When you see the Fed Brass go as far back as the failure of the entire banking system in 2007-2008 and Ben Bernanke saying – as the self proclaimed depression master ( I also a student of the depression have entirely different conclusions than old Ben including his failed Fed policies make all this fatally worse not economically better saddling the USA with a 23 trillion dollar Bernanke fashioned hand crafted DEBT SUPER SADDLE upon the American unborn generations. Today we see TWO TRILLION IN MORE DEBT. My question for old Ben and for a 7 year old in K -12 – facing Every Child Left Behind education F CAT TESTING – this question a cornerstone question reader leader students of mine:




Microphone to YOU 7 year old…..”no more debt can not solve the problem of too much debt in the first place” …..

Microphone to Bernanke: ” well it depends you see there is good debt and there is bad debt it may be more debt solves too much debt in some theory i’m still working on we’ll see….whats 2 trillion more to 23 trillion large anyway ….and say this virus thing a ma jig thing – this is not a depression why this is just a SNOW STORM….by gosh and by golly….don’t run on banks and panic because ARE FIXING THE TOO MUCH DEBT FOR THE WORLD BY POURING IN UNLIMITED NEW DEBT which in the end pays …yes….pays all our criminal banking cabal who enslaves nations with debt contracts bet your 7 year old never ever saw that debt slavery of nations theory coming did he….way to young …..” Giving Thumbs up to his Staff who WILL high five Ben Later……which all means what?

Last time they paraded the head of SEC FINRA AND BERNANKE on a panel. 72 hours before the Super Crash that cascaded into Lehman failing and AIG bail out and more. Back then the BERNANKE PANEL stated – there is no sub prime crises. When asked by Einhorn specific economic data points…the all the kings men could never put humpty dumpty BACK TOGETHER and the 2007 super crash unfolded – the investment bankers walked out of that panel …….in disgust of the leaders shattered lies as confidence and trust was replaced with panic.

It is out opinion that truth from lies:

  1. There is a run into goods hard assets and food and ammunition which is a PANIC WAVE RISING world wide today.
  2. There is a RUN out of banks into US dollars ( cash ) as unseen since 1929.
  3. The SUPER STARS back to Chairman Bernanke all paraded out as in 2007 to scream – DO NOT PANIC – create more panic.

Ai will find congress passed an enormous election year PORK BILL – election year politics at its worst – and the OWNERS will conclude this PORK SUPER BILL and DEBT LAYERING will not fix anything at all. It remains too little too late. When you need 100 trillion dollars spent WELL to RESTABILIZING the TITANIC ( the global post world war II Basil Woods economic order on full life support today ) is too little – too late – way too little way way too late! In our opinion of truth versus lies.

All the KINGS MEN and all the KINGS HORSES just could never put Humpty Dumpty ( banking in debt waves defaulting in cascade today and a bank run world wide today ) can NOT put the shattered trust and confidence back together by talking.






Think about this list of THOUGHTFUL facts:

  1. The China Snake Flu ( virus ) will not peak until close to the OCTOBER election world wide.
  2. As Snake Flu peaks and declines a SECOND WAVE in 2021 will hit the economy again post elections.
  3. Consumer work from home and buying patterns will NEVER RETURN TO post SNAKE FLU economics.
  4. Economies are SUPER CHANGING into a NEW WORLD ORDER – a new super stress from the SUPER CHANGE
  5. Panic runs out of banking into cash and into US DOLLARS ( the new store of value ) will continue
  6. The USA saying it would NEVER enter NEGATIVE INTEREST – saw NEGATIVE INTEREST TODAY in March 2020.
  7. US borrowing cost are low but credit rating downgrading for all nations and institutions is coming in 2nd quarter = more panic

Who are debtor nations that will like Argentina defaulting now on 100’s of billions in debt to IMF with others about to declare next ? Who is being shorted the most for defaulting? Which institutions – hedge fund private equity mall owners – high rise not paying rent owners hotel OWNERS – seeing in runs out from redemptions they lack cash to pay – as income dries up on one side – debt repayment becomes challenging to marginal properties going back to the bank next quarter – as two economic realities rise.

  1. Massive unemployment unseen since Bernanke stated this is a SNOW STORM not a DEPRESSION – that means calm down stop the panic or the system fails – is that SNOW STORM means. LIes versus truth. Who tells the truth and nother but the truth? You must decide on THAT for yourself.
  2. Massive debt defaulting cascades the system tipping point from the PANIC WAVE rising – as the PANIC is only risiing world wide no let up – the EU becoming challenged today.




