The Asia crises is a monetary reset for Asia nations. Their economic planning, their leverage, their market intervention policy, their currency real value, their trading confidence index’s. ┬áThere is a WEALTH SHIFT moving along globally. Enormous Wealth is returning to the USA in capital, investment, asset gathering, safe harbor investing, and opportunity seeking. There is a major WEALTH SHIFT out of China ( that is permanent ) and into neighbor nations where percentage of China production and business is now SHIFTED and will never return to CHINA. The route of customers out of CHINA and into neighbor nations is a enormous global WEALH RESET.

How does all this effect one entrepreneur during business with other entrepreneurs ? From this time through 2017 the cost of EVERYTHING will be lower. There will be MORE spare money in consumer hands. From Gasoline to paper products from plastique and oil based products the price is falling and plunging and still going down more. This will be good for consumer spending and good for entrepreneur growth.

Where big business is most effected by the ASIA CRISES the smaller entrepreneur and professional is the shock absorber in the economy. This sector of 34 million small business owners and professionals in North America alone, are insulated from the effects of the Asia Wealth Reset. The main item to effect this category is lower prices for everything the business needs. Deflation has taken root globally. There is no inflation. There is rampant deflation of values – a WEALTH SHIFT.

Entrepreneurs should enjoy a record year end, a record consumer buying outlay, a record profit margin as raw material cost fall, and growth. The period between now and Dec 2017 should be the most sensational economic entrepreneur boom period in ten years. This is the time to invest in growth -to risk WINNING – and to not hold back. The opportunity is NOW and its risk on venture space.

Berny Dohrmann Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATONAL