USA Presidential elections represent a new American INDUSTRY. More is bet on the side as to who will win than is bet on the SUPER BOWL. The Election INDUSTRY last year went from one billion dollars in the first Obama election to 100% inflation to over 2 billion ( Democrats raising far more than republicans in both ) . The Industry rises by 100% every eight years? Will the election in 2020 be closer to 2 Billion Dollars which could cure cancer and move longevity upwards – or say – one election year on voter mind manipulations?

It will be over two billion dollars spent next year in what we call economically – the election mess.

AI rewards and punishes sound bites.  Expect 2020 volatility. Expect a Trump win to soaring markets. Expect Trump loses to SUPER CRASH in markets. So on economics one votes with their wallet or one votes on other agenda’s and the economics be damned – voters will get the outcome they deserve either way – economic ignorance or economic intelligence? Do what is right for all of us economically or do what is harmful to all of us economically. Assess the outcome you most want – prosperity or recession system risk and wars – as the economics are going to be right no matter how you vote. The facts are economic not political.

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FEAR will be sold like candy bars in the 2020 election Hatred versus respect will be sewn like seeds for November voters. BUSINESS WILL BE DRAMATICALLY EFFECTED. Our enemies will play with new toys and weapons rest assured. AI will be involved as never before in history. This blog will help you sort all that out. you will be BLOG AHEAD which is why we hope you return often and eventually go off book mark to FREE SUBSCRIBER to help out counts as we soar toward 50,000 subscribers and almost 500,000 book market readers going back to one million for a global blog now serving 200 nations.

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  1. Mean – the most cruel and savage election yet – as they all get worse as media circuses in all nations yearly
  2. Direct attack on companies – with stock moving wildly in unforseen AI volatility – we told you first on this
  3. Crises created world wide to influence America elections and test our weaker periods in election years
  4. Direct Nation beta testing AI election year manipulations beyond nations ability to control.
  5. Trump stronger by 500% into this election – will be a tsunami destroyer election machine never seen before


This will not be an election like any other ….

This will be the first AI election with AI at war with AI to win voters minds hearts and even souls using emotion versus data hearts versus heads – to scare and terrify voters into their views versus early periods where voter mind manipulation was not billions of dollars invested for mind manipulation and outcome by all sides.

America leads the world in new experiment of political manipulations like the world has never known before. The voters remain an unknown as AI adjust pathologies for what works and what does not work in each rising billions spent in AI election winning. 2020 is the first AI dominated election in which AI itself determines the outcome in the end. There will be more fake news. More fake news will be coordinated. Fake news will attack Fake news. Voters will move from informed to confused to overwhelmed. The AI holding domination will win the 2020 election. No one knows HOW the FIRST AI ELECTION in history will turn out. Whose AI is better than the other chaps AI. Who understands the new AI election game better than the other guy.

The old pundits doing business …as that is the way we have always done it…..will be unseated by the new AI that will sweep all their dollars and plans into the gutter and storm drains as the NEW AI takes over. Whats new about AI? Integration. AI is now integrated to control from voter poll to sound tie the manipulations the now  far smarter now far more aware AI “see’s ” as winning integration replies on all platforms all at once – so voters never get a breadth between the AI manipulations.

2020 will be unlike any prior election.

2020 will be the first AI election.

Monitor AI hacking.

Monitor new and disregard old.

Think. Think past fake news and manipulation sound bites. Click and read more.

Stay fully informed and it will be hard….with market values moving around like a ferris wheel at an amusement park fully UP DOWN and ALL AROUND the wheel will go. Don’t be fooled into 2021 value. Trump wins market up. Trump loses Super Crash. This is not political. this is economics based on AI programing. Our call and we’ll see …its our prediction.

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Berny Dohrmann – ELECTION YEAR MADNESS IS COMING – PLAN ACCORDINGLY AS LEADERS – do extra do extraordinary to grow faster this year so 2020 you are not effected.

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