Bernanke Said he saw a STEEP STEEP RECESSION than a very rapid recovery. If you are still thinking we suggest you “bet” on the depression of industry and business world wide all at once as a SUPER CHANGE event unseen since 1929 but of course WORSE as we presented since December and the WHY. We also presented the notion this WORLD CHANGE ( one post world war II system dying now – as a war victory for Putin – and a new system being born no one can predict how that will all turn inside a real war plan we are defending against playing catch up since December and before 2016 to election manipulations today ). War.

In March 2020 Bernanke truth to billions of us is: a) This is only a SNOW STORM b) We quickly return to where we just were. That is an economic lie. The truth? Snake Flu is producing the largest world wide shift into DEFLATIONARY ASSET DEVALUATION AND DELEVERAGING the modern world has ever known. The complexity of CASCADING DEFAULTING OF DEBTS about to flood the system as world wide CLICK RUNS remove trillions upon trillions from circulation as US DOLLARS are being held like toilet paper world wide today – hence the soaring value of the US DOLLAR even when interest to park cash in a dollar debt security is now negative interest. Demand for negative interest money parking is so low today the FED has to infuse up to one trillion us dollars to buy US Debt no one will buy at the low return rates but the FED – who has lost CONTROL & INFLUENCE like OPEC over supply of money and cost of money. Today the MARKET SETS THE BAR and the Fed has become obsolete irrelevant and TOXIC to each new debt they place upon tax payers. DEBT IS NEVER MADE WELL BY MORE DEBT never in economics never. Abuse ( of debt and credit ) must ONE DAY WORK ITS WAY INTO REBALANCING TO RESET CORE ECONOMIC FOUNDATIONS.




Always think and remember your leader said – this is economically nothing at all a snow storm and following a steep recession ( you have no idea how steep ) we will quickly return to normal. The last DEPRESSION consumed 12 years to limp out from under. Depression 2020 is much more global far higher debt super bubble loading and far more leveraged casino side bettering with credit default swap insurance as phony a fraud today as it was for AIG in 2010. The total value of contracts is trillions higher than 2007 and the reserves to pay those “insurance fraud contracts” in the CDS markets is zero today as it was zero in unregulated derivative world where shadow banking is much larger and more speculatively at super high risk than markets experienced in 2007 As home and real estate DEFLATION comes into the summer and election fall, as real estate values super crash, remember Bernanke’s words before the next PANIC SHOE FALLS.

AI manipulates prices up to assuage margin calls its deflation created as the economics devolve. Think sell in the FLOOD TIDES back up in SUCKER FOOLS RALLYS – sell do not buy. Dollar cost average OUT. Bet on under 10,000 DOW and manage according to your belief in lies versus truth.




Some inconvenient truths:

  1. Trillions in circulation is being RUN out of the system by individuals and by institutions.
  2. 10,000 Super Money pools are between forces of deflationary asset value plunges, losses, income drying up all at once, redemption runs as investors need cash to manage debt without income and to pay margin debt on trading losses mounting up with each new downturn into margin calls – a perfect storm pulling record money out – new money in has stopped entirely – profits are evaporating completely – Second Quarter blood bath reports ( the SEC is waiving so you do not see how bad it all is now ) in a WHIRL POOL DEATH SPIRAL. Many of the 10,000 will merge and the pools will collapse to 5,000 or less controlling 440 trillion but – many will go bankrupt and that debt default cascade piling up will effect the rest. For decades. Capital is evaporating for economic recovery and growth.
  3. Consumers and 40 million small business owners will never return to the way it was pre CHINA SNAKE FLU virus. The economy is forever becoming something NEW and buying patterns will remain for a decade NEW and UNPREDICTABLE and a NEW NORMAL. No past chart or expectation can present what the NEW shift will look like. Millions of business owners will die.
  4. Debt loading of the failing businesses who fail to succeed and failed to develop their OWN PANDEMIC PROSPERITY PLAN cascade debt defaulting. Once investors in the SUPER MONEY POOLS these investors need out and cash – panic selling and runs out at any price. DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADES on one side dry up bank cash and CLICK RUNS OUT OF BANKS dry up cash completely on the other.
  5. THE PERFECT STORM in panic rises when confidence and trust are shattered with NATION STATE AGENCY leadership. If you believe the trust IS SHATTERED from lies versus truth – and panic is what remains – act as a leader who knows the truth. If you believe leadership that states this is nothing more than a winter snow storm and we will be back to normal by Easter act according to your belief. Always do that.

California reported over 1 million new unemployment claims soaring in only one week. RIGHT AGAIN. CASES GLOBALLY WILL PASS 500,000 WITH THE CHINA VIRUS BY THE WEEKEND.

