larger bomb ( both Russia and the USA have 150 times the size of that 1954 weapon. by the THOUSAND aimed at say North Korea today which they well know.
  5. The USA has weapons, EMP weapons, neutron weapons star war weapons nano weapons and bombs the like of which the world has not even a clue. Far ahead of any nation on earth ever.

So if North Korea did anything to threaten the USA really, in 30 minutes there would be no North Korea left for 20,000 years. They know THAT. When you begin to think  about what is real, you see the world differently.

The world is safer than you think because the USA is actually the one and the only SUPER POWER and  Putin knows this. His weapons if used end both nations in less than one hour for sure. No one will do this to THEMSELVES or their people and that reality is non negotiable by the military protection all the people of the planet from global insanity. Politicians in the end run into military who know these facts as ABSOLUTE’s. They know these facts in IRAN and everyone knows these facts.

Now then – World War is likely to be different – and multiple geo skirmishes to divert attention from the politics of financial destruction as nations rebuild.

North Korea is rushing to make a GLOBAL DEAL For TRILLIONS of investment to prosperity like FAT BOY can not in his wildest dreams realize for himself his power and his people. No one wants to do anything but make a deal. The military in North Korea want to rush regional protection so they can secure their borders after the deal and freeze – so until the Deal in 2018 is made they will push the rope is all. Politics will fan the flames. But really – REALLY – what I”m telling you will prove out.

Isis is being destroyed utterly. Bin Laden’s son will be dead soon. Their club will make a political deal because it makes sense to do so. Sanity will trump insanity.

If the GULF was a real threat the USA would take over the gulf. That could take months or an hour depending on weapon choices. Who wants THAT. Not the USA. Which is WHY we are selling SAUDI weapons to secure regional stability. Make money not war.

The outcome is MAKE MONEY NOT WAR.

But in the end the SYSTEM has to reset the bad debt.

The EU can not survive its economic structure and today we are in what bad debt brings economic history – never changes it is all in my BOOK – all of this REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION press, financial institution leadership, national leaders, heads of state, law makers and YOU read – its on Amazon and I would rush it to your door if you want to lead with THE SECRET KNOWLEDGE world leaders like Trump have today.

ORDER REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION its a huge book and an EASY READ folks – not cheap because of its size research and content as the Bible for what is coming.

If this resonates with you as THE TRUTH spread this blog around ro your circle of affection love and community so they have the TRUTH and give the BOOK to best clients customers and this Holiday for a GIFT.

The 5000 year economics look like this:

  1. The failed economic system models with old book top rules that no longer work and never worked create elite’s consolidating wealth between melt downs and wars where elite small super wealth controls MORE WEALTH owning 99% of all world wealth where 1% is owned by the rest of US.
  2. This economic is unstable. IT creates always melt down to the world order as we had in 2008. This always creates distrust and negotiation for the following period the time we are in now as trust and global cooperation were broken by this consolidation a result and consequence of failure to create a BETTER COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM from the failed models we have in all nations today including Kings.
  3. This follows a period of deflation spiral and escalating debt and TRADE WARS leading to SUPER TRADE WAR. Every nation is in it for themselves as Merkel said – this weekend. TRADE WAR is what she is living in which is economic and trumps politics though they try to use politics to give more time out which makes the final day of debt reconciliation and SUPER CRASH so much worse than if we repaired it all once and for all in 2008. But predictably politics trumps economics.
  4. This leads to SUPER CRASH world economic contagion due to debt defaulting which digitally is not slow it happens globally so fast in two weeks or less versus months or years in prior periods of history. Our first DIGITAL SUPER CRASH with all the politicians say and moaning HOW OH HOW could this all have taken place and who is responsible BLAME DANCING. When it is THEY who ARE responsible entirely.
  5. This leads as they can’t take the blame to WORLD WARS which do reset the capital of nations at the and with such insanity in between.

That is our human history economically. Its silly when there ARE solutions is it not?

So think about the cause versus the consequence. Think about the foundational issues versus the politics. Read this type of material on line more than the SIT COM of news trying to sell advertisers by DISTRACTING you for the agenda of the owners which is only PROFIT not truth. Everyone wants to delay Super Crash.

Frankly the leaders and law makers are financially illiterate save for a few like TRUMP. He has all this and more. More on that later.

But as we move step by step to this repeat of history it is a shame. For billions of US the majority of which have never read a blog to educate themselves on the details the economics and to stay ahead of it all.

My last blog told you HOW TO PROTECT YOUR MONEY and SAVINGS. I suggest you print it.

It is Memorial Day Holiday in the USA and we write this item for the men and woman protecting the entire world. You have from the father of a United States Marine Sniper Team Leader two full combat tours in Iraq, four surgeries and a Purple Heart later retired Ltd. Ryan Dohrmann – who is not a good Marine having saved so many of our boys he is a GREAT MARINE. I’m proud of you son and all your community in every branch of the military for all nations world wide – in the USA we salute you with our hearts.

Berny Dohrmann – FATHER AND ECONOMIST SHARING TRUTH TODAY for my readers world wide – share my blog.

PS: Last week I ask a high ranking former Executive of the US FED attending CEO SPACE if my blog on the Fed was accurate. He had tears when he said it is the most accurate he has ever read. I asked a Silver Star winner with the US Military is this blog was accurate. He had tears too. Share what is important with your circle. Its important. Read my blog as a translation of the NEWS which is a SIT COM of special interest to make a profit today.