As economics 101 let me ask you all a question. Would you vote to do this:


  1. 1906 the US Treasury prints and controls money without paying any interest to print dollars as per the United States Constitution.
  2. A secret cabal of bankers rushes an 80 page act through Congress in 1907.
  3. The 80 page act allows a secret ownership of a private stock firm – to contract to print money – control monetary policy – with independence assured by no administration or congressional oversight – no audit power – no disclosure of which banks and institutions own the stock and the name chartered is the Federal Reserve Board – so the Treasury was stripped of its constitutional money management powers it alone is allocated to preserve for the people.
  4. Since that time policy from the NGO contractor with our central government – has failed for 70 years. The failures have caused ten Super Bubbles – 9 Super Crashes – two world wide depressions – two world wars – and the largest of the Super Bubbles created by FREE MONEY from the failed FED POLICY is taking place right now.
  5. Should the 80 page act of congress be vacated by an emergency act of the US Congress and the Fed with all its processes be merged back into the US Treasury to stop failed policy making – to have transparency audit and oversight on the money supply as the constitution legally required – and to install successful monetary policy versus the conflict of interest of having a stock firm owned by banks and investment banks the firm is supposed to regulate – itself a conflict of interest that can never not ever work. Or do we move forward with the Fed into the next world war so their members can make ungodly profit from the war while we all die – taking the dancing ball away from public attention the CAUSE OF ALL OUR PAIN IS ECONOMIC FAILURE OF THE FED ITSELF – an obsolete an totally antique idea in the digital age of modern economics. MERGE THE FED is sane. How would you vote. Write your congress person to MERGE THE FED INTO TREASURY BY EMERGENCY ACT OF CONGRESS. Print this and send it to your law maker.

Today Fed Presidents are worried. Why? The Fed has no ammo left to manage the next crises. The next Crises is a combination of ALL ASSET CLASS SUPER BUBBLE IN PRICE SPIRAL THAT MUST BURST HARD and a GLOBAL SUPER DEBT BUBBLE FED BY FREE MONEY THAT MUST BURST HARD. This is not rocket man to understand.

So the Fed now faces demographics which are long long term and they have no resources to over come that modeling economically. 75 million are older. These folks save more and accommodation means banks pay the older folks much less to park their savings. This means loans are interest rate lower long term.

So the Fed at 1.2 % interest ( free money lower than inflation ) has no way to raise interest to say 5%. The market at 440 trillion dollars is in charge and the Fed with its 3 trillion of influence or so – annually has lost control in the digital casino capitalism.

Lets say another reason to rapidly merge the FED into the US Treasury.

  1. The Fed created the crash of 2008. If you don’t know that you misplaced the cause. Failed Fed Policy in mortgage market where their shareholder members where making fortunes in a SUPER BUBBLE they fully permitted.
  2. The Fed is causing the next Super Crash and world war. If you think there is some other cause you fail to see the economics of it all.
  3. The Fed has no tools left no weapons left. They can’t stimulate back from world depression in the coming SUPER CRASH – they lack all tools for doing so. Who says. The Fed. When? Today.
  4. The Fed invested 11 trillion dollars to stimulate inflation and stop deflation. Inflation looks ok today because the cost of everything is speculatively up – energy for a few weeks. Today do to Turkey saying it will shut the Kurd Pipeline down of 600,000 barrels a day. Energy is about to nose dive this final quarter. Back to new lows. Deflation is ruling the market and the Fed 11 trillion dollar experimental policy failed. Not one holds the Fed accountable and responsible for its failed policy of 70 years – save for economists who truly have the data. They lack OPTIONS to save the system — next time. There are not bullets left. The Fed is massively stuck in a 5 trillion dollar balance sheet – and no way out as their hope for inflation over more than ten long years FAILED and is such a failure it is due to money and pack payments such a shame Congress is not on MERGER MANIA to restore trust on economics to the American people – just merge the FED process into Treasury. Easy one week of law making.
  5. In the next crises the only model the Fed has is to influence Congress to spend untold Trillions on Public Works which should have occurred in 2008 but the Fed Failed Policy made that not work. As the fed gets paid interest and fee’s for printing money as a private company contracting with the government of the USA – thats right the Fed is just a firm like Amazon with a special 80 page deal in 1907 with the US Government by act of congress – which frankly really may not be constitutionally supportable – and printing all our money for profit – in 2018 – folks its is a very bad idea. You have criminal bankers in charge of our money supply and you see them pay 100 million dollar fines to remain out of jail for once crime scheme after another you and I would be in prison for but they are immune from. Is this the way you want your unborn raised?

Economic illiteracy is HOW they retain their powers.

Economic education is how they lose their 80 page secret law that created the Fed.

It is time for public education world wide to merge your criminal central bank – a privately owned banking stock firm – owned in secret by the banks and investment banks of your nation – never reporting to anyone – BACK into oversight and common damn economic sense to your national TREASURY. Nothing will foster world peace more – than returning money management in the digital age to the people and their treasuries.

One act of congress – one emergency act – and the FED is DEAD.

Berny Dohrmann – singing at their funeral as you educate yourself on line to the truth of it all – the biggest theft of nations – IS – your central banks that corrupted every nation upon the earth – so easy to fix if we develop the education and the WILL to DO IT.