APPLE STOCK DOWN – WHY? Our prediction Apple WILL have to delay its Holiday season –  in 2020 whacking billions off their gross income. RIght again sadly. We told you Apple will be hit hard and it is early yet. Consumers in panic are not buying pads and lap tops or watch upgrades. They are as all consumers are with 2 billion in home confinement on economic melt downs, are WAITING and they will wait more than a year to timidly return. This is not unwinding anytime in 2020 – we will be right on that.

THE ECONOMICS OPTICS are far more crushing to global economics than is being reported to you outside right here.

Three states including New York stated their hospitals are full already and they have asked FEMA for emergency help with body disposal as they now lack capacity in morgue storage for the death flows arriving daily now. Rising daily now.

We suggested you use the UP TIPS to sell out – and reclaim some losses – as you move out of markets in the up ticks. Up to you. Experts reported the bond tables from old economics that no longer apply THAT the bottom has been reached. You think so? Wait for HOW could values be soaring into what? The largest sink hole of all time worse than 1929. Panic selling stopped because they told us all the GREAT LIE – we’ll all be elbow to elbow on Easter at Church. I do not think that is truthful or accurate or truth. Up to you.

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One outcome is second quarter economic upramp your way to STEP IN FRONT OF THE SUPER CHANGE CHINA SNAKE FLU VIRUS WAVE. Or the other you will become a VICTIM of the SUPER CHANGE WAVE. What do you know about the old economy? Really know and understand?

  1. Consumer spending driving profits to a wide range of companies now closed and stores closed with 100’s of millions not spending in home confinement – consumer spending will not return to confident for years into the future. Every consumer pattern you knew is old economy and dead. The NEW ECONOMY we have to anticipate as it is being born today.
  2. Investment by companies ( Target today ) is super crashing. Companies are pulling down massive debt and stretching their entire credit lines to have cash to over come rising LOSSES wave after wave of loss – from auto’s to durable goods from mortgages to the largest Change for Amazon in its history why did BEZO dump so much stock and why did EIGER quit Disney days before parks closed? There is no recovery they could see or Tesla now making ventilators can see and Cuomo said todays Congress Super Bill is not ENOUGH not nearly enough and the bill final form IS TERRIBLE FOR NEW YORK and other states. How long can the market go up as consumer spending and corporate investing stopped on a dime?
  3. Nation State and Agency lack required new AI tools, and resources including cash to manage the economic implosion. The experts stated Weds the bottom is reached now. We reply: We are in a global phase I of a Phase V Depression – a economic implosion of circulations. Oil went DOWN Today ( right again ) after the congressional failed super bill. Why? Its a PORK not a solution bill in election year. First. Legal theft from the COMMANDER & THEIF. Politics as usual nothing new. Netherlands agency estimates oil will be DOWN in DEMAND by 5 million barrels a DAY – 100 million barrels in twenty days of surplus over demand a failed commodity in permanent price deflation from PHONY CARTEL CRIMINAL PROFIT MAKING AND PRICE RIGGING now all gone. The USA has permanent experts trying to put HUMPTY DUMPTY back together again. Putin winning his own WORLD WAR III plan – making trillions on this market run ups he can AI short all over again – loving this part of his plan and also assuring OIL is in PUTIN’s control not OPEC that day is now over in the PUTIN WAR PLAN. Think what does Putin have next – which includes this week a rash of STATE HACKING ON NATION ELECTIONS PARTIES STATES AGENCIES INCLUDING CDC AND WHO to name two. Hacking is a third leg of Putins war plan. First leg – virus. Second leg Opec take over. Third leg massive election manipulations with AI new weapons world wide. Next leg AI attack upon our markets bringing worst crash since 1929 – and only just starting earning trillions upon trillions in profit from AI criminal makret manipulation in war – destroy markets as goal. Now massive hacking including financial firms next as war plan leg. What else do we not know about Putins world war III plan as he is winning and the world is trying to just catch up listing and taking on so much red ink debt and waters as they are sinking.
  4. Economics requires consumers spend ( they are not nor are they going to for years ) industry spends ( they are not and they will not invest for years ) as value in stocks without buy backs is a rigged market becoming UNRIGGED – and nations spend which they are going into massive UNSUSTAINABLE SYSTEM KILLING NEW DEBT ON OLD SUPER BUBBLE DEBT already. Debt can not fix debt with more debt so the system HIGH RISK OF FAILURE In this war is larger than anytime since 1929 as we have reported and the whys.
  5. Economic demand is crashing and values as supply in everything is greater than demand ( save where price crooks charge 50.00 dollars for paper towels my wifey found for 14.00 dollars but even that was hard. The world is plunging into an economic hurricane series of force 5 seas and storms back to back without a breadth to further contract circulations crash values as the crises goes on for longer than anyone suspected. Cruise ships now show active contagious virus 17 – 28 days on board after all passengers left the cruise ship. RIght again on that item from December and Feb 7th in our now famous press reporting on CARRIERS. Scroll and update on that important story or search CARRIERS ( I would ). FIRST AGAIN AND STILL TODAY FIRST and RIGHT AGAIN.

Economics is dying. Sucked into a VIRUS WHIRL POOL PERFECT ECONOMIC HURRICANE with 500 mile winds at the Whirl Pool sucking in all liquidity. As every money pool has investors demand redemption and out, at a time they are losing and having to pay debts – the compression factors of runs out of money pools including banks, and inability to stop declines in income that is ripping cash from starved entities – force millions into unemployment in times frames you can not yet imagine – and as it all unfolds as it must in economics – liquidity evaporates as panic in the unemployed further runs cash ( that banks simply no longer have enough cash ) and depositors are being told – we can give you just a little of your money today. Come back in a week. Each shares that news THE BANKS ARE OUT OF CASH with 20 easy and ten of them go to get their cash.

Bernanke lies and states economics will just bounce back from the largest change in history? How DEEP STATE predictable and how out of touch with voters and the very smart readers out there today. WE KNOW THE LIES FROM THE TRUTH like 2007 when you lied on that panel and the industry walked out on you. You will soon see this is PHASE ONE of a FIVE STAGED DEPRESSION a 1929 event – larger than anything in your protected PROFESSOR TENURE can off set for you – so your ignorance will make you right until your compounding WRONGS display – YOUR REGRETS as you finally have full understanding of new AI ECONOMICS over which your 1930’s brain is irrelevant today.




The Federal Reserve Board and YOUR CENTRAL BANKERS are all jammed packed in a Model T Ford on board the star ship enterprise on a holo deck thinking they are steering ahead driving in the rear vision mirror. Their tools and tactics for the FORD FLAT HEAD ENGINE are fatal to the AI Economy star ship real time transparency and markets they lost control of not understanding a matter anti matter warp drive AI ECONOMIC PROTOCOL is a NEW ECONOMY you old boys deny even exists and well one woman.

100% Fed policy failure 1906 to 2020 April. Why do you trust or have any confidence in criminal bankers who brought you the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE for their own greed and profit making? Merge the CENTRAL BANKS into oversight and upgraded systemics back into your state sovereign nation treasury as the ONE STIMULUS NATIONS NEED YESTERDAY – to stop paying interest when your state prints money. Why stay with a 100% failed policy institution – America did so much better when TREASURY controlled the money supply and CRIMINAL BANKERS had real regulations and oversight. LETS GO BACK TO ECONOMICS 101 on that? Or stay with the CAUSE and lets not complain on the CONSEQUENCE we all allowed…..did we not? Ask candidates – will you merge the failed FED back into Treasury – ask that and vote for YES. Do that and you fix this where congress has no clue nor does the Fed. Trust US treasury and trust the upgraded system fix. TRUST THAT.




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The SLOW MOTION SUPER CRASH with its SUPER VOLATILITY was predicted here in 2019. We also told readers to get out of markets at 29,000 DOW PEAK over 11 times ( scroll and check ) and for those that had MORE DATA and more data FIRST and acted lost nothing and protected their peak. Brokers lied and told you to buy the dips under 29,000 DOW. We told you DO NOT BUY THESE DIPS. As the market plunged to 19,000 DOW levels moving down to under 10,000 DOW the new floor to break – in deflationary resetting of valuations – our readers are paying more attention. We now say to SELL in each PEAK to the new FOOLS RALLYS and dollar cost average moving. Bet as if your life depended on your bet that:

  1. CHINA SNAKE FLU VIRUS is a 1929 Depression collapse of commerce trade valuations prices and profits to no profits on scales never ever seen in Economics. The comparison is not to 1929 given the 200 nations being effected ALL AT once unlike 1929. The factors here are more like the FALL OF ROME as the OLD WORLD ORDER is Super Crashing never to recover as we once knew it. The future will be 5 G – ecommerce and far far different one age leaving and a NEW SUPER CHANGE age coming. Nothing since the Fall of Rome compares to the world slow motion super crash of deflationary value resetting taking place and the MASSIVE DELEVERAGING in the core economics ( debt defaulting a the world DEBT “SUPER” BUBBLE” Finally bursts from the perfect storm. The one and only solution in the end I still know of – only one – is the G 100 RESET Outlined in the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION as Amazon for heads of state reading. Only a G 100 can re-invent the NEW sustainable World Order to unfold next as old system is dying and the new system must yet be born.
  2. You believe this is a snow storm and we bounce right back. Do nothing and hope your safe as you follow the direction of Nation State and Agency 100% wrong to this date from December.  Follow them at your own higher risk.

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